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Current Apparently Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is as old as I am, minus a month and a few days O.O
8 days ago
That moment when you're in a Skype call with your younger brother and he asks if you're drunk and you tell him that you're just sleep deprived...
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*Keeps refreshing my pages to see whether I have messages because I'm extremely bored.*
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Officially feeling better :3
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Hi, I'm Nikki, I haven't been on here for some odd years due to blocks but I'm back now!

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I'll PM you
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sorry for not before, been busy ;_;
Lilith nodded, allowing Itachi to pick her up and she gasped a bit. " the way." It would now become quite apparent she wasn't used to being treated kindly and was more used to lashing out. She sighed a bit. She clung onto the man from behind and she looked down, embarrassed.
@Ryouguyeyup xD
@Ryougulol sure ;)
Lilith sighed. "Yeah yeah...I wasn't gonna shoot them." She shoved her gun into its holster and she looked up at the face of Itachi, the man who told her to evacuate. Her leg was still bleeding and she said, "So, whatcha gonna tell me next? I've been trying to evacuate but this bleeding injury is making things difficult to do." She was quippy, as she was cranky from not having eaten much all day and then she was injured. She held her hands up where the agent could see them.
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