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<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The machine falls apart and the lights in the building turn off*

*Exhales slowly and goes to check on the people from before*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*It brings up a login interface*

*Frowns, and gravity in the center of the machine grows massively at a singularity, collapsing the machinery around it*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Above it is a large computer with a variety of doors connected to the same room*

*Tries to use the computer*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*They travel up to the next floor*

*Takes the floor apart and goes up with them*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The wall melts away, leaving nothing but a rat’s nest of wires and small computer chips daisy-chained together*

*Tries to trace them to a source*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The wires all lead into the walls behind their heads*

*Holds the tip of my finger out towards the wall a concentrated, superhot flame sparks to life, which I use to cut through it and get to the other side*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*One of them mumbles something unintelligible at you*

I don’t know if you guys can hear me, but if there’s even a remote chance this is a real place like Data said, I can’t just ignore this.
*Tries to look for where the wires come from*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*The floor gives way, collapsing into a stone dungeon with barely-living humanoid creatures chained to the walls, which have a variety of multicolored wires attached to their skulls*

*Glances up to the hole in the ceiling, then around at the people several times, grimacing*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*It makes a hollow sound*

*Leaps upward toward the ceiling, then propels off it to impact and punch through the floor*
<Snipped quote by Unhinged>

*Behind you is the route we came in through, and the room is otherwise empty*

*Walks to the wall opposite the route and pecks on it with my knuckle*
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