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The name's ShadowVentus, but you can call me Ven. Fantasy RPs have always been my genre, but I'm always open to trying new genres and all that jazz. Oh, and I don't know about anyone else here, but in my opinion, Atlus makes awesome games! PERSONA!

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“Heh..seems like we’re no longer within the land of the living.”

This is what Asher had personally pictured what London could have been like had they never received help from the Moogles to instill better crowd control of the Heartless threat. The young rogue knew that he could blend within the shadows just fine and get through this blockade of enemies with a very low chance of detection, but he could not say the same for his party. He turned to face Hirutila, Georgia, and Snopes, talking in a low, yet clear tone.

“There are two ways we can go about this. I can draw the enemy’s attention away from you three, so you can gain safe passage and find a way for us to get further in, or we can all try to continue to move as we are, hoping to avoid detection altogether.”


Location: Abandoned House, Occupied Paris

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Possibly to Zane’s surprise, Morgan didn’t seem phased by the revelation of their location. “I it appears the theories of there being multiple universes were correct after all..wait, you forced your ability to hop worlds? For we know our time here is-” She was quickly cut off upon realizing that her armoured aid had begun emitting a bright glow. The light quickly became harsh, enveloping her and Zane before causing them to be launched from their current position to the clear skies above, warping them to a different place entirely.

Location: Mecca, Green Sahara

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If anyone were paying attention to the sky amidst the chaos, a single streak of light would pierce through the night sky, akin to that of a shooting star. It would amongst the nearby dunes not completely far off from the town of Mecca. Stirring up an abundance of sand with her landing, Morgan would cough up a storm, unfortunately putting unwanted strain on her already sore throat. Looking about, she couldn’t see Zane anywhere. Feeling completely worn out, she decided it would be best to take a momentary short rest before attempting to seek out who or whatever was native to this new world she had found herself in.

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Upon entering the aircraft alongside the brothers, Asher adorns his usual smile when Victor addresses him, followed by a general introduction by the trio. “Agni, Victor, and Ignitio Blackheart. I’ll be sure to get that memorized. As for me, well, you can refer to me as Inu, for now. May Lady Luck smile upon you as well. However, I think you’re more than covered with Ignitio at your side.” While he had no immediate reason to be suspicious of them, these siblings weren’t his first encounter with royalty. There were very few people in his world that had possessed that much power and were truly kind souls, so he could not help but feel the need to be cautious and give them his codename for now.


After bidding adieu to Team Royal, Asher turned to face Georgia and Hirutila as they were now overhead their destination. “If our goal is to seamlessly infiltrate the enemy, I suggest we do things my way and take a more stealthy approach. While quiet movements may be nigh impossible for our armor-wearing fellow here, we can at the very least avoid being detected by the Heartless so long as we avoid summoning our keyblades. As for the human targets..well, while I have no qualms eviscerating our quarry, there are some soldiers out there that aren’t doing this out of their own free will. If you have any doubts, confide in each other. You’ll know the right choice then.”

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Location: ???

Amidst the deepest waves of sleep, Morgan plummeted ever further still, the darkness wrapping itself around her until suddenly, a flash of light emits beneath her. Upon her entering this light, her drowsiness begins to wear off. The memory of what had just transpired rush back to her, and cause her to immediately jolt up, only to find that she was sitting on the shore of a place that despite never being here before, felt all too familiar. The moon shines brightly amidst the vast sea laid out before her. The night sky was so clear that the stars could be seen reflecting against the water below.

“Greetings, milady.”

She gingerly turns her head towards the voice that spoke to her, greeted by a man dressed in a white coat, the hood shrouding his face. He smiles at how calm she is, approaching her at a normal pace.
“I’m impressed you’ve managed to maintain your wits. My name is Inari. As my guest here, on the Lunar Shores, it is my duty to attend any needs you may have. It has been quite some time since I’ve had someone here. However, that will not stop me from performing my job to the utmost extent.”

Morgan analyzes him as he speaks, trying to get a read as to what kind of person he is. Unfortunately, before she could begin asking her own set of questions, a sudden fiery pain began making its way through her body, starting at her throat, and surging towards her stomach. She clutched these areas, gasping in pain.

“Oh my, that’s a shame. It seems we will have to continue this another time. Farewell, Morgan. Do try to stay alive until then.” With those parting words, the world around her begins to distort, this pain ripping her from this dream-like state.

Location: Abandoned House, Occupied Paris

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Morgan’s eyes shot wide open within seconds of intaking Zane’s “potion”. She began to produce a sound akin to someone simultaneously gasping for air and crying out in pain.

“Whoever..did that...will pay…” She rasps out, clutching her throat as she desperately tries to regain her composure. Taking a look at her surroundings, her eyes fell upon the armored individual nearby, causing her to backpedal and back herself against the wall in a feeble attempt to put distance between her and this newfound stranger. “I suppose..this was your doing..” She remarked in between breaths.
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Spending time with someone like Georgia was something Asher didn’t know he had needed. He was so humbled by her company that he paid no mind to the plethora of attempts that were made at piercing her ear. In fact, he found himself laughing at her reaction. “My my, to think you had boasted such confidence earlier.” He remarked.
Once the deed was done, he took a step back to admire his work, framing the now properly equipped earring with his fingers, smirking as he did so. “Not bad, if I do say so myself. Now then..I suppose it’s time for me to indulge you on what I wished to speak about.” He leaned against the wall, folding his left arm in front of his chest while placing his right hand on the brim of his hat, tugging at it slightly out of what might appear to be embarrassment. “When I had fallen unconscious...I had a dream. It was inhabited by this entity that took on the appearance of someone she claimed I hold dear to my heart…” Asher grips at his coat above where his heart is.
“That’s what she said, but, I didn’t recognize who she looked like. The only hint I could receive before being shocked awake by that dastard of a mage was a name...she said her name was Usagi..” He went silent, as if pondering just what kind of value that name had to him. He then shakes his head, as if to dismiss the thought. “No matter. It’s too soon to try and make sense of it all. Thank you for taking time to listen to me. If I recall anything else, I’ll be sure to report back to you.”
Shortly after Georgia departed, Asher simply collapses unto his bed, staring at the ceiling, trying his best to put his mind at ease. Just as he begins to feel his eyes grow heavy, while he could feel this warmth envelop his body, it coursing through him, as if lulling him into a further sleep. Just before he fully succumbs to this feeling, he hears the familiar voice of Usagi speak to him.
The answers you seek lie within your comrades. Go forth, child of fortune, and forge these bonds. I’ll be with you..” The voice fades right as Asher finally gives in, letting sleep take him.


The Next Day

Asher awoke bright and early that morning, feeling more refreshed than ever. He supposed he would have to thank Usagi the next time they met. After taking a mental note of that, the rogue began to go through his daily routine of making sure every piece of equipment he had on his person was in working order. Considering he used next to nothing in the past day, this check went by as fast as he anticipated it would. After taking care of that, he departed from his quarters, and made his way to the Operations Room, where Tocsax decided to give another debrief as to what his plan was for each initial party. It seems the Nobody planned on prioritizing a secure connection with their contact rather than fend off the forces led by Stalin and Hitler. It was a fair plan, Asher would give him that, but if this line of play was what he was aiming for, then time is of the essence. Asher quickly followed after the brotherly triad, wanting to board the Gummi Ship and get a move on already.

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Georgia’s question is answered by a chuckle, one resonating behind her as Asher finally found his own way into the kitchen. He gives a nod of acknowledgement to the Moogles and other associates within the kitchen before proceeding to answer her questions, beginning with the one pertaining to Hirutila. “If you would like, milord, I do have another earring to spare.” He takes out the case that holds the remaining two, popping it open and withdrawing the diamond-shaped Earring of Whisper, displaying it to him. He debriefs Hirutila of the accessory’s capabilities, giving a rundown of how it works, and how to activate it should he choose to accept it. Asher then looks back over to Georgia, smirking as the second question of hers came to mind. “Yes, in fact, I do know how to pierce ears. Why, it just feels like yesterday that I was…” he pauses, frowning at his sudden inability to recall what he perceived to be a fond memory. That break in his generally cheerful facade quickly repairs itself as he clears his throat. “Hehe, I just hope you don’t mind the odd needle.” He replies, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

“About my request earlier..well, I’m game to have that conversation any time you wish. Perhaps we can have it over an ear piercing?” He chuckles once more, oddly finding comfort in such an idea.


Location: Ongoing World War II - Paris
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Zane could feel the girl shivering within his arms. Morgan was still incapacitated, the Sleep spell having done a number on her, but, her body was involuntarily reacting to the sudden external drop in temperature, struggling to maintain a proper balance.

Sounds like fun. I'm game.
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“ dare compare me to him? I’ll show you that you’ll regret underestimating me.” Asher’s temper flared as he swiftly rolling out of his appointed bed to avoid the first few shots. He began concentrating his mana towards his now materialized keyblade, knowing it was ready as it began to give off a bright aura. He began to spin the weapon in front of him, resulting in the generation of a barrier, as requested. Any other incoming shots would dissipate upon impact, allowing him to close in on his opponent. Once he got himself into a proper range, he used his free hand to grab one of his daggers, dropped the barrier, threw the dagger at the mage, aiming towards his face, but curving the throw so that it would barely miss, pinning itself into the wall behind him. This distraction would allow him to advance and proceed with disarming his so-called “mentor”. He swiped at his hand with the dull end of his keyblade, attempting to make him drop the pistol. If Asher succeeded, he would kick the weapon away, and pin down Felix, showing no remorse towards the prankster as he did so, his grip as stalwart as steel.
As he moved to do this, an apparition projected itself into the room, giving them a way of listening in on the ongoing mission debrief in the main hull of the ship. Hearing of the events going on in this alternate world didn’t faze him. If anything, it put a grin on his face. In his world, the Nazis were snuffed out almost as quickly as their forces had been bolstered. Sure, they managed to pillage a village or two, but their forces couldn’t withstand the military might of the Royal Guard, whom had collaborated with his version of the Allies to corner them and force them into a final stand within Britain. Upon hearing Georgia pipe up and request she be the one to go after Hitler, Asher placed a finger on his earring. “If you don’t mind milady, I wish to accompany you on this venture as well. I’m currently on route from this vassal’s medbay. I was delayed by our court jester wishing to “teach” me some self-defense.”
After saying this, he looked over towards the corner of the room to see Tocsax exiting from a Corridor of Darkness, announcing his presence via his laughter. He gave a look of annoyance at the two Nobodies before disengaging from Felix, and briskly walks out from the medbay, heading towards where everyone else is, hoping he could regroup with his current party. Still holding his finger to the earring, he passed along another message. “Also..I wish to confide something to you, if you don’t mind. So far, out of everyone here, you seem to be the most reliable. I feel I can trust you with a bit of personal information.”

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Location: ???

Asher opens his eyes, a clear night sky encompassing his peripheral. The stars were out, accompanied by the moon in all of its glory. He yawns, as if he had just risen from a long slumber. The feeling of grass beneath him confuses him further. Last he remembered, he had been in a palace. He sits up, about to satiate the need to stretch, when a sudden voice speaks up.

“Ah! It’s about time you came to.”

He flinches, startled by the sudden break in the silence. Looking towards the direction of the voice, he sees a girl. She is adorned with a black hooded cape, her face veiled by the hood. It is kept together by a singular button at the base of the neck. The coat parts, revealing a white button-down shirt, a vest with mint green trim layered on top of the shirt, black pants, and black boots to match. She laughs at his reaction, moving to sit beside him.

“Who-” Before Asher can even begin, a hand protrudes from beneath her coat, causing him to pause.

“Save your breath. Come with time, you’ll find the answer to that question eventually.” She lowers her hand, resting it on her lap.

Asher then sighs, rubbing his face with his hands. “Ok..can you at least give me something to call you then?” He inquires.

She giggles, rubbing the back of her head. “ about Usagi?”

This sparks a laugh from Asher, whom also begins rubbing the back of his head. “Worry not, those feet are yours to keep. Outside of that...why does that seem so-” The rogue is once again cut off. This time, it’s by a sudden crack of thunder. Despite there being no trace of clouds in the sky above them, a singular bolt of lightning strikes Asher, the blast impacting at the center of his torso, the fiery pain spreading throughout his body.

“Times up, it seems...until next time~” Usagi’s voice trails off as he begins to lose consciousness.

Location: Gummi Ship ‘Renovation’s Might’ Medbay

Asher jolts up, immediately clutching his chest in pain from where he had felt the bolt hit him. His attempt at a glare in the direction of Felix was botched due to the grimace his face was currently adopting in response to the pain. He brings his free hand up to his Earring of Whisper, rubbing it. “Where in the hell am I?” He asks. While he knew he could easily receive an answer from the individual responsible for his rude awakening, he wanted to somehow signal to Georgia that he was ok. His labored breathing might suggest otherwise, but, he did the best he could with his tone to convince her that he was fine.

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((Collab between Letter Bee and ShadowVentus.))

'Medieval London'

Despite its name, Medieval London was a patchwork world. It resembled what people in other worlds thought London was like, as opposed to the historical realities. There, the names Bloody Mary and Jack the Ripper can be taken by gang leaders, while Arsene Lupin and Shelock Holmes waged a war of wits despite being out-of-place for this time period. Said time period was also vague, as well as the place of magic and magitech alongside the low level of mortal technology.

How Quaint, said the hooded figure as he appeared in an alley, This will be one of the first worlds I destroy. And with these thoughts, he waited for his client.

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Save for the clattering of glasses being sorted at the bar, everything was rather quiet at the Raven’s Nook. A Dark Corridor opens in one of the shadowy corners of the bar. A figure clad in a black coat exits from it. As it closes behind him, he draws back his hood, rubbing the back of his head as he slips through the main lobby area of the inn, moving towards his personal study. He approaches a bookshelf, each book labeled with Roman numerals in perfect order. In an order known by very few others, he locates and pulls on the books numbered “XIII, XXII, and VIII”. An assorted variety of clicking sounds resonate behind the shelf, revealing a hidden passageway as it opens. The bookshelf turned door closes itself as he walks inside, beginning to descend a spiraling stairwell. After a minute or so, he finally reaches his destination. This space was used when the top brass of the Shepherds needed a place to negotiate private matters. He glances about the room and immediately sees Morgan seated at the table situated at the center of the room.

“My my, you’re here early.” He remarks, sitting himself on the opposite end of her.

The girl simply chuckled, her mouth curling into a smile as she was joined by her long-time mentor. “No, you’re just late.” She responded, casually running a hand through her hair. “Jack, I know you didn’t just call me here for some idle banter. What am I here for?” She inquired, cocking an eyebrow at him.
He laughs, propping his elbows to allow him to form a bridge with his hands, within which he rested his head. “Straight to the point as always, aren’t we darling? Ah, but yes, I do come here bearing news. I followed our client’s tip about your brother’s wherea-”

He’s cut off by her slightly jumping out of her seat in pure hastiness, bringing her hands down on the table in front of her.“You found Ash!? Is he safe? Are the moogles holding him cap-”

She’s cut off by Jack’s raised hand, motioning for her to settle down. “One step at a time, milady. It seems our client’s intel was on the mark. In fact, I got the opportunity to meet him face to face...the resemblance is uncanny. However, there is one problem.”

His smile fades as he adopts a more serious facade. Continuing to support his head with his left hand, he places his right index finger on his temple, lightly tapping it. “His memories of what happened the night your house burned down are extremely suppressed. While I had neglected to mention you by name, my poking and prodding didn’t seem to bring anything to light for him. The only family members he seemed capable of recollecting were his mother and father. Granted, they were in the same room with him when the incident took place.”

This revelation caused her to sit back down, her form crumpled inward as if she had just been struck. A brief moment of silence followed. Once she fully processed what was going on, she straightened up, resuming to make eye contact with him. “His memory is still there, then. There’s still a chance that I can get him to come to his senses.”

Jack’s smile returned in response to this. “Thatta girl. I knew I kept you around for a reason.”

Then, reaching beneath the table, he triggered a switch. This would unveil a secret alcove within the center of the table. Upon looking inside, Morgan would discover a black coat identical to the one he was currently wearing, and her usual array of weaponry and tools used during her operations.

“The coat is a gift from our client. This’ll allow you to travel through the Corridors of Darkness without becoming tainted by its use. Of course, I’ve also supplied you with your preferred weapons of choice from my personal armory.” As he explains what lies before her, Morgan begins equipping herself with everything, taking her time picking what she felt she would need most for what more than likely would be along journey ahead of her.

Now being fully decked out, Morgan stands up, putting the black coat on. It magically fits to her physique. She pulls the hood on, looking over at Jack one final time. "This Corridor will send you straight to our client. I know I don't have to tell you to be careful, but...please do come back in one piece." He says, opening up the aforementioned Corridor behind her.

She chuckles. "I'll be back alright. My brother will be coming home too, so you all better be ready to celebrate!" With those parting words, she turns to face the Corridor and advances forward, it closing behind her as she does so.

It takes her to an alleyway, where she confronts another hooded figure, who then tosses back his hood to reveal the white-haired face of Young Leo - Leo Psellos. The young man smiles at Morgan, before saying, "Hello, Morgan. My name is Leo, and yes, I am the client."

He smiled, before continuing, "Doesn't sound like a safe place to hold a conversation in, right? Let me remedy that: Cone of Silence."

Air swirled around them; mufffling all sound from outside and presumably doing the reverse. "Now we can talk; any questions you want to ask?"

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"Heh, well, this is quite the unique experience already. First, your intel doesn't send us on a wild goose chase. Second, you've completely silenced the area, making this a clean conversation. You doing all this makes me wonder..if you're this good, why do you need the aid of someone like me? Also, just what kind of ties do you have with my person of interest?" For Morgan, these were very valid questions. It was extremely rare for a client to know what they were doing, let alone have any sort of acquaintanceship with people within their organization. She had to play her cards right, expecially if this deal went south and turned into an ambush. She needed to get all of the intel possible in case in came to that.

Leo smiled, then said, "I'll be up-front with you; I have no personal interest in him. He's weak, he's overconfident, and his magical potential was unrealized. But it's the people he's with that interest me; I want them... Tested. I want someone to harass them, bait them, slowly strengthen their magical potential while rendering them vulnerable to the darkness. And your quest to get your brother back, after making him remember, dove-tails nicely with our goals."

Morgan's guard is even further up, if that was even possible. Leo knowing her own personal goal surprised her. The only one that had that intel was Jack, and he was not known for leaking critical information to clients.

"My apologies, but I think you have the wrong person for the job then. I have no interest in toying with others just so you can fulfill whatever agenda you're inclined towards. Keep your darkness to yourself." She took a step backward, instinctually preparing herself for retaliation. While this certainly wasn't the first job she has declined, she definitely didn't want this to be her last. She even went as far as calling forth her keyblade, it materializing in her right hand. She maintained her defensive stance, patiently awaiting anything that might get thrown her way.

Another Keyblade appeared in Leo's hand, wisps of dark smoke clinging to it for a while before disappearing. "On the other hand, you're stronger than your brother and vulnerable to the Darkness already. You'll do nicely as a substitute."

He pointed his weapon at her midsection and said, "Dark Firaga!"

And a fireball of Darkness hurled itself out of the Keyblade.

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Considering the projectile heading towards her was coming from close range, all Morgan could do was brace herself for impact. The force behind the attack was strong enough to send her back a couple of feet. She dug her heels into the ground, allowing her to remain standing. Deciding there was no point in pulling any punches, she transformed her blade into two hand crossbows.

"You're at quite the disadvantage here. Let's see what you come up with after I fill you with holes!" She fired mercilessly at Leo, both acting in self-defense while also getting payback at him for insulting her brother earlier.

A shimmering green barrier shone from Leo's Keyblade as it was held outward to parry, reflecting the intended damage from the crossbow bolts back to her unless she avoided it fast enough. Then Leo, not wanting to waste any power, hurled a ball of ice at her, one intended to freeze.

Upon seeing a barrier get thrown up, Morgan leaned fully back, the bolts flying past her face as she narrowly escaped what she had volleyed at her enemy. Upon straighetning out, she was too late to avoid the ice blast that had followed. It impacted the ground, encasing her feet in ice that was too thick to quickly melt through, let alone attempt to break. It began creeping up her body, embracing her legs and eventually making it so that she could no longer move. Unable to maintain her grip on her weapons, they clattered to the ground, dematerializing as the ice got up to her neck, her head being the only part of her not currently frozen in ice.

"Gods damn you...I'm going to make you pay for this.." The sudden exposure to such a cold substance was causing her vision to become hazy. She fought to stay conscious, barely managing to maintain the glare she had focused on Leo. If looks could kill, this one would certainly have done Leo in by now.

"I don't think so," Leo said, before continuing, "Sleep."

And Morgan was magically struck with overwhelming drowsiness.

With the casting of that spell, Morgan finally lost the last of the resistance she had left. "Asher..." That was all she could manage to get out before the Sleep incantation fully took its effect on her, her head now hanging into defeat as she fell into a deep sleep.
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Asher had to do everything in his power to maintain his composure as his companion passed him by on one of the large Heartless from before. The best comparison he could draw would be to that of a someone speeding around on a horse carriage, which very much made want to laugh at the sight of this display. However, the fun ended as soon as it began, for quite a few explosive blasts and sounds of grinding of metal were soon followed by the retreat of the Heartless themselves. So, seeing that the big creature Georgia was using as her steed was beginning to dissipate, Asher decided to take a gamble and cast Aero below the very moment the Heartless fully vanished, so as to cushion her fall. “We really need to work on that name you’ve suggested. Something about ‘Big Bellies’ just doesn’t sit right with me.” He remarked. Wishing to go check out the courtyard, he faced Georgia once more, pulling out the case containing the other three Earrings of Whisper. He pulled out the Club Earring and tossed it over to her. “Put this on. If anything happens, simply touch it, and relay your situation. I’m going to see what’s going on.” After explaining how the earring works, he makes his way back towards the courtyard where the heart of the action was.

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Asher made it just in time to hear the introduction of the big bad himself. Two versions of the self-proclaimed Leo Psellos stood there alongside several other hooded individuals, denouncing their quest before they had even begun on it. All of the figures then proceeded to vanish into portals of darkness save for the older version of Leo. This man emanated a particularly nasty aura. One of a man that walked in complete darkness. His “display” of the power he held over Tocsax didn’t surprise him. Men like him were very common in his line of work. In fact, the only difference was that this one had yet to be cut down by his blade. Bearing witness to the breakdown of their group’s Nobody in the face of this individual didn’t phase him either. In fact, if anyone were looking at him, they would catch a brief glimpse of utter disappointment and disgust upon Asher’s face. His respect had to be earned, and in his eyes, Tocsax was nowhere near meeting that as of now. A true leader had to be able to do more than just cast a few cantrips in his mind.
He then found himself overhearing Felix’s announcement that they were to all head to the hangar and prepare to begin the first leg of their journey. However, he instead simply walked away from the group, heading towards a secluded hallway where he could just take a moment to seclude himself from all of the noise.

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Upon reaching the midway point of his trek down one of the many long, empty hallways of the palace, another portal of darkness opens before him. A hooded figure exits from this opening. Asher had no proper way of telling whether or not this individual was one of the others he had seen previously. He quickly touches his Spade Earring. If Georgia had put hers on, she would hear him say, “We might have another problem on our hands.” He then dropped his hand to grip one of his daggers, ready to remove it from his sheath and toss it in case this conversation went south.

“My my...vigilant as ever, I see. It seems Bloody Mary has taught you well.” The figure remarks, beginning to slowly clap. The voice seemed like it belonged to a male, but it wasn’t one he recognized.

“You know her? Not many live to tell that tale...just who exactly are you?” Asher inquired.

The figure laughs, coyly rubbing the back of his head. “She’s truly never mentioned me? Good to know that she’s still willing to protect her own after all these years. I wonder if the same would apply to you...”

Asher raised an eyebrow to this. “Just what exactly are you getting at? My parents are all I have, and they're under Mary's protection.”

The hooded man chuckles in response. “Ah, yes, you wouldn’t remember...too young, I suppose. That fire must have really traumatised you...and here I thought she meant everything to you.” Finishing that sentence, the Corridor of Darkness opened up once again behind the individual. “This is going to be a very bittersweet reunion. Let’s just hope you survive until then, hm? Hahaha…” His laugh echoes throughout the hall as he steps back into the Corridor, it closing upon his entry.

“'She'..? Oh gods..who is he talking about..?” Asher clutches his head in his right hand, an aching sensation beginning to creep up out of nowhere. Something about that conversation caught him off guard, the ache growing into a strong pounding sensation. Out of nowhere, the hallway began to seemingly catch fire, the smell of smoke overwhelming him. Fully convinced by this hallucination, he instinctively reached for his earring once more. “…” This was all he could manage to get out before falling unconscious.

New Character Submission!

Name: Morgan Rain
Morgan was born a year after her brother. Throughout her childhood, the standards held for her were nowhere near as high as they were for Asher. As a result, she always acted as a source of comfort for him whenever he became overwhelmed by the endless study sessions set up by his parents or when he returned home exhausted by the colossal amount of errands given to him to run around town. She always admired him for rising to the challenges presented to him by the townsfolk. However, the dawn of her sibling’s 13th birthday brought her peaceful life to a grinding halt.
Their father was a few gold pieces short of meeting the mark for the Royal Guard’s fee due to a sudden increase in the amount, so the soldiers raised him hell for it by quite literally putting their homestead to the torch. Having been in her room on the second floor of the house, this trial by fire had completely separated Morgan from the rest of her family. The roaring of the fire muffled her cries for help. Her only way out from a fiery death being a leap of faith from the window in her room, she was about to make way and jump for it. However, before this could happen, a pitch-black portal opened up before her. A hooded individual stepped out from the portal, and everything around her seeming to progressively slow down as this figure entered the space. The entity outstretched their right hand to her, as if beckoning her towards them. “If you wish to live to see your family once more...come with me.” Acknowledging that this was indeed a life or death decision, Morgan decided to take a chance on this stranger and took their hand. Once she entered with them into the Corridor, the individual cast Sleep on her. Perhaps due to the stressful situation she had just narrowly avoided, there was almost no resistance from her as she faded into a deep sleep, now being carried to their destination by the cloaked figure. She awoke in what appeared to be a room within an inn. Upon exiting the room, she was greeted by the very same hooded figure that had saved her earlier. Sitting parallel to him in a nearby booth, they removed their hood, unveiling piercing golden amber eyes, long white hair braided and tied off into a ponytail, and a cocky grin. Introducing himself as the infamous Jack the Ripper, he explained that he was the commander of a specialized team known as the Merciless Shepherds. In exchange for saving her life, he asked that she simply join his motley crew and work alongside them for the time being. Considering the circumstances, Morgan accepted, hoping this new path in her life would lead her back to family. During this period of time, a job she had undertaken led her to unlocking a hidden potential within her to wield the otherworldly weapon known as the keyblade. Shortly after this, Jack informed her of a client that stated he knew of Asher’s whereabouts, and that in exchange for that intel, all she had to do was meet up with them and complete a job for them. She immediately set out to do so. However, little did she know, more than just a reunion awaited her within this chance meeting...
Age: 19
Skills: Much like her brother, Morgan also has received proper training from her alleged guide in all things rogue-like. She has also taken a liking to Warp and Haste magics, making proper use of them throughout her missions and as well as taking the measure of applying Warp to her throwing knives. However, considering Jack the Ripper’s arsenal has more options at her disposal, she has not only invested much of her time in learning Blizzard, Fire, and Slow magic, but has also taken up sharpshooter training in the form of sniper rifles and hand crossbows. Through this, she has unlocked the ability to transform her keyblade into either long-ranged weapon of her choosing.

Personality: Morgan has two sides about her. There’s the caring sister that will do anything for her brother or those that he truly cherishes and can have all sorts of fun around comrades. Then, there’s the business side. The side in which all of the warmth and kindness vanishes to give way to a cold, calculating persona that will not cease until either her target is eliminated and/or her mission objective is met in its entirety. Any smile donned within this mode is one of pure, merciless thrill of the hunt.

World Sheet
Name: Medieval London
Summary of History: A world where creatures and individuals believed to be only of myth are given life. As a result of this, when the Heartless first invaded, no one really payed them any mind. Of course, that all changed once their numbers grew, devouring the hearts of the townsfolk and Royal Guard alike. Upon the arrival of the moogles, the Royal Guard commissioned weapons that could keep this new scourge at bay. While the Vigilant Shepherds took a similar approach, they also upgraded themselves by dabbling in the ways of magic.
Important Nations (Great Powers, etc.): The Royal Guard is the main line of authority in this world, acting as a protective wall for the royal family, and taking upon themselves to keep the townsfolk in check in pursuit of their own twisted justice. The underground organization known as the Vigilant Shepherds arose to aid the people of London. Led by this world’s Bloody Mary, this band of rogues does everything they can to protect the common folk and take any stab they can at the Royal Guard in the process.
Overall Technology Level: Relatively low, with the exception of magic and items that can properly be enchanted.
Map: N/A

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