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3 days ago
Current So the boss of the boss is finally deciding to be a boss and actually visit my bosses store. Who knows, maybe I'll get to be boss.
3 days ago
So I saw Dunkirk. Freakin good movie, but honestly just surprised that a its a headlining summer blockbuster.
6 days ago
Snekratary Ssssspicer resigned today. Rest in pepperoni snekratary memes.... The snek will live on in our hearts!
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6 days ago
Was playing a game with submarines with a pal. We ended up calling ourselves "The Moist Bois".
8 days ago
So I guess I'm going to start doing this. Since I now work a job that gives me a computer and not much to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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<Snipped quote by Penny>

I believe one can more readily attribute that to the focus of media and outlets. In the United States the "controversy" about ownership and firearms, as well as their relation to crime, is a well loved topic of public interest, as is any scandal or terrorist attack. Firearms just earn more attention because it stirs up people's emotions and also, uniquely, has a very important role in American history. Consider me none too shocked to hear that Australia was not focused on homicides in their news.

@Dynamo Frokane

Okay, posted! I figured you'd want me to hold of on the melee portion so that we can know how the Sentinel is receiving this abundance of return fire. xD

Oh how that mech pilot was lucky. So, so lucky. If fate hadn't stepped in with its giant robot, Alexi would have made good on her promise the moment that pilot seemingly stuck his barrel in her face. I mean, a cloaked sniper type mech with radar jamming? That hit every pet peeve Alexi had, and then some. On top of that, this pilot had the audacity to try to take a cut from that Outcast job??

"BUT THEN THIS FUCKER JUST HAD TO MAKE IS GRAND FUCKING APPEARANCE!" Alexi thought aloud as her mech was throne back by the emergence of this so called "Sentinel".

Somehow, whether it be pure strength of character or the already pretty intimidating look of The Butcher, MASSIVE amounts of menace emanated from this assault mech. This Sentinel, who now stood in front of her mech between herself and the other had put the cherry on top for this whole experience. Alexi sighed and with an annoyed look on her face, muttered one phrase.

"Boosters... Activate."

The Butcher suddenly blasted forward, sliding across the ground in a low crouch, sword ready. As she rocketed toward the Sentinal in a erratic motion, attempting to avoid the incoming fire. The wrist mounted Auto Shotgun barked loudly as slugs were fired at the Sentinel as Alexi closed the distance. A brief barrage of Swarm Missiles was launched to further confuse any targeting systems, and potentially harass the enemy.

Will be posting tomorrow, however, feel free to take a pot shot at the Sentinel before Alexi shoves her sword up its ass.
Well uh, I believe Feminism is just equality for all genders and sexes. I think mister Dynamo is mistaking feminists for extreme left-wing advocates.
I mean, I'm a feminist.

I'm also a Christian, but that doesn't mean I have anything against homosexuals, nor would I condemn them. One of the main points of Christianity is no judgement. That's an extremely important aspect of it, honestly.

I think a lot of people with ideals get misconstrued by their worst members.

Sorry, I meant @Everyone, not just you little Poohead.
sweet beans, i'll get on it right now ^^

i'll keep the reserves happy till you come up with a natural way for me to enter the story; heck, if you have an introduction that needs my character a certain way, totally cool too :p

Please tell me all those pills aren't actually a thing. I mean I know about red pill because their subreddit is HILARIOUS but the others are just like...jokes, right?

What? You saying you're not a jed- I mean, totally not a Jedi? That your local auras don't heal people?
@Dynamo Frokane

MS Paint skillz at their finest.
Granted, but they're MLP scat fetish ponies who are all madly in love with you. So... yeah, have fun with that.

I wish that all sailors who serve aboard submarines in navies around the world would be hence forth called "The Moist Bois".
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