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Character Description
    Name: Jann Ferdinand van Lotharingen
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Ferdi Reference

Strengths and Weaknesses

    Skills: Jann Ferdinand is a semi-proficient noble.. Meaning he can convincingly act like one, but really doesn't know the ins-and-outs too well. His interests are where he invested all his skill points. He can write, speak, sing & dance, paint, play various instruments, fly hawks, and ride horses fairly well. And in terms of skills useful to a ship and its crew, he can at least fight decent with a rapier or something similar, and is trained to shoot with small firearms. Apart from this, he can also climb, swim, and cook basic meals. He also has the potential to lead, but isn't normally taken seriously due to his age and overall lack of experience. Plus, his attitude doesn't suggest that he would care to assume such a station.


    Backstory: Jann Ferdinand or "Ferdi" as his mother called him is the youngest son of a Union Noble. A troublemaker since his youth, he grew up getting away with quite a bit. His mother had spoiled him rotten, and he was rarely ever disciplined. His father was away too often. And as if his behavioral problems weren't bad enough, his stepmother commonly mistreated him and his siblings, causing him to become spiteful and somewhat violent. This only worsened after his mother "fell ill" and later died. Believing that this family was no longer a fit for him, and that his father didn't care anyway, he began to neglect his studies and duties in preparation for his ultimate plan--To leave home and go on a grand adventure.

    He eventually did manage to escape, but things didn't go as he expected. He would be swindled many times and would quickly lose much of what he'd left home with. But he was still alive, thanks to his incredible luck (and possibly the elga that seemed to be shadowing him). Soon he became impatient. He was getting nowhere with his crazy ideas, and he certainly didn't want to find legitimate work (he couldn't be bothered). So he came up with a brilliant plan to hire a ship to take him out to sea.. And get him an audience with a shipful of pirates.. Now, which pirates he didn't know. He wasn't very good at planning ahead. But that was it. He seemed to believe that if he offered them payment (i.e. everything he had on him) they would accept him as part of their crew.. Naturally, things didn't turn out that way, and he was instead robbed, beaten, and taken to Mina-Sakh to be sold off or held for ransom.

Character Description
    Name: Hagen Neridithas
    Species: Elgafolk
    Sex: Male
    Age: ???
    Appearance: Hagen Reference

Strengths and Weaknesses

    Skills: Hagen is literate. He is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and is excellent with a variety of weapons. He is also an experienced seaman (or seaelf), being able to fulfill many different duties, and is a very good swimmer. He can navigate quite well and knows many other sailors from the region. To add to that, he seems to know a bit of elga magic or apothecarial arts, knowing how to use any available ingredients to help with various injuries and illnesses. (I can remove this if it's'n't allowed)
    Weaknesses: If there are any, it would be hard to tell.


    Backstory: Hagen is the stoic and reticent elgafolken senesjal of the van Lotharingen family. He is a friend rather than a subordinate of the house head, Jann Ferdinand's father. He has served in the van Lotharingen bloodline for many decades, going all the way back to Ferdi's great-grandfather. Hagen has been tutoring the family's young men throughout the generations, and also serves as the right hand man on the business side of things. When he isn't engaged in work with the van Lotharingens, he is usually wandering about and meditating, which is something he brought back from his particular clan's culture.

    Hagen had already been aware of Ferdi's antics, but didn't think too much about him, as the youth's older brothers were his priority at the time. He was teaching them how to fight and how to sail. When later Jann Ferdinand disappeared, the boy's father asked Hagen to find him and keep him safe. Despite being quite absent, Jann Ferdinand's father actually did care for all his children. His position simply prevented him from caring for them properly, even after had had his entire family moved over to the colonies so he could be close to them.

    As of the moment, Hagen is only shadowing Ferdi. They don't yet know each other, and he's simply waiting for the right time to take the young man under his wing.
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