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Current Out in the sun they slave away
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Under the sea
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Right here on the ocean floor
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In somebody else's lake


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I'm so sorry guys. I'm still here. I've been on back to back doubles at work. Things should finally be calming down. I really feel awful about my absence.
Same as Guy I have been busier than anticipated this week. Expect a post tonight or tomorrow.
Y'all got lucky!
Y'all got lucky!
@ReusableSword Barth's motto right there.
That's the plan!
@Jangel13 Perfect, all I need. It isn't like my spear would do much better anyway. It is a pointy stick.

Also! Everyone should say their farewells to Barth. I am not positive he will make it through this alive.
@Jangel13 First though quick question, are there 4 trolls total, or four plus the leader? Also is an Alpha Rabbit Horn sharp enough to damage a troll? Not saying kill one, but enough to pierce the skin at least.
Time to take a chance!
@Jangel13@ReusableSword So what I am hearing is that everyone approves of Barth going first.

@Crusader Lord Ha! They thought they would be able to resolve this peacefully. Let's see how long that lasts when Barth messes things up!
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