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No worries It's edited :D

@Infamous Empath
As far as I'm aware, this is who needs a nemesis:
  • Villains
    • Mimic
  • Heroes
    • Cornillous Fegular

And, The people to my knowledge who currently have nemesis are:
  • portal (Timemaster) - The Host (Blackpanther)
  • THE Infamous (Infamous Empath) - Dreamscape (Fantasy Kitten)
  • Ignis (Kabensaal) - The Kineticist (Generalknox) (unofficial)
  • Therma (Lost Destiny) - THE Red Demon (Dabombjk)
  • Vantablack (SilentSniper211) - Quinton AfroSamurai()


"You haven't changed a bit, Mr Quinton. Tell me is that Little bit of Chicago still standing? Or did the aliens take you as well as you tiny town?" Ollie wasn't ecstatic to see Quinton but mixed with extreme hunger, he didn't have an off switch. On the other hand; Ollie was more than happy to escape the point of annihilation that would surely be their downfall, But upon realising their next destination, he was not overly pleased. "Miss portal I must say this is not your best-"

The teleportation occurred, and he once again fell to his knee, Ollie could feel his muscles fatiguing as he struggled to get up. He examined his new surroundings trying to find the nearest exits in case the need to run arose. Just then, what Ollie could only describe as a Charles Xavier who'd spent too much time in the gym, rolled up to greet them, "A pleasure to meet you, whoever you are, I'm VantaBlack, do you know what my favourite thing in the world is?" He paused for a moment and started pacing back and forth gesturing as he spoke. "When someone gives you a choice, that you don't have a choice in, Not to mention that I doubt you can to get these collars off, we've all tried and had no success." He stopped pacing in the middle of the circle of guards.

Ollie started listening to His reply,"The only crimes that have occurred are those done by the aliens, I'm not sure if you noticed it my good man, but there isn't exactly much more police on the streets anymore."

"But, supposing you're technicians could, that you found a way. None of us, myself included, owe you any favours my good sir, and I have repaid my debt to Miss portal; so, therefore,'IF' you can, You'll do the honourable thing, take off our collars, and we'll be on our merry way!"

@Timemaster @Afro Samurai
@Timemaster just skimmed through, I doubt a shot to the chest will kill a raider straight away, so it makes sense if panther shot him too, I'll edit my post a bit so it looks like panther finished him off :D

[Edit:] just to make it a bit easier I'll let Ollie say the same things and just change what occurs
One suave guy threw a knife at an alien and other stuff happened, but Elis was more interested in her bundle of scrap. It was going to work, she just had to make it look better for those who judged it solely on how it looked.

This is possibly one the best things I've read all day, I'm just imagining Ignis dragging her feet along the ground kicking some stones, sighing really deeply. and just being really depressed.
Looking around at the others Ollie saw Quinton; It was fair to say that they had not seen eye to eye on more than one Too many to count occasion. Ollie turned to his 'rival', "Mr Quinton, I think it would be best for us to put aside our little quarrel for now, and focus on our escape."

Ollie agreed to run; "I will follow you, after all, Sun Tzu did say 'He who will win knows when and when not to fight, and right now, I do believe, that it is in our best interests to run." Ollie stated. Once The weak woman had been picked up, he moved up with Portal. His fitness had firmly declined, Leaving him breathing heavily after not too long, He had never shot a gun in his life, "It can't be too hard right? Just point and shoot."

Ollie was surprised When Ollie caught sight of the destruction that the alien onslaught had caused; If they ever had a chance escaping, it had now become minimal. He caught one of the pistols that the soldiers had thrown one over to him. Ollie had never been more wrong. He pointed at one of the skits until its head were the sights and pulled the trigger. His body jumped when it produced a loud detonation, but within a moment the alien had fallen to the ground not dead but slightly crippled, He fired again, this time aiming for a bigger target, the chest, Causing the alien to crumple to the floor. "I must say I might use one of these more often, You best watch out Mr Quinton." He said with a smirk. He applied the same method again and again, Aiming for a weak point in their structure, The head in this case, And pulling the trigger, He considered these aliens corruption incarnate, which just made it easier for them to die. He was just about to fire his last shot before he heard a something moving a few steps behind him. He turned just to make sure it was nothing, as he realised it was an alien he moved his pistol hand into position, half blindly firing, half aiming. The bullet looked just to graze portal's arm, before penetrating the chest of the creature, Causing it to fall back, another shot hit the alien, Before one of the inmates threw himself at it."You save my life, and I shall help you keep yours. Consider my debt repaid, my apologies about your arm, I'm still getting used to this pistol," he said throwing it at the head of another skit, that was coming closer, knocking it off balance a bit "I do believe that is a sign that we should evacuate the area, We are currently diving head first into a shitstorm that has no end in sight." he picked up another pistol from one of the dead soldiers and continued shooting.
@Afro Samurai @Timemaster
I think ollie has been out gentleman-ed by Daren McDonnell.
@Timemaster He's a britt He's been brought up 'correctly' :D
Also, I presume that Afro and I will be each other's nemesis then? As we are the only one's left :D

Silence, It was a comfortable peacefulness that some prisons had, besides the occasional of screaming and strange noises as they dragged someone off from their cell it wasn't a bad place to sit down and think. Not including, of course, the fact that Ollie was lying on the stone cold ground. He hated the mattress; he always felt that using it meant that the aliens had won. Ollie understood it was vain, but when a person has not seen the light of day in what seemed like months, you have to take every win you could get, well at least until he could get out of this wretched place. Not to mention the irregular timings and how much he received, He was confident that he wouldn't even give it half a star on trip advisor. The only thought that would stop him tearing it down was the damn collar on his neck.

Ollie was mid-thought when the alarm tripped. He would've jumped with joy if he had not been so damn tired, had one of his contacts finally come to retrieve him from this place of torment? "Thankyou, Miss Portal," he said extending his hands through the bars; "I do believe that in this type of facility a 'shitstorm' as you refer to it as Would be an understatement." He teleported through And fell to one knee for a second, before partially regaining his strength. The method of teleportation seemed different to that of his own, though he certainly preferred his approach it was interesting to gain knowledge of over methods. He looked around seeing the other superpowered beings; It certainly was going to be an exciting day. "So then Miss Portal, in which direction will we be running from this so called shitstorm?"
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