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Yus frowned, the wind rushing past her with... seemingly no source? The girl stepped into the room, closing it swiftly behind her, wincing as it made more noise than she had hoped for. A lounge of some kind... that sort of explained why the door had been opened, but didn't explain either the wind, or the door being open, but no one inside.

Though there was the nagging feeling in her that it could potentially still be a trap, Yus' curiousity was insatiable, and she stepped over cautiously, taking the note, and flipping it over to examine it, one hand fidgeting nervously as she shifted, reading the other side, assuming the other side indeed had... more text. She couldn't see any reason it wouldn't.
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Yus glanced around the hallway, frowning. Hm, magic lamps of some kind. She debated for a moment whether to break it open to see what was inside or not, but that would probably attract too much attention, either from the other house-goers, or from... whatever else may, or may not, be present in the house. Right now, it was probably safest to just check out the rooms, maybe she could find out what these places were. Hopefully bedrooms, and hopefully enough of them for everyone. She wasn't really interested in sharing a room with someone.

And thus, she 'deduced' her best bet would just be to head over to the slightly ajar door, and carefully creak it open to peek inside, trying to get a view of the room without alerting whoever may or may not be inside, glancing around to get as much of a view of the room as she could, studying it as she slowly opened the door to try and avoid the hinges creaking, holding her breath to make as little noise as she possibly could. Was she being too paranoid? Perhaps, but paranoia was justified when most of the worlds population wanted you dead.
Glancing around at the others who seemed to be entering the building, Yus' eyes widened at what appeared to be a lizard-person (A dragon, or something? Half-dragon? Nothing she had seen before) rather aggressively waving about the letter. Well, that was... sort of good news? She wasn't the only recipient, at least. After him came what looked to be a human, from what she could tell, but something about him seemed... off, not that she could place exactly what it was.

...damnit, she was trying to listen in on those two talking to each other, but between the lizard and the other guy, they were being loud enough that she couldn't pick up what they were saying. Grimacing internally, Yus' gaze flicked between the... everyone entering. Too many people here. And not enough, at the same time. Too many for her to be comfortable, but not enough for her to safely hide in. And as such, it was time for her to make her exit. ...well, from this room, anyways. As much as she'd like safety in numbers, she wasn't sure how much she really trusted anyone nearby, nor was she interested in socializing with her... peers at this point in time. Were they her peers? Perhaps they were similar in their pasts, if not appearances, but peers also implied a semblance of... familiarity, which didn't exist.

And so, hoping, praying she wasn't noticed, that no one tried to follow her, Yus slipped out of the West door near the stairs, aiming to explore the ground floors a bit.

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A pair of eyes peered over the manor from the safety of the surrounding woods, Yus hiding herself in a bush as she watched two others approach the manor, squinting to try and get a good luck, though she was too far away to hear much, it seemed that the first who had arrived was talking to a small bird. Well... the letter had said that it was a place for her and others like her, shunned by society. Perhaps he could speak to animals or something similar? Whatever it was, the bird didn't seem to be having much of it, as it lifted off and retreated away, her attention on it only fleetingly before returning to eyeing the man, who seemed to be looking around nervously. Yus was careful not to move deeper into the woods and potentially give herself away. With the distance between them, she doubted he could see her, especially if she was still, hiding in the shade of the forest, seeing through the cover of a bush.

Her gaze flicked to another arrival, running to catch up with the first, and calling out to him. ...that was a very short child, actually seeming as short as she was. Perhaps the others kid or something? They seemed familiar, based on the cloaked kids distance to him, although Yus was too far away to hear either the words, or even the tone, of what they was saying. That cloak hid a lot from where she was, she couldn't even tell what gender the child was. Perhaps the cloak was what hid the features that caused humans to hunt the pair? Either way, her scouting was done for the time. It didn't seem to be a trap, or if it was, there was at least safety in numbers. She had been considering the possibility of this being an ambush by pure humans who wanted to round people like her up, and... handle them, by some court wizard or something. Whoever set it up must have been powerful, given the fact that the letter had just... appeared by her, it was able to accurately find and transport things to people like her, so why go to the trouble of offering a haven and making the risk of her simply not coming? If they could transport things, they could simply have transported soldiers, or- no, if they were powerful enough to transport people (whether the wizard was friendly or hostile), they simply could have transported her and explained later, so there must have been a limit. They still could have transported poison, or... she was running herself in circles here. Shaking her head, Yus frowned, and retreated deeper into the woods, carefully making her way around, holding her loose clothes close to herself so they didn't catch on anything.

She emerged from the forest into the road proper outside of the manor, taking a moment to take a deep breath, and take on a carefree, relaxed stance, as if there were no cares in the world for her to worry about as she approached the gate, stepping inside and glancing around at the crows, taking a moment to ensure her crystal was hidden, so it wouldn't attract any attention from any birds who wished to take it for themselves, slipping into the foyer after the pair, not saying anything, soft boots not making much noise on the wooden floor, but perhaps enough to clue the pair in to her presence. She glanced around the place, reaching up to brush hair out of her eyes, a cheerful grin on her face as she studied the foyer. There didn't seem to be anyone other than the three of them around, but strangely, it didn't seem like there wasn't anyone either, it seemed clean, and maintained...
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Name: Yus

Age: 23

Species: Eldritch Touched Human

Height: 4'3" (130cm)

Abilities: As both a psion and a mage, both of her abilities are influenced by her nature as a partially eldritch being. Despite acting human, her method of thinking is such that it gives her a natural resistance to any psionic effects. Most of her abilities are untrained, particularly her psionics, which she has trained for only a few things, mostly surface level mind reading, intent reading, and shielding herself from perception. However, when under threat, she'll typically grow more panicked, and if fearful enough, unleash a psionic screech focused through her hairpin, typically stunning those around her to give her time to flee. Strangely, this seems to affect even magical constructs or mindless beings that would normally be immune... In terms of magic, she uses fire magic, twisted from her heritage, into a sickly green color. Though perhaps weaker than normal fire, it tends to cling to whatever it's burning, and it's difficult to extinguish. Additionally, the twisted nature of it causes it to be more effective against those unnatural, such as magical constructs or even eldritch beings. Her tail acts as a conduit for her psionic abilities, and she can speak into someones mind if the tail touches their skin, though it's also very sensitive to tugging and pain. Her hairpin, stylized in the form of a third eye, also acts as a magical focus linked to her, which she can use to accentuate both her spells and psionics to a powerful level, though this typically comes at the cost of focus, making it a powerful, but uncontrolled expulsion of energy. Finally, she has a 'hollowed' artifact which consists of a crystal on a string, which resonates with strong intent of the wielder. If she wishes to hide, it will resonate, and those around her will find it harder to notice her, etc.

Personality: Her appearance not indicative of her true age, she nonetheless plays up the innocent child act, feigning naivety when she meets people, though dropping the act if she trusts someone enough, revealing a lonely, bitter girl. She's also somewhat troubled by her own young appearance, wondering if she's trapped in an eternally youthful body. Used to pretending, and her mind rather naturally shielded from psionics, she's rather skilled at deception and lying, and with the added benefit of her crystal resonating when she intends to deceive, it's rather easy to take what she says as true. That said, she does have a tell for when she's outright lying, as one foot will sort of awkwardly rotate as if she's digging her toes into the ground.

Backstory: Yus, from the earliest she can remember, was an orphan. Abandoned in a city, she was forced to try and beg and steal for money for quite a few years, occasionally moving cities when she was in danger of being caught. Once, curled up under the nook of a tree, she awoke to a hairpin clutched between her hands, and a strange thrumming inside her she would later learn is her magic. Though she hasn't had much time to train it, it has assisted in her thievery, and even helped her to steal an artifact of sorts from a vendor, though the previously glowing gem seemed to strangely dim as she held it, and she couldn't find anywhere to sell it...

Other: She is very unwilling to take her gloves off, and actually has several pairs, one backup and a few in her bag, at all times. This is because of the fact that her fingers look naturally flayed, as if she simply did not have skin on her fingers. Perhaps her skin is simply invisible there, as she is not in pain, it merely looks gruesome.

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