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I started a joke
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...Definitley think Fallout Tactics: BOS is still the worst.


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hi y'all. sorry for being inactive for a long time, had to finish some school work :(

I too am sorry, I haven't been on like I intend to be just because I'm goin through some stuff offline. =/
wow, awesome work on the Unseen @CaptainSully!!
Im sure you already know Im interested! :P
@T Risket

She needs a broom to knock down the other brooms

Definitely a job for the large "push broom" type.
Neat idea, I'll keep an eye on this!

I can't help but picture an alarming number of brooms stuck in Waconias cieling/upper walls.
Sorry I am so late gettin on tonight, but I got a car!! Lotta stress of my mind =)
<Snipped quote by T Risket>

Collab over PMs? Cause The conversation of whose patient is she and where she'll live might be important.

Sounds good! I will shoot both you and lightning a pm of what I come up with, let you guys decide who wants to take it next.
@T Risket Don't you also control the Mayor?

I've been known to dabble.

I will probably just go ahead and hold off on posting and wait for the timeshift. Was basically just going to have Grimm bicker about who's patient she was.
Howdy howdy everybody! Just hoppin in to say hi, lettin yall know I will be on and off all night. Debating on whether or not I want to write a lil post for Grimm interacting with @Joshua Tamashii and lightning
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