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Current My initial virtue was to gain a thieving prestigious soul to not forsake nobility amongst my family, and purge any merrily black chatter by them; I gained Reaper instead as a Brown Spotted Pit Viper.
4 mos ago
I am a 7 of Spades; Today's my birthday. I was born in Poland, 1992, on February 5th. My ARENA Extremist is my own comic version of me, so being from Chicago I'll make our fights RANKED.
2 yrs ago
Kingdom of Poland
2 yrs ago
At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.


I chose to master Role-Playing an animal because it's better than any "Reaver"/"Reavian" that hugs to prosper gayness, instead of mightily denying it to be a form of Ranger Peace-Keeping, but drinks beer and rallys others to the cause of raving like queers. For me it began with school field trips; Boys and Girls were colloquially taught to refrain from harassment, but I never saw what that meant exactly... Most students were good about trying to learn Forest Ranging, so the term "Fledgeling" became active amongst the starters. I happened to be in a warrior/reaper state of mind, I suppose since I didn't know what "harrassment" was, and still on this day I can only think it has something to do with "communism" which is like old/fat/skinny people stuff that never got muscular like a man, or correct like a Lady. But I wasn't of the students that made Fake-Rangers that later betrayed their chivalry to pretend to be Peace-Keepers as an Insurrectionist, or their minion the Terrorist. Yeah, there were Fake-Rangers. They supported the first students that resembled animals through the populace, trying to steal the popularity, maybe even groom the person to look Paragon. From there on I had to exist through progressive frivolity. Girls that hadn't gotten the popularity of an animal were still recognized as "hot", and were learning from there to commune passively about like girls with long hair shortening it to better accept the weather, but then had lost their beauty appeal amongst students so in-fighting happened, and such and such as like perverse boys appealing to the "hot"/attractive girls in various methods. Barbarian was well done, and other "ethnicities" happened too. But when it was all rivaled by the "Tau" I only had the U.S.A. Forest Ranger nobility to use against them. I had to regard Polish Ladies as Barbarians, though. I never quite accomplished Barbarian, but I feel like I've accomplished the Role-Play virtue of Sellsword instead. Knowing that's somewhat wrong finding my animalsoul was paramount before entering college. To have it be a mental procession forever, and not merely a restitution, I searched my family through Heraldry until sufficient diligence through that made me chronicle my country's Barbarian origins. Because of the many Courtesans lealing towards nobility between 1st Grade and 3rd Grade I study my country's Kingdom, too.

Quite good of me trying to do so, fore I am not capable of going to the 1 Forest Ranger Academy in the whole U.S.A. I had settled for a community college, where I purged away my Forestry Degree effort for a chance to start as a regular student, now that I had the basics of my life made as a prominence. But the Stage Combat classes are like a feign there, I don't think it's because of covid, but the teachers revoked me. I got accepted into college, but what I want to do isn't wanted to be done by it's teachers. So, I'm not pursuing anything else, because that's misleading. There're 7 stage classes, too. Each as much as a regular subject in the college, and each gains their own Combat Exam Certificate. My hobby of treasurizing the monarchy of my country, Poland, the Kingdom of Poland has made me a Royalist, necause of this college's feign brochure where I was trying to be a Simpleton - so thanks Illinois, Forest Ranger's are totally a nobility, my modesty was of humble origins. - So, I just need a motorcycle driver's license, and/or just a venomous snake handler's certificate, then.

And here is how I prevail saying my restitution...

A few years after I began working, or maybe immediately, I manifested and purged through creating a restitution, because I fulfilled partying and knew I had to to prove my maturity, instead of simply going to college without my favorite animal being found (so, thus dubbed my animalsoul, proper). The gambit of those parties was to achieve Avenger or something though because of either cheerleading girls needing popularity virtue defended or simply not bothered with representing my might if I thought to trust myself with someone to purge rogue dexterities and AVENGE myself fulfilledfully out of "boyfriend"- or however that's said. At school I was plenty mighty already but I still partied because I skateboarded, and that wasn't viable proof to win a Lady's virtue of Princess, being a Thief, so I entered parties with no interest to be a Bopper- but claim Ranger prowess instead(Like those people called Destriers{without longsword, and sometimes mistaken for Highwaymen at that} and not the composed Dandy instead that dares by it straight into college)... To purge my experiences to truelly learn bereft of peer pressure in the High School I entered where I dated gals (This 3rd generation of Special Education classes limited my peer interactions correctly, it made me lose sense of where my peer pressure girls were, but not the responsibility of avenging the Ladies-of-the-Meadow; Hence the gals not girls) to regain my ideals so to not be a unanimous "opponent", and being a skateboarder, it placed me specifically into the spectrum of rival. The skateboarding parties generally didn't fulfill avenging Ladies, so, I partied just for myself which strengthened my fellow prestige into foe. I didn't attain Champion Party-Animal, I learned to attack them from what I misfitted in school to get Party-Animal by not becoming their Champion, but one of my own dignity - otherwise "peer pressure" was vanity, or something. I am the Brown Spotted Pit Viper!

And thus I believe the Native Americans are jealous of animals like the Eagle calling it a "Highlander", or a Bear a "Reaver", and preposterously created "spirit-animals" to learn rivalry. Nor am I of the faggotry that become queers because they're not a soulmate for a Party-Animal Girl because that'd require being virtuous for at least Forest Ranger. Instead they liked spreading rumors to trick lasses from becoming Ladies-in-Waiting for Baronette, Dukette, or Princette for a Lady-Consort; The student's practice safe virtue, through monarchial assent. Nobility is founded not funded, and so the varments, bode-bandits, queers, and other types of whelps had become bitches. Party-Animal was the only fair way to comprehend how to proceed.

Hopefully I justify the other Party-Animals throughout my profile. I do remember mine, as all Party-Animals are vsing heretics to not be a "vagabond" because they wouldn't attain the nobility of atleast Guardian for Scout/or Warrior virtues. Hence why "spirituality" came to be, the communists tried to pretend they mattered defending other people's dead better than their own.

Had I got more yearbook signings than just K-2 I would of followed in the Polish legacy and got a Princess-Consort quickly and proved my prowess instead of intrigues first for love. So, I've also gotten these urls for you aspiring Ladies-in-waiting, as they're the genuine faith needed to know to even regardlessly Role-Play:

These links are not specified for you, but they are mine, too.

Tell your underlord hell-hole this time a person not only avenged the Brown Spotted Pit Viper, then childishly created a comic book character version of himself to have it merge with any secular reverences to become straight, making you a bitch indubitably. Yes, you can't steal it - you couldn't even make it an enterprise. . . Guess what I will do. I will Counter-Terrorist you wish you could ask? I will have at thee, on guard and within range - I am ready to do battle against any Shade, any Poe, any Phantom, any Revenant, any Specture, any Ghost, any spirit you think you can reap against me, the Brown Spotted Pit Viper of Chicago!

Remember that F, Gypsy-Camp-Raving Sortium? It's time to burn the Death-Knights, flame magocracies in a pyro mania, and sink my fangs into any celestial that thinks siren or fairy is an escape for centurion or evanescence! And, if you think I've left you out, you're mistaken, lames - for the treason of feigning to be a "brother\sister" because of racial discretion inpart by a heretic or other heretical words like "medjai", "lesbian", or "centurion", I Kawaler Sebastian Dabrowski, declare war. My ARENA character awaits you:….….

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Goodluck, welcome.
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There once was a fox, who collected souvenirs from near and far. The fox kept their collection stored in a pocket dimension that looked like a mimic chest. However, one of those souvenirs was more than what it seemed. It was in fact, a mimic souvenir. This small mimic souvenir resembled a singing mermaid that would lick skulls clean with their six forked tongues that molt preposterously acidic jewels. With
Welcome, welcome
There once was a fox, who collected souvenirs from near and far. The fox kept their collection stored in a pocket dimension that looked like a mimic chest. However, one of those souvenirs was more than what it seemed. It was in fact, a mimic souvenir. This small mimic souvenir resembled a singing mermaid that would lick skulls clean with their...
With them not being bureaucratic I'm alerting you to that....
The people were welcoming of me, and I had learned many things from the young and old. I almost felt I could stay here, but Tim Curry was in a wheelchair. I felt I had to go back to my existance, or all hope for Poland138 would be lost if I stayed here to become a Sage.

Having been here for 4 months I expect the Emperor thinks I am truly dead now. I'll have to become a Shadow Guard and infilitrate the empire. It should be possible since I am in some sort of realm... It's no longer an idealism called a roleplayer guild... It's got possibilities. Possibilities for liberty. I will succeed.

These people do not accept starcraft, though. I'm going to have to venture into the jungles earth and find myself a working ship.
Sounds like an Arctic Wolf to me- Oh, sorry, I liked saying that outloud this time to myself. Welcome!
My pleasure.
Welcome, LadyAdiraa. If you want you can ask to change your name to specifically "Lady Adira" if it's available. Just do a person search here, if the person isn't active chances are the Administrators will make it yours.
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