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Current How metal would it be if I said that I was ironically saying Irony is extremely metal this whole time? I think it would be an unparalleled level of metal, myself.
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Irony continues to be extremely metal and in space everyone can hear you scream: This and more tonight at 25:74PM on your local CRT Television.
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Day 126.5: No one has suspected that irony might not be extremely metal, will make contact again when the situation changes.
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Breaking News: Irony hasn't stopped being extremely metal.
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Will irony ever NOT be extremely metal?


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Boshu Sen'Yo

Underground place with some dead trains, legit

"Well then we'll see if we can prepare a situation for you to be able to capture what or whomever comes out." Boshu briefly said before Miyu began fiddling with the computer interface to figure out how to work it. Miyu may not have been a translator but her at least giving it a go was appreciated by Boshu whilst she and the rest of the team prepared for an encounter, the sight of the trains coming to life was a welcome surprise, a mental note would be made of the marking on each of them in case it meant something.

Whilst Miyu fiddled with the computer Boshu got the encounter she was expecting, yet it was certainly far more unexpected in terms of scale than it could have originally been, what with the giant something and the claw destroying most if not all of the control room. In fact had Boshu been a second late with gluing herself to the floor in the first place she would've probably been thrown off her feet by the strength of the quake that hit them.

The fact that she couldn't make out what it was despite it's size was only because of all this damned dust and smoke that followed it's arrival, part of her was angry that she didn't see it before it got to them but another part of her was more concerned about remaining alive so as soon as she had a chance to move she leapt off of the walkway and soon landed with a roll into a room she'd not seen previously. To think that there was some kind of hidden armoury underneath this station.

At this point she noticed that Homuru was down here as well, likely due to either following her lead or just pure coincidence. "You okay Homuru?"

The concept of why it was here was dwarfed by the fact that it was here and still had equipment they could probably take back to have some researchers look into, or even make use of right now. In the vein of thought that they could use some of it now, Boshu was quick to stow her three prepared arrows away and wrench the case of arrows out of whatever it was secured in so to give herself something that might help against this behemoth of a thing. "Don't know what these are gonna do, but let's take them anyway and give them a field test, so to speak. Then we've got to get back up to help Tachibana and Uragiri, any ideas on how to tackle that thing up there?"

Her words to Homuru were pretty open-ended, as she wasn't exactly expecting much of a response if any whilst there were other things to worry about, besides Homuru knew what he was doing so she could trust him to come up with something that he could do on his own end to help the situation.
Once she'd taken the case she'd start making her way back up to the railway terminal.

@Hillan @Aeolian @Reflection @Syn

A brief glance around the lobby would reveal nothing new as the group got their bearings, though Erika's insight into the dome's inhabitants would certainly be something to worry about. Eita's decision-making in splitting the team into two and having both areas searched at once would prove to cut down on how long it would take to search the entire facility, a smart call for the sake of time-saving for sure as time was an uncertain resource.

Each pair would venture off on their own to discover whatever each section had for them to discover, for better or for worse.

Boshu Sen'Yo

Underground place with some dead trains, legit

Boshu's expression stiffened as she heard Miyu's advice on the lack of natural energy down here. In a place that felt so artificial it would definitely make sense for there to be less, but not a complete void of it, for sure. As concerning as the news was they weren't about to turn tail and leave just because it felt so cold down here... Wait when did it get cold? Even with her relatively wear gear on there was a chill she couldn't quite shake.
An invasive sense of dread was creeping it's way up her spine, of course this kind of sensation also served to rile the huntress up in response, but even that was steadily being diminished by the atmosphere just in this tunnel.

There were no qualms with Homuru testing the area to see how receptive to their chakra it was, taking visual note of the fact that it was essentially weakened.

Though whilst he was doing it, she was sure she heard something moving outside the tunnel, like an interested party was observing them as they ventured deeper.

"You hear-" She began to say, interrupted by the first of many cracking sounds just before the ground beneath them gave way. For a moment Boshu was surprised, barely letting out a small noise of shock before she more or less safely landed inside the expansive room that was a huge point of interest.

"You okay?" Without a thought she first looked to Homuru as she brought out her flashlight and pointed it up, looking at the hole that had just been made and shining her light through it in order to show the other two where they'd gone, calling up at the same time. "What's the situation up there? Come to the edge of the hole I'm lighting up and let yourselves down, we'll make a plan for extraction as we go, but I'll need you down here in case any of us encounter some hostiles. If you think it might be too dangerous then see what you can do from up there."
Typically she had a good grasp for ensuring a group's safety, she'd shown enough officials how hunting was done after all, so she'd try to make sure this was as safe as possible for the tag-alongs.

All the while their surroundings provided some interesting sights, blue hues illuminating the area and showing what could be considered things of importance, as well as a big fucking hole where a large door used to be. Refreshingly, fighting things bigger than her was Boshu's primary field of work.

A cursory glance at the PDA at least brought a small amount of relief, until considering the next part of her initial concerns. If their target was here for an extended time, he could have set traps up within such a simple location to delay, kill or even capture any pursuers.
"Our target is here, maybe he managed to drop the bug here and continue on, or he somehow slept through all the noise we just made." It felt appropriate to add that tid-bit, if either of them had any intention of leaving now would be the time to dangle the carrot of a completed mission in front of them.
During any time spent waiting for Miyu and Kinzo to come down she'd look over the room once more, lots of tracks going the same way, huge hole in the wall, a board with bits of seemingly torn paper on it. A fairly large machine that looked similar to some of the work she'd seen being made on mass civilian transport, though she couldn't recall what they'd named it.

There was little time for wonder though, she had to focus on finding that tracker and properly following the guide of her PDA told her where to look, it looked reminiscent of the spectator seats of an arena in the way it overlooked the whole expanse of the room.
The faint blinking light up there definitely gave away that something important had to be there, moreso with the tracker bug's signal coming from the same place.

"Everyone, when you're ready follow me. I'm going to take a look up there, where our mark seems to be, be wary of any signs of movement." With that said she'd be rather quick to ascend the metal steps and get into the control room, prepared at any point to introduce her bow to something's face if it tried to jump out at her.

Fortunately nothing did and she found herself looking at the computer screen, the dead bug and the foreign symbology all over the technological interface. Some of it seemed similar and one word was as easy to read as a picture book, but the rest of it didn't make any sense to her. She wasn't going to touch anything until someone was sure of what the "return" function would actually do, as she wasn't much of a translator.

Once the others had joined her she'd glance back at them, Homuru wasn't an intelligence officer so she doubted he would be able to figure the language out either so she looked to Kinzo and Miyu. "Are either of you any good with languages? If so can I leave this with you? I'll keep a watch out for anything coming from that hole in the wall. Be ready for a fight just in case."

As if to emphasise her warning about a fight, the next tremor occurred and Boshu remained unshaken by it, if something was coming their way that could cause tremors with it's movement she'd need something big to take it down.

With her bow already out, Boshu drew a scroll from the ones strapped to her leg and opened it enough to draw out three explosive charges, then stowing the scroll back where it came from before collecting three arrows from her quiver and clipping a charge to the shaft of each one.
Two of her arrows would be firmly held in her hand whilst she nocked the first arrow, ready to draw and fire it if something came after them, the other two arrows were for if it kept moving after that.

"If we can I want to trap anything that comes for us, how quickly do you think your mirror will fully deploy, based on your test earlier?" She quietly asked her fellow tiger, taking a glance his way as she spoke.

@Hillan @Aeolian @Reflection @Syn

An attendant for the briefing approached the VTOL and Squad 2 as they were boarding in order to depart and briefly eyed each of them up, they gave a low sigh, as if out of mild frustration before speaking. "Unfortunately, Arata Kaguya has fallen ill and wont be joining you on your mission, he wishes you the best of luck and apologizes for any trouble caused." The attendant bowed to the group before making haste to get out of the endless rain, clearly even an umbrella wasn't enough for him to be happy with being outside.

Of course with the news that Arata wasn't on the team anymore the VTOL pilot informed the group that they would be departing immediately now that everyone who was actually going was present.

Within the VTOL with the team was a small assortment of food and medical supplies, as well as some flashlights and a large portable light, just in case the mission lasted long enough for night to come. Any inquisitive souls who kept watch to see where exactly they were headed would spot two of the crafts splitting off in opposing directions, at this point there was nothing of note on the ground to use as a landmark, a couple of dead trees perhaps, maybe a hill or two but nothing significant.
A slight tilt in the passenger cabin told all present that they were starting to veer from the path the rest of the squads were taking, steadily a large hill was coming into view in the distance, the closer the VTOL got the more anyone watching would see that it was no hill.

It was a monumentally-sized dome, segmented glass panels once crystal clear that were now clouded and dark, from here they could see that it was at least a couple of kilometres wide at the base. Fortunately from above it appeared to be intact, once they landed the dome seemed to be impossibly huge for anything to be considered structurally sound yet here it stood, containing goodness knows what.

The VTOL had landed in front of a building, one small door on the front and windows dotted around here and there as one would expect any old building to be constructed, had it not been for the dome that it was connected to one could mistake it for a person's home. There was something off about the scene, once the VTOL's engines had turned off and come to a full stop there wasn't a sound to be heard from within the building.

Both Tapo and Eita, with their relatively enhanced perceptions when it came to sight, could just about make out something moving through the clouded glass of the dome. There was no way to tell what exactly, but there was something in there that had noticed their arrival.

For now though they were safe enough. "We've been instructed to wait here for you guys to return, we'll keep our lights on and watch the horizon for anything coming your way from out here. So, uhh... Good luck, right?"

What stood between them and the truth of what was inside now was a simple door, it would have no trouble being opened by hand as it wasn't locked and beyond that threshold a wave of stale air would billow out. Inside was an empty lobby, furnished with uniformly boring decor and the occasional water fountain or vending machine, signs at the back of the room pointed off one way that said Laboratory and another labelled Residential

Between the two signs there was a set of reinforced double doors, a sign above it stated Wildlife Reserve.

Really it was quite bland in here, though if anyone were to look at their PDAs they would see that the tracker bug was on the move within the confines of the "Reserve". Anything following this moment was entirely up to whomever decided to take charge, really.

If Erika were to use her sensing technique to find out if anything else was nearby, she'd pick up on a large number of signatures within the dome's limits and the chakra within them was undesirable to say the least, a more suitable phrase would be that they were absolutely disgusting to even feel the presences of such a foreign chakra. It was impossible at the moment to tell what the signatures belonged to, but some of the signatures were smaller and some were larger than the average human's chakra signature.
Boshu Sen'Yo

Various places

There was a moment before the briefing began where it looked as though Miyu wanted to say something after Kinzo had given a more accurate description of his capabilities, before giving a piece of his mind to Homuru over the reluctance to detail what he could do. It made sense that they'd be agitated by a lack of information, she'd had her share of frustration due to not knowing what an ally was capable of.

Well, they'd get over it later.

Silence reigned over the squad during the briefing, Boshu herself paying close attention to the details of who they were after and why. As images of those who were hit by the White Gas were shown she found herself angry, the fact that a man like this would show up so many years after vanishing just to re-enact the attacks that occurred in his time made no sense... Yet concern lingered in the back of her mind as she tried to think of what the reasoning might be, perhaps he was turned to the side of whatever was in the New Continent in order to execute their attack on a grander scale. If that was the case he certainly succeeded, but now the eyes of the shinobi world were on that land to find and destroy someone who dared jeopardize the peace that had only recently been attained.

Having a PDA to track one of the bugs that had been put on him was both a blessing and a curse, especially if he knew the bugs were there the whole time, it would allow him plenty of time to set up any form of trap he could ever imagine.


It was a small relief being on the VTOL and soon leaving the choking cloud of smog that lurked over Amegakure, not enough to truly ease her concerns over the tracker bug these teams were meant to follow but it was something right?

Whilst Miyu fussed over the specifics of what they had in terms of supplies and Homuru attempted to make some kind of amends with the girl, Boshu was sat there, staring at the blank PDA as if just looking at it was going to give her some much-needed answers about what to expect upon landing.
So focused on her thoughts, she was only snapped out of it as the PDA lit up and displayed the co-ordinates of the tracker bug and their own location, a few seconds later she stowed her PDA away and moved to look out one of the side windows of the VTOL, eyes scanning the terrain around them to take note of the fences that surrounded what she could guess was the whole continent maybe.

The longer she spent taking in the sights of their surroundings the more she genuinely thought that there was actually nothing to the continent, but she couldn't let herself slip into such a naive state of mind, this was an important mission that they had been tasked with and she wasn't about ready to fail just because everything was quiet on the surface.
Eyes traced the cracks and crevices that littered the ground below their craft, she couldn't spot anything in the darkness from this height but it was worth being wary of them just in case.

Patiently the huntress listened to their pilot and gave him a quiet nod of confirmation, he couldn't see it but it felt right. She'd use her flare technique to let him know they needed extraction at the ropes.
"Get your stage faces on, Squad 3, we've got a traitor to hunt down." Boshu took hold of one of the lines they were descending from and was the first out of the craft, descending at a fairly brisk pace so she could reach the bottom of this crevice and establish that nothing was immediately endangering them, taking note of everything she could see on her way down.

Chiselled stone as if someone had been here, pipes and metal plates, bars... all kinds of signs of whatever civilisation used to be in the area. The concern that Boshu had worried over earlier was starting to bubble up from the back of her mind once more.

Instead of fiddling around with any of their tools Boshu quickly formed one of her flares and launched it further below her into the abyss that was their entry-point, easily illuminating their way down for the next few minutes at the least. In this time she'd get boots on the ground and release her bow from the confines of the seal on her wrist, allowing it to unfold with a solid click that reverberated down the all-consuming tunnel that seemed to be their only way in.
One look at it sent a chill of dread up Boshu's spine, an enclosed space was no good for an archer, let alone a long ranged fighter like Kinzo. Thankfully, when it boiled down to it she wasn't just a bowman so she figured Homuru and herself would be okay, though she couldn't say much for Kinzo or Miyu.

The light of her flare failed to breach the deep, inky blackness of the tunnel that was present before her and the rest of the squad, so she made use of the flashlight she had as part of the equipment given to her and used it to try and light the tunnel, to little avail. "It must stretch on for quite a way if our lights can't reach the end of it." She idly commented as she took slow, careful steps into the dark, taking the lead for all intents and purposes.

It was about this time that the earthquake hit, forcing Boshu to stop part-way into the tunnel and wait for it to die down, she took a look to the rest of the squad. Initially she was looking to see if Kinzo and Miyu had been discouraged at all by it, just to be sure of whether or not they were planning to stick around.

In the event that they decided to keep going she'd give a small smile of confidence and continue on, beginning to give quiet orders to her companions.
"Homuru up front with me in case we need to block the entrance and get out of here sharpish. Tachibana, Uragiri, keep an eye on the entrance as we head in." She kept her flashlight pointed ahead of the group and further into the tunnel, the end of this thing couldn't have been too far, right?
Boshu Sen'Yo

Amegakure Great Hall - Still got time to chin-wag

Boshu's expression remained as Homuru responded to her initial greeting, intending to follow what he'd just said, but before they could have a laugh of their own about anything the third and fourth members of the squad arrived. Unlike Homuru, Boshu was more than ready to engage chatty and open folk in conversation, but of course she let her masked companion finish talking first so not to cut him off.

As she waited she briefly heard an utterance that sounded a bit like her last name, causing her to glance the direction it came but ultimately she couldn't tell if it was actually someone saying her name or if it was someone called Sen being referenced, it didn't really matter at the moment as it was anyway, so she could worry about it later.

A brief glance over the two of them brought on a briefly concerned expression, of all the potential each village had at their disposal, was it really a good idea to send who looked so young and inexperienced? Yeah, there had been a war not long ago that they likely participated in, but they wouldn't have done much with their apparent ages, even Boshu didn't get into much of the meat of the war when she was younger. The few major skirmishes she was in gave her enough experience to at least know when someone was pretending to surrender or trying to flee the battlefield.
Homuru was considered a veteran like her, so she could trust that he'd keep at the task at hand regardless of what happened for sure, fresh-faced folk like these two? Who knew whether or not they would run at the first sign of danger?

But Boshu hid her reservations about the two by shifting her expression from it's concerned gaze to one matching the confident smile she wore before. "Well, Kinzo and Miyu, I can see some good potential in both of you and I bet this mission will bring it out. I'm Boshu Sen'Yo, hunter of beasts and generally a friendly kinda person. And he may not be allowed to say what he can do, but Homuru's talents will shine through exactly when they're needed, you have my assurance on that matter. Now get cosy you two, we've got a briefing to listen to once everyone's here."

Of course Boshu would listen in case either of them had any further questions, but it looked like a majority of the squads numbers had arrived already, no doubt the briefing would begin very soon.
Boshu Sen'Yo

Amegakure hotel - Time o'clock

Mentions: None

While Amegakure left much to be desired due to it's industrial nature, it wasn't terrible. The smog only left a burn in Boshu's lungs for what was likely to be the rest of the day, it certainly wasn't like home to say the least but she could get used to it for a couple of days, maybe after a drink or two as well if she could convince any of the others to go with her.

For the time being Boshu was going to spend her time cleaning her equipment and making minor fixes, the room was perfect for it due to the relative lack of luxurious features it had. Her equipment was spread out all over the room as she made sure everything was accounted for and in good working order, it was going to cost someone's life later if she wasn't sure of her gear being fully functional right now.

Either way she had a whole day to use so every precaution would be taken and every worry would be addressed and although it seemed no one else wanted to drink before the big day of the briefing, Boshu was bubbling with excitement over being able to go to this supposedly unexplored land to see just what was there.The only following concern was how this related to the plague that had spread among some members of the population, and whether or not it's point of origin was in that new world, she couldn't go bringing it back herself that was for sure.

Amegakure's Great Hall - 08:50 am

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Boshu didn't arrive too early, but she made sure to arrive at a reasonable time, much like the other shinobi attending the briefing. She'd be lead to her seat by one of the attendants present and found one of her squad-mates to be the ever familiar mask belonging to Homuru, he was an odd one for sure what with keeping his face covered up with that mask no matter the circumstance though it was probably just part of his work for the empire that meant he had to wear it.

Boshu wore her characteristically confident persona with a fresh smile and a bright tone of voice. "Punctual like always, eh Homuru? I'm glad to have a familiar face in the squad." She'd chime in greeting to her Tiger division cohort as she seated herself, glancing to the other two seats. "Know anything about the other two on our squad?" Homuru wasn't much for socialising, but it was worth attempting to poke and see what he knew, if anything, about Miyu Tachibana and Kinzo Uragiri.

The rest of the shinobi in attendance seemed to either be abuzz with excitement or completely sombre about the current situation, an unexplored world was in their sights and anything could come from it after all. Boshu just wanted to find out what kind of things lived over there so she could detail them and bring the information back to the rest of the guild, this kind of information was nigh on vital for someone such as her.

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