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Sorry, my motivation has been somewhat lacking >.<
My post was just going to be moving things forward, so if anyone else could do that, thats fine by me
Eyeing the strange school from across the street, a certain girl with dirtied clothing picks herself up, ignoring the pangs of hunger going through her stomach. Noting a particular patch of the wall that seemed to be broken down (or more accurately, a particular section. Patch was... an understatement), mostly hidden from the public eye via... well, hiding it in a side alley, she meandered that way, taking care to make her motions not too obvious as she slipped into the alley, manycolored hair drawing her a few glances, but no more than a curious glance or two. Just another anime protagonist urchin on the streets.

Once in the alley, she swiftly scrambled up and over the broken down wall, stepping into the school grounds proper. She took a moment to look around, left eye closed as she did so, before a smell drifted through the air. The scent of delicious food, that sent the girls stomach rumbling, and she winced, hiding herself behind a building, and, seeing that no one was outside, began moving over to the building that delicious scent was coming from... she had to move through some gardens to get there, but was mostly unbothered, the thorns turned away by a thin layer of scales over her otherwise pale skin, though one particularly problematic thorn caught itself in her clothes, which she had to tug free, but soon, she stood (or more accurately crouched, in bushes she could not be spotted in), before the building providing the scent of much needed food. Obviously she couldn't just walk in, she already knew not many places were willing to serve somebody with raggedy clothes like her, so she'd have to sneak in, and take some when someone wasn't looking.

Perhaps there was an entrance on the second floor? Stepping around to the back, she squinted, noting the windows up top... maybe those could be opened? Glancing over the building, there were more than enough handholds... loose brick here, gutter pipe there... it was definitely possible. Could she do it stealthily..?Now that was a different matter, but one she had to figure out anyways. Sighing softly, stomach grumbling and giving her another pang. "Yeah, yes, I'm trying here..." She grumbles right back to her stomach, stepping over to the building, taking a deep breath, then stepping up to carefully climb up from handhold to handhold, arms trembling as she did so, but still managing her way up nonetheless. Once she reached the window, she toom a few deep breaths, panting from the exertion, and peeking in... a bedroom? Weird, but at least no one was there... with a simple snap of her fingers and a point, one part of the window flying open, only to catch it to avoid it slamming into the wall of the building, before the girl slipped inside, hopping down silently, and closing the window behind her...

[Current Location: Room R-2B]
The halfbeasts ears flicked at the arrival of the Anubite, frowning briefly, and turning to examine her, gazing at the large ears. Hmm, another sort of halfbeast, I see... So she wishes to join us. Aloud, she simply nodded, and stated calmly "I have no issue with adding another to our team, although the more we add, the less ideal heading to the north becomes... more to keep warm, more to feed, particularly considering that while both myself and Avala are quite experienced with the harsh lands, there is not much food to be had in the wild, particularly to feed five, and one of Avala's size, as well."

She shook her head, before letting out a soft sigh, and nodding once more to Victoria. "I must agree there. While we seem to be well equipped in terms of clothes, money for taking on the journey would be quite useful."

A look to Avala, and a contemplative gaze. "I imagine you're more experienced with the calculations of having to regularly eat up north... how likely would we be to continue to find food as we traveled, assuming this artifact ventures into the wastelands? I can't imagine it's very likely... between keeping all of us warm, and feeding all of us... such a trek would be quite dangerous."
@Infinite Cosmos@ShiningSector

The halfbeast glanced at Victoria with the whispering, ear flicking once from how close Victoria was whispering, but nodding. Upon hearing the girl deny it, the halfbeast tilted her head, stating simply "Yes, you are. Why deny it?"

That book looked rather curious though, perhaps a spellbook of some kind, although the halfbeast knew that she didn't know much about magic. Nonetheless, for now, she listened to Grimar's explanations of the compasses. Curious. Artifacts linked to other artifacts? Must be some particularly powerful artifacts, or something. She didn't have the faintest clue what they would be though, to be frank, she had never heard of an artifact that... leads its user to a different artifact.

So, one leads to the north, hm? No bother to me, it's been some time since I left the place of my... appearance? Birth? Not entirely quite sure what to call it. Although, perhaps this damnable chill of mine would be more useful in the south, where it's contrasting the temperature there... The halfbeast frowned, seemingly lost in thought for a bit, before blinking at the mention of food and clothes. "Thank you, but I will be fine on both of those counts, personally. I cannot speak for the others, though." So, the arguing one is Erula, and both her and the adorable one will be joining us.

A single, self-satisfied nod, before turning to the others. "Although heading north would be nostalgic for... several of us, if my assumption is right-" A nod towards Avala. In all her time down in the south, she had yet to meet anyone as large as those who had lived up north, the harsh climate required strength most down in the lands she traveled now lacked. As such, such a large, well-traveled man was likely to originate from the north, though she knew not where exactly, he had certainly not been in the village where she had lived for a few years. "-I am of the opinion that my personal... quirks... would be better suited elsewhere. I trust you can feel it?" A raised eyebrow, not really saying what 'it' was, but referring to the aura of chill that wrapped over her like a cloak, wherever she went. "I was under the impression we were free to choose which to follow, so I believe we should pick one where our particular skills would be most of use."
@ShiningSector @Infinite Cosmos

The halfbeast looked around the Guild Hall, noting how few merchants there were at the moment, a singular merchant arguing with a halffox over prices, it seemed like. Based on the padded clothes, perhaps the fox was a sort of adventurer, which would make sense in the Guild Hall... the merchant seemed excessively dressed, which led her to doubt that the merchant was truly fair on their prices. After all, if it was truly fair prices, how would he be making enough money to waste on garishly bright clothes like those?

But of course, their target was not a random merchant. Outside of those two, it seemed that the bald man, Grimar, was over there, alongside a girl, and a somewhat cute one too. Her gaze flicked to the padlocked bag, wondering idly what could be so important as to lock a bag, of all things? And that spear looked incredibly weak, perhaps it could be effective as a weapon, but perhaps if he simply bought a better spear, it could be more effective than an ornate one... she can't imagine the weight of it is very balanced. Chonchons? What are those? Apparently creatures with large ears... and servants... could the girl transform into things?

The halfbeast approached, nodding in response to Grimar's question "Indeed. We were told that you held more information on the various maps, although personally, my curiousity is aroused by your companion there, she seems both interesting, and cute." The halfbeast stated calmly, gazing at the girl, dull gaze almost somehow piercing, though she kept a polite distance, to avoid the effects of her chilling aura affecting Grimar and the other.
I'll probably post sometime tomorrow. A bit awkward to only have a dm post separating my two posts, but I do want this to not stagnate, so in the interest of keeping things going, I'll go ahead and... post tomorrow. Words are hard.
@Infinite Cosmos[@Shining Sector]

The halfbeast merely nodded at Avala, though more accurately, she simply nodded without shifting her head, the intention was in response to Avala. "Of course not. I was merely addressing the theoretical, though unlikely, situation. I am not the sort to knock someone unconscious without a reason. If I was to knock him out, it would be for a good reason. At least, I would believe it was for a good reason. Of course, I can believe something is for a good reason without it truly being for a good reason... but now I'm just rambling." She stated calmly, clearly being honest in just... her view on knocking people out, apparently?

At the introductions, she winced, blinking a few times, but continuing calmly forwards towards the guild hall, picking up her pace a little. Perhaps once they were on the road, she could explain, but it would be awkward to do so now... and also she would have to do it again with that other member they were going to just meet. But she couldn't just say nothing, that would likely make her comrades concerned, or perhaps suspicious. Sighing, she hesitantly spoke up. "It is good to meet you, Miss Crafte, Sir Avala. For reasons beyond my control, I cannot answer that at this current moment. I will explain once we begin traveling, to the best of my abilities to do so." Hopefully that would suffice...
@ShiningSector @Infinite Cosmos

The halfbeast glanced back, nodding at Avala, trained eyes noting the ease at which he carried himself, signs of comfortable power, the grace of an experienced warrior. In turn, one may notice that, though her stance was relaxed, her gaze was constantly shifting about now that they were in the open, never resting on one point for too long, but nor glancing about frantically, as if she had something to hide.

Assuming that the rather unique building with the tower was likely a guild hall, (after all, it did make sense for a town on the fringes of explored territory to have a point from which to note the surroundings from a point of advantageous height), the halfbeast stepped off to walk in that direction, breathing deep and slow, leading the group, giving those behind her both the knowledge that she was lacking the tail of a proper feline halfbeast, and of her ice encrusted equipment. Despite looking forward, she carried the conversation on nonetheless, responding to the large traveler. "I should hope not. Should he attack without explanation, I would assume him hostile, and likely be forced to render him unconscious." A brief shake of the head, ears twitching, and an invisible frown, given her position in the front of the group. Though defending herself was easy enough, she wasn't exactly inclined to defend herself without retaliating towards the aggressor, and her 'blade' was not well suited to harmlessly dispatching the aggressor...
Correct, I'm thinking around 5'4" or 5", no exact number though. Ears probably add an inch or two on that, but they're also just ears so I'm not counting them as part of the total height
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