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@Conscripts I'm up for that, gas filled elevators, aren't exactly Aimee's Forte :D
Ah yes, I had a question @deadpixel101. Did your character fall unconscious? Or was it, in fact, the 'shadow' that fell as just before it dispersed?

probably a silly question, but I just wanted to know :)
Just letting you ladies and gents know, I'm in Portugal at the moment, and with a limited internet. I'm just editing a post on word currently on it should be up within the day (GMT)
Was it murder-gas?

My money is on murder gas, just FYI.
There's my post.

If Incarnate doesn't post, I can try and drag you into the conversation, using Aimee's mad plan to distract the guards, we'll see what we can do!

"Have you ever heard of the poem; 'rage against the dying of the light'?"

Aimee jumped out of her skin when she heard the colourful girl behind her,
“E-Excuse me but, are you the ones who set off the alarm?”

Aimee opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't exactly remember, it might've been her, but it was in the wrong location. By the time Aimee had contemplated if it was indeed her fault the alarm was blaring The boy beside her spoke up;

"I think I should introduce myself. My name is Fuyuki Amari. I'm a tester, or prisoner, in Facility #41. Judging by your attires, I assume that you are like me. I think bonding would be a good option. I know very little about this facility's interior."

Aimee went to speak; "Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr Amari, I so indeed believe that would be the best plan of action" At least that was what she was going to say. Unfortunately, she was interrupted by the shouts of a scientist quickly followed by the sounds of two loud gunshots. Aimee ducked immediately thinking they were coming her way, but looking around she saw the gun had disappeared from its original position and had appeared in the hands of a young boy who had mysteriously appeared. The first thought that came to Aimee's mind was; 'Oh my gosh he can teleport!' Quickly followed by 'Oh my God the teleporting guy just shot two people!' It took a few seconds for her brain to kick back into high gear. She closed her mouth which had most likely been gaping for most of the encounter.

Aimee waited for the Kid to stop speaking, hoping he would explain himself for shooting them, the fact that they were unconscious made no difference, it was likely they would bleed out if they didn't get help. Aimee sighed in a frustrated manner and turned to the kid "We are not like them, don't ever. Stoop to their level" She picked up the radio and ran over to the two shot scientists. "fuck me that's a lot of blood!" she exclaimed. Aimee ripped a length off the lab coat, frantically apologising to him. She hoped she had managed to wrap it tight enough around the wound.

Aimee paused and paced for a few strides thinking for what she could do, she stopped and glanced at the nametag of the scientist and promptly moved back to the guns on the floor and picked one up. She detested the thought of even holding one, but for her plan to work they needed a real scenario. Aimee activated a transmission on the radio;

"We need a medical team to hallway G, Leonard, was shot, the escapees are making their way to hallway T. I repeat hallway T."

Aimee fired the pistol into the air and cut the transmission. "that should keep them busy and keep him alive," she said gesturing to the crumpled scientists. "We need to go somewhere; I don't know quite know where, but it needs to be anywhere from here. From what I can tell we're currently on floor 3 so, Ideally, we need to move down. I assume that their intensity of the security will increase as you get closer to the exit." Aimee hoped it would be as simple as going from A to B, but of course, it was never that easy.
I'm probably going throw another post up this evening just to try and keep the ball rolling a little.
@Duoya Oh man Aimee did not like that my friend :D, guns are a very no go for Aimee,

@Lemons Just had a question, What sort of knowledge would our characters have about the layout of this facility? I've currently got Aimee having no idea about it, but I'm wondering if there was any way she might know a bit more. Like is it above ground, below ground, etc. Thanks!
@Duoya I don't know why, but I find it funny that there is some guy just watching a film while a load of super powered people are running about like headless chickens. :D
Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change.

It's like a recurring nightmare over and over again: eat, sleep, test, repeat. But, it's more than that, imagine if you can, a dream where in which you can never wake up, no matter hard you try. No matter how hard you pinch yourself. Although there was a sense of routine the tests performed were different every time. Aimee would rise, in what she assumed was the morning. Some days it would be injections followed by intense mental challenges, or high-intensity training that she could never keep up the pace with, and on special occasions, she would be asked to do her 'thing.' Where they would force her into a room with what appeared to be a tennis auto-pitcher. It would fire objects at her, and she was required to block them with her 'hard light' ability, each time the objects came faster or with a greater mass Until Aimee could no longer sustain her shield and hit her often knocking her unconscious. Each time the test took place, it would be under different conditions little oxygen, extreme pressure, sometimes intoxicated each time she would just wake up the next day to repeat it over again.

It's impossible to evaluate time when you repeat the same cycle continuously. As per Aimee was woken up by artificial lighting, but today something was different there was no stomping of boots or the usual screaming as they dragged Aimee away. She was surprised she almost felt as if there was a void within herself. Aimee got up quickly inspecting her surroundings she quickly got dressed in her usual clothing of the orange jumpsuit, at least they had given her some clothes to wear. She examined her room it was her usual a plexiglass container, but the scenery was different, and she couldn't quite tell what it was. Aimee sat on her bed thinking that this was just on of the facilities experiments. She did what she often did when she was bored. Aimee formed a ball of light and threw it against the door. But instead of rebounding as it normally did as the ball impacted the door was pushed open. Aimee lost focus and the ball dissipated. She looked out into the hallway in shock. In front of her lay Hallway T, that Aimee had named "Torment" She preferred not to think of what horrors had occurred within its walls the scars and bruises were an ample reminder. That's when it hit her; The camera stationed outside the door to her cell looked dead, it had been shut down. She could only think of one thing; 'has it finally happened?' Did Aimee finally have a chance to escape the hell hole that was facility 41? Finally, something was going to change the cycle.

Aimee walked through the door and looked at the camera. She examined it, the motor no longer supported the camera head, but it seemed that the motion sensors were still functioning. "oh crap" she thought to herself. Aimee quickly ducked to save herself from the impending darts. She looked around into the empty cells around her the guards had relocated them into to other sections of the facility. Aimee had to be silent, trying to stay hidden hoping to have some look in finding a map of some sort that Aimee could use to get out. She wandered for what seemed like ages, trying to avoid patrols. Aimee was successful until all of a sudden the alarm blurted out. "aww fuck" Aimee exclaimed. She had a look where she was, she had made it down to floor 4 and was in hallway J, the loudspeaker lit up "Security! Hallway G, level 4! Escape attempt! Get down there!". Aimee wiped the sweat from her forehead; she was in the clear someone had made the perfect distraction. Or so she thought. Just as the speaker finished, three guards armed with dart rifles burst round the corner both parties were taken by surprise. Aimee backed up while the security force of three raised their Dart Guns, Their squad leader spoke up "Don't move number 21" Aimee continued backing up. The chief of the team made the signal, and the three unloaded their magazines of darts into her direction. Aimee had just enough time to form a shield to protect herself, as she did the trickle of blood started to fall from her nose, as they reloaded Aimee made her escape, collapsing her shield.

She made it around the corner hoping to have lost the security force and encountered a standoff between another subject and a scientist. She was breathing heavily she had been running for a good few minutes to try and lose the guards chasing her. She knew she had to intervene. If the scientist had a real gun and not a dart gun, it would just smash through her shield knock Aimee out and kill the kid. Aimee had to think fast. She thought back to an old game she used to play; Aimee had enough strength to create a length of wire, Aimee had never done it before only ever doing it in the game, but she was going to garrote this scientist. Trying to smooth her breathing, she formed the wire and sneaked up behind the scientist, Aimee was only just tall enough to wrap the wire around the guard's neck, she then quickly pulled it tight. It didn't take long him for him to go limp. Aimee dissipated the wire, "Haha! I'm not going to lie, buddy, I didn't think that would work! I've only ever seen it in games" she said turning to the boy standing across from her. Aimee kicked the gun away from her, she hated the things. She didn't give the kid time to reply before she spoke again; "My name is Aimee Combs, and I suggest that you and I should probably skedaddle. I don't suppose you have any idea of the structure of this place do you?" she was back in her element, again.
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