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The name's ShadowVentus, but you can call me Ven. Fantasy RPs have always been my genre, but I'm always open to trying new genres and all that jazz. Oh, and I don't know about anyone else here, but in my opinion, Atlus makes awesome games! PERSONA!

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“Eep! Someone help, kupo!”
A lone voice pierces through the silent night. A small Moogle, cowering in fear, is ambushed by a small group of five Soldiers, the fiends enclosing around it. As one of the Heartless begins to leap forward and strike, its body dissolves as a flash of light hits it. Sensing a strong source of light behind them, the remaining creatures turn around only to be greeted by a volley of light arrows. These arrows, one for each of the four remaining Heartless, pierce their bodies, the initial impact destroying another three on the spot. The last of these creatures, surprisingly, withstands the blow. Its whole body shakes as if it were throwing fit in anger. It attempts to lash out at the Moogle, but fails just like its predecessor. A cloaked figure hailing from the same direction the arrows were launched from leaps from a nearby rooftop, performs an aerial spin, cutting down the sole surviving soldier from behind with a dagger. The released hearts decorate the night sky as they rise from their captivity. The Moogle, sensing that the danger has passed, looks up and faces its saving grace.
“Y-You saved me, kupo...thank you so much!” It bows its head in gratitude only to let out a cry of surprise as it’s suddenly scooped up.
“Sorry, little one, but I’m certain there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ll save introductions for once I get you someplace safe. How’s that sound?” As the figure inquires this, a loud howl can be heard, its echo sending chills down the Moogle’s spine.
“Yes please, kupo!” It answers, burying its face into the crook of the man’s arm.
Upon hearing this, the figure utilizes Warp to relocate unto a nearby rooftop. To ensure a smooth getaway from the approaching threat, the figure Hastes himself, practically soaring from rooftop to rooftop.

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The individual’s Haste wears off just as he lands in front of a tavern. The sign above their heads states that name of the establishment is the “Raven’s Nook”. Upon opening the door with his free hand, he clears his throat as if to signal to the Moogle that it’s safe.
“Welcome to my humble abode!” He exclaims, setting the Moogle down on top of a nearby table, closing the door behind him.
The Moogle looks around in awe at how well-furnished this place is. This main hall is lit up by a nearby hearth, the warmth radiating throughout the space. Its warmth puts the Moogle’s nerves at ease.
“Well, well, back from the hunt, I see. What have you brought me this time, my dear?” Another cloaked individual approaches the pair, removing their hood to reveal a woman with jet-black hair and golden amber eyes. The Moogle yelps, and begins shaking in fear.
The woman chuckles, eyeing the Moogle curiously. “Fear not, child. Unlike those creatures out there, I don’t bite without a good reason.”
“U-Um, I-I’m looking for a person named Asher Rain...I have a letter for him…” The Moogle stammers out.
“Oh? Well, it seems Fortuna has smiled upon you after all. I’m simply surprised her agent hasn’t introduced himself yet.”
The man lets out a hearty laugh as he too removes his hood, revealing long locks of red hair, matching red eyes, and a cocky grin.
“I believe I’m the one you’re looking for then.” He remarks.
“Woah! How lucky can a Moogle be, kupo? In that case, here you go!” The Moogle materializes the aforementioned letter and hands it over to Asher. He opens the letter and begins reading. When he’s through, he hands it over to the woman so that she can be filled in.
“What do you think, Mary? Will these streets be alright without me?” He inquires.
She laughs. “It sounds like you’ve made up your mind already. How about you humor me and flip that coin of yours?” She responds.
He grins, pulling out a golden coin. “Alright then. Heads, I go. Tails, you order me to go.” He flips the coin, pressing it flat against the back of his left hand upon catching it with his right. He removes his hand to reveal the wheel of fortune.
“Lady Luck has spoken. This order is active immediately. Let’s shove off, young Moogle!” He exclaims, already fully prepared to head back out.
“Hold on now, hotshot. If you’re traveling abroad, you better take these with you.” She hands Asher a small box. He opens it to find two sets of black earrings, one representing each suit from a deck of cards. “Custom made. They’ll let you keep in contact from any distance. Just touch place a finger on it, and whomever else is wearing one of these can receive or send a message to you.” Mary explains.
Asher equips himself with the Spade Earring, and gives a nod to her explanation. “Thank you, milady. I’ll be sure to return in one piece. Now then, shall we?” The Moogle nods in response, and guides him to where the Gummi Ship is. They board unto the ship, and immediately take off, beginning their voyage to the World of Renovation.

Sorry to keep you waiting! Here's my CS in all of its glory:

Name: Asher Rain

Bio: Asher was born into a time of great strife. The streets of Medieval London were teeming with vermin that would prey upon the weak, stealing precious belongings whenever someone couldn’t afford to pay the dues that came with protection from the Royal Guard. He was given his name in hopes that his family would be blessed with the highest form of prosperity imaginable, to raise them from the ashes of their meager lives bring salvation upon others. He worked hard as he grew, learning how to lead a proper life from his mother and father. In following the rules set to him by both his parents and the Royal Guard, he lived an average, yet happy life throughout his youth. However, that all changed upon the arrival of his 13th birthday.
His father was a few gold pieces short of meeting the mark for the Royal Guard’s fee due to a sudden increase in the amount, the soldiers gave raised him hell for it by quite literally putting their homestead to the torch. This trial by fire nearly separated Asher from his parents, the wooden infrastructure of the building groaning as the wooden beams supporting the ceiling gave way, the ceiling on the cusp of collapsing. Before this could happen, a group of cloaked figures braved the flames, grabbing Asher, his parents and any belongings they deemed valuable to them and saving them from the clutches of death. The young Asher, his lungs filled with smoke, fell unconscious in the arms of his veiled saviour. Sometime later, the boy awoke, gasping for air as his body sputtered back to life. He sat up in the bed he had been placed in, and came face-to-face with the very same individual that had saved his life that day. She removed her hood, revealing amber-colored eyes, black hair, and a rather kind smile. She introduced herself as Bloody Mary, the leader of the Vigilant Shepherds.
In exchange for keeping his parents safe, Asher trained under Mary, learning the ways of the rogue. From pickpocketing and smooth-talking to utilizing the tools of the trade such as lockpicks and throwing daggers, Asher spent the next 7 years perfecting the trade. During this period of time, a job he had undertaken led him to unlocking a hidden potential within him to wield the otherworldly weapon known as the keyblade. He would soon learn that he was the main line of defense against the new threat London faced in the form of the Heartless.

Age: 20

Skills: Aside from the usual song and dance arsenal equipped by traditional thieves, Asher has had extensive training in short-swords and archery. Thanks to his newfound weapon, his hidden potential for magic has been realized. While he certainly has the capability of being a jack of all trades with magic, he mainly prioritizes Aero-based skills, negative status spells, and transportation enhancements such as Haste and Warp due to his line of work. His keyblade even has the capability of transforming into a hearty bow that can fire arrows of light.


Personality: Given his upbringing, Asher is kind to those he considers worthy of his trust. Otherwise, his tongue can be as sharp as his blades, having a bluntness to him that has a tendency to rub people the wrong way. Coinciding with his namesake, he very heavily believes in the concept of luck, for there have been situations that without it, he feels that he may have not lived to see another day. He typically makes decisions based on the flip of a gold coin that he keeps on his person at all times. This coin has the wheel of fortune, the symbol of Fortuna, imprinted on the heads side, and a set of scales on the tails side.

World Sheet

Name: Medieval London
Summary of History: A world where creatures and individuals believed to be only of myth are given life. As a result of this, when the Heartless first invaded, no one really payed them any mind. Of course, that all changed once their numbers grew, devouring the hearts of the townsfolk and Royal Guard alike. Upon the arrival of the moogles, the Royal Guard commissioned weapons that could keep this new scourge at bay. While the Vigilant Shepherds took a similar approach, they also upgraded themselves by dabbling in the ways of magic.
Important Nations (Great Powers, etc.): The Royal Guard is the main line of authority in this world, acting as a protective wall for the royal family, and taking upon themselves to keep the townsfolk in check in pursuit of their own twisted justice. The underground organization known as the Vigilant Shepherds arose to aid the people of London. Led by this world’s Bloody Mary, this band of rogues does everything they can to protect the common folk and take any stab they can at the Royal Guard in the process.
Overall Technology Level: Relatively low, with the exception of magic and items that can properly be enchanted.
Map: N/A

Count me in,@Letter Bee!
Sorry for my inactivity. These past few weeks have been a continuous cycle of long work nights followed by sleeping late to the point where by the time I wake up, it's time to go into work. I'm going to try and be more consistent on this site though!

I'm...right here! Sorry for the lack of activity. This current week will be my last week of classes, so I'm gearing up for every single final that's gonna be thrown my way. It'll be a struggle, but, I WILL prevail this semester!

Patiently listening to all of the dialogue happening between her classmates, she cannot help but let out a small laugh at Eltrino's remark. "Pardon me for chiming in, but I think it's rather clear what's going on between them." She motions toward Koharu first. "Based off what I've heard, I'd like to think she wants to succeed in this activity as much as anyone else, but, she does not want to harm her friends in order to secure a victory. Given her current cute ball form, I'd say she's a bit on the overwhelmed side. In that case, so long as she doesn't mind, I'd like to talk to her about it, and help her sort her thoughts out." She then motions toward Charles. "As for him..well, based on his body language alone, he doesn't seem fully invested in this. Whether it's because he's secretly crazy strong or because he's extremely laid-back to a fault, I'm not sure. However, it seems like he at least wants to give it a good college try for whom I assume is his partner." She looks back towards Eltrino. "Did that all make sense? I apologize if I rambled on for longer than you guys would've liked." She remarks, bowing apologetically to the trio.

BGM: Memories of the School

Morgan lies in bed, simply staring up at the ceiling as she begins analyzing her current situation. When she had originally awoken a few days back, she was greeted by a face she did not recognize in the slightest. Introducing themselves as Jerome, they went on to explain her whereabouts, situation, and that he would be her homeroom teacher. At first, Morgan was in complete shock at this revelation. The fact that her Quirk had caused this big of an impact on her was scary enough, but, she was even more terrified over the fact that she had to essentially start all over. She was no longer in a time where All Might was the Symbol of Peace. However, when she was told that Deku had been the one to take up the mantle until recently, she was not all that surprised. Even though that past had occurred a VERY long time ago, her first impression of Izuku Midoriya had not changed. In fact, Deku remains as being one of her inspirations to being a hero in her own right.
With this hopeful thought in mind, Morgan slides off her bed, begins getting ready for the day, and heads out to the Academy. Aware that she more than likely missed the first portion of the school day, she makes her way towards a tree nearby the cafeteria, noticing three new individuals in the middle of a conversation. She silently approaches them, equipping herself with her usual happy-go-lucky persona, smiling warmly at the trio.


"Hm...if that's how it has to be, then alright. Dremmick, I'll leave this to you so I can go warn the others. Just..know that you're not alone!" Unknown to Dremmick, those last few words Morgan spoke were a signal for the hidden individual in the underbrush, letting them know exactly what she was planning, and just what they needed to do to put that strategy into motion. Immediately after speaking, Morgan makes a tactical retreat, melting into the shadows and heading towards the rest of the party at the North Camp.
Name: Morgan Komaeda

Gender: Female

Age (14-16): 16

Appearance: This image is more meant to show what she looks like. As for her casual attire, this image is more what I had in mind.

Costume: Her costume is the attire that can be found in the hider under the Appearance section.

Personality: She is a rather happy-go-lucky individual, doing her best to make friends wherever she goes and support in any way possible.

Quirk: Time Keeper

Capable of stopping time itself, the user can do just about anything in this alternate timeline. The main advantages taken by Morgan through her quirk is that she can unleash a flurry of blows that stack up in damage, sending her opponent flying in whatever direction the last blow was received from; and that she can counter her foe's attacks by either re-positioning an incoming projectile or by giving herself time to dodge whatever is about to hit her.

Quirk Flaws/Limitations: Time Limit

Unfortunately for Morgan, she is incapable of stopping time indefinitely. The longest she has ever been able to sustain her quirk is 5 seconds. After these 5 seconds are up. She must wait a minute before attempting to stop time again. Any attempt to exceed this current limit or stop time immediately after her initial time stop would result in the complete immobilization of her body, not only leaving her vulnerable to anything else that may have been sent in her direction, but also extend the recharge on her quirk.

Time Span

Her quirk allows her the flexibility to either stop everything, or target only one individual or object. If she chooses to do the former, Morgan can only interact with objects or people within a 5 meter radius, forcing her into only having the upper hand in close quarters fights. If she chooses to perform the latter, anything outside of the 5 meter range of her sphere of influence will remain unaffected by her Quirk.

Likes: Making new strategies, cute things, Pocky, rain

Dislikes: Being unable to help others, Being forgotten, forgetting about others

Skills: To have a slight upper hand against ranged foes, she has had very good practice with projectiles, meaning she can throw them, catch them, or even deflect them with exceptional accuracy. Of course, this doesn't mean she'll ALWAYS hit what she's aiming at. That's something someone more experienced with these scenarios would be capable of, and Morgan as a would-be hero doesn't wish to assassinate her opponent.
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