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@ReusableSword I am well. A little under the weather but good overall. I'll be posting tonight.
Sounds good man! I'm still fully in board.
You have mine as well.
Goblin Barth

Day Five /// Leeeeeeeeroy Goblin /// Night

@Crusader Lord@Jangel13@demonspade64@ReusableSword@Duthguy@kuroku@Wildman13

Barth did the best he could to keep pace with Luz and Nyma, though he had a rougher go of it than them. They had the advantage of people able to keep an eye on their destination without being hindered by the encroaching darkness, at least from what he recalled of their descriptions, while he had to try and keep his eyes on their forms as they all moved through the forest. He gave up on trying to focus on Luz, she was faster than him and the longer his eyes stayed with her the more likely it would be for him to misstep or get lost. Instead he followed Nyma as closely as he could, which felt more natural to him anyway.

It didn’t take too long for his little group to meet up with the others, though most of them were strangers to him. While Nyma moved into position on one side of the mouth of the cave, Barth made his way to the other. Their flanking tactic seemed to have helped during their last spider hunt, he so deeply missed the web infested forest, that it made sense to attempt a similar tactic again.

Given that he didn’t have much time he quickly reached into the little silk sack that hung from his hip and retrieved his dice. With a flick of his wrist he rolled them across the ground before copying Nyma and spraying his barbed webbing towards the legs of the Alpha Troll.

@Jangel13 I fricken love that, and I really wish I had picked a different starting power because I really don't see him advancing his much now that he has a course haha. Alright back to the post.

Edit: And Boom!!!! I have returned. Hold the applause.
@Jangel13 Not sure if you are still around, but if I am remembering correctly you said that the Devil's Advocate could be used in situations besides just experience correct?
@Jangel13@Wildman13 And everyone else

Thank you guys for being so understanding. We just lost a bunch of people at once so I have been helping pick up the slack, which entails a lot of doubles. Things are finally calm. If Barth isn't dead yet I will read the IC and work on a post.
I'm so sorry guys. I'm still here. I've been on back to back doubles at work. Things should finally be calming down. I really feel awful about my absence.
Same as Guy I have been busier than anticipated this week. Expect a post tonight or tomorrow.
Y'all got lucky!
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