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Current Space vampires and werewolves try to stop a Mummy AI from spoiling their human food…
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omg it's been a very long time since I've been on here...
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"A creepy old man cut my hair off!" - Thor
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My OOC is complete. I will now go outside and enjoy the beautiful sun, until it gets too hot, then scuttle back inside where Horizon Zero Dawn awaits me. Finally, I get to play you!


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“Yeah...” Ishawari sunk into his chair as he recalled the second stanza with a frown. “My concern lies with keeping this ‘Smiling Monk’ happy. In fact, out of the entire poem, that is the only one that isn’t as straight forward as the rest. Though, I reckon it won’t be too much of a problem. It’s not like the Emperor would make it anymore difficult for us to achieve our mission, right?”

With impeccable timing, lightning boomed in the distance. Ishawari refocused on the subject, not allowing any room for doubt to creep into the moment.

“While you gather what you can from Kana, I’ll head into the village to grab whatever food and equipment we might need. The villagers will want to know he’s okay, and it’ll be a perfect opportunity for me to address our departure.”

Ishawari slowly exhaled, nodding with approval. This felt right. They needed to make a move, now, more than ever.

“We should get what rest we can tonight.” He looked to Jin with soft eyes, “Will you be okay?”
@Lucky Sounds good! I look forward to it.

@Ivory Chime@Gigan@Roseate@Jarl Coolgruuf Hey all, just checking to see who’s still planning on making a sheet. No worries if you’ve changed your mind.
First, thank you for taking the time to read the lore. Secondly, I love your idea a lot.

Very awesome depth to this character's background. I love the fact that they'd be deeply religious (in devotion to Magnate Dracul) as they were essentially salvaged from a dimensional tear and perhaps had an outer body experience that resonated similarly to Dracul's Ritual of Ascension (His doctor strange trip through the universe and all the extra dimensions in between). Helping spin the propaganda wheel on the neural network is a nice touch too. They'd perhaps be seen as an equivalent to a pop culture icon, or at least well respected in the media. I love it!

The RP hasn't gained much traction save a couple people expressing interest, so please feel free to apply!
I know it’s full at the moment, but I’d like to let my interest be known in case somebody drops out.


As you enter the hollowed remains of glowing skull matter, you are greeted by an emerald flan!

Hello, weary traveler! Welcome to the nexus point. I am a Skull Scribe Herald - a gelatinous cube, whose omnipresence extends throughout the multiverse. Don't mind those floating skeletons in my person, they're merely remnants of fleeting ghosts! Ahem... I'm in search of worthy writing partners for my master! Fantasy, horror, science fiction, and fandoms are the muse, but we prefer to explore these ideas with unorthodox, creative concepts in mind!

Before reading any further, please know that I'm looking for fairly active, decent communicators willing to post in thread and not PM, and aren't afraid to be creative world builders.


*Paladin and Deathknight* - Nothing is more black and white than life and death, but what happens when the tides of chaos and order dry up? In the face of a nihilistic usurper, can the champions of light and dark come together to vanquish a common enemy? "Probably not..."

*Ghostly Mages* - Oh what perils do inquisitive sorcerers face in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? In the heap of tomes they drown away in words inked by near omnipotent masters. Two scholars, friends since birth, vow to enter the Magi Academy to wield powers they only dreamed about as play fighting children. However... they are not gifted... not an ounce of natural potential in them! How then can these two youngsters hope to follow their dreams? Enter the failed ones... ghostly apprentices who've bitten more than they could chew, and choked to death for it. They approach the two youngsters with an offer that could catapult them into mystical stardom! But at what cost? "$9.99 + free shipping!"

*Undercover Underworld* - Two Necromancer Detectives work for The Grim Reaper as they try to stop soul traffickers from causing The End of Times! "DEAD COP, DEADER COP!"


*Space Pirate Junk Wars!* - Set in the distant future, we're glorified garbage truck drivers cleaning up all of the crap floating around earth's orbit. It's an all out frenzy with other private cleaning companies, marauders, and privateers, who're all after The Gold Ambrosia, a legendary treasure some believe didn't come from earth...


*Court of the Dead* - Super random and super niche lore based off of Sideshow Collectible's own line of horror statues. Here's a link to free comic content that expands on this very interesting (and slightly disturbing) universe.

That's all I have for now. Please feel free to PM me to discuss any of these ideas, or maybe something you have in mind! Open to 1 x 1, or if people gravitate towards one particular idea, I'm willing to start up a small group!
Oooh! I like that idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
I’m going to give this one last push in the interest checks lol
He softly chuckled as she associated him with the word ‘eloquent’.

“I might not be the sharpest tool in the armory, but I do have my moments.” Ishawari grinned. He never knew how to handle compliments, and with the moment so intensely vulnerable, he more than welcomed her idea to plot their next course of action. Was he so duty bound that he failed to read the moment? With what happened today, his mind was weary and filled with concern. Hanowa brought peace into his life, and perhaps a look into a possible future, but he muffled his emotions because that is how he was raised. Strict discipline through the art of combat did not allow for emotions like love to blossom. Will I guard my heart forever? He shook his head.

“Today is a grim reminder of the dangers that await us. We should definitely make preparations to take our leave as soon as possible. Perhaps we can even use what transpired as a valid excuse for our departure? No doubt the villagers will do everything in their power to make us want to stay. We have to remain vigilant on that front...” Ishawari looked over to the open entrance way into Prince Hotaru’s room and sighed. “The sooner we leave, the easier it’ll be on the boy. He’s made friends here...”

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