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The storm at this point is starting to pass so your ship will be exposed to the surface, if you want you can have ASAP come online and try to enter the station
Food Shortage

Payne wandered through the facility, once his commanding officer had made it clear that their current location was probably safe. He'd decided to go investigate the loading bay, since he had nothing better to do, and the de facto leaders of their two groups would probably appreciate having somebody take stock of everything they had at their disposal. What was he to think of the fact that another group had landed at exactly the same time near almost the exact same location? Eh, happy coincidence. We're quite the motley bunch. A pair of Qari, as well as a pair of Azaali, and a trio humans, gives the major races fair representation. And we've also managed to find ourselves with a few robots, and some outliers. The Halion, the Kasa, and... me.

Payne shrugged, he didn't much mind being the only Urhusasja around. From what he could remember of Rukhkah, he wasn't certain others of his kind would blend terribly well with this group of survivors. Of course, that was nothing compared to the walking stomping, talking screaming, irritable pissed off Halion they were saddled with. As far as the Cook was concerned, she had no business coming anywhere near his kitchen, and he hoped the leaders directed her at something equally large, foul-smelling, and mean. That thought gave him pause, as he reminded himself of the map he'd seen earlier, of the colony.

"Feynman, does this base have a kitchen, someplace to make food? Even a half-decent bar-top would do fine."

Payne reached the Loading Bay, and began rooting through the rows and rows of crates, some opened, some still sealed, all seeming long-abandoned. He scanned the labels, looking for the supplies of food that had hopefully been left behind in a hurry. He could use his Matter Analyzer if need be as well, rifling through the contents of boxes and scanning them to judge how suitable they were for consumption. The last thing Payne wanted to do was go scavenging, out where he could be on the menu, rather than composing a menu of his own.

Feynman's avatar appeared on Payne's helmet with a quick flicker, "The inventory list states that a large number of foodstuffs arrived fifty-eight years ago and were put in long-term preservation cases. Such cases would be stored in this loading bay. As for where these crates are I'm picking up cryostasis engines here." The AI put up an overlay on Payne's helmet leading him to a wall of storage containers, the one holding the foodstuffs and ingredients behind behind a few at the front. "As for cooking facilities the living quarters houses a small kitchen that may be of use, I've placed its location on your map"

Frozen Sleep

Odd stopped outside of the colonys open doors, kneeling down to investigate the floors looling for clues to what happened. Drag of claws, bullet marks, anything. Not finding anything he grabbed a handful of sand and poured as much as he could across his suit. One of its useful functions was a tactical comoflouge that mimicked basic colors.
When he cwme up and entered the building his suit was the color of the sands with patches of white.

"Is the target in motion?" He asked to the AI.

"No, the subject within this stasis pod is not conscious. I must advise you that I have detected two distinct organisms within this stasis pod. Judging from the manner which one envelopes the other I suspect it to be a symbiotic relationship. As for the organism host, no records on this base or on this stasis pod provide information on its species. Based solely on its dimensions, I hypothesis the host to be a female human"

Buried Secrets

A collab with @ManoftheNorth
Despite the fact that this colony looked like the aftermath of a warzone, the Med-Bay was rather well stocked. There were only a handful of medical supplies missing from the inventory list. "Whatever happened here was fast, there was no time to care for wounded. If I had to guess, these missing supplies were probably taken by the few survivors of whatever attacked this colony", Irisa's eyes scanned the room for clues but aside from the usual items found in a med-bay there was nothing out of the ordinary here. There was a computer terminal located in the Chief Medical Officer's office, perhaps they would find something there? "Here's hoping we finally get some answers", she said to Xi while sitting down at the computer. Booting it up there was no security lock on it, "Strange. Patient medical records would be kept here, why would they leave the files unprotected?" As she looked further and further into the files she could see the history of injuries and illnesses treated for each patient. "Xi, look at this. Almost every patient file here shows they were treated for lacerations, acid burns, and puncture wounds. How would workers on a mining colony get injuries like this? I was expecting lazer burns, broken limbs, concussions, but that's not the case here. It can't be animal attacks because they were working down that shaft out there. I want to say it was our unknown apex predator but something tells me that is not the case."

"Feynman, do any of the detected lifeforms on this planet possess the physiological capabilities to inflict such injuries?", Feynmen took only a moment to analyze the data before replying with a short "I'm afraid not"

"This doesn't make any sense. If it isn't the local fauna and it cant come from working in the shaft then what did this? Feynman, do the bodies in the station possess injuries like the ones in these files?"

"From what I have scanned there seems to be a variety in causes of death among the colonists. At the communication center there are bodies matching the files but with blunt force trauma as well. Moving further into the facility the causes of death match the injuries on this terminal but more severe. If I may offer a hypothesis ma'am, it seems that whatever killed these colonists started at the front entrance. The resulting panic causes a mob to trample those not fast enough to keep up. They were then killed by whatever was attacking the facility before it moved on to hunt down the initial survivors"

"So we have a timeline but we still dont know what did all this..Feynman, scan the room for any electronic devices, disregard medical equipment", her orders were cold and calculated in tone and the AI followed them without question. "Ma'am I am detecting a small data cube located within the right drawer of this desk"

Quickly opening the desk her eyes landed on the small metallic black cube which she grabbed and inserted into the port. In an instant a series of video files came on-screen in order from most recent to oldest. "The latest entry was made fifty-eight years ago, that's before the war's end...I suppose we start there", selecting the file, the first image to appear was that of an aged Qari male. Judging by his attire he was probably the Chief Medical Officer. His eyes were filled with sheer terror and pain yet the rest of his face carried with it an air of exhaustion. For the first ten seconds all the man did was struggle to breathe as he sat in the same chair Irisa was now in.

"My name is Dr. Makheon Isturios, I am the Chief Medical Officer of Instllation G0-M-74K3. I do not have much time so I will try to be short. This facility is a covert Imperial Bio-Engineering Lab. The surface compound was meant to conceal the true nature of the laboratory below. By now you must have noticed the deceased humans strewn about the colony and the design of their living quarters being rather...simplistic. These were human prisoners of war, we used them as test subjects for our experiments below. As to what those experiments was the Malov.

Our emperor saw that desperate measures needed to be to taken if we were to win this war with the humans. Our mission here was to create a species of Malov that was obedient to our will. A Malov queen was captured on another planet and transported here where we had her breed specific species of their kind to be experimented on. At first our scientists tried to merge Qari and Malov DNA to create a hybrid species of our own. We tried to reverse to steal their gene manipulation for ourselves...ancestors forgive us.

When that failed we moved to neural interfacing to control them. At first we could have them perform basic commands but as we advanced the neural interface would reject the bond and cause fatal brain damage to the test subjects. We had only one other option, we combined the DNA of the Malov queen with that of one of our scientist, Dr.Ketoi Akestis. From there we had it breed another queen which we augmented heavilty with cybernetics. The result was a Malov queen with the consciousness of a least we had thought so at first. The details of what followed are located on this data cube but I will give you a synopsis of what occurred.

Soon after reaching the optimal breeding age it began to birth other Malov at an alarming rate, their growth rate was so fast we couldn't contain them. Eventually they caused a containment breach and slaughtered everyone in the labratory below. Upon reaching the elevator shaft the creatures attacked the surface facility killing most of the staff and test subjects in the first few hours. As of now there are only five of us still alive including myself. The others have gone down into the sub level to try to kill that abomination. I've been told that if they do not return within four hours I am to cave in the elevator shaft and destroy the power core...It has been four and a half hours. I've already caved in the elevator shaft, unfortunately it took al the explosives we had. I suppose I will simply shut down the power and rip out the terminal wiring...there is no surviving this for me. To whoever is viewing this, I beg you, do not turn on the power to this facility. The mining drill is still operational and will clear the shaft if powered. Just leave this place or if you can then destroy it completely. Besides this data cube I am the only witness to what happened here...I will take an EVA suit and walk out into that wasteland till the ancestor's take me."

"By the Heralding Spirits..." Xi was completely unable to speak. He hadn't done more than nod and walk about the Med-Bay as they searched through it before finding the terminal. His hearing the viedo play brought only the greatest level of disgust and pain into his stomach. The Aaali was baffled and bewildered. He couldn't manage a look at the female Qari at the terminal. Xi took a moment to step away into the other room, it was there that he slowly took in a few deep breaths and then detached his helmet. As he did so he walked back to the main room and turned to the Qari before lifting off his helmet, the slow releaase created a growing glow from the helmet.

"Your people.. Your pride.. Your War.." Xi spoke as his helmet finally came off, his antlers forming and his "mask" shining as he breathed through the Azaali oxygen lung."You utterly destroyed a semblence of reality and morale understanding.. for war.. Your people did such things, because they feel the universe is theirs... and yet it is everyones.." Xi slowly put his helmet back on and he turned away again as he looked at the floor. He couldn't say what he did behind a helmet. He had to speak face to face, and yet he felt even then he wasn't done.

"Listen to me. I will not hate you, for your people. I will not out you, for your people. Peace is universal, and so is redemption. We must'n let them turn on the power, Irisara."

When the video ended, all that was left on-screen was the weary visage of the old Qari slumped in his chair. She had no words, this place and its experiments had gone too far. She did not care for humans but she knew of what the Malov were capable of and to think her own people tried to use it as a weapon. It may have been a different time but that did not excuse it. To hate humans for their use of the Heastros Virus meanwhile the empire attempted the same thing...all she could do was stare at the screen as Xi spoke.

"Thank you Xi, hopefully we can reach them before its too late", Irisa grabbed the data cube out of the port before heading for the door. Checking the map once more sheshe locatef the reactor room and ran as fasfast as sheshe could down the halls, the sight of the corpses she passed by replayed the video in her head over and over again. "We can't let any trace of this place exist. First we find a way off-world, then we destroy this facility for good"

It seemed as though fortune did not favor them for as soon as she entered the loading bay, the base's lights flickered on with a hum and whir. What's more the central drill reactivated and in a matter of seconds was clearing away most of the debris filling the shaft. Irisa was in full sprint at this point and upon entering the power core chamber she yelled out, "SHUT IT OFF NOW!" But it was no use, the drill had done its work and shut down once it sensed the shaft was cleared. For a moment there was silence, a long dreadful silence that seemed to drag on forever before finally releasing its grip over her with a loud schriek from beneath the ground. It was free.

"Everyone to the comm center, NOW!", her voice came through everyone's comm link. In a matter of seconds she was already there grabbing whatever wasnt bolted to the ground and stacking it against the windows and doors. "Someone help me block these windows! We need to reinforce this base as fast as possible! There should be plenty of stuff to block the access points with in the loading bay, get there and put what you find in front of every door and window in this place, HURRY!", she knew to fear what was coming, something like this couldn't be beaten by their small group. The most she could do was hold them off and pray for a miracle.

Madame Vona

Name:Tarvona Moran



Race:Dark Elf

A rather enigmatic woman, Vona crafts her words carefully before speaking, making sure not to say more than is necessary. While she respects strength, one cannot hope to impress her quite easily. For her, a sharp mind as well as a strong body make a formidable pair. As for her rule over The Black Rose, she does not tolerate recklessness or needless violence. Most problems can be solved quietly and without the involvement of the police. That being said, she is not against using the police to her advantage, often attempting to either get officers on her payroll or at least establish some form of relationship. An enemy can also be an ally, it all depends on the current situation.

Born to poverty in the less affluent area of Belwyn, Tarvona grew up admist small time gang activity. Her single mother worked at a strip club to pay the bills but it was barely enough to get by. From a very young age, Vona threw in with a small dark elf gang to help pay the bills but it was never really enough. While it did take care of their financial problem to a degree, Vona wanted more. She hated living in the poverty stricken area she called home. To see others living in luxury while she carried on like a common thief forged a fire in her. Eventually she found work in an escort agency, servicing her clients while recording it all in the hopes of blackmailing them for more money. On more than one occasion she almost lost her life but managed to pull through. After enough time she took over the agency, expanding her business over time to encompass more and more of the red light district. At one point her agency, now known as The Black Rose was engaged in a war with the already established prostitution rings in the red light district. With finesse and the well placed bullet, Tarvona managed to either destroy completely or absorb the rival gangs into her own. Today she controls a monopoly on the sex industry with her VIP nightclub "The Rose Garden" being a neutral zone at times for rival gangs to meet and negotiate.

Gang affiliation or Other affiliations
Black Rose- Located in the city's red light district, Black Rose controls the prostitution, escort agencies, and strip clubs that conduct business in that area of the city. Under Madame Vona's control the group has gone from a small escort agency to the sole authority in the sex industry. Despite this, Madame Vona does not see her workers as mere employees but people she cares greatly for. While the city has opportunity for all, there are those fallen on hard times or never given a fair chance. Black Rose offers those individuals a way out of destitution, its not a great way but its something. As such the Black Rose's matron does not take kindly to those who hurt her people or mistreat them. Black Rose Enforcers can be identified by their gang's insignia tattooed on their chest or by their iconic all black suits with the red insignia sewn over there breast pocket of the suit jacket. The way The Black Rose operates isn't quite like how the other gangs conduct themselves. While some may be inclined to violence against other gang members, Black Rose enforcers only engage in confrontations to protect themselves, other Rose members, and their territory.


Ember's Touch-the only spell she is capable of casting, Vona's hand is enveloped in fire. Upon touching an item or individual, the target is set alight in an instant yet should they touch another object the fire will not spread.

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She had only just begun on her way towards the med bay when an unfamiliar voice echoed through the comm center. Spinning on her heel, she turned to face the new group that had entered the station. "Other survivors? Perhaps, I didn't hear a dropship land or a vehicle approach", her mind worked out the possibilities as to who they all were. "Identify yourselves!", she called out as she approached with her weapon drawn and aimed on the one who spoke first.

The voice spoke out quickly and to Xi's undesired thoughts of hostiles, however he wouldn't allow yet another fight to break out where one was not needed. The Azaali took the lead once more, stepping around Quinn and forcing her back. "I am Xi Esperia, and we are surivors of a life-pod." He spoke firmly and quickly himself, his Alrick-Vorick firearm still holstered to a magnetic-holster on his lower back. "You must be survivors too, yes? Either of this colony or some incident? Perhaps we can work out an arrangement of safety?" Xi asked the now firearm pressed Quari female who took the other side's lead.

There was silence for a moment as Irisa examined the strangers. The Halion's tone upon entry were hostile but perhaps out of surprise. Lowering her rifle only by a little she replied, "Irisara Silonexios, Imperial Officer. Our group found ourselves in a pod as well. None of us remember how we ended up in there. Is that the same for you". She was hoping the newcomers would shine some light on the situation but she was prepared if that was not the case.

"Sadly, yes. We have no recollection of what has happened to us. All I can say for certain, is that I was on Faren V, then I awoke in a pod with a group of strangers. We were able to make re-entry here. We had hoped this colony or one of the others on this planet might provide stable way off-world and to safety, or at least a way to find answers." Xi took a moment to explain the situation he had come to understand, before slowly moving towards the Qari. "I will not harm you, and so long as we all are in this situation together, I will not let anyone harm each other." He exclaimed with a moment of vocal force, his words being obviously directed to the new group and his own.

Irisa holstered her weapon, they were not a threat, at least not Xi. "Well as of now the only way off this planet is getting the power back on. I sent two of my group to the cryo chamber, both humans so if you're headed over there make yourselves known if you dont want to get shot. I'll be heading over to the medbay for supplies so I need you to go get the power back online"

"I see. This is interesting, why are they going to the cryo chambers? Is there perhaps initial survivors of this colony?" Xi asked quickly with a thought of interest to the matter. "Perhaps I should join you to the Med-Bay however, as I am a medic, and biologist." Xi continued as he smiled behind his helmet. He was happy to hear the colony had a Med-Bay which may have been well-stocked still,and it made him sei-giddy. However he turned his attention to Quinn and Kat for a moment as he nodded. "I will send you two to the Power Core. Kat is an engineer of some sort, she hasn't spoken much. She could get the power on quicker than anyone I imagine. Quinn, you will go as support in-case something is to happen or Kat needs some lifting done, understand?" He spoke to the pair of females with a peaceful tone, but one of urgency and command.

"I appreciate it, it'd be nice to know what to prioritize and what we can spare", Irisa brought up the station map on her HUD when Feynman's projection appeared. "Irisa, I've been running continuous scans of the area and what was first disregarded as debris has now been identified as a ship wreck not far from here. It has been here for some time and it is highly unlikely to be the vessel we originated from. The ongoing storm has moved much of the sand covering the vessel and hull integrity damage would allow a small team to enter and inspect it once the storm has passed", without hesitation the AI placed a blip on her map for the wreck's location. "Thank you Feynman, and could you also send the station map to our new friends here?"

"Certainly, sending data now"

"Alright then. Xi, let's go find that medbay"

"Sounds wonderful. I must say, once we are done we should talk more about that wreck. I have been meaning to find an excuse to explore the planet and it's potential wildlife. Our AI gave us a quick rundown of some of the wildlife as well, but for now it is inactive." Xi added as they began to move towards the Med-Bay. "I am particularlly interested in the Lordia Kynikos, which I apologize ahead of time for speaking as if it's name should be known, but the AI registered it as Lordia Kynikos. Which seems to be human 'Greek' for Striped Canine." Xi noted while smiling once more under his helmet. He was getting excited as he thought about the beast. "The AI didn't provide any information, but the initial imaging provides a resemblance to human Hyenas, but with obvious differences such as size. I want to find some and study them, and even perhaps..." He quickly stopped his fast pace words before slowly turning his head to her. "Sorry, forget it. I am rambling my head off."

Its probably best if you wait, I'll speed things up to get you in faster.
@Remipa AwesomeAccepted, I'll have the storm move some sand around to reveal the shipwreck and then everyone will head over to find ASAP.
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