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Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME: Evening | LOCATION: Iwagkaure | INTERACTION:@Savato@Pirouette

"So what are yer hopin' for when dis is all said n' done. Yer own village? Riches? I reckon everyone has der wants and der sweets." Kyoka said, after returning her attention to Sebun. What he had just watched was very interesting. Kyoka had forced the other females hand in between her legs. The sight was extremely pervasive, and raised questions to Sebun. If these two were actually cousins like they claim, that moment would make things a lot more awkward. It seemed like the two were into taboo things, more or less an incestuous relationship. It was a quite repulsive sight to be sure. Questions for another time though, Sebun shoved those thoughts to the back of his mind and mulled over the question that he was proposed. What was it that Sebun wanted? Riches, Fame, his own village with followers? All of that would make him a king. What would he name this village? Babylon?

"I'm not a man that would be interested in those things. I am a blacksmith, I create weapons of destruction. I test those around me, if they are worthy, I bestow upon them great gifts. My cohort up there is using one of my legendary Weapons. Samehada the Shark Skin sword. I only accompany him to see if he his worthy of my creation. That is my sole purpose." Sebun said between inhales from his pipe. He had no true ties to the Yomigaeri, they were just vessels for him to find the strong willed shinobi of this era.

South Clone

TIME: Evening| LOCATION: Iwagkaure; South Corner | INTERACTION:@Glitchybugger

Everything had work out in South's favor. The whole area where the Archer was is now surrounded by weapons. The Archer must've figured out the plan, because she grabbed one of the swords that were near her. She was ready to fight South in a close combat situation. In a blink of an eye, South teleported to a dagger that sat three feet in front of the Archer. The clone smiled as he gazed up at the Archer now brandishing a sword. "Now that we are face to face, I think it's appropriate to exchange names. What do you say? I am a Clone of Sebun Chimi-Teki Tsumi, you can just call me South seeing how I am the southern clone. What's your name?" South said placing his hand palm down causing a Trident to materialize through a portal.
Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:Central Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@Savato@Pirouette

"Look. Yer gonna have to tell me sumdin and pull away a few of dem clones if yer gonna just stall me n' cuz here. Den mebbe I tell ya 'bout me." Kyoka said, implying that she had any control over Sebun. It was a rude statement but he let it slide. It had been awhile since Sebun had a conversation, most of the Yomi never really had conversations. Other than when they talked about missions, and that always devolved into a pissing contest. Sebun didn't feel like putting a lot of effort in this skirmish for Iwagakure, so he decided to sate Kyoka's thirst for knowledge. Sebun held out his hand and a small portal opened up, he stuck his hand through the portal. He retrieved a small object and pulled it out of the portal. It was nothing more than a pipe, he glanced at the pipe and moved it to his mouth. Sebun allowed the pipe to rest in between his lips.

I'll tell you a couple of things, Miss Kyoka. There are a couple reasons that we are here. One of those reasons are that supposedly your Tsuchikage and his prisoner know some information that our leadership would like to know. I care not about their reasons for being here. I was just told to assist my colleague and make sure that nobody interrupted the conversation. I'll also clue you in on our organizations name as well seeing how nobody knows. We call ourselves the Yomigaeri as your order of me pulling my clones, I'm afraid that can not happen. See I need them to keep the other ninja at bay and stop them from attacking Sano up there. As a sign of faith I'll allow your villagers to escape but that's the only reprieve I'll offer." Sebun said in one long winded statement. Sebun then produced a small match and used it to stoke the flame on his pipe before taking a deep inhale.

South Clone

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:South Sector Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@GlitchyBugger

The Archer began to move and fire at the same time. Making sure to keep the distance between them. It would seem that the Archer didn't want to fight a close ranged battle. As the Archer bobbed and weaved through the buildings, he kept up the volley of arrows. South continued to match the Archer's arrows with swords. He continued to fire at fleeing villagers until Sebun's order came into play. Civilians were no longer in play. That meant South could redirect his attention fully to Archer. That meant it was time to close the gap. South double the amount of weapons that he was firing at the Archer. He made sure that the weapons flew sporadically around the Archer. Missing as if it was on purpose. Soon the whole corner was littered with weapons. They were literally everywhere, protruding from the ground, and building alike.
Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:Central Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@Savato@Pirouette

"Da name's Kyoka, fella! Now what did ya have to say?" That made Sebun pause for a brief second. He didn't expect her to actually agree to talking. Quite the turn of events, but all the same it would give Sebun the time to make his preparations for the he future plans during the invasion. Another thing that caught the Monkey's attention was they way these two spoke. In his whole life span, Sebun hadn't heard anything like it. It's quite the thing, the old ninja thought to himself. A small portal opened up beneath Sebun's hands showing a small cane. The cane came out and made it's way to Sebun's resting hands.

"Well, Miss Kyoka. I'm sure you've heard of the Profaned Blacksmith, creator of the Seven Deadly Swords of the Mist? But I know nothing of you and your 'Cuz'. Tell me about yourself." Sebun said adding emphasis on the word cuz. Hopefully, Sebun would be able to get a conversation out of these two before everything devolved into the usual fighting.

South Clone

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:South Sector Iwagakure | INTERACTION:@GlitchyBugger

South was raining down weapons as a small female Bakuton user appeared out of nowhere deflecting several of his swords. She may have deflected a few of them but most still made it through to the villagers fleeing. Screams still filled the air as Sebun orchestrated a symphony of death with weapons as his instruments. The Clone smiled as he saw something in the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he saw a ninja adjacent to him shooting arrows at him. South found his first challenger, several arrows soared through the air. Those arrows would be met with Weapons that weighed more than them and were more dense. Those weapons would destroy the arrows without deviating from their original trajectory. The weapons should impact where the ninja was perched firing arrows. Using his free hand, South continued his performance.
Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME: Evening | LOCATION:Iwagakure | INTERACTION: All @Yoshua171@Savato@Pirouette

The group had the element of surprise but Sano didn't care. He just straight up let loose another large amount of water, like he did in Kohona. Sebun did not like where his partnership was heading. Sebun glanced around to locate Seijuro and Jaakuna, the other two that they embarked with. Both of them were absent, vanished without a word to complete their mission which was to find the Mizukage. As Sano's attacked headed for the village, the area suddenly shifted changing the whole layout of the village. Revealing their prey, the Tsuchikage. Sano did what Sano did best and headed to attack the esteemed leader of Iwagakure. It was now Sebun's turn to make sure that Sano didn't have any unwanted interlopers crash his party. Before Sebun could even prepare for the rush of attackers, a disgusting little girl launched into the air and fired some sort of ray at Sano. That was not going to fly, Sebun had gave Sano a small dagger from his armory, and Sebun would use that to warp to the Shark man. Sebun appeared next to Sano in an instant, and pressing the seal on his right forearm, Gluttony manifested. Sebun slammed the forked tail of Gluttony into the ground facing the direction of Rumia's incoming attack. The attack would hit Gluttony, but would be reflected in a random direction after impact. The Blacksmith would turn to the Tsuchikage next and raise his hand. As his hand was above his head, swords would start manifesting. Not just a few swords either. That was several dozen swords, all aimed in different directions. He would let the lose, all scattering around the small battlefield that they were standing on. Hopefully that would push the Tsuchikage back and give Sano breathing room.

Sebun let the little female continue on her voyage to Sano. She wasn't gunna be much of a problem for the Shark man. As Sebun removed himself from the battle another person was trying to interject themselves into the fight. Sebun definitely wasn't going to let that happen. Sebun formed the necessary hand-seals to create several shadow clones. Each of them scattered to several corners of Iwagakure to begin creating havoc to force the denizens of Iwagakure to respond. Four clones in all were created. Each of them outfitted with one of Sebun's Sins. Lust went to the north corner, Wrath went to the east corner, Envy went to the West corner and one more clone to the South. While the real Sebun created weapons and aimed them at Kyoka. The weapons weapons were directly aimed at Kyoka and would serve to block her from reuniting with Rumia. "Ah, little lady. Threes a company, but four is too much. Do you mind having a chat with me instead of interrupting the Tsuchikage and my esteemed friend? Let me introduce myself, I am Sebun. What's your name?" Sebun said smiling through his monkey mask.

The Clone carrying Greed had appeared in the south. Standing at top the largest building there. Blow him there were civilians trying to evacuate from the village. There were hundreds of them, and this made the clone smile. This would be a great way to attract some of the shinobi away from Sano and the Tsuchikage. He raised his hand in the normal fashion that the original Sebun would. Weapons began to form as the usual, and he let loose the swords into the fleeing crowd. The screams of women and children should attract some people there. If not, the Clone would kill of the fleeing villagers.

Metsuki Kuse Za Uzumaki

TIME:Evening | LOCATIONtskirts Iwagakure | INTERACTION: None

Metsuki emerged from the ground and saw that the new group of terrorists were making an attack on Iwagakure just like they did in Kohonagakure. It was quite interesting. Instead of them coming out in force like before, it seemed that they were operating in groups of two. The two that were attacking Iwagakure was Sano the disgraced wielder of Samehada, and the man named Sebun. Whether or not it was the Profaned Blacksmith of the Past was yet to be seen. The man does bear striking similarities to Sebun Chimei-Teki Tsumi, this turn of events warranted more investigation. Metsuki wanted to observe this attack firsthand but that would not be the case, there were more of these terrorists out there and he would locate them. Metsuki bit his finger and placed it on the ground, summoning several small chameleons. The Chameleons turned and looked at the half emerged Metsuki as if asking what his orders were. "Head further into the village and watch both Sano, Sebun, the Tsuchikage and locate the Mizukage. Report back to me after the end of this attack." Metsuki said before disappearing into the ground.

Chise Bakuhatsu

TIME:Evening | LOCATION:Iwagakure | INTERACTION: None as of yet

Chise was in her house meditating after her training when the village started to shift. That means that this new terrorist group had set their eyes on Iwagakure like they did to Kohona. She wasn't there for the first attack at the Jonin exams but she was here for this one. Chise was ready she had been waiting for this to happen. It would be her way of showing that she did in fact deserved to be apart of the Jonin exams that she was not allowed to participate in. The Explosive Boxer jumped up and grabbed her coat and ran to the Southern most corner of the village. That's when she saw a man wearing a monkey mask standing on top of a building. He raised his hand and weapons started to form. A second later, he dropped his hands and the weapons flew into the crowd. Chise forced the chakra down to her feet and created a explosion that launched her forward toward the weapons. As she landed back on the ground she again focused the chakra into her right foot and stomped the ground. A decent sized boulder launched from the ground and managed to knock two of the swords from their original trajectory missing two of the fleeing villagers. Chise's reaction time was good but not good enough to stop the other weapons. Soon the screams of villagers began to fill the air. "I need a medic here!" Chise screamed at the top of her lungs.
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Sebun Chimei-teki Tsumi

TIME:Early Morning | LOCATION: Yomigaeri Hideout | INTERACTION: Various Yomigaeri @Write@Seraphicide@Queentze

After the invasion of Kohona, Sebun had retreated to his forge and waited for the end of the conflict. There was supposed to be a meeting of the other members of the Yomigaeri. That wouldn't happen for a short period of time. This short amount of time allowed Sebun to refill his armory because his perfect weapons were still in Kohona. He wasn't able to recover them before the Tsuchikage intervened, and forced the fight with Jaakuna. To think that those lowly shinobi in that village would be able to study HIS creations was appalling. The Tsuchikage would pay for his transgressions, but not just the man of power. His whole Village would suffer because of this. The time for talk was soon to be over, Sebun and his new partner, Sano would be making a move on Iwagakure to sow the seeds of chaos.

Sebun emerged from his Forge, making his appearance in the Yomigaeri Headquarters. As he stepped through his portal, one of the members sitting in the chair mentioned something about being a "cute family". That made Sebun chuckle. To think that Sebun was apart of this cute family was a laughable. "Ha, me being apart of a family? That's a cute thing to say, but me stooping myself to calling you family. Don't make me laugh." Sebun said making his way passed the ignorant girl. Sebun was way older than any of the Shinobi present at this meeting. Any ties of family that Sebun had once had were long gone. That's when the General chimed in talking of tactics and other boring dribble. Sebun didn't like the way this General talked as if he was in control but Sebun would let that slide. Not a lot of people have Sebun's respect but when it came to fighting in battle, the General was strong in his own right. He was a great tactician in the last great war, and his Kenjutsu was on par with most of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. And that being said, he doesn't have one of Sebun's greatest masterpieces. Maybe he was worthy of Sebun crafting him a weapon. The next person that Sebun noticed was the Jashin girl. He didn't know much about her but he did know about Jashin and his followers.

What a crazy lot, those Jashin followers are. Sebun wasn't a religious man but Jashism interested him. The fact that they went around killing for a religion was undesirable but the weapons they used to do the deed was noteworthy. In most incarnations, they would use a massive scythe with one or more blades. That's what caught his attention, Sebun had never delved into making scythes and this Jashin girl, would be the outlet where he dabbled in it. "Jashin girl, if you make through your attack, come see me. I want to make you a weapon befitting your god." Sebun said making sure to mention her god. That would definitely peak her interest. Sebun stopped in place and glanced around the room, and his eyes came to rest on one of his creations. Samehada the living embodiment of gluttony. One of his first creations rested on the back of Sano Hozuki, his partner.

Sebun's first meeting with Sano was breaking him out of the Kirigakure prison, during that time, Sano tried to drown Sebun. Not a great start for supposed Partners. Sebun wasn't going to let Sano's bloodthirsty demeanor ruin anything. The main reason that Sebun even agreed to this partnership was to see if Sano was worthy of Samehada. Their mission would be the perfect test to see if Sano is worthy of the godly weapon that he is wielding. Sano would be fighting the Tsuchikage in one on one combat. Lava versus Water, it would an interesting display."Sano, are you ready to depart? Me and you have a date with the Tsuchikage and his village of mongrels." Sebun said before opening a portal and stepping through, leaving it open of Sano to follow. The next place the two would appear is above Iwagakure to bring the fight to the Tsuchikage.
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Metsuki Kuse Za Uzumaki
TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Hokage Funeral | INTERACTION: None

They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.

That statement has and always will stand true for Ginsho Omawarisan, the Hokage. Metsuki knew this man to a degree, he met Ginsho officially twice in his life. The first meeting was when he was traded to the Kohona was part of a piece treaty and when he was picked to join the ranks of the Anbu Black Ops. Metsuki being in this line of work meant that even if he didn't have a true relationship with this man, he still enforced the will of Ginsho. This damage from this attack would be heavy for all that were involved. Not just to the village but the hearts and minds of all the citizens. They were effectively running around like chickens that had been relived of their heads. The young Uzumaki stood there watching all of the people that had made appearances to morn the death of their beloved leader. Metsuki was standing in the back of the pack, still donning his Chameleon themed Anbu mask. Nobody could see the wetness forming underneath his eyes. Even the other figureheads of the other villages were here. The blind Raikage, the poison dealing Mizukage, and the lava master Tsuchikage. There had been times where Metsuki was ordered to spy on these individuals or someone of importance from their lands.

Metsuki watched each of them closely, he wondered how long this peace would last. Or the better question, how long would it take for one of them to try to make a move on the leaderless village. That's one of the things that worried Metsuki, not the highest on his list but it's up there. The thing that worried Metsuki the most was the invaders. The group with little to no information other than Jaakuna Aka, Sano of the Blood Mist, and Havoc the Gravity Ninja. How many more of them were there? Compared to those three how strong are the rest? The most important question is what are their plans? This attack was bold, and they must have the power to back up this attack. That's a fact, mostly due to the fact that this attack had made them public enemy number one. After this funeral there will be a Kage Summit. At that point everything will be diverted to finding and bring these new enemies to justice. I have to get in on this Summit. Whoever we send will need an Anbu escort and I will make sure that I am apart of that escort.
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