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Irony is still extremely metal.
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Koma Hitsugi

@ZeroXposure Sebun's Clone

There was a brief look of surprise on Koma's face as the man, who had now claimed himself to be Sebun Chimi-Teki Tsumi, appeared more or less right in front of her and suggested introductions be made now that they were face to face. His arrogance brought forth a sour scowl before Koma even said anything. "With what you've done today, I don't think you deserve that courtesy." She bluntly stated, maintaining her guard if only so she could try to protect herself and react to whatever his initial attack may be.

Yui Matou

@LadyinInk Kiku @Eis Nadia @Altered Tundra Jaakuna @BladeX Kaba @Grey Sama Ryoko

Yui remained quiet, simply smiling at the group as they began to figure out what to do. The consensus seemed to be going along with the plan of the shinobi with similarly coloured hair to her own, meanwhile one of the group actually was from Kumogakure originally and she was offering herself up to "protect" the civilians and shinobi that Yui had captive.

"Oh, you're from here are you?" Yui's smile grew a touch wider at the revelation and she licked her lips. "Well if you wish to be so valiant to stay here with your own to reassure them then perhaps you'd like to take the civilian's places, only you enter my clutches and the civilians I've got here can be free to go, that sounds fair, right? You lot," She fixed her gaze on all the shinobi except for Ryoko. "You'd best get going, time is of the essence, I'm sure negotiations here will go without conflict so long as she behaves. I'll have clones tailing you so that you don't try and go after my partner instead of doing what I asked of you." Yui gestured to two growing masses of hair from everything in the room that soon took on Yui's appearance. "They wont do anything to hurt you, but they probably wont help either unless it's a dire situation. Do come back successful, civilian casualties are the worst."

Presuming the group had decided it was a good idea to leave Ryoko alone with Yui and her hostages, the woman began to show a bit of boredom. "Whilst you're here to reassure your people that they'll be fine, why don't you and I have a little heart to heart, some girl-talk maybe? It'd be awfully boring if we just stood here and waited for them to come back successful or we begin to hear explosions in your lovely little village. Have you ever tried the coffee here? It's got a lovely flavour to it." In all honesty Yui didn't expect much of a conversation from Ryoko, but she'd at least see if she was malleable enough to try and say something.

As Yui stated, the two clones she created from the sprawling mess of hair in the cafe would indeed follow the group from a distance as they ventured out to locate and eliminate any of the fakes they could find.

Their first port of call would be a sparsely populated marketplace, it seemed to be fairly normal at the moment, people were walking around and looking at stalls and into shop windows. There were some who were conversing with others and here and there it seemed like a couple of individuals around the market didn't seem to be having any kind of fun whatsoever, they were just ambling about as if they were trying to walk properly, but not quite getting it right.
Koma Hitsugi

@ZeroXposure Sebun's Clone

Steadily the amount of weapons being flung Koma's way grew, allowing her to find out that the attacker's attention was fully on her now. It was for the best really, this way she could keep him moving in a way she'd like him to and focused on what she was doing, though with the sheer volume of them and some of his strategic firing, she found herself surrounded and essentially cornered.

But at least he'd given her plenty of methods to fight back against him, the array of swords strewn around her meant she could find something that she figured could be used by a novice at the very least. And as soon as she found one she used her free hand to grab it by the handle and heft it up infront of her, taking as guarded a stance as she could... She really did need to learn how to fight up close, it's steadily become the main situation she's found herself in.

Yui Matou

@LadyinInk Kiku @Eis Nadia @Altered Tundra Jaakuna @BladeX Kaba @Grey Sama Ryoko

"What do you want?!"

Four words that got right to the point, exactly what Yui was hoping for in the face of the hostage crisis she laid out before the Konoha-nin, though she was clearly observant of the actions of the others whilst Kaba took the initiative. Before she began to respond a tremor rolled through the ground from the fight between the Raikage and the General, which in turn caused her to wear a slightly sour expression before she returned to her previous smile.

"I love how straight forward you are, young man, you'll certainly be useful if this is what you're always like. I'm Yui Matou, you don't need to introduce yourselves, it'd be a hassle if you got too familiar with the enemy, right? They'd think you're compromised or something no doubt, maybe even kick you out for being so buddy buddy with me." Yui chimed, seemingly pausing as she sniffed at the air, someone's chakra smelt quite exotic, spicy even. She couldn't tell which of them it was due to the team being clustered together, but it seemed her interest had piqued further.
"I'll start with this, I'm not looking for a fight, I'm just a supporting character in this battle over Kumogakure. You may or may not know how the Yomigaeri works, but today we're a two-man cell and whilst my counterpart is fighting the Raikage, they've got some bad blood between them you see... I have to tend you to five. Personally I'd prefer to be in Suna right now, but this is what Seijuro-senpai told me to do."

Yui gracefully rose to her feet, not a single hostile action in her movements, nor one in her demeanour as she stood before them like some kind of statue. "The worst thing about today is civilian casualties, I absolutely loathe them. So I need you five to go ensure that no one else dies because of a disagreement between two scorned men, because I can't actively work against my own companion, that wouldn't be decent of me in the slightest to be so traitorous. Which is where you lot come in, if you know what to look for you'll be able to find and dispatch the gallery fakes easily, they'll explode otherwise and Kumogakure will be short several more innocent lives." Yui acted as if their decision had already been made for them, already moving onto the important information they needed to help with the situation at hand.

"The fakes will look like ordinary people, but they'll have an eye mark with a little teardrop mark underneath it, they should be weak enough that you wont need to even try to defeat them. Admittedly I don't know what'll happen to them when you beat them, they might still explode or they might disappear into nothing. I haven't tested the idea. Maybe you'll be able to cut the seal off of them?" Whilst she spoke, the woman seemed to be using the equipment in the cafe to prepare herself a cup of coffee, and once it was done, she returned to her seat and looked to the shinobi again.

"As your little Uchiha there said, "One mistake is all it takes to get someone killed, We cannot just stand here and do nothing." So, will you leave me to my own devices in this cafe whilst you thwart my companion's plan to hold the entirety of Kumo at ransom, or will you try to save these fifteen people whom as of yet haven't been harmed aside from a few possible bruises and make me punish you all by making the mistake of putting your pride over the lives of Kumogakure's civilian population?"

"The choice is all yours, but I think the many have priority over the few. These people won't be harmed unless you force my hand."
Yui finished her statement with a sip of the coffee she'd poured, it tasted horrible, nothing like the coffee she'd had mere minutes ago. But she would hide her distaste for the time being, if only to save face.
At least she'd zoned her senses in on the spicy-scented one, she knew the natures of all five of them now, but the boy in red, his fire-natured scent had that interesting spice to it and it wasn't the lightning nature he had as well. She'd have to get him to herself if she had the chance.
Koma Hitsugi

@ZeroXposure Sebun's Clone

It was easy to spot her arrows being blown out of the air by retaliation fire, meaning she could easily tell where the swords were headed as they hurtled towards her and forced her to change position. The girl took off towards other buildings, keeping his aim with one of his hands focused on unpopulated areas of the village and firing off an occasional arrow to keep his attention.

With her shots she made sure to aim for extremities, especially the hand that wasn't pointing her way in an effort to try and draw either his full attention to her or force him to choose her or the civilians. In a secondary attempt to make her arrows more of a threat she would funnel extra chakra into them to give them greater power and density, were it to work she'd aim to start shooting his own projectiles out of the sky in tandem with her own being blown away. If she could at least manage to reduce his rate of fire then she'd be making some ground, moreso as she would try to keep an even range between them both, giving her reaction time to evade his swords due to said range and making sure he couldn't just engage her in close combat.

Yui Matou

@LadyinInk Kiku @Eis Nadia @Altered Tundra Jaakuna @BladeX Kaba @Grey Sama Ryoko

A matter of minutes after the Raikage and the General left Yui was sat quietly in her seat, seemingly relaxing whilst those around her, the shinobi included. Though within a moment she came upon a revelation of sorts. "Oh, right, I will need some leverage for those konoha-nin, wont I?"
It seemed she had been waiting until it felt like the two men had gone far enough away for her liking before her hair practically exploded into a writhing mass that would entangle all within the cafe and prove to capture and haul in the shinobi whom had been waiting in the wings, there was little to no time for them to protect themselves, less time to warn anyone else outside the cafe.

Yui unrestrained one of the shinobi and smiled at the man. "I need you to go meet the konoha reinforcements that are on their way and send them to me, I can't have them interfere with the general after all, so make sure they're all coming here. You'll do as I ask, right?" He didn't have a choice in the matter really, so she gestured to the door with a slight wave. "Go on, before I pick a more willing volunteer." It wouldn't take much longer for him to leave, headed for the gate in waiting for the team that was arriving as she instructed him to do.

Kumogakure's gate

As the team arrived in Kumogakure, be it late or on time, a flustered-looking shinobi approached, having seemingly run as fast as he could to get there in time.
"Y-You guys are from Konoha, right? I need you to come with me, one of them went to fight the Raikage and the other's taken hostages!" He wouldn't leave much time for deliberation or any further talk over the matter as he'd begin leading them to the homely cafe that he'd just come from, moving at a fast pace but making sure they kept up with him.

The Cafe

Provided the team followed him all the way there, the shinobi was just opening the door as he began any form of explanation. "She's in here, there are civ-" His words were cut short by a mass of hair that entangled him and violently pulled him into the building wailing in fear, any of the team who looked beyond the threshold of the cafe would see the situation quite clearly.

A mass of purple hair just like her own, every inch of the cafe's interior was presently covered in it, all the while at the centre of it all sat Yui, sitting back and relaxing in a high-backed chair as she looked at the team that had arrived.
Littering the cafe were the trapped forms of multiple people, civilians and shinobi alike, but it didn't seem like anyone's lives were directly endangered for the time being, they were merely restrained and gagged.
"So, you're all here from the leaf village, correct?" Yui's tone was quiet, yet intimate and excited, as if talking to a lover under the cover of a duvet.

"Perfect, I'm eager to see what you're going to do about this little predicament I've set up for you here. I have fifteen hostages. Now will you play the part of the negotiator to save them, or will you start throwing punches with so many people already in my embrace? No one here has been hurt yet, I can assure you of that, but I can't say that their safety is 100 percent assured if you resort to violence. I can indulge you all in that later if you behave yourselves." With that said, Yui patiently gazed at any of the team within her line of sight, smiling softly and tilting her head to the side slightly as she waited for them to pick the metaphorical path they wished to follow.
Koma Hitsugi

[@All of Iwa] @ZeroXposure Sebun's Clone

Somehow Koma hadn't noticed all the movement in the other areas of Iwa as she'd taken a shot at one of the apparent clones and informed the others of that situation, getting brief responses back from both Kyoka and Ai before she noticed a mass of weapons raining down from around one of the largest buildings in the village, a older man stood atop said building and seemingly happy to let his collection of armaments barrage the area below him.

Why? No one knew, Koma didn't care, he'd already made it obvious that he was an enemy with his opening action so she wasn't about to try and play ambassador. It was like the water trial but this time it was obviously an enemy, instead of a possibly accidental one. Another call through on the radio was made, she didn't expect any answers though, the others would do it if they could.

"Evacuating civilians are under attack, anyone who can help them, do so. Engaging the enemy from range, might need close-range support."

With that over and done with she drerw from her bow quickly, firing off several successive shots at the man stood atop the building, whether he happened to be a clone or not would matter little to the archer now as she'd put as many arrows as she could into him until he stopped moving. Her position was at least semi-obscured due to her cloak, the range and her petite frame, but she had a bad feeling this would turn into another melee situation like the trial had.

Hime Yuki

Hime's speech had some kind of impact on Bumu... She wasn't 100% sure what impact, but it was a good impact for sure seeing as he'd been basically enlightened by her words. But before she could respond to anything he said he was gone, scampering away in a more Bumu way than his depressed ambling.

Then, when the fairy was about to say something to the shopkeep who had watched this madness unfold, she stopped and seemed to be trying to think again. A look inside her mind would bring one the image of millions of microscopic Hime's running around like they were trying to find a needle in a haystack. Why did Bumu call her a human? Of course she was a human, he was too, heck everyone in Konoha was a human... Probably.

Mere seconds passed by as if they were minutes before the Yuki seemed to give up on thinking before steam could start to pour from her ears. "I guess that's just his way of referring to people... He's a bit weird sometimes." From there Hime decided to order more food and return to her meal, she'd probably figure it out later or something, maybe.

Yui Matou

@BladeSS4 Bakuto @Savato Mr. General

Yui was quiet, it felt right to allow these two men of Kumo to have their exchange of words. Besides, she'd noticed something rather odd about the two of them... Was there a thing about men in power in Kumo and lacking in sight? It was an absurd thought that only just occurred to her, but here were two prime examples of powerful figures of Kumo, one missing an eye and the other completely lacking in conventional methods of sight.

Either way she'd quaintly smile at the two of them as the two seemingly agreed on moving to the outskirts of the village to conduct in their battle. "Me? Goodness no, I'm not the sort who would insert herself between two people's quarrel, this is the General's business, not mine. But I do intend to find some entertainment of my own once your Konoha allies arrive, can't have them interfering with the plan." She would once again be playing with a length of her hair, twirling it around one finger.

"You should make your men leave instead of just waving them into staying their blades, once you're gone they'll no doubt try to take my life and I will act in self-defence if that happens. I'd like to enjoy the view from here a while longer before I have to greet our guests." She then chimed, a small, innocent smile upon her face as she waited for an answer. If he didn't dignify her with one or refused to send them away she would of course just tangle these shinobi up so she didn't have to deal with them until the Konoha group arrived.
Koma Hitsugi

[@All of Iwa]
@Ganryu Ai Kabe @Pirouette Kyoka Haizenberuku (Directly interacting with)

Back in Iwagakure, Koma found herself enjoying a short amount of quiet time in the coming days before the assault on Iwa itself by the very people who had already laid siege to Konohagakure, what they were after was beyond her and she wasn't exactly of a mind to try and find out either.

But they were at her doorstep now and she, like all the other shinobi of Iwa, had to do something about that whilst trying their damnedest to make sure everyone evacuated safely. That specifically wasn't Koma's job, her's was the same as it had always been, ranged support for her allies whilst remaining out of the enemy's line of fire and when they got too close, she would get out of there.

And there was of course, their Kage, stood before everyone and prepared to take on any who approached with his lava release. It was quite the intimidating sight to see, even if she was on his side.

From where she was she could pick up the presences of the three main foes approaching, flanked and assisted by several more who's chakra signatures were moving faster than her technique could accurately track. In lieu of that, she abandoned the sensory technique and activated her Eagle Eye technique to get a better view of where some of the signatures were headed, and to try and spot them whilst they're on the run.

It took a moment of following flickers of movement, but she soon caught sight of a couple of them moving here and there throughout the village and between buildings. A slow, careful draw of her bow was all she needed so that she could accurately aim and lead her shot to one of the invisible entities, loosing the arrow after a moment once she was certain she would hit and catching it in the knee and watching it topple over and turn into a puff of smoke.

There would then be a crackle on the radios the others had in their possession as she called through to them. "All shinobi, keep your eyes and ears open, there are about a dozen fast-moving targets through the village. They seem to be clones, cloaked with some kind of camouflage technique. I'll try to shoot down as many as I can from here. Kabe, Haizenberuku, can I leave leading everyone else to you two?" Once she finished transmitting the information she went back to her watch, trying to track down the movement of other invisible targets darting around whilst dipping down onto one knee and activating her own cloak to begin to hide her own visible presence from anyone who might be watching.

Hime Yuki


Bumu definitely wasn't done with his frustrations, the foxish shinobi all but endlessly continued to explain how he felt and what was bothering him without little more than that one question she'd given him. And there was a lot of stuff to get through, maybe more than Hime had any right to comment on, but she was going to do it anyway seeing as he was being so vocal.

"Right, Bumu! We'll take this one step at a time, cause you are cut out for ninja life, but everyone's a bit overloaded due to what's happened." Hime began, gently patting Bumu on his shoulder. "He, like any shinobi, knew that death was always round the corner, it's the whole point of us being here. Shinobi life is bloody and not everyone makes it. But think about it this way, imagine if it was him that survived and you that had died, ontop of everything else that happened. What do you think he would do? Give up on something he set his heart to from the get go?" The question was left to linger for a moment, just so Bumu could do some of the thinking himself.

"No! He wouldn't give up, he'd keep going and use his memory of you to push him further so he doesn't let that happen again whilst he's there to help. He'd have a bigger reason to keep improving himself other than because being a ninja is freakin' cool! No shinobi dies in vain, Bumu, they all serve to remind those of us that are left that we have to work even harder in their stead because they can't keep going, no matter how many more fall around us, we keep picking up the slack, train new shinobi and pass our duties onto them so they can take it into the future! You fight on to honour those who died, to keep their will burning through your own heart instead of theirs and then you pass it onto the next generation, because you're the one who can still do it!" At some point, Hime had acquired herself a glass of milk that she had already drunk half of.

"But before all that, what you do is you promise to their grave and their spirit that you'll do everything you can to try and stop anything like that happening again. It hurts, but it's essential to make sure they know what you're doing for them. The same goes for Old Man Ginsho, he's been ready for death since he became a shinobi and we'll punch Jaakuna in the face for doing it because Ginsho can't do it and we'll make him apologize for it until he can't speak anymore." The fairy seemed fired up, but that enthusiasm quickly died down as she finished her drink and took a breath.
"As for the crying thing? It can be hard to cry when you're supposed to, Bumu, harder to hold back from crying when you've gotta be strong in front of others. But crying on the outside isn't important, if your heart is tearing itself apart from how you feel about Chojiro, Jaakuna and Ginsho, then you're doing all the crying you need to on the inside where all your feelings come from."

"Think about it like that and maybe you'll finally be able to do it when you go home where no one but you and your family are, dump your head into your mum's shoulder and just bawl like a little baby for a while. It's what I did, I saved all my tears for when I got home cause mum said us Yuki's shouldn't be sad, we should be the snow that comes to bring everyone joy during the winter times. We could be happy, angry, tired, stern... Anything but sad, you know? It wouldn't be very Yuki of me to cry in front of a few of mum's old friends when I was always such a cheerful kid."

Hime felt she might have gotten a bit carried away, but she rounded back to Bumu now that she was done. "And it's not very Bumu of you to be in a downer when you're always skipping about and being so cheeky and foxish. You're cut out for ninja life for sure, maybe your heart is still a bit weak, but that's what hardships are for, to strengthen your heart when things get tough. If you lose a friend you fight on their behalf and you live to prevent anyone else from going through it too."

There was a brief moment of silence now, perhaps Hime had run out of things to say, perhaps she was thinking of something else to add, but in the end it just lead up to her sighing softly. "Uhh... People don't tend to listen to me properly when I talk cause I'm a little bit dull in the head, so... Do you need me to make it super simple?"
"Hime got a hit in so she deserves s rank"
- Syn, 2017

Character: Hime Yuki

Rank: S
Range: Self - 10 metres
Nature: Ice
Type: Ninjutsu

Effect: Hime becomes coated head to toe in a thin, protective layer of ice and emanates a sizeable aura that follows her which causes a drop to sub-zero temperatures to anything within range, the layer of ice coating her body will grant some protection against most physical damage, but it is far from impenetrable.
The reduction of temperature allows her to easily create ice projectiles of varying size and strength (From small pellets of hail to traffic-cone sized spikes) and fire them from around herself like a gatling gun and maintain a form of control over their movements and trajectory whilst in her 10 metre range. Pre-existing ice can be used instead of creating ice, to reduce chakra costs whilst creating projectiles.

The power behind the projectiles varies based on their size (smaller shots hit like bb pellets, larger shots hit like low-to-mid calibre bullets), but move about as fast as wind-boosted throwing weapons. Projectiles moving as such speeds tend to leave her range quickly, meaning her control over them is lost within a matter of seconds if she's not careful and requiring the creation of more projectiles.
When used in conjunction with her ice wings she can now gain about a metre and a half of lift off the ground, granting her a limited form of flight.

Weakness: Hime's body, albeit aligned with the Ice nature, cannot support this cold for long unless supplemented with heating of some kind, meaning if she uses the technique for too long she's highly likely to develop hypothermia and become more of a hindrance than a help. The time limit is about three minutes (between 6 or 7 posts, give or take depending on the time scale.)
High level fire techniques can also cancel out her technique by melting away any ice she creates.
And such a technique can drain chakra quite easily, especially when lots of projectiles are being created. Pre-existing ice can be used to reduce the chakra cost, but it's still a taxing technique to maintain.

Why I think she deserves this: Hime's fight with Havoc ended up being a case of whomever was in the other's range first, putting Hime in greater danger than she should be based on her combat focus of ice projectiles and high speed manoeuvrability. A tech like this greatly helps with amplifying her ability in these areas with some, but still very little focus on her own personal safety and protection.
The hypothermia issue is also a display of how she lacks in looking out for her own safety at the cost of achieving her aim.

Also because Havoc doesn't believe in fairies, she's gotta go full fairy to prove him otherwise.
Hime Yuki

Interaction: @Reflection Bumu Aka

"Well everyone needs a bit of pity from time to time, that's what mum said about it at least." Was Hime's initial response before taking the foxish shinobi to Ichiraku like he had suggested and ordering something that was filling for the both of them at the very least, what it was exactly didn't matter that much.

And from there, Hime patiently listened to Bumu's brief monologue of sorts, struggling it seemed with the concept that Jaakuna was actually his father. "Kirigakure, yeah, never knew why we moved, but we did. As for your dad, you're right, you can say hi... And then give him a solid punch in the face for screwing things up for you and the rest of the family." She even made a wild punching gesture, as if to emphasise her point.

Then, with a dismissive shrug Hime indulged in her meal. "That might not be your thing, eh? But I'd say if it feels right at the time, you should totally do it." There was a confirmatory nod afterwards before Hime seemed to pick at the parental scab of the conversation. "I'd definitely do it if I ever found my father, mum always said she'd give him a big kiss before slapping the heck out of him for leaving her all on her own. She'd say even someone who's like a gift to the world deserves a good smack every once in a while, don'tcha think? Then again she'd also want to smack all the people asking either me or her who my father was, then they'd ask about Jaakuna and it didn't make sense. I mean, why ask about one guy, and then ask about one the of the most famous people in our time? You get what I'm on about, right?"

With the dots that Bumu had joined up in his head, it was probably obvious that 2 + 2 was not equalling 4 for the ice shinobi. "Anything else you want to talk about whilst we're here? Or has this whole dad issue been the weight you've wanted off your chest? I'm all ears for any other troubles, foxy."

Yui Matou

Interaction: @Savato Fuhrer Bradley @BladeSS4 Bakuto

Yui's grip on the handkerchief was swiftly overcome by Gozubura as he attended to cleaning his moustache himself, in turn she hid the subtle pout she wanted to make and settled back down into her seat to continue with her coffee, slowly growing her hair out with minute applications of chakra so she was ready to strike as soon as the cue was made. "I see... Well that's fair, it would be a bit too personal a relationship when you account for the kind of group we're in, wouldn't it?"

The Raikage's eventual arrival was certainly a... loud one, but of course the General's own noise was proven to rival his words as an explosion rung out in the distance of the village, already there were unwelcome sounds of screaming and panic amongst the folk near and caught in the blast. Yui idly brushed some hair from her face as a way to somewhat cover up her rather disdainful expression, it may have been a touch too soon to start setting off their bombs, but this is how their fine General worked after all... No matter how it irked her to get the civilians involved.

"Please do be civil, sir Raikage. One life for many, it's a noble sacrifice for your people, isn't it? At least come out to meet a previous acquaintance face to face, any kage worth their title would do it." By this point, with the occasional flick of her hair or shuffling of her position in her seat, she'd grown her hair out a good few feet and she kept her wits about her as she caught the device that was tossed to her.

"I'll get right to it, sir, do try to be safe." Yui would casually survey the area around the cafe like a tourist gazing over beautiful scenery, it wasn't hard to see the ideal hiding spots for shinobi to take whilst waiting in the wings for an order from their leader.

Meanwhile her two clones, having heard the blast began to converge upon the cafe as well, likely soon to have an advantage over the surrounding shinobi through the sheer fact that the clones would be coming from outside of the more or less cordoned off area. The pair would be ready to strike once they had an eye on the situation, and the raikage clones that were preparing to form their barrier would be as helpless as fish in a barrel as soon as hostilities kicked off.
Hime Yuki

Interaction: @Reflection Bumu Aka, the sullen fox.

The post-funeral blues over the next few weeks weren't really made better by the news that she hadn't passed the jonin exam, but she had in part expected it anyway, so instead of being crushed by metaphorical defeat she took the disappointment lightly. There were bigger things to worry about anyway, and if everyone was going to be so glum about things she'd have to be the cheerful one even more than before, just to compensate.

During that time Hime spent a few quiet minutes at her mother's grave every couple of days, if only to serve as a reminder that she didn't really have anyone to confide in with her troubles, so quietly thinking them over was the next best thing. "I didn't pass this time, but there's always the next exam, isn't that right mum?" There was a lingering silence afterwards, as if waiting for someone who was dead to respond. "Anyway, I'll be sure to visit again soon, don't get too lonely without me!"

With nothing else said the ice fairy was heading off again, meandering around the village, gradually she found herself outside the home of the once-proud Aka clan. Things had quickly changed since the news spread about who killed the Hokage, but there was still doubt in Hime's mind about that situation, he wouldn't just come back from the dead to kill someone that he was friends with, that was stupid.

Eyes locked on the fox that was the emblem of the family, Hime let out a light sigh of frustration. She couldn't really make heads or tails of it, her mother had always said she wasn't much of a thinker after all, she just did what felt appropriate. "It'd be nice if you were still around, mum, you'd be figuring this out in no time." With that she turned to walk back home and was greeted with the sight of the still severely sullen Bumu sat upon the roof on the other side of the street.

"What're you doing up there, foxy? Want to go eat something and talk about it? I'll pay." Like anyone else in Konohagakure, Hime knew that Bumu was more or less the biggest voice of those who claimed Aka lineage, the news was probably the worst for him with the pride he had about being Jaakuna's child. A trip to the ramen stand to eat would be akin to a distraction for him, probably.
Yui Matou

Interaction: Akatsuki mostly @Savato And Fuhrer Bradley directly.

Yui sat in on the meeting, though her assigned partner for this next phase wasn't here for the chit-chat that some members were and he was quick to say his piece and move out, hinting for her to accompany him. "I'll be right behind you, General!" She chimed, rising to her feet and cheerfully striding out of the meeting without much else said aside from turning towards Kareha for a moment and beaming a smile at her.

"So long as I get to be the big sister, I'm happy with the family idea you've got there~" Before she could give Kareha a chance to respond she was out of the room as well.


Yui hadn't had to worry as much about evading detection as Gozubura had, although he seemingly didn't need to be concerned in the slightest so... Well there was no concern on Yui's part either then! Admittedly Yui herself had never been in Kumo, so this entire place was a new experience to her, though she didn't let it go to waste. After spawning a couple of clones before their entry and having them disguise themselves as civilians, she sent them on their way to survey the village and even do a light bit of shopping for her, though the General didn't need to know about the last part.

In the cafe, the threaded woman patiently took measured sips of her own cup of coffee and nodded in a sagely manner. "I can't say I have, as I've never been to Kumogakure in all my years, it is quite the treat though. And considering what's to happen here, I am loathe to admit that this luxury is going to be quite short-lived, who knows when I'll get another taste like this?"

Though, at his mention of a living Kazekage for her was a comment that brought an eager sparkle to her eyes. "You certainly know how to excite a lady, if only we could indulge in a room for the night..." Her words trailed off to allow her half-spoken insinuation to be received any way the general had wished, no doubt he knew her intentions already.
The thought of the kazekage being brought to her returned the recent memories of the deal she'd made with Cockroach before joining the Yomigaeri, he had assured her that she'd get the Kazekage so long as she worked for them, she wasn't about to let that bargain go either, not in a million years.
The old man, Cockroach, his very being sent a disgusted shiver down her spine, but she'd been taught in the orphanage to play nicely with anyone, no matter how they made you feel.

"Oh, pardon me, but you've got a bit of something on your moustache, allow me to get that for you~" With smooth, fluid motions, Yui brought a white handkerchief up to gently wipe away the coffee that lingered on Gozubura's facial hair. By any means it could be seen as the act of a doting wife looking after a husband.

Once she was leaning closer to him, she spoke. "Would you like me to," She gently cleared her throat, "restrain our observers? It would save you dirtying your hands that little bit more, undoubtedly, or is everything going as planned?" Yui's question finished with a raised brow, the very tips of each individual hair on her head twitching with anticipation as she sat back down, awaiting any confirmatory sign for action.
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Koma Hitsugi

Koma's display of resolve had gotten more attention than she would have liked from this mysterious man, silently watching him as he spoke down to Yogensha and left a promise to each of them about not being so merciful. By the time he'd left Koma had found enough confidence in herself to stop trembling, but it was too late for her to do anything at that point, he was already gone.

Now the only concerning matter was Yogensha's physical state, the woman's condition seemed to be worsening as the seconds passed by, so much so that she was on her knees before taking so much as a step forwards. Koma was already moving to assist and help her back onto her feet once again, which only proved to show her just how severe the condition was, exhaustion could make one see things but this was an entirely different issue... Shapes and bulges moving around beneath someone's skin was not the sign of anything she could consider normal, this was leagues beyond that and she didn't really know what to say about it.

Silence would be the only solution here, surely Yogensha already knew about her own condition, so it must've been something she had to deal with at least once.

The week went by leading up to the Hokage's funeral with Koma helping out wherever she could in aiding injured folk get treatment, rebuilding efforts, or keeping a vigilant watch over the area in case of a second attack.

By the time the funeral ceremony began the kunoichi once against found herself in a state of exhaustion from overworking herself, but she wasn't one to complain about being tired, so this was nothing new to her. She would pay the respect that was due to a great figure's passing, it was the least she could do based on how little she had helped during the actual attack on Konoha.

Hime Yuki

The attack was a complete success! But Hime couldn't really focus on remaining balanced with a large chunk of ice now attached to her foot, so the kunoichi toppled over and found it to be very difficult to stand. Before she even got to actually cheer for her own victory the fight was declared over by the man in front of her as he let out a huge amount of force that he called a "shinra tensei", whatever that phrase meant.

There was little Hime could currently do to fight such a force aside from going with it and being violently thrown out of the confines of the barrier set up by one of the Iwa-nin and more or less becoming airborne for a time before she conjured up an ice disc to give herself something to ride back down for a safe landing... Meanwhile she tried to get a good idea on what had happened elsewhere, but there was so much chaos strewn about that it was hard to get any idea aside from "Lots of things got destroyed."

The Hokage's funeral was as sombre as Hime thought it would be, it felt like she was at her mother's funeral all over again but with a large crowd gathered instead of just herself and the few friends her mother had made whilst in Konoha. With that in mind, Hime already had an appropriate dress for the ceremony, it was a lot like the shrine-maiden garb her mother wore at most times yet with a black colour scheme and a more modest design.

Then there was the Aka family, all gathered together in one group with another of the clan stood separate from them, accompanied by Kurin who was apparently trying to talk with him, much to Bumu's distaste.
Hime couldn't help but feel sorry for the Akas, especially the foxish boy who was now storming off after presumably some ill-placed words from the Senju boy. Had it not happened she would've joined Bumu over there, no one should be on their own with this kind of weight on their shoulders... She'd go find and try to talk to him later, maybe pay a visit to her mother's grave after that.

Yui Matou

Yui patiently watched the fights that the other members had gotten themselves into with some interest, they at least seemed to be enjoying themselves for the most part. She was prepared for retrieval in case any of them got a bit too confident and died in the process, but fortunately she didn't need to engage in any harvesting, probably for the best.

At Cockroach's suggestion of getting started with retrievals and leaving, Yui slowly nodded, producing a couple of clones from her hair and directing them. "Of course, I'll collect Sano and point the others in the right direction." She herself left the way they came along with the... man that she had the luxury of working with for this task.

Sano's battle would be disrupted by Yui in short order as she burrowed her way out of hte ground with her mole technique and loosed a barrage of hair needles up into the surrounding area to give them some cover whilst she snatched the sharkman up with her hair and dragged him underground. "It's time to go home, Sano, Onee-chan is here to pick you up!" She said with a giggle, making sure to be careful with constricting him if only so he knew she wasn't trying to hurt him once her clone would pull him into Cockroach's tunnels. "You know the way back from here, right? Everyone's waiting at our base of operations." Once he was on his way the clone would disperse, as would the one rendezvousing with Chis and sending him down into the tunnels as well. She'd make sure to cover any tracks as well, just to ensure that no one followed them as they left.
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