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Current Currently battling Sophomore year and lack of anime time!
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I guess I'm back.....
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*Explodes into confetti* O(≧∇≦)O Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!!!!!!
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Some people say J stars Victory Vs. Is a spam game XD well if you fight a spammer and loose become yourself or maybe, just maybe become better at the game so you can wreck the spammer :o *gasp*
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D: Sims 4!!!!!!


HAPPY 2000 TO ME!!!!!!!! O(≧∇≦)O

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Travis laid slumped over on his desk in defeat. He swore that if he had another verbal encounter with the opposite sex he'd try his hardest to not fall into his introvert state again. For some reason it seemed like his wants were put to the test. As he raised his head from his desk to yawn he could see Yoshi walking back in his direction. At that moment all Travis could squeeze out of his mouth was one word, shit. He whispered the word to himself everytime Yoshi took a closer step.

He took a deep breathe, smiled​ and waved at Yoshi as she became close enough to commence a conversation with himself. She apologized for leaving and Travis, while rubbing his head chuckling, responded with, "'s need to apologize." This was going somewhat well in his eyes. Even if it was just the start of their interaction.

Well it was going well until Yoshi said she had a question. Travis was about to sweat a lake by the sheer mention of the word question. He let out a low. "...Yes." And awaited the question. Luckily it was just for a piece of paper. If she had asked​ bout his current relationship status he would of died on the spot. "Oh! Uhh yeah... Wait a second I'll get u one."

Travis got up and kneeled next to his seat to reach under it. As he grabbed some loose sleeve papers from under his desk he unconsciously said aloud, "I would be fine with just getting to know you more outside of your religious aspects...." Travis stood and smiled unaware of his previous statement and pointed over towards AI. "I....uh I mean...if you're​ willing to then I'd like to know...I-if that's okay with you that is...I could go back with you to Ai s-so you wouldn't have to commute here and back..." Travis was having a hard time saying whole sentences but he kept his composure. He didn't technically answer Yoshi's question about the specific things he wanted to know about her but he hope that he gave a somewhat fitted response. Travis extended his right arm out to hand Yoshi the loose sleeves of paper. There was a bit more than she had asked for. He sorta avoided​ eye contact as he waited for Yoshi to take the paper.
Welp fixed my mistake and posted what I wanted to actually post.

Travis was a bit surprised to hear Yoshi's response. Well he was at first until Yoshi closed the space between​ them to thoroughly explain what can be considered devil's music or not. He honestly had a hard time listening to what she was saying. Travis has never been this close let alone locked eyes with the opposite sex for such a long period. Travis still managed​ to pay attention to some of the things she said but he was seriously focusing on not turning completely red. If he blushed now and someone saw that it was caused by the nun, he didn't know what he'd do.

Once Yoshi took a few steps back Travis lowered his head avoiding any further eye contact with Yoshi. His cheeks were hot and he knew his face was some type of redish color. "W-well... I guess that's good to hear not all heavy metal music is demonic..." He let's out a suspicious laugh that he hoped wasn't too suspicious. "....and yeah swing is horrible..."

This was bad, Travis didn't know what to say next. It looked so easy in mangas but making friends Sucked in real life. He wanted to ask her to talk more about herself but he couldn't bring himself to ask. Even before he could get a word out Yoshi was already walking away. He exhaled heavily wishing he could get better at communicating.

Travis was quick to return to his music after he had introduced himself. He was honestly ready for this little 12 step program type of introduction to end. Travis didn't get to critique the students that went after himself. He was so focused on fixing the poor first impression he gave that he didn't bother to look up. All you could see was the aggressive twiddle of his thumbs as he starred at the ground.

He leaned back in his chair and would gaze around the room from time to time. It was tough being an introvert but hell this was crazy he literally didn't know what to do. Travis decided to give into his soloist attitude...well he was going to until he felt a religious disturbance in the force. He tried to ignore it but the more he tried the more he slowly began to sweat. " no." He whispered to himself as he closed his eyes.

And as soon as he opened his eyes there she stood. Nutty the nun in all her graciousness​. Travis quickly thought of ways to get her out his hair. Maybe he'd lie and proclaim that he was a homosexual getting ready to marry his seriously gay boyfriend after highschool. Then again that could crash and burn in his face so for now he decided to see what she had to say.

To his surprise she came to talk about heavy metal. Travis hated himself now. How did he not notice it before. She's the naughty nun type character. He stated to himself mentally but physically​ placed his fist in the palm of his hand as if he'd uncovered a mystery. Travis smiled and replied with "Veni Domine and Bloodgood are sorta not my style.. more of a Bring Me The Horizon type of guy." Travis paused for a moment then realized something. "I'm not as familiar with your religion as you are but isn't Heavy metal seen as "devil music"?" He questioned Yoshi also doing the quotation hand gestures when he mentioned devil music.
XD OMG I laughed so hard reading this OOC. Every other second someone posts and misses someone else's post.
XD Nothing too crazy! I watched Mayo Chiki and in the anime there was this girl that drew yaoi fan fics of the protagonist and the female lead who was dressed as a guy. So these fan fics would probably be whoever the school students shipped as couples or whatever.

[EDIT]: Plus not really focused on fan fics at them moment. ^•^ just Character development.
Sitting in the most secluded seat possible in the room, Travis, sat leaned back in his chair having a one sided starring contest with the ceiling as he listened to music. It was obvious that he was beating the ceiling because the ceiling had no eyes so how could it even win. Anyways Travis was enjoying his brownie which went perfectly with the water. He was actually happy he finally decided to join a club. Which was funny because the song that was playing at the moment was, "I Hate Everythig About You" by Three Days Grace. The song didn't quite fit his mood but hell he still enjoyed himself.

Once the good song came to an end someone had made their way to the board and began to speak. Travis wasn't that disrespectful so he turned his music down but not off. He watched carefully​ as the girl introduced herself and mentioned that everyone will be introducing themselves. Travis didn't stare as much to avoid being titled as a pervert but he knew without a doubt that Mitsuko will he an interesting character.

Speaking of interesting characters the next student to stand near the board and introduce themselves was this Yoshi girl. Travis wanted to join for supernatural happy fun time not borderline lunatic ranting sessions. Travis is fund of Jesus(the Hispanic pronunciation) but he could tell that Yoshi was one of those...intense type of people. Travis couldn't help but to turn down his music the more Yoshi spoke. The last thing he needed was for her to hear his music and suspect him of devil worshiping. Travis made sure to keep an eye out on her. She could cause many problems for him and his love for his choice of music.

Next to introduce themselves was Zane Wulf and he seemed to have made a comment aimed at the nun who took the stand before him. It wasn't until Zane sat down that Travis started to pay more attention to the boy:girl ratio of the room. It was a bit obvious that there were more females than males but for now that didn't bother Travis. He had more potential "friends" to listen to. Maybe another nut job will take the board or maybe a Loli dictator.

Travis wasn't sure about the dictator part but surprisingly a potential Loli took the board. She had that cyborg type of feel the way she spoke too. To top it all off her name was Ai, which would of been a perfect pun for A.I.(Artificial intelligence). Ignoring the hungry manga author part of his mind Travis concluded that this girl would be a good friend if he doesn't scare her away.

After the Loli was I shit you not the popular sport type girl from a dating sim. Travis of course heard of Yuki but there's no point in mentioning​ that aloud. Again he's trying to stray from the path of being called a pervert and saying that could probably level him up to a stalker. All and all she seemed like a nice girl and like Zane and Ai a possible friend.

Seeing as no one was stepping over each other to get to the board Travis stood from his seat slowly and made his way to the board. Once he reached the board he wrote his name and turned to everyone bowing before he spoke. "Nice to all. My name is Furukawa, Travis." Travis spoke with his voice instantly giving off an unenthused tone. "I hope to get more acquainted with you all..." He scratched his neck and gave a low and uneasy chuckle. "I guess a fun fact would be that I like metal and rock music.... Travis shook his head as he walked back to his seat. He knew he sucked at conversations and knew he sorta blew his intro.

Yeah photographic is what I meant. v.v and I will make sure to not go over board! That means no hentai drawings for everyone and or fan fic drawing of other students! I'll keep Travis as pg-ish as possible. *Gives an agreesive thumbs up*
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