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20 May 2017 16:58
Current Pulled the trigger, now he's dead
19 May 2017 16:06
I love bein' feckin' sick....
18 May 2017 20:34
I'm home. But not able to reply right now because I'm about to do something.
17 May 2017 23:27
In the emergency department right now
16 May 2017 23:03
To my partners: I am heading to a friend's house who has no interwebs, so I will be gone for a few hours.


Hi, I'm Nikki, I haven't been on here for some odd years due to blocks but I'm back now!

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Lucky lol
Now I'm two inches off six feet and I'm nearly 20
I've always been a tall mofo

When I was eleven I was five foot four

Heheh, Lilith has never been one to blend in, so to speak.
Finally got a post up xD Feeling a bit better.
Lilith stood limping out, her sword sheathed on her hip and her gun holstered. She stood watching the scene unfold before her. She frowned and took out her sidearm, ready to fire. She walked and was ready to fight some more. She got to the outside and she jumped down, grunting as she hit her injured leg. She hoped to slip by unnoticed.
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