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"Conquer from within."


Not quite that much to say about lil ole me.

I'm an 18 year old freshman college student currently stationed in Iowa, pursuing a Ph.D in Biochemistry.
I love rain, and food. Definitely food.
Don't like the cold all that much, I gotta say.
Favorite color is purple.

I got my username once because of a character I had named Kosetsu, and a friend called me Skrub all the time. Eventually one day he had his mind blown coming up with Skrubsetsu, and it stuck wherever I go. Cool, huh?

My bio's lame. If ye want to chat, feel free to hook me up in PMs. <3

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Mildor and Aegnith both were perplexed, and a bit wary, or Kor's powerful display, watching his meaty hands reach into the corrupted vessels of the puggers and pull out their vital organs out, one by one, blood and corruption staining the earth around him. The sounds they made were indescribably horrifying. Screams of the puggers, mixed with the screams of the souls trapped within the corruption.. It shook even the toughest warrior's mind.

Noticing that corruption was heading towards Sargom, Aegnith's eyes would widen. She wouldn't tell Mildor, nor anyone, what she was seeing, as she also noticed Kor going towards it. Fearing for the leader's safety, she'd sprint on over towards the site, before purposely putting herself in between Sargom and the corruption, and letting it overcome her instead.

(If that's allowed.)
Mildor let out a curse, his eyes narrowing as he noticed the arrows were doing nothing to stop the puggers, that traces of black, oozy corruption followed their wake, lighting the dust around them in fire wherever they stepped. He frowned, his own bow and arrows equipped, as he tried to come up with a quick solution. His eyes widened a bit before he turned, shouting for his sister.

She glanced up, and realized what he wanted her to do, as he would be doing the same. Lifting a thumb up to let him know she knew what he wanted, she took out a arrow and brought the arrow's tip to her lips, in which she would close her eyes briefly. When they opened, they were a paler version of what her normal eye color was. She gently blew on the tip of the arrow, and crystals sprouted from it. Loading it into the bow, she would aim carefully, before letting the arrow sail, the arrow sinking into the chest of a pugger. The arrow would explode, ice sprouting from the body of the pugger and encasing it.

Before it would escape, Mildor would fire his own arrow, a simple one, that would shatter the ice and thus the pugger, destroying it. "Use ice!" He shouted. "Don't let the corruption escape!"

I did I did! Work's been hell though so I'm sorry for the lack of a reply. Tomorrow for sure, or by Saturday, there shall be a post. It's just been a bit hectic, per usual.
Oh god that would’ve destroyed my heart if that happened to me.

I’ll answer tomorrow - thats when I get my new laptop. My other one got destroyed by my dog.. yeah.. but hey i get my new one tomorrow and i’m so pumped.

Just to let you know!
It's okay, take your time. <3
When Aegnith heard the hushed whispers, a shudder passed through her, and she would give a slight shake of her head before the hunters of Kob would leave, but they would remain still for hours to come.

While Kor went out into the forest with the children, and took a bit longer to return, it had begun to raise the question of leaving them all behind. Mildor, and the majority of the elves, were appalled by the decision to almost leave them.

"Replaceable?" He would scoff angrily, a chorus of agreements behind him. "You're ridiculous, leaving defenseless and innocent children behind. Anyone who agree is just as bad as the disgusting demons living in the pits of the mountains." He shook his head, another scoff sounding from him. "Mad, the lot of you."

He was cut off by the screams and running of the children back to them, and Kor's exclamation of a guardian. Aegnith would look alarmed, sharing a distant look with Mildor, who would lightly nod towards her before hell temporarily broke loose, dust shooting up and temporarily surrounding them, scaring the wits out of some of the kids. When it settled, it revealed a small band of puggers coming towards their way.

"Really? We're going to waste our time with these pitiful things?" Mildor muttered, watching from the sidelines for a brief moment. "Aegnith, get your spear." He looked at the elves. "Take the trees, rain hell on these pitiful dogs. We shan't waste our time with such low priority things. We have bigger things to worry about."

Man, I understand completely. School's been suffocating me with how much time it takes up.
Mildor remained silent throughout the exchange, taking note how some of these newcomers were hiding, and just taking in the sheer number of them.. Oh dear. Giving a low sigh, he lightly rubbed his forehead and would look about at the remaining caravan that had survived the calamity. He took notice of the elves as they seemed wary, and lifted a hand to soothe them. "Just keep watch, and be alert. We never know when another attack from the beasts of the mountain can occur." They would nod and would begin to keep a careful watch.

Aegnith stood by her lonesome to the side, watching the exchange quietly, her blonde hair gently blowing in the breeze that had begun to build and blow around them. Giving a low sigh, she'd turn her eyes to the mountain, feeling it's presence deep within her core. It frazzled her, looking at it.

Okay literally this entire time I thought I had already responded, and was just waiting for you. Nope.. I never answered like I thought I did.


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