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Current I've mastered my bio, but I've reached 100k characters too soon! I [u]do[/u] got a favorite animal. I'm the Monsignifer Lancehead Viper of South America! Yes, yes I do challenge you, you Gentrys.
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Kingdom of Poland
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At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.
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Anyone remember "The Game" from school? Where you lost by winning when you just thought of the word "Game" or saw it. I believe it's because of Nick GaS' "Heroes of the Game". Rejoice, freedom, <3!


This profile page is self explanatory when it comes to the bitches, I think they were specifically hating the Forest Ranger virtue because the girl scouts that supported them, and that arbitrary mission, were tricked into submissive diplomacy by the girls that mused the idea of the less fortunate students being soulmates, or enforcers, for popularity. In 1st Grade one such girl explained, for diligence purposes as well, that equality is the only safety to roleplay monarchial against the heretics. I was not wanting to endanger her, or be a Magnate or Constable, so I didn't join the Dignitary. I instead pursued the happiness of being a Barbarian.

Which inevitably got to outside rules, whether at school or not. For me I never saw the knightly virtue exist (even though roleplaying was happening), but instead had the medieval Ranger to uphold first, against the dandy duelist. My rules, and it's honor towards keeping the faith for the Meadow-of-Ladies has me have 3 methods to duel. In no particular order they are to just attack, state your virtue and defeat them in wits(maybe even to get them to attack you first), or fight for your favorite animal (however that works for you.)

I didn't need to duel either, but I had to learn to be indifferent to not gain followers (or heretic fake duelists) so I could continue to vs the code of fellows. I dated girls without proper interest in them, other than knowing I'd become a man indefinetly after school was finished. It was a good test to forget my Ranger merits and accomplish gaining a fight, for whatever purpose Party-Animal achieves.

I had a party-group initially in High School, and then around 15|16 years old the Sophomores included me because I skateboarded and it was entirely emphasized to party to like cheerleader girls but those girls never existed in those parties specifically, having me never master the virtue of Prince|Baron|Knight but instead learn Avenger|Buccaneer|Ranger (which is only because of myself braving myself regardless to continue, and be helpful instead of being a vagabond-choatic-scamp that was invited; like many were that could of been the "Reject" boy that hit pelvis regions as preparation towards "safe house" etiquettes. Because of my effort I made it to a vanguard party through all those pretenders years later. But that's the last low tier party I had; rules are I aught to quit low tier parties if I ever get to a vanguard.) until I began to work at 23. From then I tried to study whatever it was I wanted to study to get my life in synchronicity for my future, and my synergy had gotten me to attempt to be a Forest Ranger through college. That had it's success, as Forest Ranger magistration got me to my favorite animal becoming my soul-animal to vs "spirit-animals". After that college almost got abandoned, but I saved myself with interests in stage combat exams. And lastly my Polish language is never averted.

The quest to having a favorite animal in school had lead other students to fight for themselves, and get closer to the realization of their animal-soul, whether through outright looking like an animal specifically of a kind, or building up courage to be brave and announce assuridly their animal-soul by furthering it be their exact favorite animal; thus came the roleplays of monarchies by the lesser, or rather petty for then, seeking students. Many would quit and withdraw to the misfit side of school- the "Dark Carnival". A bureaucratic rumor effort of less fortunate gossipers... Until one had a fight by platonic endeavors they envisioned being gangs of monsters because of the fantasy side of roleplaying. But they couldn't have the "Omnus".

The other roleplaying happened to be whether or not to accept "Crusaders" into their prestige (as that taught avenging) Or other types of individual roleplayers attempting to indulge their soul, benign/or biased to the favorite animal quest. That would become the roleplays very quest to have Rangers, Knights, and/or even Rulers.

So, for the very proof against the "Omnus" herself that I am not a marauder by any means I compiled an assurance towards pure-blood status. As I am not a fellow of the "Omnus" foundation. I instead chose to be the very thief to have found her "den of thieves" to only challenge her "mexican wolf enforcer" without audaciously doing so to battle on on the fields and get to my virtue early (instead of having to bide like a Duke, or Overlord and finally fight at High School{if even that far})- instead every single effort made by me being mighty instead of brave had the mexicans admire me, although none ever offered me a position. It was like the "Omnus" never existed and I was just fooled by the transmuters of public school. It's not until around the age of 23 did I finally get enough experience to study my country and relapse my virtue against the very prowess I had only ever taught myself before, because partying was straying me from the melee I saught to avenge my soul, which is needed to find the animal-soul.

Poland; Still has Princes, Barons, and Counts. I won't represent anything more than the King families, as I think it is a Kawaler duty. The Kingdom of Poland: I studied what I could in English, being in the U.S.A... Since playing RuneScape I had to know why I wouldn't quit the game (as it is no simple "hack-and-slash" type), to keep myself from getting banned I accustomed myself to being a Ranger (and later felt comfortable with my Role-Playing to validate my virtue as a Black Knight in OldSchool RuneScape), to cleanse myself in the U.S. I took my Ranger dexterity and study just my country Poland itself to purge the secular taints I may have been corrupted with English to noble my Polish; And Poland began around 500 A.D. and around 800 A.D. had the barbarian legendary reputation, at 990 A.D. Poland was respected by other countries and so Poland ourselves accepted Christianity. From there to about 1800 we had kings, then lazily allowed other countries imperials to attempt being our King forthcome to try and be the virtue that they saught as our king; Should they betray Poland for their own country we'd get tougher, of course, it must of been to ease our magnates and officials into a more natural acceptance, and then the russians tried to surmise and supercede it by becoming the king... to only pause it- which hadn't happened, even with the germs proving their savagery years later, it was for Poland not for russia, so, the russians failed because they wanted it for russia since I guess a Polish king just doesn't make a monarchy(as from what I have read my Polish Kings have always been warriors- and I'm guessing here, but as the legacy goes for me the rest of the warring Countries to the West used armies by chivalry, and as for the ones near Poland these Countries had Princes that warred each other for respect- Whether the sovereignty are these I don't know, but Poland ended the Northern Crusaders, and France ended the Souther Crusaders as Kingdoms). So instead of saying "polska" which is like a deserters way of thinking of Poland when I say "Poland" I instead say the Kingdom of Poland.

Our "Bachelors" are called Kawalers, too. Which is a fighting-bachelor|essentially "Cavalier", while "Bachelor" is just a gentleman (like Peon or Vassal or something.) We have Magisters not Masters, too. And from studying heraldry, as well as my family- Dabrowski, I found a url on the WWW that has said that there was before a Poland Royal Court Marshall, and a Poland Office of Herald. I presume they're very much similar to how the United Kingdom|Canada has Herald Offices;

I have a black spade symbol tattooed on my left arms bicep area. I got it as my 2nd tattoo (the first being "DEATH" in black letters on my right inner forearm, proper, because of skateboarding into parties- parties where being an "avenger" was the only way for Ladies (like cheerleaders) to appreciate themselves- I was one of the original birthday boys of kindergarten; I don't care about these "avenger" rules. I rather fight "scamps" and their "scoundrels", master the art of "misfit" to a player level, just so the girl muses and ravers keep styling against nihilist sex offenders, like Harlots. But I didn't start with a group of skateboarders I gradually accepted a group of skateboarders by being my own skateboarder; So with not wanting to "sellout" I joined their parties, got crunk, and when I started working I didnt become "scene" as a prep instead of a "sellout" like them- I, especially so to vs them, kept to the badlands of my origins and did camoflauge pants (in the color of my High Schools 2ndary color) and my High Schools primary color as sweaters with the coat-of-arms it has printed on the backs of them.) While partying I lead parties of my own, and ended up in a "safehouse"... I, having decided to allow myself to lead didn't invite anyone I had previously partied with to this "safehouse" so I could manage their peerpressure to see if I should include Them to my partying. They weren't crunk partyiers but yoga-washouts older generation hippies, and I got stuck with plundering them for 3-4years, separate from my parties. It's the skatepark that kept my party vantage initial, and around 22-26 years old I had real work with an automobile, which got me to the last dubstep party of my generation; which so happened to be a vanguard. Those hippies were nearing moving out from their parents house though, so I betrayed them instead- but one brother had a book by Robert Lee Camp called "Love Cards" and it's where I read about the 7 of Spades. So, since I can be a real man I did allow it to be a fated chance for me and got it tattooed on my arm (just the spade though. and some years after that I got the same authors book "Your Birthday Your Card".) Later whilst searching shield-of-arms I found this website that had the cards recognized as well: "Cards" is the search I mean for you to find, as Poland has playing cards; With so I respect myself further for being at least capable of being a Lancer, a Meleer, or even an Archer for a tournament of kingdom virtues of Poland.

A lot of titles up above in my keep with the dashbar are strictly like that because I myself believe in them that way, not because I heard someone say that they were, since the practice of Shadow Ranger got me through the emo/muses/ravers reaping.

When I began to work I did abandon every party-thing but the most powerful of virtues, to see myself succeed into the popularity-virtue I was meriting, and I only can say that as it's because I went to the rival High School where I lost my ability to be a "jock" and instead stayed a skateboarder throughout all of High School. With the parties I got without invitations I had to refrain from proving I was a roleplayer, as I was hoping I could have roleplayed into sports and become a swordsman/archer promptly; it still happened, but I had to encounter American-English girls instead of Polish.

Which has helped me find the correct way to think about virginity, a way that I had missed because I was focusing on might- but through virtue, making me of a normal stature in the school status to represent peer pressure. That it was the boys that didn't like talking about it because it would pry them of their virtue, and because popularity stakes are to survive at best without the need of an avenger thought- which is because today's world is still peered as girls are not Ladies they are yet to be Ladies, not Maidens though, girls are like a friends sister- if that friend happened to not be of virteous intent. Which is how the bottom starts, it just depends if you are gossiping or not- the other way, as I've said is of avenger righteousness (or quality) and to learn how to protect yourself, or, either, the Ladies (then girls, or better). One way was to not tell people you were a virgin, because it could mistake your popularity, and have you do misfit stuff in place of it.

But do pardon my burglory, I was going to accomplish quitting and vs the nihilistic peasents through swordsmanship and college efforts, but moving to a new neighborhood and beginning at High School in fact had a bunch of faggots try to merge thrashers into peace-keepers, but partying had to be a whole deal for them all and it just got in my way, so I wouldn't allow them to have a "resistance"-safe-house or something. And for that I had to entirely think I was going to be a noble person through extremist antics, until I decided to go to college (which properly for me was when I had an automobile) to purge it all away so I could return to the promise I made to my soul, whether it was through virtue or simply my mind.

*As my ARENA X-Tremist* "As you have seen I am indeed the soulmate. I have the way of Party-Animal; Which, of course, is a person who parties through everything and masters all the virtue, and furthers it by gravity martial arts thus making it a FEAT, that they ruefully ignore for a thing called "rank" amongst the peers to be the default guardian necessarily for the person. Perhaps even called "shadow boxing". And then becomes the opponent to the unlucky people that they fellowed, as it goes, fore rank is their initial idea all along to be the heroic Nobleman that gentlemen feign. "Animal" because it's totally possible to do so with intentions to have a favorite animal be vindicated to the purest level of soul.

I defeat the "dark carnival" that is frisson. I've gotten pass the "swordsman" word. 'Sword's-man'? A man belonging to a sword? That is savage. "Sellsword", and "Sword-Hunter" have higher honors than the general idea of "swordsman". Purging the Ladies minds, to better their souls, as they pleased.

And there-by vindicated the "Ghost-Burner" style for all. Do the freaks and psychos, vagrant and/or misfit think I'm not a soulmate for the Ghost-Burner at least? Well, for the Roleplayer Guild I intend to be roleplaying my animal, because I am creating the (my)animal kingdom that vses the (animal)empires, that which belong to the animal-souls I learned of in my U.S. providence before the general idea was to pretend beyond the self and just "roleplay" as an animal itself.

Those being a black male kids octopus, a gals gecko, a boys chameleon, and some mexican pigeons from recess."

*You've been walked into the ballroom*

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