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<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

Hello, old friend. I’m glad you are able to join us.

Certainly. This is a matter of the utmost importance. Before I ask for more details, I should wait to see if anybody else arrives, so as not to burden you. But have you been well?
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

That is for the Escape Rope. Not for your recovery time, take as long as you need to recover and get back in.

*Steps through a swirling blue portal and tips head, smiling* Spirit.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

For the time being, this will probably be another extended break. The Living God idea for Zachary isn't getting deleted, and I might find somewhere to use him, but currently no other ideas have really struck my fancy like his and really the ideas in that CYOA in general.

No worries! I hope you continue to enjoy your forays into creativity.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

Unfortunately, I don't think this is something I can budge on either. I might come back with a different character, I have been working on a necromancer who sees necromancy as a matter of survival tactics rather than evil, or I might not. It honestly depends. I think that, for the time being however, it'd be better if I just took a step back for a while. Much as I try not to, emotions did flare, and I need to get those in-check before doing anything else.

It was somewhat the same for me—emotions flaring. I’m very sorry that it had to go this way, with a hard incompatibility rather than something we can work around. I hope that, if you have another idea you’re passionate about, MR will be a place for you to play with it. But I can understand if it doesn’t feel that way.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

I understand, and since I am trying to work with you all here, if he doesn't work I'll drop the idea entirely. Which actually works out fairly easy given that Subtle power of his. But I won't exactly like having to do that. Especially not after having tried to find a way to make it work out.

Yeah, I understand that. Speaking wholly as myself—I was in this situation twice or thrice before, when I was very new to MR. It’s frustrating to feel like your creativity is being limited, and even worse to feel like there’s no way out and no way to keep your idea as it is, especially when you’re passionate about it.

We definitely want to work with you to make the idea work, but just like for me when I experienced this, there is something MR cannot budge on.
I feel like I understand what you’re going for with Zachary a little more, and I think it’s pretty cool—someone who has absolute power but goes some place beside (and not above) himself where he can’t be absolutely powerful and can figure himself out. Doing that with Planes sounds like it would be purer to the intention you have for your story.

It’s just that, to do that using Planes, although it might work for your idea, would require a lot of overengineering. Like, not a bit of overengineering, but a lot a lot. The World suggested it because he’s the one who came up with it 8 years—it’s at the forefront of his mind, in that sense.

But we work ideas, big and small, into MR organically, as we have for the last several years. Over time, I am sure we would naturally build up to a full theoretical understanding of other planes (only the idea of which we currently have). But they just aren’t anywhere near the stories we have right now. It would be untenable to make that jump now. It’s the kind of thing that we have to hash out, slow and steady.

As a group we have been going back and forth on this issue and can’t really come to a complete decision as a group on what would be best for MR itself. But our consensus is leaning against using Planes for the reasons stated above.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

As to the first, you are correct. And again, I attempted to rectify this by making a character whose main goal was not messing with the order of Existence but learning from it.

As for the second, come on.

Gods are gods, and if we take them for what they should be, limits should be the last thing on one's mind. The only reason mythology limits them is because humans needed a way to explain phenomena, and the only reason they are limited here is for balance. Both of which are understandable.

The definition of god is something that is hotly debated. It has been on people's minds for thousands of years. Your own philosophical concept of a god is what you are bringing in here, or perhaps the concept of whoever wrote this CYOA. I will not debate the merits or demerits of your concept of a god, but argue that you must use a different definition than the one you are currently using to fit it in Myriad Reality, and whatever definition you decide on, it should allow that he has limited power in wider Existence, and that his sphere of influence is within Existence and underneath it.

If you want your being of absolute power to be absolutely safe in wider Existence, that's probably fine. But his power should be limited as it affects others.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

No, no, it's fine. I should be apologizing in this case, and I understand where all of you are coming from. Problem is it's kind of foolish to limit a god in the first place, and secondly it's hard to do it in this case when it's kind of vital to his whole character. Like he's running away from his responsibility as a nearly all-powerful being and choosing to live as normally as he can. Lastly, from the descriptions given in the thing I made him with, the wider expanse of Existence would once again be beneath a Living God. Even one of a lower ascension level thanks to all the free Spark Powers they can get.

Ascension levels, spark powers, and Living Gods are not part of Existence. They are part of this CYOA, which can only fit in Existence insofar as it does not encroach on Existence.

Why would it be foolish to limit a god outside of the realm of his control?
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

And you forget that nigh-omnipotence, no matter how powerful, is not omnipotence.

I would appreciate if you did not use condescending phrases such as "and you forget". If I am also sounding too rigid in my responses, I apologise, but I am firm in my stance that a character whose powers are to be nigh-untouchable and nigh-unstoppable cannot have such powers to their full extent when interacting with wider Existence.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

Which is why my alternative is not forcing a rewrite. Merely it's him hiding out here until he eventually decides, preferably through the actions of allies and friends, to return and face his destiny. To rise to the challenge of ruling his own Verse and its disputes rather than running from it all.

The only thing I'm doing is just leaving the statement that he has nigh-omnipotent power intact, as the author wrote it. Doesn't mean my arc plans to focus on it, because honestly that's a win state most of the time, and those are boring to write.

That plot structure—going to another place where destiny doesn't weigh on you for a time—will work perfectly fine if his Verse is within the context of Existence, and his omnipotence is only in the Verse (edited). How his omnipotence works is not a question for wider Existence, because in wider Existence nobody can possibly be omnipotent. It must be confined.
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