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Current To all my partners and friends: currently in the ER and not sure how consistent my posts will be
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@Otaku Dude... my joints have done that since I turned 17 XD I'm almost 21 now lol
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When you go through your Yu-Gi-Oh! case someone randomly asks you to duel on the streets.
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....The empire strikes back came out when my mom was 10
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I do believe I have a career in helping the elderly X3


Hi, I'm Nikki, I haven't been on here for some odd years due to blocks but I'm back now!

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Kakashi watched the three students go closer and chuckled when she slammed the lid close to their faces. Then looking at her with a shocked face he groaned a bit before saying, "Alright, kids, c'mon, let's get this done." He had chosen to teach them the finer points of teamwork. Naruto was constantly complaining about having to work with Sasuke but he ended up doing it anyway, making Kakashi snicker a bit.

The mission for the three was to use their strengths to cover each other's weaknesses to land a hit on him. The three were also instructed to avoid obstacles and traps he'd set up beforehand while trying to get to him. After they got ready he said, "Go!" The three came at him, each of them using their strengths well, and keeping their weaknesses covered.

Finally it was Sakura who had surprisingly landed a kick to his arm. He grunted, being pushed back a bit, landing on his feet beside Airi. "Alright, good job, you three!" he clapped his hands. All three of his students were sweaty and exhausted.
Aya stayed in her lounging position for a while before she finally spoke up. "I'm Aya Shi. I like a few things I will not disclose, and I hate a lot of things." Her eyes met Naruto, then Sakura's, then Kakashi's, her eyes devoid of emotion. "What I want to do is to find the man who killed my parents and bring him to justice..." At all costs, She thought.

"...And then I'm going to make my way up in the village." Of course, she was lying. She was going to leave once the snake was brought to justice. Make her own way in the world, start with a clean slate. Kakashi seemed to see she was lying and his eyes narrowed, unseen by anyone but Aya herself thanks to her sharp vision. She stared calmly right back at him, innocence feigned in her glassy eyes. No, she'd lost her innocence long ago with her parents.

Kakashi then looked around at the three. "Well then, Let's get something across here. I'm going to put you three through a survival exercise tomorrow. This will determine whether you pass or fail as an Academy student. And let me tell you now...The graduation exams? Those were nothing compared to what this will be. You will be required to use every bit of your training to pass. These tests have a 67% rate of failure. And those who fail...Are sent back to the academy."

Aya's eyes narrowed as she stared at him, then her gaze went around the team, watching their reactions. Hmmm... She had a feeling something would go wrong.
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