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3 yrs ago
Current I love those times when you've got a few really good, high-potential stories in the making and all you wanna do is write. It's like all my stars have aligned.
3 yrs ago
I also feel like the idea that there is now a hypothesised generational divide between people who used to 'RP' on IM and people who write good content on forums is pathetic. Why start this crap?
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3 yrs ago
You could also have long-form stories over text, however complaining about long-form, detailed posts (as this began as), seems both ludicrous and worthy of IM.
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3 yrs ago
Sometime it's less about writing some shitty slice-of-life RP in IM, and more about creating a coherent and valued story among like-minded people. Something you'd need an actual platform for.
3 yrs ago
I always forget how quiet it is here in the British mornings. Timezones are not our friend.
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I think that's a great CS, simple yet thorough, and the story you outlined is ideal. Again, simple yet thorough. The android topic has been cleared, I believe? I'd just like to put out a final round for questions before we kick off, because I am fearing that should the conversation carry on much longer, interest will dwindle. This is not to slag off the conversations, but I feel we really should get a kick on. My opinion anyway, but let me know if there's anything we can bring up the now.
@Terminal@The Scotsman

Well there's always a way to find some kind of connection. Have we decided exactly why, and where he disappeared? And what caused it? (Or if he's still alive or dead?) Maybe my character isn't directly connected, but maybe I somehow saw Davidson later than any other character by happenstance. Which would provide insight about his location. Maybe the company I'm involved with had something to do with the disappearance. Whether directly or from connections with another gang that was involved/negatively effected by is actions/with his gear selling.

We certainly weren't disparaging the character (I wasn't anyway, I won't speak on Terminal's behalf as he has own opinions but it sounded like he is of the same opinion as me), just that the original premise of the AI didn't have any clear connections, close or distant, to Davison and his disappearance. Perhaps the AI and the cop ran in the same black market trading circles (albeit different products), and the AI had the connections to follow leads down? I'm just going off what I know from the CP2020 manual, and that Fixers are people who have the connections and knowledge to be able to track people or get hard-to-get items etc. Again I like the AI concept, we just wanted to make sure you had the story-relevance part too!
Hey I'm still very interested! However, I won't be able to get a character sheet up until tomorrow night (GMT) earliest, possibly Friday as I won't be by my computer. Hope that's alright with you, and sorry!
I'm with Terminal here. I actually kinda like the character idea, quite a bit actually, but I don't see a connection to Davison or his disappearance. However, if you can think of a good tie to the plot I'd love to see your AI!
That's fine by me, I won't argue it but thought I should lay down my cards first is all! :)
The suggestions for the character creation all seem reasonable enough, but personality and background have their places in the sort of gives precedence for who they are; a guide to follow as to their demeanor. It comes across as, "This person is generally like this." and then of course background is obvious, in that everyone has a story, some just do not share it. Granted it could be intentionally part of the design to leave those things out, I am not one for doing so. They add more to the meta, which is especially important in this game.

Granted we should have no one near suffering from cyberpsychosis, but a rehabilitating teched out fiend might be a good example for this exercise. Having had all of their kit pulled out and off them, alongside some psychiatric treatment, might make them a bit more interesting to know about than say, never mentioning any of that. Of course this is not an elaborate, detailed explanation, but enough that we know sort of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of characters in the greater plot. Relevant to this in the same vein, I believe we should include it so we can draw from all the sheets to create a list of locations, non-characters, corporations, technology, and the like which we can move into one post; a reference source so we all have a living, breathing understanding of the world.

I feel like if you can't explain it at the appropriate time and place and be able to justify your actions/reactions in the IC, this would be the wrong place to be writing. Show, not tell, as the say. However it's a minor if annoying point that won't tip the scales so this is just for the sake of devils advocate.
I'm really interested in still playing the PI role if everyone is okay with it, but should the opposing gang member role remain empty I'm happy to either double up or just go with the gangster!
Excellent, thank you!
In my own opinion, I think a CS for something such as this requires only a few things. Name, age, appearance (as @Hekazu said, it's about the style so description and/or realistic-ish photo), cybernetics, weapons (the last two I think are a must, to stop any potential OP characters popping out of nowhere), and why their involved with Davison's disappearance (so as to make grouping up easier). I do not agree eighth the concept of personality or background sections in role plays as it restricts the roleplaying that could occur along the line. To say 'X acts like this and dislikes this because of this' means there's no real potential for growth if we're restricting ourselves at the very outset.

My own personal opinion, as stated. Take from it what you will!
There's ways GURPS, which is literally made with the concept of using it in any story. It's versatile but a bit mad, so we said fuck it and settled for a standard D&d game. Wasn't what we wanted specifically but it was easy and we had a lot of fun at the end.
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