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Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME: Present Day - Midday | LOCATION: Forest of Death | INTERACTION:@Yoshua171@Queentze@BladeX@Reflection

With the arrival of Jaakuna, Sebun knew that he wouldn't be able to have a simple conversation with the young shinobi. That's one thing that he didn't like. Over the ages the shinobi have slowly lost their patience. There used to be a sort of respect and honor on the field of battle. Names were exchanged and even though they were foes, there was respect to be had. Not in the modern world it would seem. All Sebun planned was to attract someone to his location to just converse with them. Learn their motivations and none of that ended up happening. After Jaakuna came an Uchiha boy to back up the overwhelmed barrier ninja. Before Sebun could even address the Uchiha there was another interloper that made his appearance. The leader of Iwagakure, the Tsuchikage. This man didn't even give his name before making a poorly tasting joke about the floor is lava.

"Sebun, leave. You're just going to waste your swords fighting this guy. He's on a different level." Jaakuna said. Sebun looked at Jaakuna as the Fox man ordered him to leave. An interesting way to talk to someone, most people would take that as an insult. Jaakuna was basically telling him that he couldn't stand up to the might of the Tsuchikage. Sebun wasn't annoyed or angry, actually this is working out perfectly. Sebun and his companions jobs were literally to draw the enemy to the Forest of Death and look at what happened. One of the supreme powers had made it to the battlefield.

"If that's what you want me to do Fox. I'll be making my departure. Barrier kid, if you ever want to have that conversation come find me." Sebun said as he launched all of his preformed weapons in the distance. There was eight weapons flying in different directions, he planned to teleport to one of the weapons. It would be hard to figure out which way he went.

Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME: Present Day - Midday | LOCATION: Forest of Death | INTERACTION:@BladeX@Reflection

"Now, I'll leave this to you, but be careful. Kids these days have no respect for their betters." Jaakuna said, as he threw two kunai, one aimed at the kid that was challenging the Blacksmith. The other kunai was aimed at the capsized log, and based on that action the first kid was a clone and the original would be where the kunai was aimed. Sebun narrowed his eyes at the newly appeared Jaakuna, He wasn't happy that Jaakuna blew his cover by attacking the young boy, but it also gave away the deception of the clone.

"You're not wrong Jaakuna. Do be careful to remember that all of you are still kids to me. You boy hiding behind the downed tree. Show yourself, it's very unbecoming of a Chunin to hide from his superiors. Make yourself known or I will result to unfavorable actions." Sebun said turning his attention to the capsized tree. He planned to show a little bit of force to convince the kid. Sebun weaved several handseals and several portals began to form behind him. Several different weapons began to form as well but they stayed in place, all aimed at the tree. Sebun was ready to unleash them if the kid didn't reveal himself. "Don't worry young one, I won't bite" He said as a smile began to form.
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