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Current Skateboarding Partying in Illinois U.S.A.; With my cold blooded Court Ranger virtue being a Poland Kawaler Royalist I gained Brown Spotted Pit Viper soulmate against fake sovereign Role-Players.
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I am a 7 of Spades; Today's my birthday. I was born in Poland, 1992, on February 5th. My ARENA Extremist is my own comic version of me, so being from Chicago I'll make our fights RANKED.
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Kingdom of Poland
2 yrs ago
At my wedding I need to prove virtue is not only a regal word by chopping through a lit black candle with a knightly\rangerly longsword.


I believe my Barbarian Kingdom, Poland, started with snake-bodied swords before smithing the iron straight.

I left the Warpaths, Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Hunters, Guardians and other types of Rangers evaluating offense against the Reavians that Scamp away from Highlander, perhaps to attain Skull King; Which I imagine my warriors inevitably turned against me, so I slayed them, never being an understatement. With having that I'd return to my family a Master Swordsman, and perhaps attain Warchief or Prince if it was even easier than that.

It began in my apartment complex when I was 4 years old, I came from an apartment complex with a kid bicycle gang, of maybe 8 members, that tried to wear matching blue jean vests. They were like ages 8 or something, as I was 4. I remember the parties from my apartment complex, and those parties tried to involve themselves into abdicating onto us younger fellows because we were no longer outside playing normally, and with that it gradually dissipated from adult perspectives, but 1 particular group of older boys were that bicycle gang. They tried to include themselves into my life because of my sister, but I never joined them. They got me into their apartment complex, but I already had been through complexes by being extreme with basic gossipers. These boys never tried to gain me though, they tried to bother me instead - they switched being interested of my sister to thieving specifically that 1 time they got me into their complex. Other boys and girls were gossiping about other boys and girls, which I didn't really like I had to compensate being extreme because I needed to become a Leader, Guardian, or at least an Avenger to properly know how to not have it succumb me as a spectrum. And I never told people about them, too, probably because I did feel compelled being respected of the gossipees, so I must of just tried to rival myself. And a valiance of virtue was happening before even school. The Army was respected by me, and purged guile away from me in place of peerness because I had used my valiance to say I respect the Army when a boy brought it up amongst other boys and me by chance but the other boys hadn't said a word, and the rank Petty Officer Grade 3 also existed specifically within the parties themself. Later in life, as I will express, I regained my knowledge through virtue and attempted to avenge myself. Before my family moved out of the apartment complex I had learned of AIM and animal roleplaying, too.

Over the course of my life the animal roleplaying has been a real quest to accomplish. From adventuring the countryside I've come across Gals that tried to invoke me with a Soulmate Rival to get me to say a familier animal at them, probably to encourage myself for the better of socialism. I did not, though. I rather liked the pragmaticism of never seeing the Phillipine Cobra on the turf, and acknowledge I wasn't amusing myself either, but was actually intrigued to become that tough myself, but as my own animal. At the time I didn't have an animal in mind, I just kept from being uncouth and was gaining proper kid in the U.S.A.

Also within the countryside are the boys opposite of me, but not not of similar virtue. They are known as Reavers. They don't have the Gal Animal Soulmate carnival of trust, humbleness, and unbashful. The Reavians wouldn't admit it but they come from a Raider virtue, not a Champion virtue. My virtue inevitably I learned was to attain the Highlander accomplishment. It occurs in a variety of types, from Black Wolves, to Stags. The Reavians sometimes make Forest Ranger a vice if "Raider" is comprehended by which. I valued the Ranger diligence throughout my schooling so when I began to work actual jobs I inevitably attempted the way a Raider pretends to like Forest Ranging, far as I know, to not be uncouth. There's only 1 Forest Ranger college in the entire United States of America. But Forestry Degrees do exist at other colleges, so it's quite true that they may of been raiding my values, indubitably, to pretend to be reavian. While pursuing that intrigue I was studying animals and created my animalsoul, having forgotten to try during my partying, to rival spirituality and accomplish, properly, vsing the raiders. Since now I've quit partying to get muscular like a Ranger, and settle down with a real testimony of my life. I had to make a restitution for that, and have accomplished it, many a so on this profile page. Now I'm going to say it straight for viper style - absolutely vindicating my Brown Spotted Pit Viper quest, without the vanity of my own peer pressure against things like mobster students, and/or the "lipstick city" rivalring of peer-pressure, or even the jostling of adversity. A Royalist's procession for soulmate, or however she agrees.

Kindergarten Music Class is where I had my first interaction, among many students, if I had made the intelligence score to have a favorite animal yet. I did not, but it was the teacher that asked us, so it wasn't a problem. And being of a Polish family, or it was that I was in the back of the class... I only watched as many students attempted peering each other through that. A series of brash indecisions happened when a student was indisctinct as to why it was their favorite animal, leading to a modesty that it could of been because that's what they looked like. That was deeply profound so much that several students tried to avenge the original student by acknowledging that they too were alike like their favorite animal, and may of changed it to it. Roleplaying as animals I believe came from this phenominon in the future, but I didn't get an invitation personally until 5th Grade - and infront of me, too! I didn't join in, I by then had enough fun and social experiences that I had no need to even invade it as a Foe Viper. But in general animals were everywhere. By 3rd Grade I specifically started a semblence of might, called "extreme", in gym class when the infamous cobras did the rumors into gossip and became actual friends. The Caspian, the Egyptian, and the Forest Cobra. All white girls, too. Krait Snakes, Bush Vipers, and many snakes began appealing to other students. When the Javan Spitting Cobra actually expressed needing the dexterity to be a rival to the 3 popular cobras, I had to avenge myself and begin being a rival so I could fall in love with an animalsoulmate in the future. My time had come unabashed since the apartments, and no vow needed, just gallantry to start. But like I said I comprehended it as "extreme" because I was going to need to fight both animal sexes eventually.. when nobility was obviously not a Role-Play an imperial fathomed I had learned to charm, and it got me to vs fem fatals, gangsters, and even the adults .. And I only knew of pyromania and skateboarding. Which sufficed, although occasionally the pyromania happened when replaced with theft. Must of been some Ranger compensation because I became a Burglar not a Thief. "Thieving" happened because whilst walking around to the lines for 1st Grade the students began to share hobbies. That stopped when the animals of other generations were at the lines, and Christianity became apparent, so it was first to attain "Bopper" skills to steadily acclaim the noble virtues to separate animal from other shield-of-arms prestiges, like if not wanting to be a Knight, or Paladin. I had learned the virtue of Prince through Thieves getting brave to want to challenge themself to steal a Princess' heart and chose not to explain myself about it so as to not lose Guardian disposition for Birthday Parties (which inadvertently taught my agility). But it was always them being accused of being a Thief in the portrayals and them just mightier than the Opposer, so "Thief" wasn't really explained to me, but it became inquistioned as wonderment by a portion of the school population, and I was smart enough to learn how to be a Leader type and ignore them as best I could instead of being thee Petty Thief.

During these moments I had also learned of the "Resistance". Due to the U.S. Army being a possibility, there seemed to be a flux of intentions of why to join a military, but respecting it was perfunctory to learning to avenge a Damsel. In that you needed to comprehend vsing the students feigning to be soldiers to steal your virtue and make garrisons, when the Damsel would prefer you to be an individual but not a weakling, all the same. That's when Privateering in school generally became rogue and "lipstick city" happened because the Duelists weren't as ready as a Girl was for Girl Scouts. And since it was unanimous that they were mammal animalsoulmates there came about a Resistance to the Resistance, as an actual Resistance, to equalize compatriotisms. But being so young it seemed like they were actually interested in being Rebels and Terrorists instead of Soldiers, and Troopers. Delinquents are infamised to the Resistance if they can believe in themselves to legasize it against the Reavians, that fought to just fought, and sustain Soulmate as a Party Animal Warrior and not a Party-Animal Hellion.

Around 2nd-3rd Grade I had earned quite enough experience to know I was going to get a chance to explain myself. From the field trips to the forests where most students comprehended heraldry was the way to be against spirituality, since it was created by students avoiding liking God like they could feign God was a spirit because they had a soul, specifically then. The best had quit to become Outlaws, because the spiritualists were acknowledged as trying to invade without want to be plagues, but felt ethnicity mattered enough, and through the attempts to be Outlaws they learned to fend off sociopaths. With having learned the proper respect to have delegations be accustomed at recess when gaining a mass of students playing by and by the Crusaders. It was very noble, I was going to become a Nobleman and defeat a hellraiser or other form of heretic from attaining zeal. I would of not joined the Crusaders, but become chaste as a Ranger; So I could learn how to placate the Harrowers from the Dandies. They were losing dignity to the integral diplomatic missions of others, and seemed safe when I was about, so maybe I could of accomplished Black Knight, too. But with the classroom beginning to get monarchial with noble peerages there wasn't an Arbiter to our classroom. Here I was preparing to say I was a Ranger, whilst wondering having the magister dexterity of a Leading-Carnival-Troupe-Swordsman because of how bureaucracy was trying to rival nobility, but I had not deserted that possibility and become the nobility of a Sellranger away from the harrowing Jesters. I'd steadily gain Court Ranger because the enemies of Christianity happened in forms of Alchemists and Viziers because we had no Justiciar, but we did get Duelists eventually reprimanding the classroom for edging the minorities into becoming Viziers and Alchemists (probably to get slain at recess by a Crusader if a Barbarian didn't do it). The Barbarian endeavor was real, but the people I saw that tried to rival it were people that hadn't made an effort like this profile page; Purging adversity from peer pressure. They would make Polish gangs, and fall in love, surely with Polish girls, too. The adversity of it is that they didn't, and that lost their chances of having an Animal Soul opposite of their mates. I had a family that partied, so I bided myself with competence (companion+prominence) to learn to find the correct Polish Lady, instead of having them be simply a girl, because I'm certain my family are fascist-communists. So, it wasn't until the age of 23 that I began making this restitution.

... But I was transferred to Special Education for not comprehending multiplication halfway through the year, but my diligence for Master Ranger; Knowing to study actual roleplaying, monarchy courtesies, and keep to the faith that the Ladies-In-Waiting-Consorts existed then, I comprehended avenging the Flower's of the Meadow, it was most likely the Ladies-of-the-Meadow instead, but being Special Education I needed to avenge myself from losing to her peer pressure by not acting pompous. These ladies didn't let Gymnastic girls converce them for peer pressure when on field trips with the minorities, when spirituality was condemning itself against Christianity. But because so, the Flowers that lead them in prominent virtue of friendships for the Gymnastic girls to join independently had fulfilled Lady if they wouldn't succeed as a Dame amongst the Party Animals, the Flowers refrained from becoming Naturalists thanks to their males being Animal Soulmates, so they created Brutes as a Guardian, and may have manipulated it for the benevelence ("benifit") of the Field Day being the Tournament for all students to do the same. Because gymnastic people seemed overbaring without practice, it seemed I would avenge my chances with a Polish Barbarian girl that had communioned that way to Lady instead of the Cheerleading way. The lasses I did see because I hadn't found a Polish girl in school by competence would fathom gaining tattoos of not an actual animal like the butterfly but of a abstract styling of one, like how barbarian fables can be presumed to ornate. They became naturalists, and learned to adhere to nature, in hopes of braving towards a Shield-Of-Arms of their own Heraldric design. Some perverse minorities that create "Shifters" in mock spiritual tribes against the Flowers and other Ladies-of-the-Meadow, relying on sparing "medjai" to be medians when they couldn't fathom explaining Gamma/Omnus shaman animal roleplay presences like shade, phantom, or like ghosts being assailant-spirits instead of queer companions, thus creating freaks out of the populace, tried using sea shells and other tropical identities to siphon them. The students that feigned being "Shifters" became moronic, and became monsterous-assailants for their Freaks, and with no correct way to virtue towards magistering nobility they eventually pose themselves as a gypsy covenant to lipstick city's Harlots.

I happened to get into parties as a skateboarder, and kept from diminishing that honor, too. In which I made a purge of my ranking, because it's the noble thing to do. Because "Avenger" there was not "Guardian" because the initial Cheerleaders wanted, were refraining from joining to become snobs about pursuing partying into power without needing to go to college by not creating peers but keeping to an infamy for a legacy or they went to college and did that. And so I never saw any "Preps" at our parties, but we did get "Jocks" and "Studs". I cannot say ill about it, or I wouldn't have virtue. But I am not a Buccaneer, I will not help them to even Privateer. I went my way towards the Tournament when I began to work at 23, abandoning them to their drugs and booze. I am not an ally, it's just sometimes I have no quarrel with these minorities because I am mighty. They are more heretics than gypsies. Probably specifically forsaking the nobility of Bachelor preferring them as "Jocks" to hide as "Thugs".

I only got out fully in 5th Grade (I defended Black Knight virtue in that 5th Grade classroom, where as before in Elementary School I had only imagined Black Knight at recess) and 11th Grade. It was fair in elementary school, but in middle school special education demanded me to have a secularity to be fond of peers, but last I saw of them in elementary school they had gotten a petty-bitch to varment "fucking" in 3rd Grade Valentines Day. Which by middle school seemed that most males got defeated by that minority usurpment/separatism - some sort of heroism happened though to refrain the losers from gaining ground on the turf. They reconciled to keep popularity, and then the minorities had to actually vs those people having lost dictatorship dexterities from beauracracy. And that made the terra forming students rueful into gypsies too, avoiding merryment like nihilists and bitches. The Crusaderesses gained a good communion of friendship, but for all their ranks {like Proselytes, and Partisan} there was no Arbiter so the formation was ordaned by male Crusaders that needed Diplomats, and those Diplomats became Justiciars. I don't know if people studied for it but "Pagans" became the enemy, but as it was school with an athletics event styling per year to further our senses away of a mere lecturing, came a Tournament of Virtue (Bachelor in the U.S.A.) that vasseled for Prep to attain Diplomat, Ranger, and other goodly processions. When I prepared for the dressing rooms, it was the Pursuivants of Christianity that I saw keep "peer pressure" stagnant. Their pilgrimage against the "covenant" made them indomitable, thanks to them having been Initiates|Penitants. And that had reminded me I had still been a Nobleman. Within I tried to challenge a black kid, but he never came back so I just accepted a locker by the kids I beat up in elementary school, because it equaled out I thought to beating up the new perverts called Sportsters. It quainted me, so I became a defender of Geeks Chumps, Nerds Gamers, and Dopes.

I had some male Crusaders wonder if I was of a candidacy eventually, but I chose to say a low title to challenge them - I said Overlord - which had them just like it; I presumed my title Prince of Thieves wasn't affable, so I didn't choose a higher monarchial rank like Baron. But, as I was saying about the harrowers ("Pagans")... They had created "Skinners" idealisms, that created bane, when they had lost magnate oppinions harrowing away from vassals.

So, I kept my perseverance for my neighborhood instead of school. There they were benign about their principles, and it made me adventure away from them because they had no interests in being the Sportsters with Guardian Instincts, and since I had no reason to underlord it. Gradually my frontiering taught me trooper skills, medic bags, people consultational reprieves, endurance, and compassion. But the whole time I had a skateboard, so I imagined the idea of being a trooper, and more likely a Ranger just thinking it as a "trooper" to hypen my resolve for the Resistance until I prove it as an adult - going through forests naturally seeking up|down the hills, and the roves of groves, becoming resilient to the open sky and the plants shadows, earning a strafe I could use in a fight - but as a block instead of a scamper. My theory was that Ranger's would have apprentices, like Bowyers or Fletchers or maybe some lucky person became a Peace-Keeper from being a delinquent, the apprenticeship was Court Ranger material - and if not commisioned by a Noble to be a Royal Ranger of their own, which also is a Court Ranger, then the apprentices would become Full Ranger's. Gradually those Rangers become a Master Ranger, whose duty is to create a magisture of fortification which could result in a Ranger's Guild or Ranger Guilds got built as a first defense for aspiring kingdoms. Thieving kept me from Oafing into a Brute, instilling nobility in me to have a familial Guardian advantage, so when middle school adversity asked me about the Homecoming Dance I practicly said a name, and in a few days I recognized her and learned from her that I "should have taken [me]her". She was a girl the dandies/viziers were together to talk idly about "fucking" her, it's called "smut" inadvertently in Roleplaying they find to pretend to be a Devestation to trick themselves into comprehending Omnus atleast amongst spiritualities bitches when harrowing from Bards that quit the Flower (thus benigning themselves into becoming Brigands to vs us Barbarians), so I imagined her as a Lady-in-waiting because of gaming. But I didn't know how to proceed with making it more progressive than knowing I was gaining becoming an opponent for the early years of High School to like a pervert, or "Brigand"-wannabe.

It prepared me to rebel from a party rank I was earning beside the nobliary of Pet Animal Soulmates that ventured into contemporary parties. With having gone to a different High School than my sister I lost Guardian-Champion abilities and had to eradicate punk chaos to atleast know anarchic extremes. Like in middle school I got a pretty girl to tell me her breast size, to better being a Playmate. A boy that I last saw being that 3rd Grade monarchial diligence to respect the responsibility of acknowledging nobility isn't a Role-Play if you know it - the boy chose to deny his nobility and became a puppet comic for nto becoming nihilist about denying it when he got a popularity for having rued it like a Courtesan, which lost him Courtier, so he became a Corsair. He told me about her being fullfigured, and I saw it later that she was a girl-lass. Having missed acclimating peer pressure since then, but had years of my own to use for the Flower Tournament too, I let the girls lockerroom ennoble itself for ballrooms before I became an actual rival, with use of the hallways. Had she been a lass-girl instead, I'd of probably got principles normally, as I had yet to chat with the Lady-Consorts of my elementary schools virtue for popularity(before their Birthdays) - a girl-lass is more likely a Lass-In-Waiting to be a Lady, with all those Baronet(te)|Meadow rules. I suppose that would of been my 'Prince' moment, too, I now can think it as that - I'd of taken her to Prom in High School and learned what modesty was meant to mean by joking about getting laid by her, so I'd go to Poland for POP culture and join the Army, get a wife, self explanatory stuff. But I never hosted parties at my family house. It's not hard to make Brigands jealous, so should I have gotten into parties that merged with parties of a high closure I'd totally fight for a piece of the Commandery to thwart "Reaver" from them. Like "Renegade" with the Stoners - they totally treated every girl like a "gypsy" to let their queer sides playthrough to proving their meakness, to have perverse be their only show of might incase I was a "Brigand". So I used "Reaper" on them as a skateboarder until I felt they were ready to be slain by the hood of thievery. The Thief I was had never gotten caught so I had no intentions of sharing my virtues with Stoners if they were going to exceed the population of 5, and mine did downgrade to raver-Outcasts in High School, so still somewhere inside my soul not yet proven, but in a not forsaken reserve mentality state I rebelled against those Stoners. Took their safe-house, used their own gypsies to fear abdicating themselves anew, and before it went too long and the kid returned home I kept my rank and called it in to the kid's Hands, feigning friendship, and that purged the party - It got me my own commandry of "Commander-Lieutenant's", I didnt steer them probably having succeeeded in the revellrey of that Carnival-Swordsman magistrate, I wanted to opt out to fight as a skateboarder so I let myself bide with a "Squad Leader"-Type after revoking my presence from the Stoners, but the squad I kept of the gypsies were junkies not resistence plagues and so I didnt follow them to concerts. Whilst not to raid the popularity of the parties because I have no need to contempt my views of myself for the future of my successions I got to, I vipered my squad instead of leading a Providence of Gamers so I could skateboard without nuisances by accomplishing Extremist by Champion virtue; I claimed my turf and reclaimed my "Commander Grade 3" by purging "1st Lieutenant" from the new scene of skateboarding I had purged myself from a Gamer's safe-house that became gypsies. It may of been anarchic of me because they were part of the ravers, that had the outcasts, that befriended me at the local mall and simplified Highlander romances being Reaver/Ravager Resistance Nihilists that do so, but I prefer to think of them as the people that became gamers from a "medjai" disposition being gradual bitches of smokers. My attack on the squad in the early partying itself was meant to be an assault, but they didn't fight me back so I just let myself get crunk like that for many years. The finishing attack was nothing Captain like though, just perfectly orientated messages on facebook when the house parties got to fighting level, and then I deleted my facebook a few years later when no person was a Challenger about it. It like avenges the resistance virtue of elementary school U.S.A. Army Party-Animal peering.

As it were, I was just bonding with girls when what changed was there were Harlot-Hunters amongst shade-hunter people, too, that quit to suffice as perverts, and the Flower girl didn't become a cheerleader - having her boys quit on her to be Bards, which gave a rise in goons quitting being a Castle Guard/Lancer and merely were just dating girls like they were carnival prizes- but it was the Harlot-Hunters emo-style of Boppers that kept the love harmonic to be valiant, and not the gooks that benigned into comedians from bode-bandit "shifter" to a girlslocker room queer. I separate blonde girls with naturally whiteish hair around here, fore I needed a Princess vice from the girls vsing "harem" by brainwashing themselves into becoming cooties against Harlot-Hunters by making sexual barrages on boys to not be a floozie. I never saw the Flower's original Prince, but Middle School had misfit Bards so I can imagine them as the brutes that happened to pretend to be the Flower's Earl to attain stuff like Brigand to help pretenders pretend to be Lancers so I could vs the Flower's virtue and progress to my own Prince for the sake of gaining special education classes (where Knight is a valuable diligence as an asset if solo) because it got rather easy in Middle School. My Lady went to a different High School, and so I never got to be that Overlord I mentioned earlier. I would of learned to not take her to the Prom Dance but instead focus on finding a Polish Lady, and make it as an Opponent.

I also did Polish Church Camp 6th Grade to 9th Grade. The Deacon was responsible with teaching us to colonize, but it took me a while to comprehend that because I was a default leader of my cabin. So, I lost archery practice for harrassment. I need to learn that fore I carried a girl across a gorge there. I've already learned swordsmanship, and am 49|60 Polish Kings from finishing my Polish monarchy study for Kawaler virtue, now that I'm doing adult life. Then it'll be geography, and I think since I found my animalsoul and did that Ranger restitution against reavers that I may try a higher college value for forestry. I'm not sure though, as it's a Polish husband thing, I believe certainly.

Now that I have uncouthed my comprehension of what the "President" is I'm just going to let your imaginations wonder instead just how much better I could vs Outlaws, since I've done some barbaric ancestry. I didn't search for the Barbarian Invasions that vs'd the Romans, first. I chose to look for my Country's specific Barbarian heritage, because I am a Dabrowski. But I did create a magistration of internet links, and fulfilled purging my restitution of my Kawaler nobility, to be separate from any arbitration, if at all I should find a resurfacing of why, for my virtue. Because I don't know what Aristocrat is, but my mother aside my father has a fascist demeanor, so I could only think to magister myself, so as to not be a feign being a bitch.. or something, I don't know I'm not fascist. It's a Poland magistrate, too, fore I did not Paladin it. Today, 07/23/2022, I find on the internet link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migration_Period, which was titled "Barbarian Invasions". Today I see the general years they started; 375 (possibly as early as 300) to 568.

I got as far as the year 500, and then around 800 Poland became known everywhere. At the year 990 the Kingdom of Poland became Christian.

I imagine the Romans couldn't slay us Barbarian types, and so tried to lure us away from our lands, only to be thwarted that we don't need to just follow the Romans, whether it was to enslave us to kill us to make it entertaining battling Barbarians (being that they weren't Barbarian) or to have us become stupid and forfeit our nobility by accepting being a part of their Republic if that didn't happen. So, inevitably our pride became Kingdoms. But through Christianity, as it was happening everywhere reprievely to end being thought as Pagans by their empire, and instill traditional proof of loyalty to God, by being better humans. My Kingdom, actually wasn't fighting the Romans to begin with, but were brave enough to be there for the beginning of King Charlegmaign getting to be the Holy Roman Empire movement because Catholic feared dying with the Romans- and then my King returned to Poland and rivaled empires, with more fortitude.

But here, take a look at my Role-Playing fundamentals; https://www.roleplayerguild.com/topics/184427-viper-sebastians-memoirs-of-characters/ooc.

I've also gotten these urls for you aspiring Ladies-in-waiting, as I belive they're the genuine faith needed to know to even regardlessly Role-Play: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hennin#:~:text=….

The possiblity of Gentleman amongst the variety of losers, virtuing to have gained me to the Party, to refrain from "frinedship", rivaled my own soul. So, whether I wanted to be a Champion or Avenger I don't know, I was thieving the whole time and I became a Burglar. I think I must of wanted my childhood virtue of Ranger, but partying gives a virtue of Prince, so I got lost not getting muscular with adult virtues, trying to avenge my childhood virtue. 7ish fights later my soul affirmed I had achieved Party-Animal to quit burgling, and them.

So, Playmate is the real situation of school, but Companion was needed to process to mightily gain that responsibility. And I virtuously made a restitution as a Party Animal, because I could of done the whole Polish Prom Dance by going to school sport events, and then there I'd start to seek a Polish Lady amongst the Cheerleaders, and reap. My sister took me to some, and some parties. I could comprehend that it was for her own responsibilties, and that she was aimless, so it was for reprimanding her reputation to try and alter it, away from my presence. The last moment I effectively found how to properly steal without it involving attention like next to a person, which I learned once before in elementary school exiting school. That time I was mature enough to have it be acknowledged in a familial progress, and used it back within the game system played within the middle school she had taken me to watch that time, and inevitably I used it overall to placate me as a rival in the system to become a general Challenger, although I may of also been thinking it as "agility" or another word I never expected to succeed, like "adept". With it involving me to manage my abilities by not quitting school I thought it had only adverse personality effects, and since I remember my elementary school effort as my whole reputation being my soul's presence of peer pressure, I didn't need to brag about my skills like they were dexteries. I'm to smart to delve further than that, because I did get my might through fighting, and prestige for Ranger virtue did exist too, to try and purge me avenging myself, with avenging my nobility... Confusing, but with this whole profile made it's just me rattifying this thought now - and completing it with "That's the reason why I didn't go to college and become a Challenger to minorities that wanted to be devestations, because their romance was considered neglected as a minority without a collegiate effort to keep their peer pressure." Because I feel like they weren't trying to advocate that, they just had gone through an entire life of school, of adversity. Whereas I had to not be an opponent to all, but the nobility I was gaining presence to formally defeat was nonexistantial, because they seriously wanted "Damsel" as a virtue, or something... So, it must of been that the only things that existed against that was the American apathy to sustain the virtue of adult - but adult isn't muscular, that's just an adolesceant grown up. A Man is muscular, but a woman would do better to try and become a Lady to keep her youth virtuously throughout her life, instead of getting muscular. So, growing up, with the adversity gradually lessening from "boyfriend" with each girl at a party being new, and taking the lazy route of not having virtue was a negative aptitude to create, themself away ... I don't know. But, after getting an automobile I saw my life sped forward away from beating down safe-houses of condescending smokers, to avenge Maidens, to where I am amid my peer pressure of Nobleman, where the Damsel doesn't matter as they'd be all Ladies, now. Since, Damsels deal against women, having them deal against bitches isn't conceivable to me, as parties were simple to comprehend it's rumbunctiony - because that was a certain to be happening, could of been all that I could of thought about parties pragmaticly, since I was adolesceant and not thinking teenager, which could of been delinquent, so when I was delinquent - which was near buddies, I was being tacturn. But since bitches are damsels, because it wasn't a Birthday Party, I avenged myself enough as a delinquent to conquer peer pressure. So, now that I'm exercizing, getting muscular, I got all this virtue that is just for me, so I'm nobilizing it because it'd take to long to just think it as a "adulthood", I got my life that I only know about, and I'm having fun specifically now to measure it, but I didn't measure it before, I was just being competent, and it was working better as fun than adversity was near me.

So, you gypsy consortium... It's time to burn the Death-Knights, flame magocracies in an infernal pyro mania, and sink my fangs into any celestial that thinks siren or feary is an escape for evanescence! And, if you think I've left you out, you're mistaken, Lames - for the treason of feigning to be a "brother\sister" because of racial/ethnical discretion inpart by a heretic or other heretical words like "medjai", "lesbian", or like "centurion", I Kawaler Sebastian Dabrowski, declare war!. My ARENA character awaits you: roleplayerguild.com/topics/78452-aren….

The Roleplaying of me being the Brown Spotted Pit Viper: https://www.roleplayerguild.com/topics/187595-sebastian-the-viper/ooc#post-5331500. My solidarity against poetic woes like "sarcasm", or "satyre".

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I got all my virtue out into a restitution, but no longer want to be adverse to this website. It was good of me to unravel my mind to get my turf romances, animal, superhero, black knight, I even have been flying around like a space pirate in here. Ban me, I'll use the website as a reference, but I loath the lurking feeling. Which is from not having roleplayed enough, but I don't want to condescend into Sergeant roleplays, or other gambits.
Serpent Society, indeeds, indubitably - they were everywhere. If it weren't for Heroes Chicago would of been another planet. I liked it, but to stay a burglar I'd need to support Heroes for the greater good of my monetary adventures... Anarchic is orange.

I came over a log, and was about to step into the stream but I couldn't make a move any longer, in front of me were two snake warriors mating in the grass. A Bushmaster and a Bush Viper. I opened my fire of my left's T-SMG at them - I hadn't yet mated, if any person should be mating with the Bush Viper it better be me on my path. She was even peachy.

My assault alerted other Serpents about me. I stood in a stream with enemies blood waking by my tail-boots, silent. I went forward, because I'm Burg Viper. Forward, with 1 T-SMG in my left hand and 1 in my right. I stepped on their skulls; Now that they're dead it's not necessary to call them "heads".
This is the only original United States of America motoxross cycle, and I will be using it for the Role-Play.,

This is a image of a scene in Knightriders, where Noblemen and Princesses watch; !
I've watched the film Knightriders, and always hope to see a motorxross cycle survive a badlands scene - but with me driving it. I like other motorcycles, but only in the sense that they'd be used in a motorcycle jousting tournament.

Who's with me?!
It was a radical quest
My driver got into a forest preserve, slowed, and parked. A button transformed her side of the closed automobile into a throne-opening. She walked down from her mantle, took a good look at me there by the jacuzzi among Thompson Submachine Guns, sitting with my sabers sheathed on my back on the last step to the jacuzzi. She was a yellow and blue Dragonfly. He wings fluttered into existance from behind her, she hovered and zaned over to me, landed nimbly some feet away, and when her wings stalled, showing their transparency, the blonde thanked me.

I stood up, saying as I took steps toward her "No thanks or welcomes are needed. I got in, you got out, Pretty." I stopped a foot away, turned and off the sideseat over the automobile's frame stepped out of the the convertable limousine, landing on the turf.

"I'm a Hero, I wanted to. *By the sound of her voice she turned her face towards my scales* I am the Yellow-Winged Darter Dragonfly, and the name's Meadow Dragonfly."

I said primevally "I'm the Brown Spotted Pit Viper Burg Viper, a Burglar." I slithered away.
I was getting shot at, but their aim was terrible. I thought they were shooting the street, too. I pressed for the moonroof to slide open. it not only slid open, but opened so much the back seats folded in, and maneuvered to have a jacuzzi begin, when the back-roof comparted itself.

I had careening steps to the jacuzzi, walked up them from the middle, and shot my Thompson SMG over the jacuzzi at a force of motorcycling Monkies. I got some dead, but they had superior weapons so I couldn't focus on them all - they shot a Rocket Propelled Grenade at my limousine but it flew over it and devestated the wall, catastrophicly it tried to collapse on the motorcyclists, but they evaded it. Again they shot a RPG at the automobile, veering pass me to the street ahead. My driver stepped on the gas peddle and we vectored through the damage, skidding onto the belly of the limousine at the otherside, and bumping forward after it. That caused the SMGs to huddle about me, I commandanted another and so I shot two Thompson SMGs at my foes. I sprayed apart, and brought them together to a bar. That got the monkies.

We exited the building, without a sight of them, too. I did see some escape inevitably, but we were long gone by then. They didn't pursue, they must of been just meddling with their dire strait.

I moved with the majority of the crowd, slithering through the mobs going to fight. I managed to get into a limousine, for practicality sake so as to not go through jostling, and become a 'rogue' amongst them.

There're many Thompson Submachine Gun ammo cannisters on the floor, and a Thompson Submachine Gun laying upto the seat. Many were empty, and many were not, I attached one to the SMG and turned the safety off, hoping that was enough. A person got into the limousine, and after a few seconds of rummaging, started up the enginge. We drove out.

Now I'm ready. I declared war as a Kawaler, shitface, on my profile. I've gone through enough restitution to have them saved, printed, and other noble methods for myself. How to petty, how to petty, I accomplished never being a bub. And unlike "Knights" of the Internet that have a longsword against people, as you see I have a Polish saber.

Your condescending pride has you fucked, there is no adversity on the Internet, just bitches like you lost to power, and no noble virtue about it, of course, just vagrant dictatorship. I've gotten Bureaucrat on Fandom Wiki's I know what I said, and for what it's worth 80 Key to the Wiki Badges.

I also have learned that I am missing some words after an initial comma, but that's fine. I learned it's not spam, you people just live in a wretch of a life, a life called "can't".
Why have the character section of this topic also be the battleground? Are you literally retarded?
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