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@Wildman13 I'm also doing pretty well, thank you for asking!
Goblin Barth

Day Five: Morning

@Crusader Lord@Jangel13@demonspade64@ReusableSword

Barth let the three worshippers of Duvelna talk among themselves for the time, it was good that they were bonding with one another. From the outside it was clear to him that the three would likely end up traveling together for quite some time. He could also see that eventually their paths, his and theirs, would diverge. This fact didn’t bother him in the slightest, he was curious to see how well he would survive when on his own. For now though he was more than happy to have such strong companions, Nyma more than the others as they had already been traveling together and she had proven to be quite clever as well as generous as his currently absent spear clearly indicated.

He returned his attention to Gird when the pale hobgoblin began pushing his way through the webbings that blocked the path to Barth’s spear. He would have to make sure to thank the apostate when they had a chance. However after personally experiencing the methods used by the spiders he believed that they soon would be entering another battle as Gird was causing more than subtle vibrations to travel along the webs. Once more he sent out a silent thanks to whatever deity had been watching over their prior fight for allowing him and Nyma to emerge unscathed.

Just as he had moments ago, Barth once more searched the area for a suitable tree to climb. Without his spear he was a liability on the ground. Unfortunately the choices were more limited, given that Gird had walked through a heavily webbed section most of the trees were covered as well. That is when Barth was struck with another one of his brilliant ideas. Silk formed upon his fingertips, but rather than launch it he let it spread until his fingers were entirely coated. He then lifted one foot and held his fingers close to it and pushed out more silk to cover it as well before repeating the process with the other foot. His hope was that by using his own silk he would be able to climb the web covered tree without struggling the entire way up.

The tree he picked had a branch near the location that Gird would end up coming back towards as he had reclaimed Barth’s spear. It would once more give him a height advantage and a location to ambush from in the event that more spiders were called. He also had the advantage of a weapon that could be used in close range, the alpha rabbit horn which he would remove from his waist and grasp in one hand after getting settled on the branch, after leaping down onto a spider. Due to the fact that more vibrations had been caused this time he believed there was a good chance that they wouldn’t outnumber their foes as extremely as they had previously and he was glad to have a weapon again. This all of course would only happen provided that his original plan with his silk worked.

@demonspade64 I like how you refer to them as "The Luz". Makes them seem intimidating. Working on my post now, laptop decided to update -_-

Also I apologize in advance. I really don't like this post for some reason, hopefully the next one will be better.
@ReusableSword Good point, I will go with that then!
@ReusableSword I am about to start working on my post and I wanted to make sure it was fine to have Barth get the spear from Gird in my post so we don't have to leave it until yours.
@Crusader Lord Great post! I fricken love Nyma.
Someone do something entertaining!
@ReusableSword Eh Barth isn't willy nilly when it comes to worship. He's gonna wait until he finds the right fit, even if it means he doesn't benefit from double the xp.
I'm excited to work with Gird and Luz for a while ^_^. Though Barth will likely end up separating from the group eventually since all three of them have the whole, worship the same goddess thing going for them.
@ReusableSword Yeah no intention of killing clan mates certainly. Unless it is in self defense.

@Jangel13 Thanks for your insightful answers despite the strangeness of the questions!
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