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Edited a bit about Red simply texting Waconia back to the end of my latest post. Mentioning it here for anyone that wants to read it.

Gonna head out for the night myself though. Later folks, can't wait to read more of yalls posts! (I don't wan't to admit how long I stared at "yalls" after just naturally typing it, trying to decide if I should post that or not.)
@T Risket

Waconia is correct. She can go by Nia too if that's easier ^^

There's a reason Red calls her Wheatey
Got my post about Hope up-hopefully she doesn't run into Javier in her excitement!

Might add just a little blurb of Red responding to Wiconia (Waconia?! Can't ever spell it off the toppa my head!) before I turn in for the night.
Hope, one of the younger members of the community at the age of eighteen, had made her way down the old dirt road that lead in to the village. As was her typical routine she walked her usual route at an extremely leisurely pace-keeping closer to the river than the treeline of the woods she snapped a few pictures of the occasional fish breaking the surface or when she thought the sun was hitting the water just right. Using an old collapsible Polaroid camera strung around her neck she was given the instant gratification of being able to hold a physical copy of the moment in time she had just captured on camera.

Those that knew her in Valbree were well aware she wore the aforementioned camera almost everywhere; even more gossiped about thought, and rightly so, was her propensity to try and photograph people without them knowing. She always claimed it was to capture the real essence of a moment but on more than one occasion it has gotten her in varying degrees of trouble.

As always upon entering the village proper she began passing out greetings followed with a genuine smile to any and all she passed: she also did her best to specifically say "Happy New Years!" as often as she could. Known by most as an extreme extrovert with an overly positive outlook on almost everything while retaining a decently witty and dry sense of humor-especially when it came to her brother.

She had been mulling over whether or not she wanted to stop in for a quick coffee and hello at the cafe or pop in to Abernova's general goods to restock her now depleted glitter supply: being an item of particular low demand within the overall town the only real place to get her crafting supplies was in fact Abernovas. Because of that reason Hope had spent longer than she remembered trying to snap a photo of, in her opinion, the rather grumpy Luna Abernova while in her natural habitat.

The decision on where to go was quickly made for her as she watched Javier make his way into Abernova's-spur of the moment she decided she could sneak in on the same bell ding the would signify Javier entering the store. From there she just had to have a quick trigger finger.

Camera ready in hand Hope threw caution to the wind and followed Javier's footsteps into the shop before the door was able to close. "Say cheese!!" Wasting no time she took the first picture she could with a bright flash that was quickly followed by the noisy whizzing and whirling of tiny gears spitting the image out of the front of the camera.

Red stared in disbelief at the glowing blue screen in his hand; he was genuinley surprised by both the speed Waconia had answered and the very fact that she had answered at all. He could almost hear her sighing in between messages before choseing to be the bigger person-Red just hoped he could do the same.

He took another swig from his bottle.

After a moment of thought his fingers slowly played across his keypad in a manner that made it clear he was not used to texting.

Maybe. Going to sleep now-I know Hope will try and make me go though. Just wanted to ask if you'd keep an eye on her if I don't go?

Mulling it over for a minute he reread the message a few times before pressing send, all the while secure in the belief (somewhat drunkenly) he had definitely not come across as specifically wanting to talk to or see Waconia. Having grown up with each other for almost their whole lives she probably found the attempt at deception laughable.
Is there a bell or any sort of sound device that goes off when someone enters the store?
Think I'm gonna start in on my own post for the night, probably be a brief one centering around Hope. Think she might stop by the General Store for some craft supplies-in particular, glitter.
Night Mojave! See ya later man.
Red's birthday was picked randomly. My Birthday would be more in line with Waconia's actually.
Births in Autumn represent people being horny rabbits in Winter.

Oh, duh. *totally wasn't thinking*
Here is some interesting information about our character's birthdays
Mostly fall babies!:

6 Amelia
10 Alexander
14 Olivia

7 Cal
12 Javier
15 Waconia

1 Aizum
3 Jude
7 Astrid
10 Robin
13 Charlie

3 Luna
9 Grayson
15 Red

Somethin about the changing of the leaves...
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