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10 mos ago
Current I am sort of back? I'll be popping on when I have time but replies may not be a thing. I'm hoping things will settle near the end of this week.
11 mos ago
I'm moving across country next week, so you won't hear from me for a bit. I expect to be back on the 24th.
11 mos ago
I will be on vacation starting tomorrow. I'll be back Sunday but expect replies on Tuesday. K cool see ya later ~
12 mos ago
Mm, yes. There's nothing like being sleep deprived and drinking a soda in the morning.
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12 mos ago
I know we need the rain but goddamn does it bring my energy down. I want my hot, sunny days back!


Hey! Welcome! Thanks for coming by.

18+ | Casual to Advanced Writer | PMs Only | Discord Available for OOC
Feel free to PM with any questions you have

18+: For maturity and also for more adult themes.

MxM: This is my jam. I rarely deviate from it.

Casual to Advanced: My typical posts can run around 300-500 words, sometimes less if less is needed. My typical intro posts can run around 500-1,200 words. I expect the minimum from you is 3 paragraphs.

Creativity and willingness to speak OOC. I do have a discord for OOC chat if you prefer. I do love building worlds and things. It's kind of my favorite part of RPs. But I also don't really like being the driver for everything. So, please bring along your imagination and let's get freaky.

PMs only for RP.

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Fate & Destiny

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Revised fantasy rp with new plot idea:

The kingdom is facing a grave threat, and every knight the King sent out to investigate never returned. Now, the King is desperate and is calling for all guild members, mercenaries, and adventurers to come forward with any information they have, or investigate the threat themselves. The group investigates the threat.
Revised Fantasy Rp. Also, Bump! Still looking.
This is NOT a hesitant bump. I'm looking for a new partner to two. Hit me up!
This is a hesitant bump because I opened this 3 months ago and I wasn't ready for another RP. I think I'm ready now.
What kind of events?
Fonsus nodded as he continued to scribble in his notebook. His pen paused as Richard spoke up.

“Maybe,” Fonsus replied and his pen resumed, no doubt to catch and note Rich’s words. He did make a good point but the place and timing were not great. Fonsus hinted, “But that’s not exactly the focus of our school project.”

“So if it takes incredible charm work to cover damage or distract from the damage, would it be possible to lift such spells? Or reverse them? This is under the assumption you can’t find the wand or wizard in the first place. Unless…you would have to find the source in order to lift their spells…because you don’t know what spells they used in the first place. Which makes this entire thing difficult.” Fonsus frowned at his notebook. He felt like he was running in circles.
I'm ready for some new partners!

Casual to Advanced
Creativity and willingness to speak OOC. I do have a discord for OOC chat if you prefer.
PMs only.

I really don't like writing out these huge things about me. But this is to clarify and set expectations. Above is the gist of it. More details below. Or jump to my hiders to take a peek at what's in my head.

Comments, questions? PM me.

UPDATED 1/6/2023 Super interested in Fantasy RP.

Fair warning, this one has a lot.
Player/Player, rather than the GM/Player style you mention. Both sides work to develop the world and continuously push the plot along with every post.

^ This.

It's more fun to collaborate and build together than have one person do the work. Sometimes the original idea is mine, sometimes the idea is theirs but we both have things we toss in the pot. We generally build the setting and the beginning plot first but leave it open-ended so we can have fun along the way.

Also, don't be afraid to reach out if you're stuck. Kind of like "Hey, I don't really know where to go with this next post. Where or what is the next point/place/goal we're trying to get to?" Your partner may be able to help. Communication is key to a lot of things in life. That includes your writing and your writing partner.
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