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Current Everyday I've worked the schedule has changed.. What fuckwry is this?
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I think, mayhaps I'll turn the ghost mode on when I leave, I often leave the page up so it doesn't have to reload. Don't want peeps to think I'm ignoring them..
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So I have a job now, shouldn't that alleviate some of my depression???
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Trying to get a handle on this site, via a phone and my grubby fingers. In summary:: voice to text = life.
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Name: Noelani Palolo
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Id: 26777

Ulterior Objective: (What does your character want most in life?)
Motive: "Noe"

Extra Notes:

Pokemon (only can start with one)
Species: Mareep
Nickname?: Booga
Gender: male

Normal or Mutant?: Normal
Hoy, I'll start a character sheet asap.

And my unsolicited oppinion...
Considering you're doing mutants it may be worth while to have a subsection in on the character page just for the approved mutants.
That way they are easy to find for NPCs.

If you want I made a few mutants for a Pokemon rp that died. They were all the art coming from (mostly) smileyfakemon but a few were from Tumblr artist I couldn't track down. ):
In the later case I recolored, and reworked the monsters as much as I could as to get as far away from the original concept as possible


I thought it had, but it's my fault, had to Google stuff for work which on this phone closes out other searches and browsers.
(Old Zte dollar general phone)

...and I dropped half the post.

---Kittim ~ the dime tour guide


She spun midstep to make a face, "Idz near 'bout yet name! Old-ric" The grin persisted only a second as a thought crossed her face. Her eyes squinted, " You are Olric, yes? She looked him over severely, the seriousness of the inspection hampered by the fact she was walking backwards.
The rat on her shoulder even stopped scratching and pushing at the looped ropes over the small goblin's shoulder to look up, a bolt hanging out it's mouth.Intrest lost it pushed it's snout, and loot, between the loops and pulled the rope over the stolen metal.
The studious gaze drifted over to Gabi, and her belly. Kittim's mouth twised down, and she looked around to check their surroundings.


A small crowd had formed around just shy of the shaman's hut. It had started with just those whom had seen the group come go by, the curious, and the bored joined them.
Soon the jabbering goaip transformed from retelling what was happening to retelling the retellings of 'what had happened.
The size of the group grew and the gravity of intrigue drew in lesser groups. Including those just stopping to greet friends, suddenly finding themselves enthralled by a daring tale of raging boars, hails of crossbows, and fire antithef systems.
Gotta catch some Z's while I can, if you want you can have Kittim get you guys to the shamans house. I had imagened a few hawkers and highjinks but I don't want to hold you up

---Kittim ~ the dime tour guide


As the mother-to-be buckled the small goblin yelped in alarm, rolling up to her feet hands stretched in case Gabbi toppled. Ahuhh uf - of course, why I came running!" She clicked her tounge and the rat came running back, it took hold of the hem of her tiny dress struggling till it's rodent hands found the rope. She absent mindedly pet the brown furball, while staring at the sword.
Were those some kinda runes? Did the blacksmith have a magic sword?! Maybe Kadim was right to fear Olric. (Though he'd never admit it.)
The two adults stood more than a head taller than Kittim, still she tentatively inched around in front of them as if expecting one, or both, to topple, ready to (attemp) hold them up.
"Ya got 'er oldie, OliOli?" She asked as they moved.
---Kittim ~ the uninformed


Kittim leaned away from Gabi wide eyes darting from to the corrners as she searched her memory. "Ah, um- " She refocused, her face scrunching up in uncertainty.
She shrugged.
"Gabi, I got no way to figure that." Both palms came up in appology, l " One o two things, either she's a successful raider now, or she's damseling it out under the shaman's eye. Thought ya should see her either way. I'd dig a trench through dragon dookie ta find Kadim if he was sitting so." The appologetic concern fled from her face as an amuseing revelation hit her. Her crooked teeth bit her lip and she snickered, "Course mosta de stories like dis end in a mating, kehehe"

---Kittim ~ can word good sometimes.


Her fingers snapped and she pointed at Olic, noding her head she turned to Gabi, "T-that, near bout. Yer sister-oh- came back with a.. raiding party, an one of em is hurt bad." She mannaged a few more deep breaths, and pulled at rope and hook she ever had wrapped round her shoulder. There's rat sniffed a scrape on her knee and the ran off to sniff round the base of the furnace, seemingly undaunted by the heat or larger mammal precense.
Kittim crossed her legs, letting go of Gabi. " There were only four of them what wenr on de raid, see? An' after coming back two gents left to get some kinda fruit to heal one of the others. Odds being what they are, and yer sis being as she is. . Thought - well-" she looked abbashed, watching the farmer worry. "If it were her and I didn't fetch ya..
Sorry it took so long.

I'll get Kadim up when I get home, but real quick theoretical question::

Do you think think that the goblins eat together regularly? Like not just on big occasions but frequently maybe weekly or daily? I know in the description it says they pull a lot of their food and while I know they could be saving some if they are Doling out some of it a crooner form instead of you get this much and you get that much is to just kind of cook it and have one big ol BBQ style pit roast.
Considering the heirarchy, and archaic tribal nature, I could see warriors and pregger ladies getting first go along with the shaman.
Then maybe a free-for-all afterwords.
In my imagening the chief might acctually go in last, a "the people must eat first" jam.

I think the shaman would go earlier because most God's like their repsquad taken care of.
Perhaps they even sacrifice the animals used in the meal..

It would build bonding, but also explain why farming isn't as sought after a profession, although absolutely nessicary.
Nearly everything you work for is garunteed to go in someone else's stomach. where's if you go hunting or fishing you leave food for those without and are sure to get a bite.

It would be(possibly) unintentional population control too. Too many goblins, not everyone can get a bite.
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