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Current Suuuuuper fun...
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Why have I only JUST discovered Arcana?
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Time to get some work done.
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Tea, Good Tunes (Nine Inch Nails), and a boxer dog who wont stop laying on top of me. Good times.
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Age: 28 (Old Fart)
Occupation: Physics Student

RolePlays: My strongest is the dark and depraved. Fantasy comes in at a close second.

I've been RolePlaying since I was about 11 years old, starting off with Yahoo! Chatrooms before moving onto Persistent Worlds in NeverWinter Nights. I am a huge fan of RPGs in general (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Secrets of Mana, etc.) and have recently rekindled my passion for RPing.

If we go by D&D alignment, I tend to play Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral characters. I have a proclivity for the weird and macabre (I'm a Lovecraftian) and love to explore character concepts and meanings. I prefer having deep lore and character development over mindless hack and slash, but the occasional flaunt of power never hurt anyone... Unless you're an NPC, that is.

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See, this is why I don't own cats.
@Bad Wolf

I'm willing to learn. Shoot me a mention when you have the necessary details up and ready to go.

Don't worry about it! Life always comes first :) Take your time.

I will formulate something within the next couple of days. I need booze right now and a day to recover from said hangover. :D

I didn't realize I was here to entertain you. You also forgot your hashtags.

And, yes, it was necessary as to convey my feelings on the subject.

On the subject of being helpful, @Thinslayer, I believe the best thing that I could do is bow out and allow the rest of you to continue on, as I do not see myself as a good fit. Wish you all the best of luck.
Not going to lie. This is kind of how I look after reading your post.


I'm not sure what mixed messages you are receiving nor do I understand what you mean by "more structure means less freedom".

What it sounds like to me is you want everyone to pitch in and write the world with you, which is a completely different kind of RP entirely and one in which requires immense dedication. Since you are the GM, the responsibility falls on you to create a world that feels alive. Currently, it feels empty mainly because a lot of things are left up in the wind. Not talking about every minute detail needs to be accounted for, but generalities like kingdoms, culture, influence of magic and aristocracy, beastiary, lay of the land, temperature, etc. etc.

These things create a world worth exploring.
None of this information was presented from the original concept and I'm sure many of us kind of took it in stride, as you say, "ease of access". So now we're all scrambling to try and fit concepts into an ever-narrowing world. Normally this would not be a bad thing, given that certain information be brought forth outright, so that everyone has a clear understanding of the mechanics of the world.

No where in your posts, @Darkwatck01, was there mention of any strain or debilitating effect casting this spell would have on the warlock. As it reads now, he is some omnipotent being with unlimited power. I'm going to be honest with you all. Perhaps it is better to scrap the current RP and allow both of you guys to collaborate on the world and truly hammer in the details. Once a foundation is built you can start addressing the details, and in turn, allow a much more cohesive RP environment.

As it stands now, I'm just not having fun with it.
That sentence doesn't make sense. Care to not be so vague about it?

And what choices would that be, precisely?
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