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19 days ago
Current TFW youre so bored that you refresh the pages constantly to see who responded to roleplays
20 days ago
back in action :3
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28 days ago
So, if I keep poofing through the next day or so, I started having seizures again.
2 mos ago
To my partners. I'm sorry for being gone for so long. I was in the psych ward. I hope y'all aren't mad at me -.-
2 mos ago
To all my partners and friends: currently in the ER and not sure how consistent my posts will be


Hi, I'm Nikki, I am 20 and I am into roleplays involving the supernatural. (whether it be the show Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries or original plots 9No Twilight, I'll kill the ones that sparkle for free)

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Bump! Craving Vampire diaries
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