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Hime Yuki

@Ganryu @yoshua171 @BladeSS4 @Syn

Hime wasn't 100% focused on what Havoc did, but as far as she could tell, her trio of bullets were smashed into pieces mid-air as if some great force had just willed them out of existing. In response the fairy swung her shielded arm up and in the way of whatever invisible force just foiled her infallible plan, the impact from it was enough to shatter the disc and force the Yuki back several feet on her riding disc, shaking her arm off as if it would make the sensation of the strike go away.

"You don't need to believe in fairies to be defeated by one, Scruff McGruff!" Hime proclaimed as she hopped off of the disc she was riding on and kicked it his way in order to give her enough time to charge up some of her chakra and release her second wintry dome of the day, causing another drop in temperature and allowing for snow clouds to steadily develop above them. With the snow storm slowly starting she took off to strafe around him, wings propelling her rapidly over to his right-hand side.

Another tag was used, this one thrown down right next to the daintily-hovering Yuki as she moved and she instantly triggered it to create another of her notable pillars of ice, one hand slapping it and sending a surge of chakra through the thing to produce two dozen ice discs. She flung the sharp ice discs towards Havoc in various directional arcs to try and cut off an evasive routes he could take whilst she advanced on him again.

If the fight went on long enough, she'd soon have the battlefield on her side and he would be at a visibility disadvantage, but she was more focused on socking him in his scruffy face and maybe even chaining him if she had the chance, the chains always worked... Theoretically.
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4 @Syn

Hime valiantly guarded herself against the chunks of ice flung at her by Rumia's kick with her ice disc shield, grinning widely at the mutated shinobi before the situation suddenly took a turn for the bizarre. They didn't even get to start fighting properly before a sudden appearance of at least two hostile guys took the forest by surprise. Some kinda rush of water and sharks that Hime was entirely unconcerned with as she made another ice disc for herself to safely stand upon, even making one for Tashiro if he didn't have a way to get out of reach of the sharks and waves.

The other guy was a concern though, turning a large chunk of the forest into a crater with just force alone, and by the looks of things no one wanted to see to dealing with him. Just how the Yuki liked it, really, and had decided to handle the umbrella man before Rumia had even suggested it to her. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of ya Rumi! Tash, you coming?" She didn't give him much time to respond as she suddenly darted off towards Havoc's location, wings beating a mile a minute and the bouncy Yuki taking a quick second mid-transit to place an ice tag on the soles of each of her shoes for... Some reason.

In however long it took to reach captain rain-check, Hime had prepared herself for a fresh battle, throwing down a tag right in front of her as she passed over a slanted rock and activating it to give her a ramp so she could fling herself up into the air. She didn't need to do it due to her ice disc technique, but it looked cool!

"Evil umbrella man! I Hime Yuki am here to kick your teeth in, full power fairy, chaaaaarge!" There was no need for the cry of "charge" as Hime announced her arrival, but again she did it because it seemed cool, especially whilst soaring towards him from above and had prepared her handseal for her ice bullets, intending to close the distance quickly and slam the bullets straight into his Havoc's face.

She had an emergency escape plan in case she couldn't get him with this first strike, as sometimes that was all that was needed to decide a battle.

Where had Tashiro gotten to?

Koma Hitsugi

@Write @Odin @Reflection

Koma could only briefly nod as she was "recruited" as a kunoichi of Amegakure by Yogensha for the time being, likely it was to help the woman in commanding her, and then promptly ordered to deal with the two visible clones that were wrecking havoc with the civilians and the wounded.

She didn't even get to take a step as some other clones on the roof began covering the area in an ashen smog, forcing her to hold her breath and find herself being pulled against Yogensha, either intentionally or unintentionally saving her from the blade of the clone that was attacking through the smog. For now all Koma could do was listen to Yogensha's instruction and place her fate, and her foot, in the woman's hands.

Before she realised it she was spiralling up and up into the air, it was a strange experience to be flung into the air without actual warning, but the kunoichi knew what to do now that she had an aerial advantage on her targets.

With practised motions she drew and fired two arrows down towards the two, one arrow slamming into the top of a clone's head and causing him to disappear in a puff of smoke and skimming the other as he actually picked up on her attack and managed to move just in time. It seemed her aim was still somewhat shaky since her battle with the sea creatures, but it was no issue for her, all she had to do was chase him down before he lost her in the crowd.

She still had a moment of time to attempt another shot, it wouldn't be wasted this time as the arrow plunged into his back whilst he was trying to gain some distance on them whilst flinging a shuriken up at the airborne kunoichi.
Another puff of smoke from a felled clone signified Koma's mission complete though she couldn't exactly dodge from mid-air she was able to block it with her arm so she wouldn't get hit square in the face with the deadly tool. At least the descent was easy, using a weakened immense breakthrough due to her low chakra, and catching herself just before she landed, even spreading some of the smog away from herself.

Based on how she felt right now, she probably only had a couple more arrows in her right now, hopefully it would be enough to remain somewhat useful in the conflict.
Koma Hitsugi

@Write @Odin @Reflection

There was uncertainty lingering within the back of Koma's mind as this woman who was helping her get out of the ruined hospital began to take action, claiming the building as part of Amegakures land for the time being so one of her protoge's would remain to defend it due to his inability to move far when someone could've likely carried him out. But she was in no position to be making critiques of how someone else handled this kind of situation.

They didn't get to go far before some of the masked shinobi that were attacking civilians confronted Yogensha and advised that she leave Konoha without making a fuss.
Reflexively Koma had already withdrawn her bow grip from a pouch as well as her last two smoke bombs in her other hand in preparation for fighting back, her lack of confidence in her own combat ability was the only thing holding her back from doing anything of actual note, especially when multiple enemies were brought into consideration.

It would be wrong to run off to find her Kage, all things considered, right? He wouldn't be impressed if she didn't try to hold her ground when standing alongside the leader of another village without being told to leave.

The young iwa-nin took a couple of glances towards Yogensha and her remaining companion, then towards the masked men, if they were going to get into a fight to protect the people being attacked she wanted to know if she wan't the only one getting into it. More-so when she knew that her chakra was still quite low at this point, meaning she didn't have many shots with her bow before she'd run out again.

"Instructions?" One word, so to not distract the ame-nin she stood along-side, addressed to Yogensha whilst a basic bow frame sparked to life from her bow-grip in case she needed to start firing.
Koma Hitsugi

@Write @Odin @Ganryu

Koma had eventually, with guidance from some medical-nin, made her way to Konohagakure's hospital. She was seen to briefly by medical staff present to treat her injuries with more than some bandages, which had soaked up a fair amount of blood by the time she actually arrived.
Her now properly treated side throbbed as she quietly sat and began to work on repairing her cloak, her uniform could wait for a while all things considered, but her cloak was an important part of how she operated as a kunoichi so it had to be restored. Otherwise Koma's belongings were all neatly set on the bedside table next to her, neatly tucked away into one of the pouches she'd managed to repair before moving onto her cloak.

Right now the girl was tired, shaky and more or less coming down from the surge of adrenaline that had kept her going for the best part of their test, part of her just wanted to sleep but she wasn't planning to rest until everything was over, or until she couldn't keep herself awake any longer.
It seemed that the former would definitely be the deciding factor on when she slept though as a blast shook the building, along with multiple other explosions within Konohagakure in it's entirety.

Koma was as unaware of what had caused the blasts as everyone else was, but she was already donning her half-repaired cloak when Yogensha, Amegakure's own kage, poked her head in and advised accompanying her out of the hospital. "I understand." Was all she said as she began to follow behind the Ame-nin that were there, she was a bit slower than she had liked to be due to pain but she certainly did her best to maintain pace with them.

With luck they'd hopefully run into some familiar faces soon, she'd at least feel a bit more comfortable if she more or less knew the people she was with. And hopefully the other Iwa-nin were either still in the forest or out of harms way.
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4

Hime easily let go of Tashiro's hand as he tried to get free of her grip so he could follow her at his own pace, the ice "fairy" playfully twirling as she glided across the ground and giggling a little. "Well my plan is to get that scroll in the middle for you, then we'll tackle getting a scroll for myself, but I doubt Rumi and Kyo-Kyo are going to let us go so easily. I hope you're ready for a fight, Tash!" She seemed as joyful and jubilant as ever as she spoke, stuffing her hand into her pouch and scattering a bunch of her ice tags into the air around her and coming to a stop to look back the way they came.

There was a blaze of excitement in her eyes as she caught sight of Rumia's advance. "Tash, keep an eye out for Kyo-Kyo, I bet you could tell from how these two work that she's somewhere around for sure. And hold onto your scroll!" It was quick instruction as Hime charged and moulded chakra within herself, firstly releasing a large pulse of chakra into the immediate area to cause the temperature to rapidly drop and form snow clouds above herself, Tashiro and soon the two cousins once they closed in.

Hime's follow up to this was activating a few of the randomly scattered tags from mere moments ago to create large pillars of ice here and there, with some still waiting on the ground and one of the current pillars half-blocking Rumia's charge. No doubt she'd likely just attempt to charge through and shatter it, but that was no skin off of Hime's back, really.

Finally, with a deep breath and removing a few slivers of ice taken from the closest pillar to form into a large, near transparent ice disc that she attached to her arm she bellowed towards the brute of the familial pair.


The yuki braced herself to take the brunt of the charge, her wings still active with the intent to mitigate as much of Rumia's momentum as was possible before the battle really begun, Hime still had plenty more up her metaphorical sleeves.
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4

Hime repaid the eager Kyoka's affection with another cuddle and even giggled a little at her offer of a favour or meal no matter what. "You're too kind, Kyo-Kyo!" She chimed before parting the embrace and picking her scroll out to keep a firm grip on it, instinctively keeping it within her grasp juuuuuuust in case there was an attempt at some sleight of hand from the acidic cousin.

"I wasn't born yesterday, Rumi, after that easy test you want an even easier one? There's no fun in that at all! Tash and I will run off into the forest, together or separate, and we'll do this properly. It wouldn't be much of a trial if I just gave you the scroll, besides I said almost the same thing as Kyo-Kyo during the start of the test, but no one gave it a chance then, so I put a lot of effort into the thinking side of things too." Hime beamed with some pride and gestured to Tashiro. "Get running, we've gotta try and pass as well, you know!"

As the Hokage declared the test to begin, Hime's fairy wings popped into being again as she took hold of Tashiro's hand to pull him along. "See you in the forest, Rumi, Kyo-Kyo! Good luck! C'mon Tash! Run, run, run!" She once again chimed before she took off towards the forest, going as fast as the little wings and defiance of gravity would let her go.

Koma Hitsugi

@Reflection @Syn @BladeX

Finally, victory over the fish-man was assured as they managed to finish him off completely and relinquish the scroll from him, just for the group to be whisked into a whirlpool that unceremoniously dumped them all onto the ground in the outskirts of the Forest of Death where some medical nin and Shinko were waiting for them.

Being the only one actually conscious, the young kunoichi found herself coughing and spluttering and taking in every breath she could physically muster as they were given the sweet freedom of not drowning once again. She almost didn't believe that they were actually free of the trial yet, but all evidence argued that they were indeed onto the next stage.... And Koma was tired, drained and more or less in no good state to continue, then there were the other team mates that she had to worry about, waving off the medical-nin to handle those two before she would see treatment.

Where was their third? They hadn't died too, right? There was a fox that was coming round to consciousness now that sounded a lot like their third team member but it couldn't be them... Right? But she felt that there was something familiar about the fox and it's voice, as well as it's general demeanour. "Huh? Oh! Y-Yeah, they switched places with their summon before we got pulled out of the trial, they're probably already in the forest, they said that's where their summon tended to live. You should probably let it swap places with them again." She began to explain as she looked at the fox, then at the medical-nin, one of them starting to treat her rather superficial, yet still heavily bleeding, wounds.

If she wasn't so mentally exhausted from almost dying several times, she would've been quite embarrassed about being so exposed whilst being treated.

Then she looked at Kaba, the barrier nin she'd worked with, as he was being brought back from the brink... Surely, there was no way he was going to be in a good enough shape to compete for these scrolls, so she would tuck her scroll into his possession with his other one and steadily struggle up to her feet and begin to assess her situation.

No longer in possession of a scroll, a few smoke bombs and just enough chakra to set off her genjutsu once or twice. Well, it wasn't like she was in a good enough shape to continue to fight, and she had to repair her cloak. "Please take him through the exit, I don't think I'm able to continue with my current state either, so I'm withdrawing here."
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4

Before Hime realised what was going on the group was more or less being congratulated on passing their test by Shinko, or at least a clone of Shinko, whom relayed a message to them on the behalf of the Hokage. The result of what was to come next brought a small frown to Hime's face, that shifted somewhat back to a smile as she heard Tashiro's comment after the fact. "Well going in as a group would be fun, that way we can all make sure that each of us pass... Though if you guys all feel differently it might be fun to have it as a little contest between ourselves to see who can and can't pass, then the losers owe the winner something... Like, uhh... A meal or a favour! Of course it wouldn't be too fair to just try and steal one another's scrolls right now, so we'd have to wait until we got into the forest first before trying that."

It was unnecessary to say the least, but a little bet like that would probably encourage the two cousins to give it a try.

Koma Hitsugi

@Reflection @Syn @BladeX

It was inconceivable to think that the situation could get any worse than it was now, but the king clearly had other plans for the already exhausted and likely traumatized team as he cleared the battlefield of any threat other than himself by killing his queen and feasting upon her blood to fix himself once again.

Any concept of lesson that could've been gained by the team from this endeavour was void at this point, Koma's muscles ached from exertion, her joints were becoming stiff due to a lack of oxygen and she was quickly running out of breath and Chakra.

But she still had adrenaline coursing through her system, so she was going to push on to the last second if it would finally kill this monstrous thing. She'd had a wind arrow charged and ready to fire for a while now as she waited for the right moment to shoot the re-invigorated king once again, but he was moving at such a pace that now she had trouble actually getting a decent moment to take the shot until he was above her. With but a second to react to the fist aiming to pummel her into a fine paste, she managed to turn herself and fire the arrow into his hand, the burst of wind that would come from it creating enough of a bubble between the unstoppable force and the all-too-movable an object to more or less harmlessly hurl her down into the sandy ground.

Mere seconds later, having barely survived the continued onslaught that was the king's attempt to kill all of them, Koma saw that Kaba had him restrained for the time being and that Bumu was currently losing consciousness and drowning... There wasn't enough time nor chakra left in the girl to make a full-strength annihilation arrow, but she could at least half charge it, which would no doubt set off the explosive tags that littered the King's body and hopefully kill him properly this time.

A moment of channelling and focussing what little chakra she could spare produced a bolt unlike the previous one. This bolt wasn't as bright nor as destructive, it's explosive radius would just about engulf the entirety of the King's body instead of his body and everything nearby, there wasn't time to doubt whether it would hit or kill him or be eaten once again, all she could do was fire and hope to hold onto consciousness of her own long enough to see the result of her shot.

Then she would have to leave the rest to Kaba and once more hope that they were finally finished, drowning twice in one day was more than enough for the kunoichi.
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4

Boldly, Hime strode forth past the two clones as they initially tensed up in anticipation for Rumia's vengeful assault, but was stopped by the reliable cousin and Tashiro with some ease. The Yuki ninja did indeed hum a jaunty tune as she passed by the two clones and stopped at the scroll, it didn't see like a trap at the very least, so she plucked it up from it's resting place and waved to the rest of the team with the hand holding the scroll. "We've got it!"

That was when the room shifted and they found themselves at the outskirts of the forest of Death and were being spoken to from... somewhere, by the voice again, confirming that they'd completed the test of team-work, synergy and leadership.

"You tricksy mind-feeler clan, no wonder we couldn't see you!" Hime called out in response, though it was likely she'd never be heard. "Well, now we've got another mystery coming up, hopefully we'll still be in our team for it, eh?"

Koma Hitsugi

@Reflection @Syn @BladeX

Dread settles in...

There was little time to understand what actually happened, but her bolt of lightning seemed to have been eaten by the king, sending him into a limp form on the seabed for a moment as the undead sealife began to use their bodies to block their ruler from being hit by further arrows of any capacity. This matter in and of itself was nothing to really worry about, maybe she had actually wounded the sea king with her attack? A few standard lightning arrows embedded themselves into the sirens that approached, and for a moment she thought that her attack had somehow discouraged them from attacking.

Then a wave of dread rolled over her like she'd just enraged the actual god of the sea. She wasn't far off, either, instead it was the very same king of the deep but he was... Worse, in a way, more vile and perhaps even solely transfixed on putting an end to them right there and then, had her lightning bolt had much of an effect at all?

Words confirmed that he had built up a resistance to electricity, though it was hard to say just how resilient he was, training could never make one invincible to their natural weakness. It had to have hurt more than he was putting on, though Koma didn't have time to figure out if that was true as he swung for her after digging his teeth into the air-tank that Bumu had been wearing. Without the fins to assist her in her swimming venture the kunoichi barely managed to avoid the swing that would've no doubt killed her if it hadn't glanced her side, tearing a sizable hole in her uniform, cloak and collection of pouches and all but peeling the skin off of her now-bare, injured and bloodied hip and waist.

With little time to register her now bleeding side and the scattering of most of her worldly possessions, she managed to grab hold of a few of her smoke bombs and sling them towards the king, in her dizziness she couldn't aim properly so she released a very weak breakthrough to fling the bombs towards him with the hope of them hitting and setting themselves off so her other genjutsu would activate.

And with luck that would give them a bit of a fighting chance with the king provided he didn't know how to deal with genjutsu techniques, his hand-eye coordination would be thrown off and so would his depth perception, hopefully it would help as Koma had very few ideas left as she looked for a way to get the scroll off of him. Both her and Bumu were outclassed by him in terms of sheer power, so they had to get some advantage.

And provided the disorientation plan worked, she had a saturation shot of wind arrows charging up and about to fire, albeit lop-sidedly due to her current injuries. Normally it would spread out and cover an entire area after reaching a certain distance, but due to the close proximity, it would end up spreading out upon impact with the Sea King's body and focus 50 arrows on a small area. After impact they would all burst into their own pockets of wind and cavitation would likely be able to do the rest of the work, sudden changes in pressure were never good for things this deep in the ocean.
Hime Yuki

@Pirouette @Savato @BladeSS4 @Odin

The idea had been flawless, had it not been for Hime taking a violent initiative to draw the attention of the clones, and soon the Yuki found herself tumbling and slamming ungracefully into the wall as a result of her actions. Hime coughed and spluttered briefly at this point as she steadily regained her breath. "Full speed fairy failed... Oww....." She grumbled once she finally got back up to her feet.

It was only now that she took note of the fact that the two clones didn't act until she started attacking. "Maybe we're meant to just play nice and walk past them... Mum always said violence makes more violence, so that could be the lesson here, right?" It seemed fairly simple to Hime now and she got herself ready to step out onto the field again. This time when she'd step out, once the other three were ready to either go or wait to see what happened to the ice kunoichi this time, she'd just plan to walk right past the two clones. Maybe even humming a cheerful little tune as she did so.

Koma Hitsugi

@Reflection @Syn @BladeX

For our lost ally, Smite the King of the Deep!

The plan of action went all too well for it to be the truth of the situation, that they could so simply obtain their desired scroll like this? It was too good to be true, right?

Koma didn't want to be proven right, not by the carnage left behind from Bumu's area-wide destruction, nor by the shattered pillar that once held the scroll they were after. And especially not by the disgusting visage of the real denizens of the deep, half-rotten corpses of those who drowned and died long ago, the beauty of the deep warping into it's true form to show them that everything they had seen had been a lie.

The kindly Naiads that had guided them down here, the mermen, the queen. All of it disgusting abominations that no doubt fed on the weak of the ocean and those whom drowned down here, had these things showed their true colours at first then no doubt herself and the others would've been part of their meal too. The most terrifying fact of all was that they were once more short on breath and now had goodness knows how many things to fight, including their king, whom had already slain the fourth member of their team that they hadn't actually seen earlier.

We didn't even try looking for him... That HAS to be a trick to make us think it's him, I didn't even see him in the room when we started the trial! Koma tried to rationalise to herself, how ineffective that reassurance was soon showed through with her next actions.

Koma had little care for the breathing apparatus that offered her a chance to breathe, she cast her own aside and drew from her bow, the frame of it flaring into life and arching out in a net-like formation, prepared for when she fired. Had she been able to breathe she would've screamed bloody murder at the king as she let her arrow loose, it would fly with little resistance due to the sheer force behind it, almost blowing Koma back were it not for the net formation of the frame to keep herself in place by catching on the water around her.

Should it hit, which by all things benevolent and holy she hoped it did, the 20 metre sphere of lightning chakra that exploded outward of the point of impact would blow anything and everything nearby into the highest of heavens or the deepest of hells. Even if he'd gotten out of the way of the initial impact the explosion would undoubtedly hit him, especially when you accounted for the conductive properties of the water around him, right?

All Koma could hope was that it would hit, even as she readied herself to begin firing more arrows, fighting through the colossal drain on her chakra reserves that the annihilation bolt took. It was costly, but in most cases, such a technique was a sure-kill shot, moreso when water was involved.

But she didn't wait for the destruction to settle, no, she began to charge and let loose all the lightning arrows she could in the direction of where the king had been. She couldn't just stop to see if it hit, she had to make sure that he wasn't getting back up, even if her first shot killed him.
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