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Wvysen Myranne

Interactions: @Force and Fury Hugo, @Th3King0fChaosDesmond, The remainder of the pirate group, probably.

Wvysen blinked as her group of five simply… appeared elsewhere, taking off her glasses to rub her eyes, just making sure she wasn’t seeing things. Nope, that was right. After the dark, stormy night, they had ended up in a… sunny, bright tower. Something about that didn’t check out right to her. Either some seriously strong teleportation just happened, or… some seriously strong temporal magic just happened. And either way, that was a sign that who they were speaking to was the genuine deal. The greatest mage of the day, perhaps ever.

...Moving on from her initial surprise, she raised her eyebrows at the paradigm’s tirade on crowns, laurels, and head mages. Well. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was expecting, but this wasn’t exactly it. They could push him out of power that easily..? Well, I guess politics is about a bit more than just magical power, even among mages, but still. It’s an honor to be among the chosen, even if it is… a pretty small group.

Right, so they were chosen to be his on the… weekends? Oh, by the Five, this was going to make balancing her homework so much harder, wasn’t it? Wvysen frowned at herself at that thought and shook her head. Based on what he was saying, this was a bit more important than homework anyways. When the choice was given, Wvysen weighed her options for a moment, but eventually, took a seat. She wouldn’t really be able to live with herself if she just walked out of an opportunity like this, and while there was undoubtedly a risk to the offer itself… it was one she had to accept. With most of the further chairs claimed while she was debating, Wvysen frowned, but ended up taking one somewhat closer to the Paradigm.

A raised eyebrow at the opening of portals, but Wvysen remained silent during the spiel. Obviously the Paradigm knew magic far beyond what she did, that wasn’t too surprising. A riverboat gambling house (Wvysen frowned. Gambling was a vice she did her utmost to avoid completely), a den of pirates (thieves and scoundrels…), and a house of a soon-to-be assassination. A stolen artifact and a riot, a hostage and emboldened pirates, and someone who could do immeasurable good… well, good and bad were a bit difficult to measure anyways, and- Not the time to pursue tangents, Myranne. Oh, so the teams were already chosen? That’s a bit surprising, I would figure that… well, I suppose he probably knows who will do best where.

Wvysen picked up her own paper to study it. So she was handling the pirates, huh? Her stomach dropped a bit, but she saw why soon enough. Isle d’Amoto… had she heard of that before? Right, pirate hideout, obviously. Ah! Right, it was right on the edge of the border between Arsica and Mycormi. Organizing against it was difficult, because any significant force headed that way might be seen as hostile to Mycormi, on top of the possibility of potential corrupt officials that could give the pirates warning, whether through Arsican officials, or, expanding on the Mycormi issue, any intercepted communication to explain an attack, or potential corrupt Mycormi officials. It was a situation her father had complained about on more than one occasion, though more to Wvysen's older brother than Wvysen herself.

Hm, was there anything in particular she needed to bring? She doubted it. She had her usual daily attires with her, meaning she should be good. Lets see… her team was Desmond, Benedetto, Ismet (oh. That’s a long name.), and… a bunch of other names, none of which Wvysen really recognized. This was certainly going to be an interesting group.

Almost at once, their group had erupted into concerns about the plan going forwards, namely about the lack of information, which Wvysen nodded about, rubbing her temple. Think, Wvysen, think. Pirates. She had studied this before. She just needed to think about shipping routes, and remember the flags, and what she had heard. After a moment, she spoke herself, though waiting for one of the men in the group to finish before saying her part. ”If we can spot the flag, I might know something about them, but chances are that you’re right. Pirates aren’t exactly a unified group, even in a den of them. The only common point they have between them is that they’re all scheming thieves on the run from the law. Apart from that, any other pirates are a rival in their businesses. Though I hesitate to really call it a business.” Hm… it wasn’t something she had herself, but it was likely something the Paradigm could retrieve without much difficulty… even if she did feel a bit awkward about asking it, she didn’t really have much of a choice in her options. Acquiring it in this short of a time span would be difficult, especially if it was still night back at the academy.

Working up the courage, she moved over to the Paradigm. ”Ah, it’s… not something I brought to the Academy myself, but a good tool for something like this, do you have a map of the shipping lanes between Arsica and Mycormi? Or, failing that, just a map including the two nations? …Uhm, and a pen, preferably. Sorry. I don’t mean to impose upon you, but I’m not all too sure if I can get something like that on the Academy this late at night. Or… if it is still night?” That last bit was more of a murmur to herself, Wvysen still a tad confused about the whole day/night situation with the tower being sunny and all. ”Ah- and I’ll need some paper, but I can, uhm, retrieve that myself. …and a pen, thinking about it. So I really just could use the map, if that’s alright.”
Wvysen Myranne

Place: Perrence Student Dorms, Academy at large

Wvysen raised an eyebrow as she opened the letter informing her of the new student groups, then stretched, shaking her head. Ah well, she didn't really mind what group she was in. More importantly to her were the events of last night, which she was... not terribly up to date on. For many others, last night had been wild, whether one had been active in the partying and procession (which she had graciously turned down in favor of her studies), or... even more oddly, the three bloody assassination attempts that had gone on, apparently. Even holed up in her dorm like she had been, word spread like wildfire. With a sigh and a shrug, she shifted to put on her daily attire, aiming to go on her morning walk. Back in Arsica, she typically went jogging in the morning, but she noticed that gave her a few more odd looks here, and she preferred to kick up as few waves as possible here.

Walking around, there were a few things she noticed. A few details were clearer than others, but others... definitely weren't. The open areas around the academy seemed to have averaged out into a normal amount of activity, with no doubt a few people busy sleeping off hangovers from the previous nights party, and a few people out and about with the freedom of the day. With her Pocket Wvytch in her pocket, and meandering around the place, there were plenty of rumors ablaze in the academy. Three assassination attempts. Varying degrees of success, and with enough shifting points of view, Wvysen couldn't really get an accurate feel for the details, beyond merely who the targets were. All figures of importance, which wasn't too surprising.

While Wvysen so dearly wanted to just ignore the matter, that... probably wasn't the wisest idea. Three assassinations in the recent area, all on very important people, the same night of a triumphant party... there wasn't enough luck in the world for that to merely be a coincidence. For now, though, the information wasn't reliable enough for her to get much intel. Some people claimed to have personally been there to fight off the assassins, of course, but she knew better than to take that seriously (as did the friends of those claiming, usually). One assassination was successful, one almost was, but she didn't hear much about the third. Without the proper intel to make any decisions herself... Wvysen shook her head, deciding that her goal for the day would instead be to find those in her next group. First, Dorothea...
Yus frowned, the wind rushing past her with... seemingly no source? The girl stepped into the room, closing it swiftly behind her, wincing as it made more noise than she had hoped for. A lounge of some kind... that sort of explained why the door had been opened, but didn't explain either the wind, or the door being open, but no one inside.

Though there was the nagging feeling in her that it could potentially still be a trap, Yus' curiousity was insatiable, and she stepped over cautiously, taking the note, and flipping it over to examine it, one hand fidgeting nervously as she shifted, reading the other side, assuming the other side indeed had... more text. She couldn't see any reason it wouldn't.
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Bit shorter than I'd like, but does the job well enough, no point in overly fluffing it out.
Yus glanced around the hallway, frowning. Hm, magic lamps of some kind. She debated for a moment whether to break it open to see what was inside or not, but that would probably attract too much attention, either from the other house-goers, or from... whatever else may, or may not, be present in the house. Right now, it was probably safest to just check out the rooms, maybe she could find out what these places were. Hopefully bedrooms, and hopefully enough of them for everyone. She wasn't really interested in sharing a room with someone.

And thus, she 'deduced' her best bet would just be to head over to the slightly ajar door, and carefully creak it open to peek inside, trying to get a view of the room without alerting whoever may or may not be inside, glancing around to get as much of a view of the room as she could, studying it as she slowly opened the door to try and avoid the hinges creaking, holding her breath to make as little noise as she possibly could. Was she being too paranoid? Perhaps, but paranoia was justified when most of the worlds population wanted you dead.
Glancing around at the others who seemed to be entering the building, Yus' eyes widened at what appeared to be a lizard-person (A dragon, or something? Half-dragon? Nothing she had seen before) rather aggressively waving about the letter. Well, that was... sort of good news? She wasn't the only recipient, at least. After him came what looked to be a human, from what she could tell, but something about him seemed... off, not that she could place exactly what it was.

...damnit, she was trying to listen in on those two talking to each other, but between the lizard and the other guy, they were being loud enough that she couldn't pick up what they were saying. Grimacing internally, Yus' gaze flicked between the... everyone entering. Too many people here. And not enough, at the same time. Too many for her to be comfortable, but not enough for her to safely hide in. And as such, it was time for her to make her exit. ...well, from this room, anyways. As much as she'd like safety in numbers, she wasn't sure how much she really trusted anyone nearby, nor was she interested in socializing with her... peers at this point in time. Were they her peers? Perhaps they were similar in their pasts, if not appearances, but peers also implied a semblance of... familiarity, which didn't exist.

And so, hoping, praying she wasn't noticed, that no one tried to follow her, Yus slipped out of the West door near the stairs, aiming to explore the ground floors a bit.
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