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That also works and I fucked up that Tag like none other. I'll be back later and if it's finished let me know.
Small island outside of Kirigakure; Fukai Nurashimasu

What a pain, I just wanna rest. Sebun wasn't in the mood to conduct missions especially with another of Seijuro’s subordinates. Seijuro had dispatched the two of them to retrieve one of the legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Sebun wondered about this person, it was strange of the circumstances of his incarceration. From what Sebun had learned the Seven Swordsmen were a prestigious group hailed as legends in the Kirigakure. The best Kinjutsu users in the Ninja World, but yet this one is disgraced and in a prison. Not just any prison it’s the esteemed Fukai Nurashimasu, the underwater prison. One of the hardest prison to break into and most importantly out of.

Seijuro had a spy from the Kirigakure waiting to meet the duo. He would instruct Sebun and is partner on how to enter the prison from the island that the prison was located under. They were approaching the island, and Sebun looked backed to his partner. ”I’ll go forward from here and locate our spy up here. I shall return once I obtained the information from him.” With that being said Sebun pressed forward. It was mid morning so the mist was heavy and it allowed Sebun to move without the worry of being sighted. Off to the left there was a large tree that was tilting to the as if it was buckling under it’s own weight. That’s where the contact would be waiting for them to arrive.

Sebun cautiously approached the tree looking for signs of movement, there was none but yet there was a hooded figure leaning on the tree. Upon arrival, the hooded man bowed but did not look up at Sebun. ”Greetings please report your information” Sebun said still scanning the area.

”To get into the prison you’ll need to find three large rocks forming a triangle, break the seal surrounding the rocks and you’ll reveal the path to what you seek” the Figure said before vanishing into the mist. Sebun nodded and returned to his partner to relay the information. The release of Sano the Shark Swordsmen of the mist was about to begin.

@project Also there should be a cool down between the throws of your seal based kunai. Are you going to be adding more custom jutsu or anything of that sort?
@Project How big is the area the seal encompass? You didn't really say. Vagueness is not the best way to go about it. Especially when it comes to seals and space time ninjutsu. Also when touching someone or something your character can place a seal on them? How long do you have to have physical contact when doing that? And how long does the seallast? Is it indefinite or a set amount of time before the seal disappears?

Also I am the one known as Frogggy/Amphibian
If there is anything that needs to be reviewed please bring it to my attention and I will get to it. Thank you.
I'm interested. I will throw in a CS after I finish working on my car.
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