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2 mos ago
Current So, wont be getting replies out for a while. I was recently diagnoses with a severe disorder and am dealing with some stuff regarding that... So once well enough to reply I'll be back! Thank you.
8 mos ago
Oh no.... SNOWING...
9 mos ago
Okay. Question. If I got a group together for a discord server for an RPG for a specific fandom, would it be considered advertising inappropriately?
9 mos ago
Responses might not come for a bit. I'll respond as I can. Being homeless and attempting to find a home is a bit of an arduous task.
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10 mos ago
Six hours on my feet, no breaks....I'm dead


Hey, y'all!

So I've been a long time RP'er since I was 13, and am constantly working on honing my skills as a writer.

Side note: Please check my statuses regularly if you have a roleplay going on with me. I have a lot of stressors in my real life so I will post a status to update my partners on what's going on, and if I cant reply as much as I usually do. Even if you dont wanna hear about my life offline, it still is a good idea to read my statuses so you know if I cant reply in an immediate manner. Thank you for understanding.

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Yay!!! would you like me to give you my discord? Or soemthing?
So, Hey guys. I'm kinda new to tabletop. Soooo I decided to dig deeper into it and found two RPGs that I kinda wanna try: Supernatural the RPG and one called CJ Carella's WitchCraft. I figure it would be kinda fun to to in a Discord group, whether one or both of them. So uh, for the Supernatural RPG I'm gonna need 3-5 more people willing to play (One of whom has experience as a Game Master) and for CJ Carella's WitchCraft I'll need 4-7 people. Maybe more.

So, let's get together and makes some stories.
I am now on the Attack on Titan bandwagon. Keep in mind I'm not that far in the anime!
Updated, plus bump!

Welcome to the madness! That said, I'm sure there are plenty of people who'll take you up on a roleplay!
Bumped, also updated.
Just bumping this again, bored as hell
Bump, updated my list.
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