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I guess I'm back.....
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*Explodes into confetti* O(≧∇≦)O Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!!!!!!
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Some people say J stars Victory Vs. Is a spam game XD well if you fight a spammer and loose become yourself or maybe, just maybe become better at the game so you can wreck the spammer :o *gasp*
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D: Sims 4!!!!!!


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In Welcome to Marchand! 21 May 2017 16:37 Forum: Casual Roleplay
The feeling of being marooned in a lonely seat by rowdy teenagers was not as bad as Noah thought it to be. Who'd of guess waking up to a family that sounds like a rave is happening every second would come in handy at a time like this. Noah peacefully​ enjoyed his vegetarian themed meal and continued to scope out the beings that paraded around the Commons. As he finished his salad he began to slowly reach for a carrot to eat next. He successfully​ apprehended the carrot but as he did so a boy sat himself across from Noah. Before Noah could even examine this boy, he had already started a conversation between them. He asked a question relating to other students which Noah somewhat ignored and responded with by starring​ blankly at the boy. Noah sat silently​ and continued to stare at Percival as he wondered why did he choose to approach him of all people.

Before Noah decided to respond and kill the awkwardness that he was probably causing a woman took the stand and spoke to the students. Noah waited for this woman to finish her speech and as he did so he thought about his situation with Percival. If he interacted with him more he can gain an ally, but for every ally there's an enemy. He ignored this and decided to befriend Percival once the speech was over.

Once Ms. Lovette finished speaking Noah turned towards Percival and bowed to him. "Sorry for the disrespectful starring. My name is Noah, Noah Zima." Noah smiled for once and continued to interact with Percival. "I am also sorry that I do not have any information on why certain students were fighting. Although it could be family history. It's not hard to notice the large amount of royal blood present in this room." Noah didn't wanna mention anything but he believe he read of Percival's family before. It wouldn't be a surprise since Noah was raised to be a servant to more powerful royal families and any prior knowledge of them had to be learned.

Was anyone else completely thrown off by Kiwiwiwi's post??

Also, @Slendy, the times at which you mention "site" I am most positive you mean "Sight" as in... Seeing... with your eyes....

Yeah sometimes my computer auto corrects things for me and it's really random so I'd never really know. Thank you! I'll reread my post and change what needs to be changed.
In Welcome to Marchand! 17 May 2017 23:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay
The bus ride to the school wasn't as tedious to Noah as it would of probably been for everyone else on the bus. Noah sat close to the back and was too occupied with writing things down on a piece paper he had to be bothered with the constant agreesive bumping. For most of the ride Noah wrote down battle plans. He'd constantly look up And would revert back to his paper after briefly starting at someone on the bus. He didn't out right stare at people but more of a glance from time to time. Noah did this to get a better idea of how the people he was looking at would fair in a fight. He was aware that assumptions based off of physical characteristics was not the best information to go off of but it was better than nothing in his opinion. As he came close to finishing his assessment of everyone in his eye sight of the bus he already noticed that he was short compared to the males of the bus....and that one towering female.

A few bumps later the school was in sight and Noah prepared to leave the bus even though his chances of being the last to leave was the highest. Not because he was short but he didn't give off much of a presence. Those two together often leads to Noah being ignored which he was fine with. As his fellow students exited the bus he waited until he was last and followed suit. Unlike the common backpack or suitcase Noah carried a camping backpack that almost was as large as him. Yes there was clothes in the bag but a good portion of the bag was weights for exercising. You'd think someone with Noah's built would have trouble with a massive bag but he wasn't bothered by it's towering weight. Noah examined the exterior of the school amazement present on his face. Within seconds he had already had another paper and pencil in hand writing down more information as he entered the school.

As he followed the zombie patterns of getting in line to sign his name and walking to the Commons Noah kept an amazed look on his face. The interior just as glorious as it's exterior. Noah couldn't help but write down what he say. Unlike before he was just taking notes of the hallways and meaningful​ places he passed as he made his way to the Commons. He did receive a map of the school but he found it better to write down things on his own. As Noah entered the Commons he focused on his paper surprisingly not bumping into a single thing. Without looking from his paper he navigated his way through the ocean of talkative teens and searched for a seat that was secluded as possible. Once he came in contact with said seat he removed his camping bag and finished up his mapping of the hallways he walked to get to the Commons. Noah folded the paper and slid it into his inner pocket of his tuxedo. Speaking of his tuxedo, Noah was surprised it didn't draw much attention. Then again he was probably invisible to though who like to live in the fast lane. He'd just be glanced over and never thought of again. Noah made his way over to get some food and managed to get as much fruit and vegetable themed meals as he could possibly carry. It was a tough trip back to the table but Noah managed. As he sat and began to eat a salad it seemed that the noise that was present in the Commons was no where near calming down. He just kept his head low and aimed to get his regular needed nutrients.
In Welcome to Marchand! 15 May 2017 22:36 Forum: Casual Roleplay
:D Who wants to be roomies!!!!?

...if u don't want to...>.> It's not like I care or anything...
In Welcome to Marchand! 14 May 2017 23:06 Forum: Casual Roleplay

BOOM! XD I hope I didn't go over board!

Sorry for posting slow! v.v Schools been a pain since the big tests are getting closer.

"Follow me. There's something similar to a green house behind the Mansion." This is perfect for Simon. Being alone with a woman in a peaceful environment almost brought a tear to the young man's face. He made sure to escort her to the green house without interacting with people he knows for sure will mess this up for him. He led Raspberry to a staircase that leads to the back of the Mansion. Once he reached the bottom he continued to walk down a large hall to doors that opened to a walk way that led to the green house. "All the proper tools should be in there already."

Simon stopped and looked at her facial expressions as she spoke. She must really hate roofs to be in such a sadden state about it. "How about we tend to the Mansion's green life? You know, water plants and things like that." After all if he's gonna help her it's best to start off with something she's okay with.

An extra hand would be useful now that Simon fully thought about it. It usually did take him a few hours to get a task done around the mansion but now that can probably be shortened. While he was admiring Raspberry's body in the maiden clothes he did notice some very familiar looking books in her closet. Though before he could get a better look she rushed and closed the closet. He smiled and made his way to her door. "I hope to get to know you better too Ms.Raspberry and for our first chore we will be fixing the roof. This mansion is a bit old and I don't need it collapsing on itself from these Looney toon characters antics." He waits till she's ready to leave and started to walk down the hall to the entrance to the roof. As he walked he was thinking of letting her walk up the ladder to the roof first. Any chance at a panty shot is a perfect one.
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