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She calmed down a bit when the woman thanked her, then calmed down a lot when the man threw a bag of coins at her, but as soon as she took a look around, she was filled with horror. Unspeakable chaos had set the tavern ablaze, ignited fighting in the street, and struck fear into the town square. Her heart pounded, and her breath grew short.

Where was Jason?

With the bag of coins, Maria ignored the man’s commands and rushed about the panicked square, looking for her son. She searched high and low, in between the crowds, the alleys, the windows. She could not bear the thought that Jason was in the tavern.

Then finally, she found him in the alley way behind the store. Wordlessly, and without even acknowledging the people he was with, she grabbed his hand, and ran back into the shop. Jason followed reluctantly, peering back at the man as he was dragged along by the arm.

Jason was found, but not safe. She needed to help the people outside. Maria hastily shoved the bag of coins behind the counter, and retrieved her spell book. She doubted that there would be any survivors from the inn, but she needed to do what she could, not just for Jason and herself, but for the town of Waeldeshore, which she had grown to love.

Maria held Jason by the shoulders and peered into his eyes. “Stay here, and don’t move. I’ll be back soon. I promise.” She kissed his forehead, then darted outside.

Quickly, she hid behind one of the abandoned merchant stands, hoping that no one would see her. Opening her grimoire, she muttered an incantation over the figures she recognized in the carnage. She was too far away to heal the man with the wounded arm or the man with the split open hand, but the least she could do was send a spell that helped cleared the combatants’ minds and heightened their senses.

She would be dead if she was discovered by the guards or the skeletons.

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Jason was definitely not staying inside when there was a chance to witness Joffridus saving the day. Sneakily, he climbed up on one of the high shelves behind the counter, rummaged around, and pulled out a beautifully crafted dagger. Apparently, it was his grandfather’s handiwork.

He rushed outside to rejoin Joffridus and the ladies, ready to fight with them. He had spent many long hours swinging sticks in the air and pretending to defeat imaginary goblins, so he was definitely ready for perilously dangerous mortal combat. The dagger felt kind of heavy, though.

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Sigh... I've been taking summer classes, and got caught up with a bunch of other projects. As it is now, I need to cut down on my RP time, since it takes up at least an hour or two every time I make a post with the reading and thinking and writing and whatnot. I'll have to drop out of this one.

I was kind of afraid of this happening, but since this is the most spontaneous RP I'm in, it'll be the least disruptive one for me to drop out of since there aren't any big planned plotlines to weave. I guess that's the fun of it though- you can throw Edward around like a ragdoll/zombie/device, and I'll be sure to pop in every now and then to see what happens to him.

Alas, Edward dies without love. Sorry Pallas.

Again, sorry guys, and best of luck with the adventures in the Bawdy Dog!

Things got a little better, then much, much, much, much MUCH worse, and in what seemed like a blink of the eye, Maria found herself yelling and screaming down the streets of Waeldeshore, leaving the shop completely unattended as she scurried after the scarred man, foreign lady, and a bizarre moving, burning skeleton. She didn't ever drink, but if and when things settled down, she would need something quite strong to calm her nerves. To know why the usually calm and temperate gentle-lady was hurling down the cobblestone in a monstrous and unseemly fury, a short recollection of events is in order:

We start with Maria, staring down the blade of a sword after healing the odd foreign lady who just bled all over her pristine counter. Already in a foul mood from the boisterous riff raff, Maria was having none of it. Thankfully, the gnome saved her from also bleeding all over the countertop, but as soon as the man lowered his sword, the foreign girl jumped up and ran out of the store, and the scarred man with him. The gnome followed. Maria blinked, confused for a second, then her eyes grew wide, and her face flushed with bitter rage.

Damn bastards barging in, making a mess, getting healed, threatening to kill her (And there was nothing she hated more than when men tried to use their power to threaten her), lecturing her, then running off without paying!!

Understandably, Maria was a little bit upset, so she completely ignored the man with the bleeding arm who made his way towards her. She also ignored the hand with the burnt hand. She marched towards the door and she angrily called out for payment.

And then suddenly the door to her store was on fire.

And then it was out, but still. THE DOOR TO HER FUCKING STORE WAS BURNT NOW!?

She looked a bit more like an anthropomorphic wild boar, hurdling after the group in a ball of rage, screaming at the top of her lungs, "GET BACK HERE AND PAY ME FOR EVERYTHING YOU--" the rest of her tirade is not fit for the printed word.

They had stopped, the man ran skeleton through till it lay extinguished and motionless, and if Maria was in a somewhat thoughtful mood, she would have stopped and been rather perturbed. But not this time. She threw herself at the tall scarred man from behind, attempting to strangle him, but instead hanging rather limply as her thin arms wrapped weakly around his broad shoulders. She continued yelling curses and profane epithets.

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Around the corner, he saw his mother running, screaming, yelling down the street in a furious fit. He shrugged. This happened every now and then, or at least somewhat often. He turned back to the cloaked lady, still holding the ball of lint.

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whoa that escalated quickly. Saaaaaaave meeeeeeeee. But actually, save me please, because Maria's really mad right now, isn't thinking straight, and is totally about to get herself killed... which might be a plot point to drive Jason's character development, but do you really wanna go that way?

But whatever, you have full permission to rough up the shop... and/or kill Maria. I won't be too butt hurt.

@notdeadyet or start a fight!

She felt the cold steel graze against her throat, and her eyes darted angrily to the man who wielded it. She was too indignant to be afraid. Obnoxious riff raff barging into the shop, ignoring her, making a mess, then trying to kill her. She wasn't thinking about Jason needing a mother. She wasn't even thinking about the next 5 seconds. She was just angry.

And just a little bit, though she wasn't sure why, the scarred man reminded her of her husband.

She glared defiantly down the edge of the blade, and spat out, "I'm just your friendly, sweet, medicine lady."

"But yes, there may be a spell for that," she smirked coldly. "Try me, if you have the balls to kill an innocent store owner."

But of course, there wasn't a spell for that.


He blinked several times throughout the proceedings between the adults. It seemed like the scary lady wanted to protect him, and Joffridus wanted to protect the scary lady. He was beginning to wonder if maybe the scary lady had some sort of special power.

He blinked again as the cloaked lady examined him, unsure if he was supposed to spin around, strike a pose, or dance or something. He wasn’t used to being stared at. It felt like her eyes were poking his insides, and that was weird. Weird lady. But she didn’t seem mean, and she certainly wasn’t scary like Joffridus’ companion.

What to do, what to do, Jason thought. Oh! He dug around in his pockets, and pulled out a clump of lint littered with several leftover bread crumbs. It kinda sorta looked like a bunny, or a turtle, or a cloud maybe. At least to Jason. Probably.

With a sheepish grin, he held out the lint creature thing to the cloaked lady.

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Maria did her best to hide her contempt as the tall scarred man plopped a strange, wet foreign woman down on the counter. She had just cleaned it this morning, and now blood was dripping from the woman’s hand, staining the porous wood. She would have to clean it again.

“Her hand. Fix it,” the scarred man barked tersely. Rude. She wanted with all her being to snip back, your beard. shave it. But that wouldn’t do. This was a (hopefully) paying customer, so she would hold herself back and be the sweet, kindly shopkeeper that she usually was.

In a motherly voice, she cooed to the girl on the table, “Oh dear, what happened to your hand? This looks terri--”

No one was listening.

It was getting rather loud in her usually quiet store. A gnome called for food orders, another man with a wounded arm walked in. The wounded woman jumped up, trying to scooch off the counter and escape to the gnome. Maria pinched the bridge of her nose, trying very hard to remain calm.

The gnome called back out. "I assure you lady Xusin, my skills are quite adequate in this task. You seem rather eager to get going, though. How do you figure you can deal with that wound by yourself?"

Ah, fuck it.

“Like hell they are,” Maria barked at the gnome as her sweet facade plummeted into oblivion. In one swift motion, she jerked the foreign woman’s injured hand behind the counter, pulled out the spell book, and began to mutter a lengthy incantation, not bothering to pull out any fake herbs to disguise her magic as “medicine.” The tears and contortions of the woman’s hand swiftly sewed themselves back to normal, and Maria forcefully ushered the woman off the counter.

“Next,” Maria huffed, as she gestured to the man with the bleeding arm. The smile was gone, and Maria glared contemptuously at the shop’s guests.
sorry guys, it's been a reeeeal busy past few days, and this week'll be really packed too. I'm writing a post up now, and I'll do my best to keep up during the week, though posts may end up being pretty short and to the point.

Also, @The Fated Fallen shots were fired by Maria, but nothing personal. She's just having a bad day. ;)
I have a feeling the encounter in Maria's won't end well.

can't possibly.

He hummed to himself lightly as he tinkered away at the radio device. On his head rested a contraption that he referred to as head-speakers- two magnetic coils held together over his ears that translated a voltage waveform into sound. By his desk, a music disk spun on top of a box like contraption that fed a wire to the head-speakers. Jonathan didn’t tell Melody about his music disk collection. With his head-speakers on, Jonathan wasn’t able to hear the exploding flashbang from Charlotte’s room, nor the exploding flashbang in the kitchen, nor the thump of a body falling down the stairs, nor the call from Melody to assemble.

Jonathan continued humming away at his desk, happy and aloof.


Answering Melody’s call to assemble, Song peered up at the deck as she ascended the stairs. Melody stood over a young boy who was lying in defeat on the deck. He had dark hair, a soft pink scarf and… cat ears?

Song poked the boys ears with her sword’s sheath, curious if he would react.

“A new pet, captain?”

He continued plodding along behind Joffridus and the scary lady. They were a bit agitated, and kept talking about the lady with beautiful eyes who was following them. Jason wondered why that was a big deal. She didn’t seem like a bad person. Maybe she just wanted to be friends with Joffridus. Anyone would want to be friends with Joffridus, Jason thought.

They went to the docks, and Joffridus began scanning the ships. Jason wondered why he did that, but figured that a hero does what a hero does. It didn’t really matter anyways, because they suddenly turned back and went into an alley, giving Jason the chance to wonder why Joffridus would sneak around in an alley. Strange hero. Also, they were right by Jason’s home. Jason wondered if he’d have the chance to introduce Joffridus to his mother. She probably wouldn’t like him though, Jason thought. His mother didn’t seem like the kind of person who liked heroes.

Jason could sense that the cloaked lady was nearby, and sure enough, she landed on the ground behind them with a thud. She walked towards them slowly, taking off her hood, and raising her hands. Jason looked back toward Joffridus and the scary lady to see how they would react.

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“Have a nice day, Mr. Elwidine,” Maria called sweetly from behind the shop counter. She watched the door close behind the departing dwarf, and began to straighten out the table display. Before the door could fully close however, she spotted an imposing figure in the distance. Several imposing figures, rather. Leading the pack was a tall, battle scarred man carrying an ornately dressed woman with a bloody hand.

“Oh dear,” Maria sighed, furrowing her brow. “This can’t possibly end well.”

She plastered on the politest smile she could twist her lips into, and conjured up the sweetest tone she could muster.

“Hello, and welcome to Maria’s Medicines and Sundries!”

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