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Current Been practicing drawing for a few months now. Biggest tip I can give so far is copy, copy, copy. It really helps you learn the basics in a very hands on way,
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Finally caught up on Rick and Morty. Pretty good shit. It's not every day a cartoon reminds me of my existential crisis.
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The Boarder Patrol in Vermont has more important matters than illegal Mexicans. They have to stop the White Walkers.
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Unborn babies are essentially mech pilots, right?
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You know what's worse then radio Country Music? Country Music Radio hosts.


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Aatu shivered, clutching her animal skin cloak a little closer to her body as she landed on the ledge of a small cliff. She paused for a moment to turn around and gaze out across the land. Before her stretched an endless sea of brown and green, as the vast grasslands met the borders of the forests far beyond. It had been two weeks since that fateful day, but the view was beautiful as ever…

Had it already been that long? Aatu thought for a moment before nodding to herself. Yes, it had been that long! That day had felt like an eternity. The confusion, the chaos, it was such an insane day… The day when he took power…

Day 1, Week 1, Cycle 1

Days ago...

A humanoid lay in the open plains that hugged the gently sloping mountain. At first glance, one could have mistaken it to be a human, yet, the large, impressive wings that spread out just below the waist begged to differ. This was a Kotka, and a confused one at that, for it had just awoken.

Aatu’s eyes shot open and she quickly sat up. A million questions flooded her mind as she began to process her surroundings. This quickly overwhelmed her, leaving her slightly dazed and confused. Shaking her head, Aatu quickly prioritized what she knew already, then worked from there. For starters, she knew her name, Aatu. That much was already concerning. How did she know her name? A thick fog persisted in her mind, one that began to give her a headache.

“Try not to think about it too hard, or you’ll get a migraine and that won’t help anyone.” A voice said, lurching Aatu from her thoughts. Another Kotka was kneeling beside her, hand outstretched. He was of similar age, brown, messy hair covered his head and large, grey-brown wings stretched behind him. Shaking her head, Aatu pushed aside the barrage of questions and took the offered hand. Nodding, the Kotkan male turned toward the sky, cupping his hands to his mouth. “Eetu! I found another one!” he yelled.

Aatu soon found herself among many Kotkans, all gathered on a windswept cliff that overlooked the grasslands below. A great bonfire had been seemingly erect and as the sun set, its purpose became clear. Like the others, she was lost, confused, and afraid. Shivering naked, they crowded around the fire, but a single Kotkan stood above them, atop a small boulder near the fire. HIs wings showed a brilliant white and his eyes a glistening gold in the firelight. Had he been there the whole time? Aatu was not sure, but now in his presence, she was transfixed as the others as he surveyed the group before him. Unlike them, the cold seems to not bother this Kotka. Unlike them, he appeared neither scared nor confused. Seemingly satisfied with what he saw before him, he smiled and nodded.

“My kin, my kind, my… clan. We are lost, cast from an unknown home into this strange land. Our collective knowledge is scattered and fleeting, yet it is still there. That odd sense of familiarity as we drift through these skies, yet with no memory of ever doing so before.” His voice boomed, resonating with the crowd, their attention completely captivated. “Within this haze of the unknown, I have plucked a single memory. Yes, listen to me! I remember but one thing from our previous lives, our world. We, the Kotka, are the people of the sky! We are a proud, noble people who survived countless persecutions and trials. This memory I have wrestled from the abyss showed me that before we were robbed of our minds, we had fought for our freedom from fate itself! And so… here we are now” He gestured grandly to the lands around him, the setting sun brilliantly illuminating the rolling fields below him. “Our fates are unknown, but our freedom has been achieved! We must unite our scattered peoples! Rebuild our greatness! Claim our rightful place in the sky!”

A Kotkan man suddenly stood, a sudden flash of anger in his eyes. “Who are you to claim such things! I only remember my name!” He heckled. The white winged Kotka simply shrugged at this.

“Really? Only your name? You seem to also remember how to fly, how to speak our tongue, how to burn this fire, do you not? My people, my clan, we are not helpless! It will take time for you to steal your knowledge back from the Abyss as I have, but I assure you… we already have all the foundations of greatness within us.” replied the white winged Kotka cooly. The disgruntled man simply huffed and sat down, feeling the pressure from the crowd. However, before the white winged Kotka could continue, Aatu stood, finally finding herself again.

“And who are you? Why did you remember when we didn’t? You act as though you’re meant to be in charge of this… this… rebuilding. Who are you? What do you mean ‘clan’?” Aatu said, her voice only wavering slightly. Yes… now that she thought of it, she did know what clan meant. But how did he…?

“I knew what I was, what this was, from the beginning. In fact, I can answer your two questions with one answer. I knew because I am the King of the Skies, leader of our peoples before the Abyss stole our memories in exchange for our freedom! I, who dominates the skies above, was the only one who possessed the strength to keep hold of something, anything from the time before, so that I could share it all with you today. I knew when the… the Abyss came to take our minds in exchange for freedom, that I would have to retain the core of who they are, in order to survive! Not just you, but all who are here, you are my clansmen!.” The King of the Skies shook his head, facing away from the crowd, towards the setting sun. “You are my people, indeed. And now what I ask of you is no small thing. It will be a long journey, filled with plenty of uncertainty. Doubt will dog at you from every corner, with the very Abyss lurking at the edges. We will struggle, we will fight… but through all of it, we shall realize our dream, our purpose…” The King of the Skies turned to face them once again, the light of the sun now disappearing below the horizon. “My Taivas Clan, I now ask you to help me! We must reclaim our Sky!”

A silence fell on the crowd below the self proclaimed King. Nobody spoke a single word as they stared. A man suddenly stood, his arm raised with a clench fist pointed toward the sky. “I am with you my King!” he shouted. Soon another Kotkan man stood, proclaiming the same oath. A dam of uncertainty, of bottled emotion broke open within Aatu, as it did with every other Kotka that was present. It mattered not if what this man said was true. He was giving them something they all had desperately craved since the moment they had awoken lost and confused. More than the growling hunger in their bellies, or the cold winds that whipped at their bare skin, he had given them all what they had truly desired… Meaning. Purpose. Direction. No longer were they aimless or confused, they were driven.

And so, the story of the Kotka and the Taivas Clan began. It began with a sense of loss and a sense of hope. Confusion and direction. Terror in uncertainty, yet meaning in purpose. It began, oh yes… it began with a lie. A lie told by one bright Kotka man, who was just as lost, just as confused, and just as scared as the rest of them. Unlike the rest of them, however, he would never show it. For Hakkan, the King of the Skies, leader of the Taivas did have a single memory aside from his name. It was no memory of grandeur or conquest. No, it was a single phrase, a montra that echoed through all the fog and confusion that so clouded his mind when he awoke.

“To lie is neither good nor evil. Only who wields the lie and why.”

And so, he lied.

Color me interested. I'm bringing in my king slayin birb peeps.

February, 1907
Capitol of Avalia, Alolvi

The door flew open, a flustered, angry Valkyrian man stood, glaring at the Field Marshal before him. “Adron! You mad man! Years of your life! Your countrymen’s lives! You will throw it all away?!” He screamed at Adron, who stood motionless, facing away.

“I did what I had to do, Captain. That is all. It’s my duty to my nation, my countrymen, and my own life that I tear down this monarchy, at the end of my bayonet.” Adron responded softly, still facing away from the Captain. The Captain scoffed.

“Ha! Even now you spout lies to my very face, your closest friend! ‘Your countrymen’?! Don’t act as though you are something you are not. You’re no ‘hero’ of the people Adron, no matter what southern weasel Kurtti says. You didn’t massacre the nobility in the name of freedom! You did it for Mika!”. At this, the Field Marshal began to shake. Suddenly, he turned, finally facing the man had called his bluff. The only one who could ever call his poker face.

He was an old man, greying black hair, cut to a professional length, though his heavy stubble and darkened, bagged eyes betrayed he had not slept since the coup. His face was well worn overall, showing the many years he had spent campaigning overseas for the Imperium well back before all of this. Before he beheaded his own king. Despite his age and exhausted appearance, his piercing blue eyes showed a hint of danger, his stance and body showed that he was no retired armchair general. No, he was Field Marshal Adron, a man who had fought his way to the top from the very bottom. A man who had dueled plenty to keep his well earned rank and honor. The man who climbed the walls of the savage’s fortress against their wild sorcery when he was only a 19 year old sergeant. Field Marshal Adron was, perhaps, one of the only few men in the world that could truly, honestly claim to have completely and utterly earned their position.

“Of course it was about Mika! It was about Mika! It was about Valkyrians! It was about the people of Avalia! They would have destroyed Avalia as we know it. We would have been slaves in all but name. The people are starving, the nation suffered under Holfgar and would have continued suffering more. That is why I sent Holfgar and the nobility to the guillotine.” Adron roared at The Captain. The Captain took a step back, stunned. Adron’s tone lowered, his eyes narrowing. “It matters not who wins the war of the Twin Emperors. The age of Yllendyr dominance is over. Their petty war… they’re fighting for scraps of an angry, dying empire…” Adron then gave a bitter smile. “In a small way, I almost wish I could thank those fools. I had planned to take on all of Yllendyr, but now it seems I will only have to rally the homeland while they’re busy demonstrating why the Age of Kings is dead.” The Captain’s brow furrowed, his eyes narrowing.

“Then why him? Why Kurtti? ‘Every Valkyrian a King, every man a savior’ he keeps spouting. Pah, you know what his trigger men do? What they have done? Anyone who opposes the NLAP is silenced! At best with a beating, at worse… at worse…! Why? Why do you support that man?!” The Captain yelled, frustration seeping through every word. “Why not the republicans, who are actually trying to give every man a chance? A say in the way things are done! Why?!” Adron stared for a moment, before shaking his head.

“You want to know why? All right I’ll tell you. Not like it matters anymore, seeing how there’s no need to keep anything a secret. Because they wouldn’t do it.” Adron said firmly. The Captain stared dumbfounded for a few moments, before realization struck him.

“You’re… you’re saying…”

“Indeed. They never wanted to get rid of their King, merely replace him. Kurtti on the other hand…”

February, 1907
The northern city of Adrean.

Lucas pulled his wide brimmed hat down as he passed a group of royalist troops. The streets of central Adrean bustled with activity reinforcements and supplies to the not so distant barricades that surrounded the central city. The forces had made great progress with the help of the local King’s Guard, but the partisans and nationalist police force was putting up a bitter last stand in lower industrial quadrant near the river. From what he could gather, they were evacuating the citizens who wanted to swear allegiance to this upstart republic, and Lady Bennick had every intention of returning Adron the favor and dropping these upstart’s heads in baskets. Sighing, Lucas ducked into an alleyway, following it to a back door. Pausing for a moment, he entered.

The room was musty and dimly lit by the light seeping in from the boarded up windows. A man facing away from Lucas sat at the abandoned bar near the far end of the room while two other men quietly smoked at a table.
“You’re late, Crown.” The voice came from the man at the bar, still facing away from Lucas.

“Sorry, Hammer, the fighting picked up right as I crossed back over the line. Nobody told me the attack schedule had changed.” Lucas replied casually, though his tone betrayed his annoyance.

Hammer snorted and waved his hand dismissively. “You know as well as I do how zealous the King’s Guard can be when dealing with traitors. Speaking of, your assignment. Do we have that bastard yet? Lady Bennick is growing impatient.”

Lucas starred hard at his feet, his hands clenched tightly into fists. “No, the Ghost of the Sky alluded our trap again. We lost Shovel and Hoe during the raid. The Gho-”

“Don’t speak that bastard’s fancy title again here. Oscar Howler is a murderer and a traitor, no more no less.” Hammer interrupted as he finally turned to face Lucas. Hammer’s hard, menacing gaze rested on Lucas, causing him to shift uncomfortably before he could stop himself. “We have our names to protect ourselves. Hammer, Crown, Shovel, Hoe, Axe, we call ourselves these things to confuse our enemies and tell our friends all they need to know about us. Oscar murders three officers, ten loyal officials, and neary takes our lady’s head off without even being seen half the fucking time, and thus, gets a fancy, romantic name from the locals like he’s some vengeful fucking angel of death!” Hammer now got up out of his seat, addressing the rest of the men and women in the room. “No. He is a Valkyrian, pure and fucking simple who can pull of good shots. This does not make him a ghost, a god, or anything else! It only makes him a traitor, and like the rest of these traitors, it’s our job to make sure his head is in a basket before this war ends.” Hammer’s gaze returned to Lucas. “Take Wrench and Pickaxe and start shadowing the bastard again.”

Lucas nodded, “Yes sir. I will see to it.” Suddenly, Hammer crossed the room in two great strides and was suddenly face to face with Lucas.

Leaning in, Hammer said quietly. “Don’t fuck this up, boy, or all of our heads will be in baskets.”

February, 1907
Somewhere in the Avalian countryside
“It’s an odd burden… really. Or perhaps, a strange feeling? Shame nobody has seemingly ever dealt with this before, for I’d certainly need their council now more than ever… To be reborn, to have memories of another life that are yet yours returned to you. To feel a terrifying and yet, familiar power flow through your own body. It certainly is an indescribable phenomenon.” A man, draped in flowing blue, white and deep red robes walked down the ancient hallways, only accompanied by a young girl. His head was masked, meticulously wrapped in bands of grey-white silk under a seemingly modest crown. From his head to his feet, not a single sign of flesh showed.

“Well your Majesty, I’ve heard rumors that ancient Emperors of the Yllendyr, ones who are true heirs to the throne, are granted a similar power. “ The young girl spoke. She was a Valkyrian, and an odd one at that. Her face bore a horrible scar that blinds and discolours her right eye. Her right wing appears clipped in random places along the edge and her movements seemed to be very deliberate and slightly pained.

“Really now? Huh, perhaps once the twins have finished spilling their own blood, I may ask them if it is true. I am in dire need of some sympathetic company right now.” The masked man said bemused. The girl pouted and stopped walking, causing the masked man to halt as well, facing her. “What?”

“That was a mean thing to say, your Majesty.” she huffed, turing away with a scoff. The masked man tilted his head for a moment, before shrugging and continuing onward.

“Strange that you’d be so jealous of long dead elves, Viti.” The man said with a laugh. Viti turned, flustered and angry, before jogging to catch up with him. She berated and berated the poor man while he merely smiled under his wrapping. They finally arrived at the end of the long halls, two large, ornate wooden doors opened before them seemingly automatically, revealing a large chamber perfectly carved from stone. Before them was a long stone table, sitting 20 men and women. Valkyrians and humans alike sat at this table, wearing similar robes that the masked man wore, but had no crowns on their heads. Near the end of the table, a massive, stone throne stood. Intricate carvings speaking a long forgotten language snaked their way around the throne, all meeting in a center point at the very top.

Greeting the pair was a middle age human, his hair a sandy blonde, his face obscured by a well kept beard. “My king, we are ready at once. Across the Valley of Saints, devout followers are rising up and claiming land in your name. By the end of this month, we shall control the entire area. Imperium Legions are to distracted by that vengeful Field Marshal’s treachery to tell the difference and those fools in the Lands of the Darkened Hills are certainly helping in that regard. However, while your holy light shows brightly to the people of the Valley of Saints, it seems it can only be spread but so far from your throne.”

As the blonde man spoke, the masked man walked silently past the table and sat upon the throne. His throne. He was called by many titles by many men. The Veiled King, The Revelation, The Cultist, and The Mad Peasant King. It never ceased to impress him, the creativity that both friend and foe put into such titles. However, in his mind, he was only worthy of one. The King of the Sky.

“Very well, once we have organized our levys and the Strayer’s Mad Lancers arrive, we can begin to make out move.” The King of the Sky spoke. Unlike before, his voice now carried a near magical depth to it, radiating outward almost unnaturally.

“And who shall we face first with our divine crusade, my king?” The blonde man asked.

“Adron his a tragic figure. I remember, in the life before my awakening, watching with a lead heart as his wife’s head hit the ground. King Harold Holfgar the VIII would have been the first man of this country to receive my divine judgement. However Adron’s actions cannot be ignored. His godless servant Kurtti controls our holy city, my original throne. They beheaded many of my subjects without divine judgement, but for far more selfish, personal reasons. No, that is no way to rule one's people. The NLAP is a living example of how good intentions can pave the way to damnation. They are emotions let loose on our land to tear it to pieces, and leave none standing. For this, we must concentrate on them first.”

“As you wish, your Majesty.”

The Former Avalian Dominion
(Twelfth Dominion)

The Avalian Civil War

When the War of the Twin Emperors began, Avalia’s king was beheaded by a vengeful general, starting Avalia’s own civil war. The dominion had been becoming gradually unstable, with Miners going on strikes in the northern mountain ranges, Avalia’s domestic force becoming more and more loyal to the charismatic Adron, and political movements of all sides agitating for more freedoms, the king’s death was the spark that finally lit the massive powder keg that had been hiding in plain sight all along. Almost overnight, the dominion became a land of chaos, blood, and war as brother turned against brother. Below are the six major factions of Avalia, and pay close attention, as any one of them could decide the future of the 12th dominion:

Liberated Avalia, The National Liberation of Avalia

“A long time ago, long before many even remember, it was the Humans that came to the Valkyrians for aid when the hordes from the west and from the north came… It was them, who asked us to defend them. How our ancestors must be ashamed. These past centuries have been brought by nothing but shame! Shame to the Valkyrians who let those damned puppets they called nobles and kings rule our land! Shame on our Mountain Watch, who let those damn Imperialists come marching over our beautiful mountain peaks! No more! For our fathers, our mothers, our sons, and our daughters, we end this shame today! Today I bring with me liberation for all Valkyrians! For all Avalians! For the safety of our kind we shall throw back the corrupt monarchy, the foolish syndicalists, and the weak, indecisive Federalists!”

Leader/Important Person(s):
Tampo Kurtti, Leader of the NLAP, de facto ruler of the party
Adron, popular general and figurehead, slayer of the king.

Government Type:
Authoritarian Democracy, limited elections

18 Million

Military Overview:
Containing most of the professionally trained portions of the Avalian Military and being led by one of their most brightest generals, the NLAP has the greatest edge when it comes to their military. The discipline and training of an NLAP soldier will be on par with that of even the Legions of the Imperium, all the more so as their military even contains deserters from said Legions. Additionally, with the NLAP controlling some of the larger cities and ports of Avalia including its capital, Alolvi, they are often well equipped. However, this is all on a timer as the NLAP lacks the raw inputs for a large portion of their industrial base, and thus must safeguard every piece of equipment they have. Their military, quite literally, is irreplaceable.

The Communal Sovereign States of Avalia

Tired of the political suppression by Avalian and Imperial Forces alive, a small miner’s protest erupted into the modern syndicalist movement Avalia has today. Even in the years leading up to the fall of Avalia as a dominion, the northern hills of the nation were becoming a dangerous place of partisan activity and open protests within the many coal mines. When the collapse came full force, the workers and leaders of the syndicalist movement rose up and declared The Communal Sovereign States of Avalia (CSSA). The CSSA now seek to liberate all of the impoverished, downtrodden peoples of Avalia, being led by the seemingly jolly and compassionate union leader Gunner Hampus.

Leader/Important Person(s):
Gunner Hampus, leader of the largest labor union involved in the CSSA and elected leader of the party as a whole

Government Type:
Revolutionary Syndicalism

15 Million

Military Overview:
The CSSA military forces are a mix between a few elite shock units and a large amount of irregular militias. While not as disciplined or even trained as a professional army, the CSSA’s strength is its flexibility and mobility. With command decentralized, they can react fast and take hits without collapsing entirely. This combined with their knowledge base of the local terrain makes them a nightmare to deal with in indirect combat. This is all to buy time while a professional army is trained and raised.

The Mountain Federation

Otherwise known as "The Mountain Watch '', they are an odd curiosity in Avalia. Incredibly traditional and dogmatic, they have guarded the Northern border with their ancient enemies for many centuries, even after the age of Imperium came to Avalia. They stand as also the only truly neutral faction. They care not who rules the nation, so long as they are left alone. Their territory is often used as neutral ground for other factions, receiving support from nearly all of them, including even loyalists. While the Mountain Watch will allow even Imperial Legions to pass, the ancient enemy that is the dragons or orcs shall never pass their high peaks.

Leader/Important Person(s):
Catarina Ossler, senior leader of the Mountain Watch War Council

Government Type:
Martial Meritocracy


Military Overview:
Well trained, well equipped, and incredibly stubborn, the Mountain Watch hasn’t guarded Avalia’s borders for hundreds of years through prestige alone. The Volk Mountains are a cold, harsh place for fighting, and that's what the Mountain Watch excel in fighting in. This, combined with a well practice system of multilayered defense makes them a slog at best to dislodge from a position, and you will be paying dearly for every inch.

The Holy Sky King of Avalia

“In the legends, long ago, it is said that in Avalia’s greatest time of need… he came. With wings of brilliant white and gold, baring a bloodstained banner, he rose into the skies and with a swing of his flaming sword, countless invaders were vanquished before him.Thanks to those wretched heretics, enslavers in the Imperium, and the false kings of Avalia, much of this has been purposely lost to time and flames. But I have not forgotten, for how can I forget my own actions? Yes, it is I, nonbelievers, the rightful King of the Skies. In Avalia’s greatest time of need, I have come. When the Elves, dragons, and even orcs threaten our lands, I have finally come again. So long have my subjects languished under such cruel ruling. Even now, that cruelty has caused my own people to even doubt my claim, my word. But I worry not, for in time, all shall be swept away… as I have done before…”

Leader/Important Person(s):
The Revived King of the Sky, real identity unknown, sole ruler

Government Type:
Dictatorial Theocracy

10 Million

Military Overview:
The majority of the King’s forces would make one feel like he has traveled hundreds of years back in time. Peasant Levys armed with makeshift spears, hunting rifles, and other improvised weapons backed by better equipped “Squires' ' and “Knights' ', the elite among those calling themselves “The Knights of the Skies' '. This army is also supported by an infamous mercenary company known as “The Mad Lancers' '. Regardless, they are an odd, but ferocious army of religious zealots who will fight to the last man for the glory of their King!

The Greater Federation of Avalia

"Avalia can be a nation. A nation of vast opportunity and promise. It can be, because she is alive. Here in the west, the free cities of Avalia endure as a beacon of true freedom and prosperity. Kurtti’s strongmen in the capital claim to be liberators, but any man with a beating heart and any notion of what freedom is knows they are nothing more than oppressive thugs. Our fathers would turn in their graves to watch their children throw away the freedom they deserved and for what, security? In their pretense in protecting Valkyrians’ freedom, they have dissolved it. That mad man who claims to be the King of the Sky, he drapes himself in legend for any grasp of legitimacy to his insane campaign of destruction… it's a disgrace. Kurtti, King, Bennick, Hampus… their names change but their loyalties stay the same. Within this Federation, we will not be fooled by their thin veneer of ideology and petty justifications. They are warlords, plain and simple… I ask this of you, does it matter to a citizen whether a bullet in his head came from the rifle of a CSSA militia? The pistol in the hand of a Black Hat agent? One of NLAP’s notorious trigger men? No sane man would shoot his brother and claim it to be righteous under any creed, east of these lands, rationality seems to have been lost to the derangement of ideology. Through us, Avalia endures. Through us, Avalia survives! They call us cowards, idealists, and traitors. We call ourselves the Greater Federation of Avalia. We will rise up when history calls on us, and gladly throw down our weapons and return to the fields after war. We do not desire power. We desire life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Free people of Avalia! We stand ready in the west! When the wolves of the East are done tearing each other’s throats out, we will march out and stretch the Federation from the Volk Mountains to the Southern Seas!”

Leader/Important Person(s):
Albin Hescher, President of The Greater Federation of Avalia

Government Type:
Democratic Republic

16.5 Million

Military Overview:
One could say that the younger half the domestic Avalian army sided with the Greater Federation, as they are the only other conventional army in Avalia aside from the Liberation movement. A mixture of young officers and even younger volunteers, the Greater Federation’s army enjoys the benefit of being one of the only armies not just in Avalia, but in the world it seems to be fielding dedicated aircraft. This is thanks to much of the enlightened brain power of Avalia fleeing the more extreme ideologies and pledging to support the republic. As a result, Federal troops are equipped with some of the latest and greatest that Avalia has to offer, and more importantly, is backed with a comprehensive fire support doctrine. However, this army still is mostly made up of green volunteers, and untested young officers.

The Northern Loyalist Alliance

As the once great 12th Dominion collapsed around them, what few Imperial Legions within the dominion found themselves surrounded by a bloodthirsty and ravenous population. Imperial officials and loyalists left and right were being dragged from their homes, their businesses, and posts and being systematically slaughtered by the angry mobs. Various factions and players began making their moves against each other, but all shared one foe, and that was the Imperium. Many native Avalians within those Legions either deserted or outright mutinied, declaring their loyalties to whichever faction they believed in. Thus, the Legions were alone, trapped, and being pulled apart both from outside and from within. However one city, or more importantly, one woman, shined like a beacon of safety. Lady Agata Bennick of the northern city of Adrean foresaw the coming turmoil and made what preparations she could. With the aid of her private police force known as the “Black Hats” and remnants of the Avalian Royal Guard, she was able to secure her home city of Adrean quickly, and declared her loyalty to the Imperium, accepting all loyalist refugees who made it through the many hostile territories. This, importantly, included many remnants of Legions who wished to continue fighting against these new traitors.

Leader/Important Person(s):
Lady Agata Bennick, last surviving noblewoman of the Avalian nobility aside from many minor dukes and baronesses.

Government Type:
Traditionalist Monarchy

3 Million (Bolstered by retreating Legions)

Military Overview:
As a result of being a mixture of the remaining Legion forces, the remnants of Avalia’s Royal Guard, and Imperial loyalists, the Combined Loyalist Army represents the most experienced army being fielded in the Avalian Civil War. While not as numerous or even well equipped, they are battle tested and most likely the only reason the line has held against their hungry neighbors. However, as the War of the Twin Emperors escalated beyond the lands of Avalia, discontent, infighting, and outright desertion threatens to tear apart the Loyalist stronghold from the inside. Only the mysterious and brutal Black Hats can keep the Combined Loyalist Army in line. Anyone suspected of not doing their duty is silenced. Lady Bennick holds the whip, but she can only hold it for so long...

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