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6 mos ago
Current Anyone else ever get jealous of their character's weapon(s)?
6 mos ago
When you spend hours upon hours hunting for the perfect--or at least near perfect--character picture online, then stumble on one that works... already saved in your folders.
8 mos ago
When you're writing a dark, brutal scene, and your playlist throws in an Irish jig.
10 mos ago
Writing is creating both images and music simultaneously. Tangible, yet not. Good writing must flow, must sing. But above all, it must make us feel.
12 mos ago
Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule?


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POOHEAD189 2 yrs ago
I see you're a fan of Yona now!
PsyEmbrace 2 yrs ago
Thank you for the cookies! You seem like a very nice person that I'd like to chat and/or RP with sometime. ^^
Tyler Night 3 yrs ago
Gowi 4 yrs ago
Lurker?!?! Haha hello there, what brings you to my circle of hell?
Majoras End 4 yrs ago
Uh...hi, heheh. <=)

I saw ya liked my status, so as it being true i lurked hear and read your bio and turns out we seem to have a good bit in common. (Like favored genres and likes for example) ^_^

So is it ok if i add you on the friend list? If not, im ok with that.
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