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Cool :) I read through the CS, they seem like an interesting character!
Doing good so far, all I need to do is to finish the description of the appearance and personality and start the backstory

Hey, Nick's CS is done now right? :)
Doing good so far, all I need to do is to finish the description of the appearance and personality and start the backstory

Interested to see how Nick and Robin get along as roomies :)

~~~~~Robin Amethyst Lock~~~~~~

It was certainly overwhelming- the sheer amount of people was enough to make someone feel anxious, let alone the fact that the room was filled with monsters...

Okay, maybe that word was a bit harsh, and Robin couldn’t forget that now she actually was one of these people. But still, she couldn’t help but feel utterly petrified; mix the feeling of joining a new school with the fear of being attacked by a vampire or vicious wolf, and you get one very horrible feeling.

Robin knew she had to stop being so scared. She was here now, and she had to accept that. Although she hated this new life as a werewolf, she had to get over it. She moved up to the desk in front of her and handed in her forms, before moving to take a seat to listen to the speech from the headmasters. She took in all the information, not wanting to forget anything. She wondered who her roommate would be and if they would be a vampire... Robin didn’t hate vampires but she had never come into contact with one before, so she didn’t really know what they were like.

‘Guess I’ll find out soon, since there must be hundreds here’ she thought. Everybody got up and started making their way to their rooms. ‘Crap, what’s my room number?’

Robin scrambled in her bag, lookimg desperately for her notebook, not wanting to screw up this early on. To her relief, she found it and inside contained the numbers 589. She made her way to the room and knocked on the door. When there was no answer, she realised she must be the first there and entered, putting her bags down on the bed on thr right hand side of the room
Okay this is embarrassing how do I delete a post 😂
@TabShiftShould probably take this to the OOC tab... It's your character, so I'm leaving it up to you to decide! Personally I think some Robin/Robyn hijinks could be fun :D

Okay Imma change it back :D I’m deleting my other posts so as to not clutter the Character tab like you said hahah
@TabShiftWouldnt it be more fun to keep it this way so people might mistake our characters? :D

Only just saw this haha, I can change it back if you want! Idm I like both Robin and Amethyst so i’ll go with either :)

We have really similar names for our characters haha! I’m going to change my characters name so it won’t get confusing :)

My character is now called Amethyst (Ami for short) just so you all know!
@Tabshift Yes, your good besides that and I can let the code error go. Doesn’t matter.

@Prosaic Your character is good. You can post it in the CS tab.

Thanks I think I managed to sort out the lists now anyways

2 things.

So the first thing is your coding is messed up in a few places.
Second thing is the very end of your history we’re she is tackled by another werewolf during the full moon. All werewolves lose control of themselves during the full moon, so they unfortunately wouldn’t of stopped you.

Maybe you can change it by saying she had run into a packs territory and they are ended up attacking her out of instinct. Maybe they chase her into a hiding spot until morning or something.

Yeah I'm bad at coding because I have barely used it before :/ hopefully that won't matter too much?

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