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@Dark Light

"Watch the bar huh? Of course. I own a tavern myself."

He stood up and took off his coat and dropped it on the ground, but it disappeared into the shadows. He did the same for his hat, it too disappeared into nothing. He then walked around to the other side of the bar. He took off his suit top and rolled up his white shirt sleeves.

"Who wants to do shots? I'm buying."

He snappes his figures and more gold coins appeared. He raised up one coin that was slightly bigger and had a skull in the center of it.

"If anyone can out drink me gets this lucky coin."
@Dark Light@aia2022

Unphased by the barkeeps teeth baring grin, he smirked back.

"If gold isn't unually recognized here, I'm sure whatever is, I can get it. Inalways use gold just in case."

He took off his hat and placed it on the bar top. He the door open a few times behind him. He smelled a burning odor and he turned around and saw the women with burned hands.

"Looks pretty bad. I can heal your hands of you want". He noticed her mask and jeweled eye and a fox face. Reminded him of the Fuchsbau from long ago.
The Tavern door opened with a subtle creek, as a man came in wearing what appeared to be a black trench coat with the collar around the neck up, but so black it was like the abyss was looking back. He wore a similar color funeral hat with sunglasses. Under his coat was a suit of the same color. As he entered, there was an eerie silence. He walked toward the bar, his foot steps loud with the silence. He looked around seeing everyone recovering from what looked like some kind of attack.

He stopped at the bar counter and saw the guy behind the counter. "Rough day?" He said in a calm and collected voice. He reached into his coat and dropped a bag full of gold coins on the table. "Drinks are on me. If this isn't enough I have more gold where this came from..."
Xbox or PC?
@Blizz You play Destiny 2?
Normal is when the cows come home.
Yeah I was in that same boat lol.
Does anyone play Destiny 2 here?
I read a novel about a Shadow Knight. It was a lone Templar in France avoiding imprisonment. Welcome.

Sounds interesting. I got my user name from a trading card game lol.
Yeah, not everyone knows it lol. Not a problem. I'm sure I can figures things out.
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