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So I just finished watching Steins;Gate and I can fully recommend that one too. (Notice a few others mention it)

Something to note is that the story does start a bit slow for the first 9ish episodes as it's introducing and setting up the story, but then it hits into overdrive without warning and really hooks you in.

So @Yin, add it to your list of things to see. ;)

Dang, you're fast!

Thank you for the heads up, I'm definitely giving it a go soon. ^3^

I don't know why but out of the blue, I decided to try xxxHOLiC for the first time and I think it's alright. The theme song is cool and the servant is pretty funny. I think it's sort of an "old" anime from the '00s.

Ran into a song that reminded me of Cowboy Bebop and later, of Samurai Champloo.

I gave Psycho-Pass a shot the other night but couldn't stomach an "abusive" scene in the first episode but I like its premise, I might revisit it.
I'm heading home to do my character sheet and we are so ready to go.

TGIF! <3

Hope you guys have a good weekend.



Japanese unisex name meaning 'happiness', 'light', and 'peace'.




In cat years, Kou is 2 which is the human equivalent of 24.




Kou is miniature and adorable with tiny, beady, black eyes and smooth white fur. She wears a red collar that has a golden star on the back.


Much like Mao in the series, Kou possess animals, preferably cats, and uses her size to advantage to follow criminals in almost any pocket-sized area on their body or handbags and distract them with her rapid strikes of her claws and sharp cat fangs for her allies to defeat. In addition to the high similarity like Mao, she can send intel through telepathy no matter if Contractors, Moratoriums, and Dolls aren't at face value.

So, it boils down to:



Kou always has a sunny disposition and she is frequent in the language of sarcasm and being goofy despite the line of work she does. She likes to consume a lot of food but fortunately for Kou, she does not fatten. She is also very sentimental and does get attached to the people she works with even if they're not on her team; she's quite the empath which is unlike for a cat because they're normally detached and cold.

Oh, and she's definitely a stalker.


Kou was a dedicated high school student who passed her exit high school exams with flying colors, receiving a scholarship for her lab work in Chemistry to attend a university in Australia for two years. Her parents were born in Hokkaido and grew up on their farm along with her three other sisters, her being the middle child. For better opportunities, she and her sister lived together in an apartment complex and the boiler room exploded on a Sunday night, their condo being closer to the area, it quickly lit up and Kou and her sister, Aoki, burned to death but somehow Kou's consciousness was still intact and along came a mysterious Contractor just minutes after she witnessed Aoki burn until her last breath.

When she awoke, she had first possessed the body of a miniature dog and went off to fend for herself, having many owners until she became comfortable in her new form, hosting over a dying cat which is the specific cat she has been possessing for over many years, seven to be exact, but the cat's age will forever remain at two.

Her human form before the accident and her first animal possession.
@Onarax, it's looking like a good cast right now and I can't wait to see them and the OP's, of course.
Cutie pie.

I can't wait. ;3;
I just realized I hadn't clarified my characters position in the student council!

Do edit, please!

Lol, thank you. ^3^
@King Tai
@Natsume Honnaji


I have removed one player from our game so it is six of us now.

Characters, we have seven in total (including my WIP of my female character and @LetterA's female character).

If you know of anyone interested in being an eighth player, bring 'em here. ^3^
@LetterA, she is accepted!
Yup, it's moi. ^3^
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