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Carter Patrick-Winslow

Time: Morning
Location: On his way to Ember Grove Mall
Interaction with: NPC-James Winslow

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
Be your Valentino just for you
Ooh love ooh loverboy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy

Pausing in his search for the mall to pull out his phone, Carter glanced at the screen, grinning at the caller id that popped up. Finger hovering over the answer button, he mouthed along to the words of his ringtone, having long since memorized the song.

Set my alarm, turn on my charm
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy

Swiping to answer at the literal last second before the call would have gone to voicemail, he continued walking - head tilted slightly to keep most of the rain off of his phone - as he greeted his caller with a smile like a cat that got into the cream. "Carter's phone, how can I help you?"

"Would it kill you to pick up sooner?" Carter's smile just grew "It very well might. That's not a risk I'm feeling all that inclined to take, thank you very much! Also, I love that song." Smile softening slightly at the ensuing grumbles from the other end. "How're things back home, James? Any particular reason for calling? Not that I'm complaining mind, but its still early." Turning a corner he waited for his brother to respond and was rewarded with an amused huff.

"Why do you think I'm calling? Someone needs to make sure you don't sleep the day away."

"Oi!" Carter tried to sound offended, he really did, but he couldn't stop himself from laughing. While James rose with the sun, he rose with the smell of lunch - it balances out pretty well considering James can't function without eight hours of sleep while Carter can go three days with only five or six if he has to. The only reason Carter isn't still asleep now though, is because today is Friday and the stores will probably be way more packed than usual. While he doesn't mind people, it's not the easiest to run errands in the midst of crowds of them.

"Things are alright over here, me and Dad are already making plans to turn your room into either a game-room or a home gym, we're still deciding." Huffing as he crossed the street - he looked both ways, don't worry! - Carter answered as indignantly as possible. "The bed's not even cold yet and you're already trying to erase my existence? I'm glad that I mean so much to you. Make sure not to damage any of the books I left back there with your renovations, though, or we'll have words."

Laughter followed that statement. "Don't worry, we'll keep you're precious books safe." Carter gave an indignant sniff at his brother, in spite of his grin. "You better." "How about you, little pup, how are you settling into town? The locals treating you alright? Meet the local wolf pack yet?"

Nose scrunching up at the mention of the childhood nickname James picked up from their mom, Carter wisely decided not to open that particular can of worms at the moment. "So far so good, I just finished unpacking my stuff and am out on a supply run as we speak. I've only met a couple of people, but they seem nice enough from what I can gather and as for the local luck yet. It's only been a few days, though and I haven't really had the chance to look until now so, that could change soon enough."

The mall finally coming into view, Carter quickened his pace and swiftly cut off a response from his brother. "Sorry Jay, but I need to go. Got shopping to do and you always make me forget something from my list. I'll call you later, yeah? Tell Dad I said hi." There was a sigh on the other end and Carter could practically see the eye-roll James must be giving him right now. "Alright, don't let me keep you. I'm only your brother, after all. Take care of yourself over there, Carter. Chow." The last part was said with a soft tone, only ever used when James was talking to his little brother and Carter made sure to return the favor. "Bye, Jay, stay safe."

The call ended and his phone was back in his pocket just as Carter finally entered his destination. Giving his head a quick shake to dislodge a couple of rain-drops (a habit he picked up to annoy his brother and hasn't been able to ever shake - not that he ever really tried to, mind) before setting off. The smell of various restaurants and food-stands drifted through the air from the food court, stores proudly displayed their merchandise through their windows and people were walking around through it all, partaking wherever their interests beckons them. Carter grinned slightly as he joined them, eyes peeled for his target.

Carter Patrick-Winslow

Time: Morning
Location: Walking along the streets of Ember Grove
Interaction with: @princess Violet(mentioned), @Ithradine Lucius(mentioned)

The raindrops felt cool against his face as they fell causing an easy smile to spread over his face and a feeling of peace to envelope him where he stood on the sidewalk - head inclined upwards so as to better appreciate the weather. There were few things that Carter loved more than rainy days and the fact that they were able to enjoy one the first day he was able to explore his new town after spending the last couple of days unpacking...he's not about to take it as anything but a good omen.

Breathing in deeply, he took a minute to appreciate the smell in the air - to him the smell of rain is the smell of cleansing, the smell of life - before continuing on his way. Much as he would like to, he couldn't just stand in the rain all day long. He still had errands to run, groceries to buy, especially since breakfast this morning used the last bit of food in the fridge. Once I'm done, I'm going to take a nice long walk, maybe through the park? A smile crossed his face at the thought. And after I head back home, there are several blankets and books waiting for me as well.

Nodding his head as he finished planning, his rain-induced smile becoming just a little wider, he refocused his attention back to his current mission. Alright, first things first, getting supplies while acquainting myself with the town. Now I just need to figure out where the grocery store is...maybe in or near the mall?

One of his hands reached up, tousling his hair slightly as he tried to recall a map he had seen of the town, while the other one found its place in one of the pockets of his black bomber jacket. Some people might think it was strange that he was walking around without an umbrella, but the rain wasn't that heavy and he felt that he was dressed appropriately enough for it not to matter much anyway with his jeans, sneakers and moss green long-sleeved shirt.

Turning a corner, there seemed to be a few more people on the street as well as what seems to be a couple of businesses, so he figured that he wasn't too far off track at least. Giving a friendly smile and nod to a young woman and a dark-haired gentleman busy conversing with each other as he passed by, he figured that even if he does end up getting lost, he should be fine asking someone for directions if it really comes down to it.

@princess Thank you! I'm really glad that you like him, I was a bit worried that I was going a bit overboard while writing his history so I'm glad that wasn't the case!
And I've finally finished my CS! I hope he's acceptable, feel free to tell me if any changes are necessary! ^^

@princess Thank you so much! I really appreciate the information and the invitation to the chat! I'll definitely join once I registered!
Hi! ^^

I just wanted to see if ya'll might have room for one more?

If ya'll don't, it's fine and I apologize for potentially wasting any time, but if you do, I have an idea for a werewolf character, but I just have a quick question about werewolves as a whole beforehand. At what age does a pureblood werewolf come into his/her abilities? If this was already stated somewhere, I'm sorry for being a bother!
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