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Hi there, my name is Sipheo.
Not really going to give much info here about my real life, but I'll state a few of my interests and such.
My preferred role play genres are Fantasy and Supernatural. I like Slice of Life with some Adventure/Action in it mostly.
I prefer role plays where our characters have some kind of powers/magic, but they don't always have to be like that.
I have an Interest Check thread here for more details:

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@Nikki Moonlight
Sure, that's fine with me. =3

Thank you, Zell.~
Alright, send me a PM and we can talk about it there. ^-^

Oh, sure.
We can do that then if you would like. =3
Thank you!
Most of the time, I like to come up with one together with whoever I am role playing with.
That way, we can both get what we like out of it, once we agree on something.
I will probably be updating this with some of my own, though.
Yes, you did. Lol.
Which one will you be using with me?
Hmm, Survival or Lost in the Woods maybe?
Forgotten Prisoner sounds kind of interesting as well and I love dragons.
Well, suppose I'm interested in a few of these then. xD

As the title says, I am looking for a 1x1 role play with someone.
Also, I'm new to this site, so I may still need to figure out a few things, I suppose. Any help would be nice.~
I joined this site to try and improve my role playing skills and also have some fun while doing so.
Right now, I just tend to do 1x1 role plays with friends mostly or small groups.
I'm mostly laid back with things honestly, but I do have some things that I don't like/will not do in role plays. (Doesn't everyone?)

~Some things I like/want/will do in Role plays~

Slice of Life: Day to day lives of our characters and possibly some character development along the way. Usually with some adventure/action thrown in there, but there doesn't always have to be.

Super Powers/Fantasy: I usually prefer that our characters have powers/magic of some kind, but it is not always necessary, of course.

Variety: I play any gender, good characters, bad characters, neutral characters, Pokemon, Kirbies, Humans, Demons, Aliens and all of that. But, I will not be forced to play a certain role, I like to choose who/what I want to be, myself. You may suggest things, though.

Romance: Some romance is good, as long as it is not the main focus of the role play, especially if that becomes the only focus and everything else gets pushed aside.

Violence: If we are doing a role play with adventure/action in it, there is obviously going to be some fighting/violence, but like with Romance, it's probably best not to be the main focus, unless it's a pure fighting role play or something.

Free/Casual: Right now, I will only be doing, as you put it on this site, "Free" or "Casual". My post lengths can actually vary, depending on the actual role play and the characters used. I tend to do at least one paragraph per post (for each character), as doing one line won't really add to much of the story and writing too many paragraphs will slow my replies down. I usually start off somewhat slow, but often my replies become faster as I get more into it.

~Some things I dislike/don't want/will not do in Role plays~

Sexual Things: I will not do these kinds of things. It does not interest me at all. I am fine with Romance, though.

Being Submissive: I don't like being forced to be submissive (at least to great extents anyway). I will play shy/timid characters and such at times, though. By this, I just mean to extents like; people just randomly brutally hurting/killing my characters without me having a say in anything, instant killing, making me feel like I'm completely forced to do what they say, having my characters controlled and not getting a chance to counter/defend myself at all in a fight. Just things like that really.

Advanced: I won't be doing Advanced Role plays, though may sometime in the future.

I will respect other's rules/opinions and such, if they respect mine, obviously. If anyone is interested in role playing with me (or maybe even just talking, for now), either leave a comment here or send me a private message. Also, I usually RP as Original characters and not as Canon characters.

Welcome dear one to the site . Pokemon and Harry potter are amazing

Thank you for the welcome.
Yes. Yes, they are indeed! ^-^
Not sure how many times I have read and watched Harry Potter, hehe.~
A lot!

Hey there and welcome to the guild. I like your avatar--FMAB is awesome!

Hello, thank you for the welcome. =3
Oh, really? Of course.~
Hello, I am Sipheo.~
I enjoy role plays with super powers, magic and fantasy worlds.
I like Kirby, Pokémon, Warrior Cats, MLP and Harry Potter, just to name a few things.
Usually, I prefer to role play as an original character, but I may sometimes use others.
As well as role playing, I also enjoy drawing. =3

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