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3 days ago
Current Hahahahaha! I *love* when people try to guilt trip me into going to holiday gatherings, that *totally* makes me love them and wanna go just 'cause they're "Family"....
4 days ago
Ugh! The frackin' net is giving me issues! I'll try responding to rps but if it takes a while, net be acting up.
5 days ago
The shop was great, though I didn't get to meet the owner, I made small talk with the woman working the counter, and socialized with other pagans. All in all, very productive. NOW gonna nap.
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5 days ago
Up at an ungodly hour for me once again so I can go in to see a would-be employer...Wish me luck y'all!
6 days ago
Adulting again. Responses will be slow until I finish this up.
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Hey, y'all!

So I've been a long time RP'er since I was 13, and am constantly working on honing my skills as a writer.

Side note: Please check my statuses regularly if you have a roleplay going on with me. I have a lot of stressors in my real life so I will post a status to update my partners on what's going on, and if I cant reply as much as I usually do. Even if you dont wanna hear about my life offline, it still is a good idea to read my statuses so you know if I cant reply in an immediate manner. Thank you for understanding.

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Welcome to the madness! That said, I'm sure there are plenty of people who'll take you up on a roleplay!
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Just bumping this again, bored as hell
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