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Finally finished, sorry it took so long

Interested! Hopefully, i'll have a character up later today.
Still alive! got caught up with things, sorry I haven't been active ;; @Spirit
Yikes, I did a goof. Messed up something within my post and I just realized it now at 4:30 AM. Nice.
Wyvern was perched on the shoulder of the odd gnome in rainbow cloth, with a strange hairdo... or... better known as Blixxi. He observed, with adept eyes the goings on of the above-dwellers, commonly referred to as clods by most gnomes - not his favorite terminology for the above-dwellers. However, on the occasion, the term would slip out, and Blixxi would go wild since it was so unlike him. - His feathers ruffled as a particularly large - and not to mention clumsy - above-dweller stomped past. He could feel his talons vibrate on Blixxi's shoulders. He could half see why his fellow gnomes dubbed them 'clods'... His thoughts meandered away until they reached the large doors of the library, and he gave a small hop of excitement. A library? That large? This was a dream come true! But this brightness was dampened by the lingering thought that as a parrot, he wouldn't be able to turn pages quite so well, and he would have to ask Blix to help him. During his study times when he had requested her help, she was notorious for falling asleep or getting distracted, which made the whole process quite agonizing and painstaking to him.

As they continued down further into the library, he noticed the small otter workers and cooed softly in surprise. Otters? What in tarnation? A bit further into the tour, during the time period whilst they were showcasing the magic duel, Wyv's claws dug deeper into Blixxi's shoulders with agitation as she strayed aweary from the group. "Hey! -" He hissed, "Why did you break off from the group!? There could be important information that you're missing out on!" He continued, glaring - as well as a parrot could - at her. They had wandered all the way back towards the library! Blixxi remained silent either out of fear of exposing her polymorphed friend's true nature or because she was as distracted as ever.Probably the latter. Before continuing deeper into the gargantuan library, they stopped at a book shelf that held a set of well-used books. He watched, with disbelief, as she set one of the vulnerable covers alight in flame, wondering if she had even heard what the head mistress had said previously. - "There is only one copy of any given book in this library, and destruction of this knowledge is punishable by expulsion." He shivered. Blix was already toeing the line, and on their first day yet... He sighed and responded like usual, "Idiot...Idiot...Idiot." He watched her quickly shove the book back to where it had originated from, and, quickly looking around to see that no others watched, whacked her on the head with his wing. Not enough to be frighteningly painful, just enough to hurt a small amount and grab her attention. "It's important that we get back to the group now, so we don't miss on anything else! I swear, sometimes you're just... bird brained!"
Posted my character, going in conjunction with @Too old 4 this

Nothing that wasn't mentioned above under the Nyanni!
Just review it, then dm either me or glib(too old 4 this) your application and we'll review it and tell if anything needs changing ^^
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