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Anyway I think the more precedent question and focus needs to be, who is his friend with the tail.

Good point.

Would Aron be able to tell how big the tail is, or if it was furry/scaly or something?
@Dark Light
You made me go and edit my post XD
The possibilities are literally endless...

The single plate make me worry a bit might belong to one, but who can tell the amount of power its owner might possess.

In sure are we that our hostage is truly a human? o.O
Are ya'll conjuring up theories pertaining to the true nature of the bones on the table too, or am I just paranoid? XD
A snort left Aron from where he stood by the door. He and his buddies stripped them of their stuff, locked them in cells and now this guy was seriously trying to negotiate! How stupid does he think they are? The chances of him even being high enough in the ranks to even propose a negotiation was below zero. Luckily the others didn't seem to be falling for it either.

Eyes not straying from the viewing slits in the door, he listened intently as the interrogation took place, making sure to note everything that was said. He especially paid attention when the grown tiefling asked after his supplies, the absence of the familiar weight around his neck feeling all the more pronounced. Fist tightening slightly around the hilt of Orchid's shortsword, he glared out into the other room. Either he'll recover it or he wont, it's not like he'll die without it...

Taking a breath he forced those feelings down and threw a few questions of his own at the man. "What's inside all of those crates and barrels? And what's the layout of the place like?"

His eyes didn't leave the slits as he asked his questions, taking in every detail he could of the next room, pausing slightly on the bones.

Added a perception check, hope its alright
@Lucius Cypher I added it to my Constitution, which I already had a proficiency in from being a fighter.
Aron nodded at Angus's words "Got it." before he could follow after him though, Orchid called out to him and passed him her shortsword. Giving the sword a small twirl he grinned at her "Thanks, I already feel much better about our chances." and stepped into the hall just as Angus ripped of the other cell's door as well.

The sound of a child cries became even more pronounced and Aron longed to do something, but one of the other prisoners was already comforting her and Orchid was already filling them in on the escape while Angus chatted with the grown tiefling prisoner. He would be more useful keeping an eye out for when their jailers make an appearance.

Which happened sooner than he thought it would - he's almost impressed by their reaction time.

As he scanned his surroundings, his eyes landed on a metal door - most likely the exit - 25ft away from where they were standing, with small viewing slits, through it he saw a person staring wide-eyed at them. The door closes, tapping noises came from the lock's direction. The door was undoubtedly about to be locked and it was with that realisation that Aron found himself darting forward "Oi!" only to be surpassed by Angus as he rushed pass. That makes three doors ripped from their hinges within minutes of each other. Who needs keys with a Dachaigh Highlander about?

Orchid didn't waste any time either, quickly hauling him into the prison cell area and slamming him into the wall. His companions seemed to have things handled, so Aron quickly moved over to the felled door and pulled it upright back into the doorframe, it would still be easily knocked over with a light push, but at least any passing patrols wouldn't immediately be able to tell that a prison-break was taking place while they were still interrogating the man. That done, he posistioned himself in front of the door, keeping watch through the slits in the door, only briefly looking behind him to cheerfully add to Angus and Orchid's threats. "Cooperating really is in your best interest, you saw what happened to the doors after-all, just think what can be done with limbs."

Quick question: When searching someone would perception be the go-to roll or is investigation better? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I just wanted to check ^^;
That would mark the third door to fall to Angus thus far XD

I should have a post up by tonight as well, just haven't had much time to type since I needed to babysit my cousins today.
@rush99999 Ah sorry, ^^; I'll fix it now
As Aron slowly returned to wakefulness, there was a moment before reality hit where he imagined that he was back at the old forge and Ilsur was cursing up a storm while working on a new weapon. Then Angus growled next to him and the memories being blindfolded, tied up and gagged hit him full force. Shooting upright, he turned his head rapidly as he took in his surroundings. He was in a cell with Orchid and Angus - the latter of which was angrily stomping over to the door. Tenkern and his workers was nowhere in sight and a spike of worry shot through him, hopefully they were alright. They all seemed to be stripped of all of their possessions, leaving them in nothing but their clothes. That revelation caused another spike of worry, but for an entirely different reason. Hand darting to his chest, his expression darkened as he felt nothing where his necklace usually hung.

The sound of the door being pulled from its hinges drew his attention and he looked up in time to see Angus swearing vengence, Orchid's glaive in his hands - at least they weren't completely weaponless. Standing up, he followed after Angus, "Hey MacAlister, wait up."not about to let him rush into unknown territory without backup. Passing Orchid on his way out, he gave her a nod and a slight smile, "Keep an ear out for screams of pain while you work, shouldn't be long before our captors investigate the noise."

Glancing out of the cell, he scanned the surroundings for anything useful as well as any signs of danger.

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