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Crunch time on wedding preparations. If my presence is spotty, this is most likely why.
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So I just got my last Christmas gift - EXPLODING KITTENS!
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From the smiling, sunshine state of me, comes the peppy person of Pezz. :)

I'm a huge movie buff, I love music, love video games (mainly rpg's, jrpg's, puzzle, strategy- currently also playing Heroes of the Storm) and swoon over the written word. I have four cats and am married to the most wonderful person in the universe. I am a dork who loves anime and science fiction and might fit in perfectly on the big bang theory. Fantasy tickles my weak spot though, I played in Forgotten Realms lore for years. I'm not particularly fond of realistic world role play, but am open minded. I never take myself too seriously, and laughing may be my absolute favorite hobby :D

Currently, I'm running -
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Mother of Dragons!!!

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I realize my post has a lot of ... assumptions ? Please let me know what you need me to change
I hope it's ok ^^

Please let me know if I need to fix/change anything.
Alanna had seemingly dug herself a grave by the unlit fire pit. If she didn’t move soon, she would surely seal her fate. Her legs were starting to cramp and her back was becoming so numb it nearly felt like it was a part of the tree trunk it had been leaning on. True, while the dwarf’s song was quite entertaining, it had attracted the attention of several colorful characters. Seats became occupied, eyes lingered to those in the encampment … with the exception of her, oddly enough. Alanna was a clear spectacle of a pirate, and yet the lives of everyone else seemed so much more interesting. She wasn’t upset by any means. The very reason she remained quiet and still was to blend in, to observe without being bothered, she just didn’t think it would work so well.

The dwarves clearly earned her favor. If they could fight as well as they could entertain and rally, there was no going wrong with this pair. Her eyes wandered over the newcomers, some taking part in trade, others in conversation. A curious dagger caught her eyes, it’s owner seemed skilled enough by his garb. Her gaze trickled over his attire, lingering on his side sword a moment before moving to the next pair to approach. She narrowed on the Skayleigh and a set of blue eyes. Whatever emotions they stirred, her own lowered in thought. She had come into contact with many from the Kaelic Islands over the years, some of her highest paid jobs came from the shores she once called home. However to see them this far out... As much could be said about her without knowing of her story. Though upon noticing the insignia worn by one, she rolled her eyes and turned her attention elsewhere.

Lost in her own thought, until …

What business would the Knight have with the Darkslayers? She wouldn’t deny it, his story was one she was interested in learning. To Alanna, he had the look of one who had plunged into darkness and managed to come out alive. And whilst the same could be said for many within the encampment, there was just something about him. Enough to move her from the pit of dirt she seemed stuck in. There was enough idle chatter among the group and so she rose to her feet. They had hardly noticed her her before, so she doubted anyone would notice her leave.

She just needed to get close enough for her elven hearing to pick up their conversation. Minding her surroundings, she continued to blend in, hoping that ‘close enough’ wouldn’t get her killed. Their conversation was exactly what she were hoping for; talks of dangers beyond the trail. Blood of a fey witch would fetch quite a price, not to mention the rumors of power that surrounded it. A challenging kill and an even harder find.

She waited a bit after their conversation had concluded. Gazing once more over the travelers huddled within the cairn, there were several she could pick out that may fare well on such a venture.

There was a sense of purpose to her step this time around. Her heels crunched on the gravel beneath her feet, announcing her presence. The smirk of a sly pirate stretched from ear to ear as she reached the Knight. “In need of travel companions, are you?”
So sorry that I've been mia, was on vaca and didn't have a moment to myself as I hoped I would. I am back however and hope to get something up soon... ish ... after I sleep
I shall look to do so as soon as I have a free moment:) hopefully within the next day or so
Daww, tankees:)
Ooh, I didn't mean to rush anyone, more or less just wanted to poke the group and say hello

@BurningCold but I am extremely excited to read a collab. I thoroughly enjoyed both character sheets.

But hello everyone:) I am Pezz
A pirate doesn't care so much for blending in. It's said that they're devils and black sheep, they plunder and cheat. They extort and embezzle, they pilfer and loot. Down to the core, they're all something alike. Alanna wasn't raised as a pirate, though the last ten years as one has certainly instilled some of their values. She walked tall among the crowd, with a lighthearted step and a sparkle in her eye. It was her next big adventure. The only problem was, she didn't know what it was or where this road would lead her. And as she climbed the steps into the Cairn, the wind only tugged at her harder. Was it the gods pushing her this way? A low chuckle emerged as she waved off the notion.

Social niceties and the charm of her smile carried her well through her journey. Striking up a conversation wasn’t hard, and it seemed as if this group was more than happy to share what information they could. Each had their own reason for embarking on the long trek to the Cairn, though none seemed intriguing, or daring enough to warrant Alanna's company further.

As she claimed victory, finally reaching the plateau, she smiled. Her gaze wandered over the luxurious scenery, the towering mountains never ending in the backdrop. Throughout all of her adventures, all of the jobs she had taken, she had seen some extravagant landscapes and breathtaking views. But nothing could have prepared her for this. There were so many small details that reminded her of home. Yet it welcomed so many different walks of life. Her smile reflected the heart of a child, triumphant in their ability to walk, to wander, broadening their horizons with each step. Coming to realize the world is so much bigger than the oceans she had been tied to, and the spoils she would claim within this new world. Well, it was new for her, and the way she saw it, hers for the taking.

Alanna was dressed in her usual, with her hair pulled back for once. Her brown leather duster, caked in dirt and dry mud from the long trek, danced around her calf muscles as the wind trickled through the outpost. Her collar was popped up to shield her bare neck from a cool caress carried down from the mountain tops. The afternoon sun offered just enough warmth to allow her to sit, lazy and unburdened, by the unlit fire pit, just opposite of the dwarves. Her buttox was buried into the ground with her backside leaning against a sturdy log. Her feet were crossed at the ankles, and her legs extended out in front of her. Her eyelids remained closed. She was basking in the sun like a lizard in the desert, enjoying the dribble of conversation she could overhear, and the merry tune which filled the outpost and lifted spirits. She soaked in every bit of noise.

Alanna had been slumming in the encampment for 2 days now. She wasn't quite sure what was next for her, and the trek beyond was a perilous one to be traveled alone. She had come this way based on rumors and fairytale. Regardless if they were true or not, the Cairn provided much more than just trade and safe slumbers. It was an outpost indeed, and for those who knew where to look or how to listen, it provided information.

One eye opened as she heard the many footsteps making their way up the slope. Then the other opened to gander at the new arrivals, measuring every detail. There were a few that caught her attention this time around. Had the tides changed? She decided not to approach, and kept her distance for now. Further scrutiny may be necessary, and so she would just observe with a keen eye and open ears. Choosing her new travel companions was just as tedious as selecting new crewmates. It wasn’t a matter to be taken lightly, especially considering the rumors she heard, which brought her here in the first place.

Her eyes followed a tall, brutish figure walking towards the smith. She had recognized the colors he wore. Her thoughts lingered on him for a moment, curious why he was all by his lonesome, and here of all places. In an effort to not attract attention, Alanna peeled her gaze away from the Knight, returning it to other new arrivals.
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