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A short distance away in the park, a sharp, agonised yell sounded, along with the snapping of jaws that only Lilith and Jacqueline would hear. From out of the trees, a man lurched, blood seeping through the old ragged clothes that swamped him as he clasped slashes on his side. His other arm hung slack from a bite wound at the shoulder. While some Hydes contented themselves with draining their victims, witches would know some to strike in more direct ways and feed on the ensuing primal responses.

Not that said Hydes showed interest in finishing the job. Two spectral forms, each one a twisted mix of human and feline, ran past. "Phantom cats", as people dubbed such out-of-place big cat glimpses, but this man didn't seem to have caught sight of his attackers. He stared around, wild-eyed, as his stumbling slowed, before crumpling to the ground.

Only the laboured rise and fall of his chest showed that it wasn't too late for him.

Jacqueline was snapped into action at the scream, a sound all too familiar to her as one of agonizing pain and fear. She took off in the direction of the scream before her mind even fully registered what it was she had heard. Of course it didn't take her long to realize what it probably was, a thought that was confirmed when she saw the injured man and the Hydes that assaulted him.

With one hand she drew Mercy, the knife's blade glistening in the lamplight, and with the other she snatched a potion from her medicine pouch. In one fluid motion she downed the entire bottle and the world seemed to slow around her, the physical boost from the potion giving the girl the speed she needed to reach the man before it was too late....although the uncontrollable laughter she'd suffer in a few moments once the side effects kicked in would be rather annoying.

Keeping low to the ground she rushed the Phantom Cats, swinging Mercy to cut into the tendons in their legs even as she drew kindness to sever the major artery that should run along their groins. She needed to be quick with this, as every moment that she wastes fighting would be another moment the man could go beyond saving.

"Hahahaha" she began to laugh, feeling the potion's side effects and worrying how that was probably making her look like a psycho.

Jacqueline Wild & Hope

Jacqueline felt much more at ease as they left the Noble mansion and entered the mist covered streets of London that she was used to. She even saw some of the men who mommy gave some of the left over food at the brothel to and who she occasionally helped with some minor medical issues when they weren't feeling well.

She even slipped away from the group for a moment to give Mr Lock in his alley some of the food which she had saved from the mansion, the smile on his face that he gave after taking the first bite was enough to fill Jacqueline with that familiar feeling of cottony joy that she lived for.

So when the group split she smiled as you looked to her assigned partner, she didn't even feel nervous anymore, "So if we are searching the Park I know some places we can look, there is a small copse of tree where the Opium addicts like to hang out and they are usually pretty nice to me but they also have all those emotions that Hydes tend to be attracted to. What do you think?"

Jacqueline Wild & Hope

Jacqueline had been mostly silent as the other girls explained the situation, only really doing anything when Mrs Sophia called her cute which elicited a luminous blush from the girl and a pout that made her seem even more adorable. Closing her eyes for a moment she thought back to the last few months, specifically little pieces of information that she had overheard from the men visiting the brothel and what she had been able to find out from Mr Doctor.

Her mind ran through various pieces of information, from complaints from some of the gangsters about some of their buddies disappearing to reports from the Doctor's coroner friends and an uptick in various strange injuries popping up throughout the city that had seemed rather unimportant to her at the time.

"I don't actually have any tracking skills...but I work for a Doctor and he has mentioned that a lot more people are showing up with strange injuries lately...not sure it that's useful or not." she said fidgeting in her seat, still not too sure if what she was saying was any help, "And I can keep an ear out for rumors if that helps, momma always says that men have loose lips when they visit her."
Jacqueline Wild & Hope

Jacqueline fidgeted on the couch that she had chosen to side on upon arriving, this whole thing was so much different from what she usually experienced that she honestly didn't have any idea about how she should react. Mother had always said that if she ever met someone who was from the wealthier areas of London that she should be as polite as possible, the thing was that in this situation where she found herself in a mansion that has more wealth in this single room than her entire street and surrounded by unfamiliar girls who were all older than her.

It made her feel a little self conscious to say the least, so after nervously smoothing out the wrinkles in her cheap linen dress and hoping that she didn't still smell like chloroform from helping the doctor with last night's operation, she put on a smile and stood to introduce herself.

"H-h-hello, my name is Jacqueline b-but my friends call me umm...." the young girl began to flounder as she struggled to figure out how best to save her clumsy introduction. "I...I'm also training to be a doctor so if you need anything just ask me." she finally said as a last minute save.

@Sinsystems Seems Alright by me. The only thing that has me confused is this:

<Snipped quote>

Are you speaking of cutting as healing because of surgery, or do they have magical properties that allow you to heal with them? Just have to be sure here. Wait for @LuckyBlackCat 's approval to post in CS Tab!

Ok, sorry for the delay everyone ^^; Anyway...

@Sinsystems I like it, although yeah the "healing cutting" thing needs clearing up. Am I right in thinking you're referring to magically enhanced surgery? Once that detail is clarified, consider the CS accepted.

Yes it's basically magically enhanced surgery. The rough idea is that the sharpness of the blades coupled with the fact that they numb the areas they cut (thus meaning no pain) makes them perfect for Jackie to perform impromptu surgeries while administering some tonics or other healing liquids from her Medicine bag.

So for instance say someone has a broken bone or something lodged in their body, Jackie can easily cut away the flesh, apply the required healing tonic/put everything back where it should be and then seal up the wound without causing additional pain to the patient.

Surgery was pretty terrible in this time period after all as last I checked proper ways to anesthetize people are still being refined. As such I think that having a set of knives perfect for both killing painlessly but also performing these crucial procedures without added pain fits rather nicely with my general aesthetic.

Also @SimpleWriter I joined the discord so now I just need the permissions to actually see/do stuff there.
I'm so stuck on my history and personality. I have no idea who Amarantha is...

Well I'd suggest keeping in mind the time period and setting this RP is set in, since your character is dark skinned that would naturally result in having a more troubled life in London as Racism would still be pretty strong. If you want you could probably swing for a classic of a white noble falling in love with a black servant, a bit of forbidden romance that results in a baby and the resulting scandal that could define your early life.

Also @SimpleWriter the discord link in the first post has expired.
Realized that I forgot to tell you the last magical girl show I watched, which was Magical Record just a few days ago.
Okay so I ended up making the sheet , hope you all like it.

So a little new to the forum but rather interested in this, want to check if there are any spots free before I begin work on my sheet. For my basic idea I have something along these lines:

The magical girl in question is about 13 years old, as a child she was abandoned on the streets and to this day doesn't know who her parents are. Fortunately one of the London prostitutes stumbled upon the starving little girl and took her in, convincing the matron she worked for to let her sleep in one of the storerooms at the brothel. That is where the girl crew up as a sort of surrogate daughter of the women who worked there with them teaching her various skills like math and how to read.

At the start of this RP this girl would be a relatively new magical girl, with her working as an assistant to the local doctor who serviced the brothel with the ultimate goal of saving enough money to go to medical school as her adopted family want her to not have to do the work they do.

As for general powers and theme they will be based around medical things. So expect scalpels as melee weapons, maybe a bonesaw and vials of medicine for healing people.
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