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Current Looking for an RP to join, something medieval sounds good.
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I'm back...I think.
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No sleep for me...kill me please.
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Working on so much right now, gotta find time for this...


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Can vouch for Zel, best Co-gm a guy could ask for.
@Mistorythat'll work
Gunna have to say no to that. It would be fine if your character had a single undead to use but too many would be overkill. It would take away from the stealth aspect of certain heists if we had a small army of undead just stumbling about.
They would have to be the product of an experiment and they wouldn't be able to use magic since they're undead.
Evelyn, Alyssa, and Bartuc

A collab with LadyRunic and Zelosse

Evelyn moved to sit beside Alysse, taking cup in hand she swirled the wine within her cup before taking a short sip. "Once I possessed many titles, much like that goblin and his guard. Now I have only one and I doubt you would care to call me by it. I am Evelyn, my less conversational friend here is Bartuc, the only man I trust in this foreign land", taking another sip Evelyn's eyes quickly searched the room from beneath the veil. At the same time a familiar voice whispered inside her head, one which would sound unsettling and hostile to anyone else if they could hear it.

"They are not your allies...future threats to your rule..."

Those faint words were met with a warm smile before speaking her reply within her mind, "I am aware, I do not act simply out of attempted friendship"

Bartuc merely nodded at the mention of his name. As always, wherever Evelyn went he was in towering behind her like a loyal hound should. If he felt threatened by all the varied strange powers gathered in this room he didn't show it. For now his attention was focused purely on the one conversing with the master politely.
When the master heard its words there was no way of knowing, not to an outsider, but the big man could feel the subtle change in her demeanor. She had the Obscures blessing, if such a creature existed, and the strong arm of her soldier.

They would find no trouble here.

"You will have your titles, my Prophet." He left out the part where it meant killing off the heretical stealer of the throne and reclaiming Dustorne as her own again. They both knew it.

Alyssa did not sip the wine, she merely swirled it and listened. Watched and smiled. There was a better drink in the throats of men, but that wine was more commonly the fare of vampires and the like. Her sister and herself did however partake from time to time. "A pleasure, for I am Alyssa Blackwater." She raised a slight brow had roses as she listenedlistened to the veiled woman. " Ah, Titles. And one is prophet, another hails from Tyrvald. Now, you have lost them." Alyssa set the wine goblet down, folding her hands in her lap. "And perchance I know someone good at finding things others have lost?" She purred in amusement. This was a interesting woman, and man.

Evelyn turned away towards Bartuc, from beneath the veil a faint glow could be seen as she transferred her thoughts to her protector. "Our Lord provides the way", she whispered into his mind before turning her attention back to Alyssa. "I would be in your debt, which will be paid in full once I've regained what has been lost", Evelyn gave a soft smile but within the privacy of her mind plans began to manifest. It had become clear that out of everyone here, at least two would be a threat to her throne once her work with Lancelot had ended. Tyrvald had many skilled warriors but it would not be enough. This alliance under Lancelot will not last and she needed to have the odds in her favor.
@LadyRunicIndeed lemme PM you the pirate pad link
It's cool, just thought you missed it is all
Don't know if you saw it but Evelyn speaks to Alysse
@ayzrules Women are able to take jobs but pay is usually lower, they are expected to be stay at home mothers but it's not a surprise to see a female in the workforce or even in a manager position. As for manners it's much like that of the late 1800s early 1900s, mostly religious with a bit of nationalism and dismay for foreigners.
@Undying CuriosityEveryone will be members of The Society but you can have your character's backstory mention their affiliations with the other gangs or an entirely new gang if you wish (has to be small time unless we talk about it). As members we will all be taking part in jobs but you have the freedom to explore the city until called upon. I made the city pretty big so you have the freedom to create locations as long as they fit into the theme of the rp.

@ayzrulesI suggest that your character have a Victorian style to them but anything that looks like it's from the 1880s to 1950s should be okay. That's for formal wear, on jobs I suggest something tactical/stealthy that fits within the general time period
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