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Current Debating on doing another interest check. Most of my RPs have gone dead. -sobs-
7 days ago
Someone hmu with good ole fashioned RP. Lord knows I need it in my life.
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Finals are next week. Pray for me.
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2 mos ago
Finals are coming up, posts will be a bit scattered. </3
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2 mos ago
After a bit of a break, I'm back! I'll try to respond as quick as I can!


Not quite that much to say about lil ole me.

I'm an 18 year old freshman college student currently stationed in Iowa, pursuing a Ph.D in Biochemistry.
I love rain, and food. Definitely food.
Don't like the cold all that much, I gotta say.
Favorite color is purple.

I got my username once because of a character I had named Kosetsu, and a friend called me Skrub all the time. Eventually one day he had his mind blown coming up with Skrubsetsu, and it stuck wherever I go. Cool, huh?

My bio's lame. If ye want to chat, feel free to hook me up in PMs. <3

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Awh shit, I'll have to post a character sheet soon .. When I'm not procrastinating.. Rip.

Nah, intense in a good way. I've been looking for an RP that's in depth and something that lines up with my interests, and this is damn near perfect LOL.

Look forward to it!
This RP seems intense and awesome. I'm actually really interested. It'd give me some practice with writing in a more advanced writing style.
Hello again, RPers!
Skrubsetsu here, and I'm rolling out another interest check.

As you can tell by the title, this interest check is more centered around romantic settings, whether that be in Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, etc. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say? I enjoy writing about my characters falling love by whatever path the RP takes them.

I'm looking for people within the Casual-Advanced writing style range, but moreso to help myself increase length within my posts.

The topic is up to you, and whatever you're most comfortable doing / most interested in. I'm pretty open! The RP itself can be done in a public thread, and 18+ content can be done in PMs, or the entire RP itself can be done in PMs. I don't mind either way.

Topics I'm fine with doing:
- Sci-Fi
- Fantasy
- Slice of Life
- 18+
- Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic
- Different Ages [Modern, Futuristic, Western, Medieval]
- Nation / Military

Topics I'm not okay with doing:
- Anything canon from a show, manga, etc.
- Hardcore gore
- Fandoms [Subject to change]
- School [Subject to change]
- Superhero
- Horror
- Ancient

PM ME IF INTERESTED > I don't get notifications for those who comment, so I'm afraid I'll miss your comments!
Aegnith felt weak, when the corruption released her mind for the time being, allowing her to fall from the armor and to the ground. Her followers, the elves of the caravan, stood around her, worried sick. Her brother pushed madly through the crowd, getting down beside her and cradling her, his eyes wide with both shock and anger. "Why in the hell would you do such a thing?" He snapped at her, though it came out more as him being a worried brother than anything else.

She'd smile weakly and shake her head, murmuring quietly, "I couldn't let it hurt someone, brother. I'm gonna be okay, promise." He let out a low sigh, shaking his head as she leaned forward to hug him. "I'm really tired though, can we rest somewhere?" He'd give a nod and hoist her up in his arms, glancing around. "Pack the wagons," He ordered. "We're moving out to find somewhere to stay before night falls."

The elves nodded and disbanded, and everyone would get the wagons of the caravan together, or what was left, before moving out once more. Along the journey, they found a village that was willing to let them stay for the night on the outskirts, where everyone would set up tents and turn in for the night.

Mildor sat outside, atop a wagon as he sat vigil, staring down at his hand as black lightning flickered along his skin. He could feel the heat, the hunger. It unsettled him, and he'd close his fist, willing it away.

Yeah, midterms came by and I got a bit busy with schooling and work. Thanksgiving break is rolling around now so I should be able to get in some good posts before classes resume! Sorry!!
Mildor and Aegnith both were perplexed, and a bit wary, or Kor's powerful display, watching his meaty hands reach into the corrupted vessels of the puggers and pull out their vital organs out, one by one, blood and corruption staining the earth around him. The sounds they made were indescribably horrifying. Screams of the puggers, mixed with the screams of the souls trapped within the corruption.. It shook even the toughest warrior's mind.

Noticing that corruption was heading towards Sargom, Aegnith's eyes would widen. She wouldn't tell Mildor, nor anyone, what she was seeing, as she also noticed Kor going towards it. Fearing for the leader's safety, she'd sprint on over towards the site, before purposely putting herself in between Sargom and the corruption, and letting it overcome her instead.

(If that's allowed.)
Mildor let out a curse, his eyes narrowing as he noticed the arrows were doing nothing to stop the puggers, that traces of black, oozy corruption followed their wake, lighting the dust around them in fire wherever they stepped. He frowned, his own bow and arrows equipped, as he tried to come up with a quick solution. His eyes widened a bit before he turned, shouting for his sister.

She glanced up, and realized what he wanted her to do, as he would be doing the same. Lifting a thumb up to let him know she knew what he wanted, she took out a arrow and brought the arrow's tip to her lips, in which she would close her eyes briefly. When they opened, they were a paler version of what her normal eye color was. She gently blew on the tip of the arrow, and crystals sprouted from it. Loading it into the bow, she would aim carefully, before letting the arrow sail, the arrow sinking into the chest of a pugger. The arrow would explode, ice sprouting from the body of the pugger and encasing it.

Before it would escape, Mildor would fire his own arrow, a simple one, that would shatter the ice and thus the pugger, destroying it. "Use ice!" He shouted. "Don't let the corruption escape!"

I did I did! Work's been hell though so I'm sorry for the lack of a reply. Tomorrow for sure, or by Saturday, there shall be a post. It's just been a bit hectic, per usual.
Oh god that would’ve destroyed my heart if that happened to me.

I’ll answer tomorrow - thats when I get my new laptop. My other one got destroyed by my dog.. yeah.. but hey i get my new one tomorrow and i’m so pumped.

Just to let you know!
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