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Need a quick head count of anyone still in this. I can get things going but I wanna see where we’re at with people. I was all set to do this but I’ve been waiting on a couple people to post sheets that just kinda bailed on me. So quick head count pls
@Quarantined Yes we are

Everyone's sheet look good, just gonna post a blanket acceptance for everyone
We have life once again ! I will review bios in a few hours. Been a busy day. And hopefully a post coming soon
@rhema13 Accepted ! Please yes bring as many friends as you want. We need to get the ball moving , I’d like to see some posts from others soon.

Myself, you, and Severance will be the Captains. Everyone else should choose a crew and begin posting. Marines post on the ship with Vice-Admiral Haramitsu.
Waiting for sheets/posts .-.
@Hazard Bits Accepted

Just waiting on at least 2 more CS’sthat I know of so we can get going. Marines can report to the ship with Vice-Admiral Haramitsu where he’s called a meeting to start.
@Not Fungus Accepted

@Infinite Cosmos Accepted

@Kal-El Captain is the Navigator /sorry :L

The IC is up, everyone may begin posting. I'm going to start putting together the rosters for the crews. If you'd like to be a Captain of a crew please PM me. I'd like to have 2 others besides the Ash Pirates. I currently have someone else making the Captain of another crew. Still need one more. We have enough people to make it work. If you haven't posted a CS and plan on joining now's the time to do it as we're just getting going now.

We are still accepting new people! Just to make it clear

Loguetown, East Blue

A steady breeze glided through the harbor as sounds of gulls and waves crashing against the docks filled the air. Men were fast at work as usual down by the port, and there was a slight uptick in traffic the past few days with a few extra ships docked ashore. Two of those ships were Marine cruisers that had docked there just the night before. Several high-ranking officials were seen leaving the ship in the dead of night and heading to the nearby Marine HQ located just north of town, known as G2.

"So, you're telling me that the target is in Loguetown, right under our noses?" A stern voice asked matter-of-factly, as if to confirm some prior suspicion. The voice belonged to a daunting man, standing at over eight feet tall and arms nearly the size of barrels, a square jaw that looked so rigid it could have been welded in place by steel beams, and a clenched set of perfect pearly white teeth. His head was as round as a coconut with none of the hair, just a big bald head that glinted like a gem in the sunlight. He folded his arms across his chest, his bulging pectoral muscles clearly defined shapes through the white undershirt beneath his Marine coat. His gaze was as absolute and as piercing as his sense of justice, and he took this mission with the same seriousness in which he had undertaken every previous assignment given to him. And each and every detail was critical in completing it.

"No, not exactly. I said that we have reason to believe the target made contact with someone currently living here. Whether or not our target remains in Logeutown has yet to be discovered. We also don't know for what purpose. That's what we need to find out first and foremost. The longer they're out here on the loose, the more destruction that will follow. If we keep waiting for them to make the first move and only reacting instead of being proactive about this situation, the longer this is going to be dragged out. Understand what I'm saying?" The man who responded was much more even-keeled, and was seated behind a desk with his hands folded together and elbows propped up. He was much thinner than his large counterpart, and seemed in much less of a hurry.

"Of course sir. I'm to locate and capture or dispose of the target in as little time as possible with as little collateral damage and civilian casualty as possible, and if possible, ascertain the reason behind the target's recent actions and determine for what the target's goal is. I've already been briefed on the target and should have no issues finding him. Is there anything else before I leave, sir?" He was very direct and to the point, seeing no reason to delay his departure.

The man behind the desk was quiet for a moment, turning to look out his window. "....The target is not going to be easy to track down or capture. I know you've read the file and seen the extent of what someone like that can do to a town or an island if things get out of hand. This isn't just any one of those common Devil Fruit users. This needs to be taken care of swiftly and neatly... they wanted to call in CP9 on this, you know? I had to convince them I had someone competent enough around to handle it. That's why you were brought in as fast as you were. I would handle it myself, but the Boss has me looking into a matter of my own that supersedes this. Also, there's some intel from one of our agents on some of the locals, including the person that our target was here to meet, supposedly. You'll want read it, as there are a few individuals in the area that could be a problem if they were to become, how should I say this... involved with our target. So let's get this done, alright Vice-Admiral Haramitsu?"

Marine Vice-Admiral Haramitsu "the Perfectionist"

"Consider it done." The giant man exited through the doorway with his fists clenched, heading toward the dock. He boarded one of the two Marine cruisers that had docked the night before and called a meeting of all the Marines aboard to report to the deck for briefing.
Zanza of the Ashes

"The Hole in the Wall" - a small bar down at the docks in Loguetown

Down by the docks, after night fell a place would open up that was home to thugs, pirates, promiscuous women, and anyone who wanted to party. It was located by finding an unmarked door that when opened literally looked like a hole in the wall, as if someone had just punched straight through the concrete wall it was placed on. There was no door knob or keyhole, but any pirate worth his salt in East Blue knew the trick to get in. Anyone outside of East Blue would probably laugh if you told them how to get in. You had to notice a small crack at the bottom of the wall, just big enough for a baby mouse to sneak in, or say, a person's finger. You would stick your finger in the bar and wiggle it around a bit, and that would shake the locking mechanism free and open the door.

Once inside, usually at least one or two bouncers would guard the entrance and check everyone who came in to keep out anyone not from the area, seeing as the marines likes to keep tabs on the criminal activity down in that area. And oh boy, was there criminal activity. As soon as you got down the initial hallway there was music and women and booze and laughter and dancing and well, lots of fighting.

A man with messy white hair surrounded by a sea-green faded to blue headband casually walked down the alleyway that was home to his favorite Hole in the Wall and lit a cigarette just before he wiggled his finger and pried open the door just enough to slip his slender frame through the door, ducking his head to avoid hitting the top of the hole on his way in.

He chose a seat in the shadows in the corner, the same spot he always sat at this bar. It brought back many memories of his childhood and where he came from. For a moment, he sat and reminisced about what brought him to this moment, about everything that landed him back here. It was on this eve that his crew would set sail for the Grand Line, to truly begin their journey into the unknown. They had a plan, their goal was laid out simply before them: climb Reverse Mountain and use the log pose he possessed to find the first island on their journey.

Zanza was confident in himself, his crew, and their ship. Although, he had not seem them at all that day, and wondered what they were doing. The Marines had docked the night before and were seen mobilizing in the area. At first this made Zanza paranoid, as he thought that possibly one of them had caused trouble, or more likely, that he caused some trouble that they got caught up in. But this was most likely not the case, as the Marines seemed to be gathering their resources for something else in town. Whatever it was, the Ash pirates didn't seem to be the target, nor did anyone seem to notice them... yet.

Zanza leaned back in his seat, resting up against the wall, situated in the corner so that no one could sneak up on him. He was very aware at all times, always watching his surroundings. But he was tired of always watching his back, always bringing trouble wherever he went. He closed his eyes but for a moment, a brief moment of peace in the chaos of the world...
@King Cosmos Gotcha

@Vetis Yes we are

IC will be up tm, sorry for the delay.
@King Cosmos Accepted as he is now, what fruit would you like to reserve? I'm alright with reserving. Interesting concept, nobleman who joined the marines.
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