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7 mos ago
Current Been practicing drawing for a few months now. Biggest tip I can give so far is copy, copy, copy. It really helps you learn the basics in a very hands on way,
7 mos ago
Finally caught up on Rick and Morty. Pretty good shit. It's not every day a cartoon reminds me of my existential crisis.
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8 mos ago
The Boarder Patrol in Vermont has more important matters than illegal Mexicans. They have to stop the White Walkers.
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8 mos ago
Unborn babies are essentially mech pilots, right?
8 mos ago
You know what's worse then radio Country Music? Country Music Radio hosts.


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A hippity hoppity, y'all better get off my property.

Just kiddin, Co-GM reporting for duty as always. @Dynamo Frokane
@The anCrowe@SantosGabriel77@DegenerateThree@Sierra

Final roll call! And let me know which path of adventure you'd like to take. SantosGabriel77 and DegenerateThree, I already got your tally.
Alright I got two for #2, anyone else?
Wow! Alright, wasn't expecting such interest! Alrighty then, you'll be welcome to the adventure. I'll get to work on the the main thread, but here are some ideas on what we can do.

First and formost we can go with my original idea featured here:

We can also focus on a crew of adventures aboard a seaplane, exploring the "Lands of Spirits" a supposedly forbidden zone where ships and aircraft alike vanish forever. But in the minds of our crew, that's a lot of abandon ships to loot! Not to mention ancient wonders to be found!

That's what I got thus far.
Alright, I think I'm willing to give this another try. Who wants to explore the mysterious skies of Parele?
I'm gonna withdraw from this before Dynamo does something irrational. I'm sure he'll love to explain it. Bye.

Yeah sad to say, due to the views that had been expressed by one RPer I'd rsther they not take part in my RP, and because this story sort of needs all 5 I guess im going to have to close it down, sorry wingmates...

@Skepic So while we are waiting, is there a reason your pilot characters wolfenstien waifus? (I'm certainly not complaining) but its a very interesting aesthetic choice.

It's the manifestation of character ideas I've had for years. I've always enjoyed the aesthetic choices of Germanic forces and I got some heritage as well, at least on my mother's side. Not to mention that the Germany we know today was one of the many possible results of the various states of Central Europe. So there's a lot of potential for a more diverse European background history.

Short and sweet to get this moving. Assuming she pulls it off, Hanna will definitely have opened fire with at least her guns the moment she can.
"He actually took the bait... It seems that these really are rats with fancier equipment." Hanna thought to herself with a smirk. She'd figured that this low life couldn't resist her plane being at low level, seemingly easy prey, however, it was now painfully apparent that her opponent had not faced her aircraft before. Combining the built up energy of the enemy plane and her already relatively slower air speed, she suddenly deployed airbrakes and pulled up slightly, before rolling the aircraft around while applying her rudder.

This caused the heavy duel engine aircraft to slow drastically, and hopefully roll over onto the faster enemy's tail. In one, beautiful, synchronized movement, she performed the aerial acrobatics to get on her combatant's tail, as if she had done in a thousand times...

Well... okay maybe not a thousand, but a great may eager Karlslanders met their burning graves thinking they got the one up on an attacker, only to be riddled with cannon sized holes.
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