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With every step and every word spoken to him, Yakeru could feel his spirit lifting more and more. Words of praise and flattery and there were plenty. They would often only get you this far but now they seemed to reach and influence Yakeru. Yet still there was something that made him cautious. Flattery, same as with insults, often raise the question of what the other person wants. Could this person be trusted? Warning him of people who would want to exploit him for their own needs and tell him that not everything is what it seems, beautiful yet poisonous. Does this count also for the fairy? He did not know anything about this being, yet he was declaring to want to help him. To guide and nurse his magical powers for...what exactly? And only because of the kindness of his heart? Yakeru doubted that but still...

A mentor.
A sensei.
A master.

Wasn't that what Yakeru could use in this world? Elthrael had already proved he was gifted in magic as well. So why not take his offer? To give him information about this world and its people was only a small price to pay for what he would receive in return, right?

Suddenly he could feel a nagging pain behind his right eye.

I like the way you are thinking

You again? What do you want?

I want you to take this offer. I want you to become strong. Did you think that killing a few goblins would prove this? You saved a few people, true but do they cheer your name? Are you the one who took the stand and rallied the people behind you?


In this world you are still NOTHING! You are not strong enough! Take this opportunity with both of your hands and do not let it go. Become strong. Become the strongest. So people will chant your name. Be their protector. Their saviour. Isn't this what you want?

A soft chuckle sounded in his mind. I know you want this. The power to prevent disaster is in your grasp. Take it!

What did Yakeru want? Use his power for what? The same question Elthrael had asked him just now. Yakeru glanced at the magical rose that had appeared in the hand of the fairy.

Place your life in my hand and I will let it bloom

The road to his destiny opened up into his mind. To protect the people. To prevent their deaths and of those he would care about. For that he needed power or at least control the one he already had. And he did not have time for years of training. He needed to become stronger. His heart was pounding fast in his chest.

“I seek to use this power for both myself and others.” He answered truthfuly. “My quest is to become stronger so I will be able to protect the people of this world. To prevent disasters before they happen just like you said. A force to be reckoned with by those who seek to harm others.”

Yakeru put his right hand on his chest and bowed his head. “I gladly accept your offer...” He raised his head and looked into the golden eyes with a grin. “...mentor.”
Yakeru tilted his head, pursed his lips and nodded slowly as he listened to what Elthrael was saying. The words spoken sounded wise and poetic and seemed to make perfect sense when you thought deeper about them. His eyes were focused on the movements of the mouth with the fanged hookteeth, his ears to the sound of his voice. For a fleeting moment he wondered how old this being was and he realized, while looking at him, that what he was seeing was only a glimpse of the fairy. He could almost imagine Elthrael sitting on a mountain, with all the knowledge of the world at his disposal and people coming up to him for guidance.

Yakeru could feel the golden eyes upon him, much like he had felt before and as he stared back into them it felt as if they looked right through him down to the deepest reaches of his soul. He did not know if he should have felt at peace or uneasy about it. But those words. Preventing disaster. He would love to be able to do that. Could this fairy read his mind? The thought scared him a bit.

Master chaos and create order. Wield power.

But what power?

“Magical power? I...What?”

Magical powers? What is he talking about? Our kind has special power? What does he mean by that and what does he expect from me? To conjure a fireball or something? Make my sword glow like some lightstick? I dunno ho...

He remembered how earlier that day he had escaped the deadly grip of that massive goblin or whatever it was, what? He had closed his eyes back then and prayed and wished and...suddenly he had been out of harms way and in a perfect position to strike. But how? By hoping for the best? Now this fairy wanted to show him his power. A power he had only used once and by pure luck had succeeded. Of course Elthrael did not know that, though somewhere in his mind he doubted that. At least he could try and amuse the other one.

He closed his eyes, like he had done before and breathed in and out slowly, his mind set on escaping. He opened one eye to see that he was still on the same spot. It had not worked. He cursed inwardly and inhaled deep before releasing slowly. This time he tried to clear his mind and picture where he wanted to go. It almost went automaticaly.

There was a flash of green followed by a high pitched shriek coming from one of the tents about two metres away from where Yakeru had been standing. A male voice yelled and Yakeru got pushed out of the tent, his head a very crimson, apologizing to the half naked man and the terrified woman in the tent.

“Go play your jokes somewhere else, idiot!”

Well that did not go as expected.

Yakeru scratched the top of his head as he walked towards Elthrael. He did not want to look into the golden eyes. “Magical power huh.”
The slap on his back caught Yakeru by surprise and pushed all the air from his lungs. Jared walked away as Yakeru coughed for a few seconds, amazed at the force of the knight. This had only been a slap on the back but Yakeru had seen firsthand what strength he had. Much like Mackensie had thought earlier, he too was glad that the hulking knight was on their side. But what was their side? Soldiers greeted Jared as he passed them. Yakeru could see that the effect of the speech earlier had not worn off, no it was quite the contrary. People were already talking about taking up arms against the Witch. Soldiers and refugees alike. They wanted to be near him. Wanted him to lead them. Back on earth, Yakeru had seen in movies or read in books about leader rallying their troops or forming a rabble into a capable fighting force but to see it happen with his own eyes really was something. He had no doubt they would follow their hero to the ends of the world and back if he asked them to.

Jared, the Messiah

Yakeru looked down to his gloved hands which were trembling slightly. Quickly he clenched his fists and turned his back to the fire. Jared would lead them. But where to, that was the question. More to talk about, if Jared decided to join them for drinks.

At least David, being a good companion, agreed on a drink or two. Maybe three if it was any good. Drink to forget or drink to remember...Maybe a bit of both tonight.

“A man after my own heart! Thank you, my friend.”

If Yakeru would be correct, this would be the que for Mackensie to join them also. Even if it would be to just keep an eye on both of them. Perhaps he could get her to loosen up a bit. She was a good person. Both she and David were. He felt content to be among them, felt just right to be in their company as if that was where he had to be. After today he needed it. With a smile towards both of them he started to walk. Now where is that tavern...

After only a few steps, Yakeru suddenly stopped. He could sense somebody watching him. A strange sensation ran through his body and somewhere deep in his mind, a faint feeling of alarm. There! Someone had been standing between two tents, his gaze upon Yakeru. Even though the spot was empty now, he just knew that it had been real. He turned his head toward David and Mackensie wondering if he should just continue to go with them or...

“Excuse me for a moment. Nature calls!” He smiled a bit uneasy. He never was much of a liar but hoped that his facial expression would be convincing enough. “Save me a seat will you. I'll be right there after I finish!”

Perhaps it had been wise to take both of them with but maybe it had just been his imagination running wild and he would have made a fool of himself. Again. Besides he was in the middle of a camp filled with refugees and soldiers. What could happen to him, right?

As expected he did not find the person. It was the mysterious person who found him instead.

To say that the man was not what he had expected was an understatement. A fairy?
Bright golden eyes, burning like fire. Horns. Sharp hookteeth. Mothlike wings. Yakeru's vision of the cute, colourful little fairies and pixies living in trees broke, like a mirror, in a thousand pieces in his mind. More evidence he should change his way of thinking in this new world. The fae spoke with a certain eloquence in his voice and was not unpleasant to listen to.

Was uh...he trying to be kawaii? Yakeru thought as he allowed himself a small smile and chuckled at the joke. So they even have the toothfairy here huh
The fae had introduced himself and now asked for his name, which would be rude not to give.

“You can call me Yakeru. If you're looking for a star, you should try the big knight. Can't miss him. Seems like he is the star tonight.”

Yakeru laughed softly, placing his hand on his shaking head.

“Ah. Forgive me. Do not mind me. So, what brings you to this encampement, mister...fairy. Wanting to join the war effort or are you some kind of...disaster tourist?” Amused he raised an eyebrow. Again he could feel the faint alarm in the deepest reaches of his mind. Once more he ignored it.
Yup and David is hanging out at the refugee camp also, since Yakeru asked both Mackensie and David if they have seen Dexter and Robert.

Also drinks!

@Thinslayer @FunnyGuy

Certainly interested here
Yakeru in his mind:

Emperor: *Orders "heroes" to be awakened*
Yakeru: We are here to save the day!
Emperor: *Sends in Robert to retrieve them*
Yakeru: Are we a joke to you?

Leaning on the side of a wooden building, which had been turned into a makeshift first aid post, Yakeru had listened to the speech Jared had just given. Like a general rousing his troops. The towering figure of the knight looked in the light of the flames of the many campfires, like one of the heroes of old. Yakeru could see it in the eyes of the soldiers. A glimmer of hope which had turned into a flame itself, burning with a passion. During the speech many had gotten up from their feet, their voices sounding louder until by the end of the speech they roared with their weapons in hand. Even the wounded had come out of the building to listen and let their voices join in with the others. Yakeru wondered that if they had gotten the order from Jared to march back from where they had come from, they would just do that. Yakeru glanced at Jared. Was this why they had been awoken in this world?

Earlier Yakeru had been sitting at one of the campfires, eating and talking with some of the refugees. An older man, one of the people he had saved even came over to thank him. Though he did not feel that he should be thanked, he had nodded with a smile at the old man. Then he got pulled away from the campfire and asked to help out with the wounded by a stern looking young woman and some linen was pushed in his hands to bandage the wounds where needed. He did not know anything about first aid and he had tried to explain this to her but she had merely shook her head and had started to order him around. So he had run around fetching water and wrapping bandages, which she showed him with a sigh as his first attempt was just poorly according to her. In a way had found it funny. The young woman was shorter than he was and she looked not older than eighteen but she walked around and ordered people like a veteran nurse would do in a hospital. She had narrowed her eyes as she had caught him looking at her with a smile, which promptly made him turn to the soldier he was binding who in turn shouted in pain as the bandage was too tight. After that she had shooed him out of the building, there was nothing he could do any more anyway, and he had leaned against the side of the building with a sigh of relief. In time to hear the speech of Jared.

The knight was right of course but if they wanted to take on the Witch, they needed an army. An army the Emperor could perhaps provide. The same Emperor who had ordered all of them to be awakened but did not even sent a delegation to welcome them or take them to the capital. And if Robert Avant had been chosen to be the delegation, the Emperor clearly did not know his subjects. If they truly had been sent to this world to help, Yakeru had expected something more.

Where was the man anyway?

He had not seen him after they had arrived in Hildegard. And Dexter also seemed to have disappeared. He did not dwell on the matter for long. Both were more than capable to take care of themselves. Probably. He would search for them later.

Yakeru had heard from some of the wounded soldiers that there was a city nearby called Pelinor where a decent military force was stationed and would be the place they were going to regroup soon. Something he should tell Jared later. The feeling of certainty this would turn into a full blown war did not leave his mind.

War. He thought back to the words of Chatak. Goblins had joined the Witch because of their mistreatment caused by humans. If the Hume Empire would march their entire military might against the Witch, the goblins would most certainly be decimated, Yakeru imagined. Or was her might so grand, her force so powerful that it would turn the other way around? Would the Empire lose the fight? In any case many lives would be lost and Yakeru did not know if he wanted to be part of an army responsible for that. But could a peaceful solution be possible?

Peace or war. Yakeru knew that he had to become stronger so he could at least aid those in need and to prepare for the times of great strife that were sure to come.

He felt in need of a drink. He had been old enough to drink in his old life and he sincerely hoped he was old enough to drink in this world.

"What about a drink, big guy? I'm sure there is a place somewhere where we can enjoy...whatever they are brewing here." He said as he had made his way to Jared. His eyes caught a glimpse of David and Mackensie and he beckoned them. "Any of you guys seen Dexter or Robert?"
No worries, it's good you did. Did not realize it myself.
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