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Current Back ... not back ... not sure, but I’m itching for an adventure
2 yrs ago
A moment of silence, for our princess has returned to the force.
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Sometimes, shit just burns ....
3 yrs ago
Crunch time on wedding preparations. If my presence is spotty, this is most likely why.
3 yrs ago
So I just got my last Christmas gift - EXPLODING KITTENS!



Currently, I'm running -
Nothing! But Waeldeshore lasted a good while :)

Mother of Dragons!!!

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<Snipped quote by IcePezz>
No, you are simply an Elf.

LOL I’m that ancient?

Congrats on that and good luck, Poo! My hubby and I are actually reading them at the moment.

@The Fated Fallen I miss you dearly, and am wishing you the best :)
And happy birthday?!

Poo, does that make me a great grandma?!

Sorry it’s so short :(
It seemed as if the crowd had consumed her, and what happened next was almost a blur, except the people involved. She allowed them to shuffle her away, observing keenly each and every person she could, including the dark one.

They somehow made it to a quaint tavern where she sat at a large table full of strangers. A priest of sorts had vouched for the dark elf, and her presence didn’t seem to disturb any others within the village, so she’d leave the matter for now. She nodded to Settionne in a simple manner, but then the questions …. She pursed her lips softly, her gaze wandering in thought before returning to him. “Tha Kaelic Islands”, she replied. “An’ as I mentioned, there are rumors of great bounties ta be collected.” She was short with her answers, allowing her pointed tone to bring the topic to a close.

The wooden chair creaked beneath her as she settled in, her form relaxing finally. She removed her gloves and swept her thick hair behind her shoulders, allowing her face to bloom. A large pitcher of water was placed in front of her, along with the whiskey she had asked for previously. When faced with the choice, she chose the whiskey instead, pouring some in her cup and nearly taking it all down in one gulp. She turned her gaze to Beren with a satisfied smile. “Thank ya for tha hospitality. Ya got yerself a interestin group ‘ere. Tho I didne see weapons on ya, I suppose ya not locals ‘ere?”

She poured herself some more of the favored drink, ignoring the water, this time sipping at a more normal pace.

@Gardevoiran@BCTheEntity@Fetzen@The Fated Fallen@POOHEAD189@Stormflyx@Mortarion
Omg I’m so so sorry I am alive and here and will have something up

Can you forgive this lowly creature?!
I should have something up before the weekend is up. Going to a concert tonight and a baseball game on Saturday :p

@Stormflyx Meh - I may not know you very well, but I like you :) and appreciate whatever loud and obnoxious you bring. I sometimes stick my foot in my mouth and I'm not really loud, so it's a good mix we got in here.

@The Fated Fallen you just don't give yourself enough credit. You're awesome. Plain and Simple.

@Fetzen You are too :) I know we have been in a thread or rp together at some point, somewhere. I'm pretty sure lol
You are much appreciated. Know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And we're right here in the muck with you should you ever need us.

awesome credits for the picture go to -
@POOHEAD189 busy as fuck is usually a good thing :p
Edit - but end game is this weekend !! Many people are going to die between that and game of thrones

And yes, I believe we all posted. I really enjoyed @Stormflyx’s post and am curious to see how the two characters interact :)
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