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Looks like something I could be involved in...for the right price.
Well, friends, sorry for the silence.

I think its time I do something, so @ActRaiserTheReturned @Nerdy Reference @Lmpkio @rawkhawk64

Who here wants to negotiate a contract? Since no ones at war currently, I'm still up to scouting missions or even potential raids. Just something to note, I will be a little busy with work over the coming week so I might only post once or twice on some days. Given the current rate of posts though, that might not be so noticeable.

(Do note I'm open to other factions, I just singled out people I thought might want some bigger guns or supplementary forces)
Far Country

Carolyn Richter surveyed the room around her as she stepped onto the command deck of the Union Class Dropship Redoubtable. Of course there was an array of people doing their jobs, which at the moment was understandably little with the dropship grounded for repairs. That was about to change, however, and business would resume. It was time to put their services back on the market if they were stuck here.

Looking to the holotank, Carolyn quickly spotted her "council" and head tech gathered for the meeting. As she approached, she quickly noticed that the holotank was filled with a projection of the ship itself. The ship was operational and the weapons were operational, which meant they were ready for operations.

"I think its time we found a contract," Carolyn said as she joined the group. She looked to Head Technician Conrad Douglas, "Are we ready to get back in the fight?"

"As ready as we can be," came Conrad's response. "Everything is in top condition, or as close to top condition as it can be with the age of some of our equipment."

Without pause Carolyn responded with, "Good," before turning to council and asking, "What of the troops?"

Kurt responded for the group, saying, "The men are ready. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear we're getting back to business."

Of course Pauline McBride would cut in, "I know the flyers will be happy to be back in the air."

Carolyn smiled as she said, "Then we are ready to take contracts. Kurt, I need you and the others to go inform the men that we are back in business. Conrad, I want to make a broadcast on all frequencies."

Conrad busied himself at the holotank for a moment before looking to Carolyn in confirmation. Carolyn stepped closer to the holotank herself and began speaking into a mic. "This is Colonel Carolyn Richter of Richter's Rangers. I am broadcasting this message to inform any interested parties that Richter's Rangers are now selling their services in exchange for supplies and services. To discuss contracts and terms contact us on any frequency." Carolyn then killed the transmission and looked to Conrad, "Repeat that for a while. I want to make sure everyone has a chance to hear it."

Carolyn was left the command center with a smile on her face. Business would surely be good.

Leader: Carolyn Richter
Faction Name: Richter's Rangers
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Universe of Origin: Battletech
Oh, this looks cool. I'm definitely interested.
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