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I have a suggestion

Marvel double up ?

Its fine no need to worry

She can try and rebuild the cage there are still ways to remake it. It will never be as powerful as before but it could hold Lucifer for a few days or weeks XD

Castiel is going to go find hunters {you} and bring them to the motel for a meeting
There was a small chuckle that followed her words as Chuck came from the tree's standing there for a whole and spoke to the qieen of hell "Oh how wrong you are. Only thing that can truly destroy Lucifer for good is me as i am the father of all creation meaning I can easily tare you apart with no more than a flick of my hand but I will not. I'll let the angels have their way with you and watch you feel what its like to truly fear. But for right now castiel, gsther whatever hunters you can we need to call a meeting. You though princess are not welcomed on earth. Learn any other way you wish but till I am ready you can cvome back" with that chuck clapped his ahnds as the demoness would appear back in hell unable to leave till chuck had finished his meeting with the hunters.

"Come castiel...We have much to talk about the angels and demons as well will be after us butbt hat doesn't concern me" god said as this would end all fights between the races as all races would lose their abilities and everything would e at peace when the journey finally came to a rest. it was the last adventure of all creation.

"Gather up the hunters you can find Castiel, Any search far and wide and see what you can find" boomed god as he would need a team for this job. He went back to the motel room smiling and looked at the hunters "Main room now" he said as they would await the arrival of other hunters.
The archangel sighed as he picked up Lucifer and took him to a room and drawing a few symbols to keep the room demon free so that his brother may rest with no further harm coming to him. he then left and closed the door leaving a demon warding spell on the door as well so that Lucifer would stay safe.

Jackson smiled at the young angel "Come on have some food it's going to be a long night" he said as he allowed her to get some food. The hunter could sense his cousin's great distrust of the archangel and hoped she didn't do anything stupid. Jackson was more rational of thought and thought things out before doing them Cora seemed a lot like her great great grand fatehr Dean. He sat down and ate a sandwich not all that hungry.
@Angel Vicky

Wanted to know if you are interested
Yes sorry I haver been busy with finals which i need to study for
Post will come later today finals studyng
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