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Those I roleplay with, I apologize to you...I'm probably taking a hiatus for a while... life hit me so hard I got knocked on my ass.
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Guys, I deeply apologize, those I roleplay with.....It's not happening tonight
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I wish I was in totality range of the eclipse :( But seeing even it mostly covered I was perfectly content :3


Hi, I'm Nikki, I haven't been on here for some odd years due to blocks but I'm back now!

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Kakashi watched the three students go closer and chuckled when she slammed the lid close to their faces. Then looking at her with a shocked face he groaned a bit before saying, "Alright, kids, c'mon, let's get this done." He had chosen to teach them the finer points of teamwork. Naruto was constantly complaining about having to work with Sasuke but he ended up doing it anyway, making Kakashi snicker a bit.

The mission for the three was to use their strengths to cover each other's weaknesses to land a hit on him. The three were also instructed to avoid obstacles and traps he'd set up beforehand while trying to get to him. After they got ready he said, "Go!" The three came at him, each of them using their strengths well, and keeping their weaknesses covered.

Finally it was Sakura who had surprisingly landed a kick to his arm. He grunted, being pushed back a bit, landing on his feet beside Airi. "Alright, good job, you three!" he clapped his hands. All three of his students were sweaty and exhausted.
Aya stayed in her lounging position for a while before she finally spoke up. "I'm Aya Shi. I like a few things I will not disclose, and I hate a lot of things." Her eyes met Naruto, then Sakura's, then Kakashi's, her eyes devoid of emotion. "What I want to do is to find the man who killed my parents and bring him to justice..." At all costs, She thought.

"...And then I'm going to make my way up in the village." Of course, she was lying. She was going to leave once the snake was brought to justice. Make her own way in the world, start with a clean slate. Kakashi seemed to see she was lying and his eyes narrowed, unseen by anyone but Aya herself thanks to her sharp vision. She stared calmly right back at him, innocence feigned in her glassy eyes. No, she'd lost her innocence long ago with her parents.

Kakashi then looked around at the three. "Well then, Let's get something across here. I'm going to put you three through a survival exercise tomorrow. This will determine whether you pass or fail as an Academy student. And let me tell you now...The graduation exams? Those were nothing compared to what this will be. You will be required to use every bit of your training to pass. These tests have a 67% rate of failure. And those who fail...Are sent back to the academy."

Aya's eyes narrowed as she stared at him, then her gaze went around the team, watching their reactions. Hmmm... She had a feeling something would go wrong.
An hour later Kakashi was whacking Naruto on the top of his head, the younger blond yelling at him before hearing Airi come toward them. His gaze became questioning before looking at Kakashi. "SENSEI!! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND!" Kakashi's eyes went wide and Sakura smacked him on the head. "Naruto, you idiot! They're old friends, remember?!" Kakashi rubbed his head. "Ah, Airi-chan, welcome." He looked at the Genin. "Well, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, this is my old friend Airi. Airi, meet team seven."

Naruto ran up to Airi. "Wowwww! You're so pretty! How did Sensei get a friend like you? He doesn't seem like he'd have a friend, much less someone who seems so sweet!" Kakashi now smacked him on the head with his book. "Naruto, time to quiet down. Now, Airi has something for you three...BUT...Only if you get this stuff right and do well." Naruto could smell it. "A-are those sweets?! AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MAN, Sensei!!!!"
Aya noticed the flush on the blond's face but that got her thinking. What was going on through that guy's head to make him blush? She always thought he'd had a crush on Pinky--Er, Sakura. She also knew a certain Hyuuga girl was into him, so she figured she'd let him choose either of those...besides, she had no room to be getting into romance of any kind with anyone. After all, she needed to track down...that man. Demand to know why he killed her parents in cold blood and awakened her Yin. She clenched her fists. That snake would be brought to justice for what he'd done--and not by her. Her hand slowly went to her left shoulder, where his mark remained burned into her skin. She was lucky to be alive after that...

She shoved the memory away as the sensei came in with the Jounin and rested her hands on her desk--clasped before her pristinely. As the teams were called her eyes narrowed very slightly, standing up with a guarded motion and following her team out of the room, right behind Kakashi Hatake. She stood tall, many fangirls glaring at her. She shot them a glare and made them all shut up in fear.

Once outside and at the spot they decided on, Aya sat on the steps before looked up at Kakashi, who was leaning on the railing. "Now," Kakashi said to them. "Let's introduce ourselves. Of course I can read your files, but let's face it, it's more fun to do this ourselves than for me to read some boring files, isn't it?" His eyes rested directly on Aya, who stiffened. There was a time when Aya had broken into the Hokage's house and read many files, trying to find the man who had killed her parents. His gaze went along the other two. "Now, you!" he said, pointing to Naruto. "Introduce yourself. Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams."
Kakashi chuckled and ruffled the girl's hair. Truth was, he knew about Guy's "Engagement" to Airi, as the guy wouldn't shut up about it. He then rubbed his forehead and looked down at her. "Ehhhh.....The two have a rivalry worse than mine and Obito's was." He seemed exasperated. "Naruto reminds me of Obito..." His eye that showed got a bit of a faraway look in it. His hand started to go to his eye as he reminisced. But then he put it in his pocket.

He chuckled a bit as he then said, "Naruto also reminds me quite a bit of you." He smirked in her direction behind the mask and poked her nose. "Miss reckless." Then he listened to her request, blinking. So she wanted to see him train them? Oh boy...He'd never hear the end of it if he did...on the other hand, he did like her...

The silver-haired man sighed and ran fingers through his hair. "Well...Alright, I'd be glad to let you watch. Just be prepared to hear teasing from the kiddies. They'll never let us hear the end of it." He winked a bit at her, sighing again. "Eithr way..I'm late enough for training as it is...I'd better start going." he looked a bit annoyed at having to be going.
Aya glanced up, blue glass-like eyes meeting the blond Uzumaki's for a moment, face expressionless before she looked back down, then around the room. Her eyes scanned the room, several kids meeting her eyes for barely a second before looking away from her. She scoffed quietly before taking out a book. She opened the book to a specific page and began to read. She wasn't shy, oh no. She simply disliked people. She hadn't met any exceptions quite yet.

Hearing the sliding door open again she looked up, her eyes narrowing seeing both Sakura Haruno and Ino- Or in her words, INU- Yamanaka standing in the doorway, panting, glaring at each other. The Shi girl, younger than most of her classmates, rolled her eyes before turning back to her book. Sakura looked down where Sasuke was and smiled. Aya tensed slightly, sensing tension brewing.
Kakashi grinned behind the mask when she told him how she was doing. "That is what I like to hear." He raised a brow at her and chuckled. "Well, I've tasted your sweets, Airi. Who wouldn't hate them?" He took the offered plate and chuckled. "You make it sound ominous. I fear for my life," he joked again. He took a bite and he blinked for a moment. "I...It's quite delicious." he said sincerely.

When asked about his new team a drop of sweat fell down his face. "Uhhh, well...They are all kinda stubborn. Especially Naruto." He snickered. "I wasn't going to pass them but they seemed so much like my old team when we were kids...So I gave them another chance, and they pulled through." He chuckled. "I guess I'm just a big softy, aren't I?" He looked at Airi with one calm dark eye.

A loud thud echoed in a small apartment, the lone inhabitants of said apartment jerking awake with a gasp.

Aya Shi groaned and threw a slender arm over her eyes before realizing what day it was. She gasped and sat up, scrambling to her feet and showering. She threw some clean clothes on, blue eyes gleaming with excitement as she brushed her teeth, grabbing some food to eat on the way. She stopped by a photo of her parents, where her ninja headband lay before it.

She stared at her mother and father, smiling in the photo and holding a tiny Aya in their arms. She kissed her hand and placed it on the photo before placing her headband on her leg, tying it and saying, “i’m Off, mom and dad! See you tonight!” She opened the door and put on an emotionless expression, ready for ridicule on the part of her fellow villagers.

The ‘cursed child’ made her way through the streets, ignoring the hateful glares of the villagers. Her family was said to be cursed by god himself to bring death to every person who got close to her, mostly for their unusual abilities.

Aya arrived at the academy and took a seat in the back, sitting silently with her gaze trained on the head of the boy before her: Uchiha Sasuke. Her teeth grit before she looked away, noticing most of his fan girls glaring at her. She shit them a look and they looked away, frightened. Typical kids...
Kakashi currently was walking through the village before starting to pass the academy, the scent of baked goods filling the air. He needed to go to his students but... he could always make up an excuse? They could wait. He also decided to get some baked goods for himself and his team. Opening the door he walked inside. He heard a yell before using his teleportation skill.

He had arrived just in time, it seemed, to catch the girl, his old friend, Airi. He held her in his arms for a moment before catching the plates barely a second later. Setting her on her feet, the silver-haired man giving her a smile. “Be careful there, short stuff~ you’ll end up breaking something,” he teased. He held the plates however. “Allow me to carry these.”

He walked with her toward the place encould smell the food from. He set the plates down on a table and put his hands back in his pockets. “So, how are you, Airi-Chan? It’s been a while since we’ve last talked.”
Hi all!
I realize I've been away for about a month, and I apologize but I needed to focus on recuperating.

But I am back and here are my interests currently.


1. I'm going to go on a limb and say I'm Bisexual xD I know I was strict before and I apologize.

2. Smut is fine.

3. I'm not a nazi when it comes to how much you write, as long as you show me the same respect.

4. PLEASE BE ACTIVE!! If you aren't active when I know you are online I will just assume you no longer wish to roleplay.

5. Please know I AM A FEMALE, so usually I prefer playing females, but IF you don't like FxF I will double up and play a male for you.

6. For all y'all that are a bit more....alternative in adult content? Please PM me what you like, I am a submissive in adult roleplays >:3

Fandoms I roleplay, * indicates how badly I want this rp:

**Star Wars




**Seraph of the End

*****X men

***Black Butler


****Blood of Eden series (Books)

******The Gorean Saga ((Books)(Normally I play as a Kajira, or Slave girl))

*****Dare I say... DC Universe/ Marvel Universe?
Non fandoms (Parentheses indicate which role I would rather play):


*****Vampire lord x (Human slave)

*****Good/Bad boy x (Bad/good girl)


*****Rival gangster x Rival gangster

***Werewolf x (human)

***Werewolf x Werewolf

***supernatural creatures

*****(War prisoner) x Captor

*****Killer x (Captive)

So hit me up if you want to roleplay any of these! ^.^
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