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Seijuro Kizaru Nandate


Osha's mist filled the prison, mixing in with Seijuro's own poison. Seijuro seemed to ignore it for the time being as Osha spoke. Seijuro sighed once the Mizukage had said his peace. "Osha... you seem to be overstating your position here... you seem to be under the guise that you have some control over this situation, that you have some... what's the word..? Ah, leverage.." Seijuro watched as the Mizukage stepped out of his cell to lock eyes with the puppet master. It was true, Seijuro held Osha in a certain regard that offered him respect. He was not to be taken lightly, he was one of the Five Kage after all.

As the Mizukage stepped from his prison, the figure of a small girl stepped forward as well, stopping a foot behind Seijuro and to his left. She held her face down, and appeared entirely human in every facet. There were no mistakes in this puppet's making, just as Seijuro disguised himself quite well. Only the sounds that distinguished human and puppet were what gave it away. "This girl here, you see, possessed a certain genetic trait allowing her a level of chakratic sensory perception that has no rival. It is with her ability at my command, that your own mist that fills the air of this prison bares no surprise to me. You have but one last chance to come with me, or perish." Kyoka locked into the ground as Seijuro spoke, revealing a cannon aimed directly at Osha.

Seijuro was not fooling around. He wasn't going to disclose his intentions to Osha so that the Mizukage could escape and inform the rest of his allies what Seijuro wanted. But he was also short on time, and the game of who has the bigger gun or the stronger poison wasn't amusing in the least. So Osha had a choice to make, and while Seijuro didn't want to kill the Mizukage, having him dead was better than letting him live to face him again in the future.

Kisuke Sagara the Unknown


"Filler villain? While my ego doesn't particularly take to that notion, I admit you have much bigger matters to attend to. But those are all future endeavors, perhaps right now you should attend to the degradation of your physical form first and foremost..." Kisuke had of course taken note of the cracks running along his opponent's body. They were subtle and well hidden, and yet Kisuke seemed to have intimate knowledge of the subject.

As they locked eyes and the fox prodded at his persona, Kisuke smirked at his opponent. It wasn't often someone could see through his mask. Yes, he was in fact playing a game. And it was also true that he had been at this game for quite some time. Not many could see that in such a limited encounter. He had to hand it to his opponent, he was just as perceptive as the data on him suggested. The fox suggested a game, and this appealed to Kisuke's playful nature. The two did seem to have a good back and forth.

"I'll have to say purple. Purple is the color of intuition and insight. It's also very pleasing to the eyes." He parried the blows from the fan with Shinken in one hand as he danced about, not shy about backing up a step or two and giving Jaakuna some ground to work with as they exchanged blows. But as he danced around, his cloak mimicked his movements and flew up in the air, concealing his free left hand for a brief second.

A second blade would protrude outward from the cloak, stabbing through it and extending like a spear outward for two hundred meters in front of him in a single second, giving the point-blank Jaakuna no time to dodge amidst attacking with his fan. This was the direct opposite of the playful game they had grown accustomed to. This was a direct killshot aimed at Jaakuna's chest. Was Kisuke trying to kill his opponent? No, he simply had to find out whether or not Jaakuna's body was immortal in his current state. This was a harsh method of testing his theory, but this game was more about collecting data than anything to Kisuke.

"So the game is Quid pro Quo, you say? My turn then. What is it you hope to achieve with your time here on Earth now that you've been resurrected? Your goal, that is." Straight to the point and very direct. He wasn't subtle about it, as he was with most matters. He sought to gain as much information as possible from the fox for he had a strange feeling that their encounter was going to be short-lived.

Kaijin "Kai" Otsutsuki

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The fight went on for but a few brief moments. Rarely were these things drawn out, and while his team had lost their opportunity to take down one or both of the Yomigaeri, he knew his kin would have been smart enough to follow the conversation with his Byakugan as well, or at least he had hoped so. He had gathered much from their exchange, and would have much to report back to Konoha despite the messy state of things back home.

And yet his mission was not complete. A lightning strike came down and the clouds grew larger, Kai had to maneuver away from the border of the technique to remain out of its boundary. He was doing his best to remain a ghost during this affair. Thankfully the range of his Byakugan allowed him to perceive these things while maintaining his focus far away from his current position. As the man known as Havoc was thrust from the tower and made his way out of the village, Kai would be darting around the border of the Rain Tiger at Will technique that Yogensha had strengthened and nearing Havoc's exit point. He was doing his due diligence on his enemies and at the same time filling a curiosity within him. Who were these people really? What were they like when they weren't infiltrating villages and killing their enemies? He had the urge to find out.

And so he rounded the village until Kai was about one kilometer away from Havoc while the man enjoyed a moment in the rain before being greeted by his girlfriend. He evaluated their body language, and could only derive some strange sort of love between the two. Another woman showed up as well, but Kai's main focus were the reunited pair that seemed to be sharing a moment. He read their lips with his Byakugan and took in as much as he could.

The Rain Tiger at Will technique was released shortly after. Kai began to close the distance toward Havoc and company until he was only about three hundred meters from the man and his partners, all the while glancing at his radio as he clutched it in his hand, waiting to hear from his squad and what they planned to do.

Kyotoumaru Uchiha


The memories of the love of his life flooded through his mind, stirring up all of the emotion he had hoped to bury after the funeral. He hadn't expected Shinko to be at the funeral, he had missed it while being Seijuro's guest. Part of him regretted this fact, and guilt washed over him. He gritted his teeth while holding back the pain, but when Shinko removed his thumb from the boy's forehead, he would be met with an emotionless gaze.

The boy had succumbed to his emotions for a time, this much was evident. Who wouldn't after losing the love of their life? But to think that Shinko was her father all this time, and had been watching Kyo grow as a Shinobi in the corner of Ginsho's office all his life. This.. this was a hard pill to swallow. How could he still deny that Shinko knew what he was going through? He couldn't. They shared a familiar pain. But why then was Shinko so calm, how could he just chalk up the death of his daughter to 'hey, that's life kid' and move on?

The boy's eyes flashed for a second, transforming into the Mangekyou Sharingan. "If you speak one more time of this world like you know what the fuck you're talking about, you arrogant bastard, Ill rip every single memory that brings you joy from your mind and leave you with nothing but bitter despair." Kyo threatened, as he waved his hand through the air. Black lightning cloaked his fingertips and formed a blade just long enough to cut the cigarette he was about to light in half.

"You don't deserve to remember her so serenely... you weren't there when she died, you didn't have to witness the life leave her eyes like I did. And why not? Because you were no father to her, a real father would have protected his daughter and been there when she needed him the most!! Is that what being a Shinobi is to you?! Putting your duty before the love of your life?! And in the end you couldn't even protect your brother nor your daughter! Your sacrifice was for NOTHING, Shinko. If that's what being a Shinobi means, than I am no Shinobi of this village! I will bring about a new world, a world where there is no need for Shinobi. There will be no war and no fighting, I will gain power enough to inspire fear in the hearts of all who live in this world, and that fear will keep them in line. And all who oppose me will fear my wrath.. and this, this fear will begin in you, Shinko.. I will show you the culmination of Shinobi your generation has raised, but I won't kill you, I will leave you a shell of a man with no memory of any of the happiest moments of your life, and I will show you how your daughter died before my eyes."

As Kyo spoke he removed his Leaf Village headband, casting it down to the ground as he swung his hand once more, the blade of lightning around his fingers extending as he slashed through the symbol of the Leaf, all the while glaring at Shinko with his eyes full of hate.

Namine Akizakura

She snatched the paper back from Shinko's hands and folded it back up, placing it within her kimono aside her chest before wiping her own tears. She sobered up, quelling her fury as she knew Shinko would not do so for her. "You always were so hard to get rid of... even as kids, you never left me alone long enough to purge my head of your fondness for me.. but even as close as we were, you always knew I was much too guarded to let you all the way in, for I feared I would lose myself along the way.."

She held out her tongue in a playful manner at him while winking her left eye like she used to when they flirted with each other back in the day. She knew this cute little pose was out of place at this point in their conversation and that it would catch Shinko off guard and put him in his feels, stirring up memories of what once was. As soon as it came, she stole it away from him. With her tongue stuck out, she lifted it to reveal a seal on the underside of her tongue. Her facial expression changed, showing her true displeasure at the grim reality that was upon them. The seal bound her from speaking. It was a sign that she had joined 'that' organization.

"Now you know. Even if I wanted to tell you, I couldn't. I can't help you read what's on that paper either." She took a moment to let the weight of the situation sink in. The fact that she resorted to this meant that there had to be no other option. Without her daughter anchoring her life, there was very little left that she could do as a Sannin of Konoha.

"If you wish to come with me, than come with me.. but don't hold back, my love.. If you're going to accompany me on this journey, I want all of you. Not some clone that you sent here to relay the message, or did you forget that I can tell the difference? I can feel it, Shinko. The village doesn't respect you, and worse than that, they blame your lies for the state of affairs here. I know that if I leave, you're not going to be here when I get back. You'll be driven out- or worse. And we know which one of those outcomes is more likely. So I'll only ask you once, which path is it that you're going to walk? The path of love, with me, or the path of righteousness, that your brother walked?"

Her words spoke in absolutes, as if she could see the future. It was hard not to see the outcome of things before they happened when you had insight into the hearts of Shinobi. Such things rarely changed. And yet even she was human, and her heart yearned for the man who fathered their daughter as best he could. She didn't resent him for not protecting her, because neither did she. That was a truth that they would have to carry for the rest of their lives. But those lives didn't have to end prematurely as their daughter's did. Shinko had a choice to make.
Seijuro Kizaru Nandate

The snake had successfully slithered away, and it appeared he was even able to shake that incessant Jaakuna off his tail for once. He stood in front of a hidden prison which had been made known to him through The General's intel on Iwagakure. He had interrogated the sources of this information to assure him it was not a trick. Upon arriving at facilities front door, he would enter through the front door. Very obviously.

When he opened the door he would be met with a cloud of thick black gas, thanks to his puppet Zetsumei on the roof pouring in thick black plumes of necrosis in through the ventilation system. The building would be littered with dead guards. Not even the intelligent Tsuchikage would have the knowledge of Seijuro's friend Zetsumei as he had only been built within the last few weeks and had never been used in combat before. It also helped that the Mizukage was immune to poison, another piece of intel that was very useful to his plan.

As he entered, he shut the door, keeping the black fog trapped inside. His presence would be entirely hidden from sight within the fog, allowing him to quickly maneuver to where Ocha was imprisoned. He stepped over the bodies of the old timer and the greenhorn guards on duty that had recanted Ocha's old war story. "You're quite the popular one here..." The snake hissed through his serpent skull mask.

"I'm short on time, these guards and the rest of this facility aren't going to be the only thing stopping me from getting to you, even though I'm already here. Here's the just of it-" A massive titan of a puppet appeared next to Seijuro amidst the black fog. The Third Tsuchikage looked down on Ocha with its lifeless stare. "This tool here is either going to bring you salvation or death. You are going to be traded to Konoha for information, and in return the new Hokage Shinko Omawarisan- who is nowhere near as benevolent as his brother, by the way- is going to publicly execute you for allowing two of your criminals to escape and then subsequently not informing him of it in time to protect your village. Your choices are simple, I will break this seal and you will willingly enter this puppet and come with me, or this puppet will lock itself into the ground and function as a siege weapon to annihilate you and this entire facility. If you should choose to lie to me about your choice and attack me once I free you, I will kill you where you stand. I have intel on your strengths and weaknesses; you will not survive. What will it be, Ocha Kyusu, Fifth Mizukage of the Hidden Mist?"

As soon as he was done speaking, the seal on his arms activated and two more puppets appeared, their faces obscured by the black fog. One was missing the arm, and the other was a small girl. While not necessarily daunting silhouettes like the Third Tsuchikage, these were two of Seijuro's newest puppets and were Seijuro's way of saying 'if I let you out and you double-cross me, they will kill you'. Yeah, Seijuro wasn't giving the Mizukage much of an option. He wasn't trying to play it pretty and glamorize the idea of trading one prison for another, but he wasn't given much of a choice. Death right now, coming with Seijuro, or faking coming with Seijuro followed by more death.

Sano of the Blood Mist

"So you know of me then..." The 'shark-nin' remarked as his grin almost doubled in size. The shark's widened eyes met with Kazayatsu's, their killing intent matched. He let out a hearty laugh which turned into a maniacal cackle as he clapped his hands together and in succession formed three more hand seals. His focus was solely on the Tsuchikage. His partners knew this, and were quick to react to the Chuunin-level fly buzzing around in the air. Sebun was proving himself quite useful after all, but Sano's indomitable bloodlust for the Tsuchikage was insatiable.

As the earth began to branch out into smaller pillars, before the Tsuchikage could complete his technique the shark thrust his hands forward, a massive water shark forming at his back and instantly charging forward trough the water. "Water Release: Great Shark Bullet!!" The pillars would crumble into dust as they were absorbed into the shark. Growing slightly larger from this the beast would head straight for Kazayatsu and should he dodge it or be unable to stop it in its entirety, it would continue through him and gladly claim a generous part of his village as its prey instead.

While Rumia would no doubt be dealing with the hundreds of exploding shuriken, and Kazayatsu dealt with the massive shark bullet, Samehada slithered up Sano's arm and fused into his body. The shark let out an inhuman roar before forming two hand seals in quick succession. The first activated his Mizugokoro technique, and the second would form two Water Clones, one on either side of him, forming a triangle with the original at the forefront still facing Kazayatsu. Was he going to come to Sano, or was Sano going to have to come to him? Either way, regardless of whether he defeated Kazayatsu or not, he was already accomplishing his role in the mission.

Kisuke Sagara the Unknown

Kisuke had caught the fox's attention. This was a start, but fox's were finicky creatures. You had to continuously hold their attention as well. "Playing the ignorant follower card, eh? No clue why you're here, 'please don't kill me I'm just following orders'?" Kisuke chuckled at the concept of that thought, his eyes closed in such a carefree fashion.

He tapped the side of his head with two of his fingers with his right hand as if poking at a thought in his head. His left hand subtlety switched from the wakizashi onto the nodachi in sequence with Jaakuna placing his hand on the war fan. His eyes still closed and a quirky little smile still plastered across his face, he incessantly continued tapping against his head, now appearing to be poking the thought out of his head as it manifested itself. "You really think you know that much about my intentions already, ah? I'm just wasting my time because I have nothing better to do while Kazayatsu has bigger fish to fry.." Kisuke was quite the bold man, he had already displayed his ability to deduce a situation fairly quickly, and was now denouncing Jaakuna's own inferences, specifically the fact that he believed he knew what Kisuke's motives were.

The swordsman let out a little chuckle, maintaining his smirk as the fox let out a gust of wind from his war fan. "You have no idea what I want from you, Jaakuna Aka." If his opponent were truly as clever as a fox, he would instantly pick up on the fact that Kisuke was the only one to formally introduce himself. Jaakuna hadn't given his name, and yet Kisuke called him by name. If Jaakuna was really as perceptive as he liked to claim, he would also take note that Kisuke only appeared to be in his mid twenties at best, much too young to have any recollection of the Sannin Jaakuna from twenty something years ago. So how in the world did this man know exactly who he was fighting?

In one fluid motion Kisuke unsheathed his nodachi, grasping it backhanded with the blade facing down as he cleaved upward through the gust of wind. Part of the gust swirled into the blade and was absorbed, leaving only a tiny gust to ruffle the swordsman's black cloak. Continuing with the fluidity of his sword strike, once he was at the peak of his uppercut he would release Shinken from the awkward way he was holding the sword, allowing it to toss upward in the air, doing a quick 180 as he grabbed it with his right hand, holding it normally now. In the same motion he slashed downward, planting his back foot down for support. As the sword came down it cleaved through the flames, sending two separate fireballs to either side of him as the flames rushed past him, burning the surrounding buildings to a crisp.

As the flames parted and swirled into Shinken, Jaakuna would see Kisuke gazing directly at him, his entire demeanor having switched back to being deathly serious just as the flames gave way for him to be visible to the fox. "Tell me... Are you still sure that we're just wasting time here..?" He observed the fox's every reaction down to the smallest detail, every movement of his body down to the inflection of every syllable he spoke.

"Is that what you're doing while you're back in the world of the living, Jaakuna... wasting time?" He especially paid attention to how the fox would react to him having knowledge of this key point in Jaakuna's story. How many people could possibly possess these facts? It seemed Kisuke could see Jaakuna's hand while being the dealer, kept his own cards face down on the table.

Kaijin "Kai" Otsutsuki

Kai followed Kurin, Tashiri, and his incorrigible cousin Nousagi only for so long before he devised his own role in this ragtag band of Konoha Shinobi. Using the fact that he knew Amegakure wasn't too friendly toward Konoha Shinobi right now, he did not enter the village. Upon Kurin remarking that the rain they were about to enter was a sensory technique, and seeing that the rain held the same chakra as the woman who attended the Jounin exams a few weeks ago, Kai did not enter the area of Rain Tiger at Will.

"Go on ahead without me, I'll watch over you with the Byakugan. I'll locate Yogensha and monitor the situation, if you really need my help, I'll show up at the right moment, but honestly I'll be watching to see if they ambush and kill you all for being from Konoha, that way someone can report back to the village that you all died by their hands and not by those villains who attacked our home" And so Kai sat back and watched.

Just as he suspected, a group of Ninja surrounded them and escorted them. But Kai was focused on what was going on inside the tower. Once he had located Yogensha he focused on her lip movements as well as... the guy who invaded Konoha and practically blew up the forest?! He could not read their lips perfectly and thus could only get the jist of what they were saying but apparently Amegakure collected and trained orphans including one of her bodyguards and one of the acquaintances of the man known as Havoc.

Yogensha was very sickly, her movements indicated so. But it was what Havoc said that peaked Kai's interest. Something about handing over any information regarding a so-called 'Dark Continent'. Kai had only heard the phrase used to describe the land north of where Shinobi had laid claim to. What lies beyond was merely speculation and rumors as far as he had gathered. And what's more, Yogensha was simply putting on a front for the Konoha Shinobi, and she was truly engaged with the Yomigaeri in some form. This was top tier intel right here.
Kyotoumaru Uchiha

The young Uchiha listened to Shinko's words earnestly. Part of Kyo's heart still yearned for the light, for the good of things. But the puppet master had the boy convinced that what he was doing was for the greater good. He was with Shinko and was doing his best to logically process what he was saying without letting his pain and anger get in the way.

He unclenched his fist in a brief respite to accept a cigarette from the Hokage. He spit a tiny flicker of flame from his mouth to ignite it. Inhale. Exhale. His nerves settled down for but a moment. Another inhale. He enjoyed it, though as a Shinobi all substances were hindrances. He would enjoy this single moment of reprieve. It was short-lived, for Shinko touched a nerve when he said that it was what Senna would have wanted.

"You... how do you know what she would have wanted?! You didn't know her like I did! You don't know how fucking caring and benevolent she was!! She would have given anything for this village, and when she needed you the most, where were you?! Where were you when Ginsho-sama died?!" He lashed out in pain again. Another drag of the cigarette, and a deep breathe of fresh air afterward.

He calmed down before looking at Shinko with pleading eyes. "I didn't come here to fight.. I'm so tired of fighting... all I do is fight to protect what I love and I'm never strong enough... tell me Shinko, tell me there's another way to live!! Tell me you have the answer, and I'll believe you! I'll believe anything right now, just don't fucking lie to me like you did to everyone else!!" He took another drag of his cigarette before finishing it.

"You'll never take me back to the village, will you? Not after seeing me like this. You're not so easily forgiving like your brother. This is my path now.." His eyes trailed off to another world, an idealistic world where Senna didn't die for nothing, where she and Mizuki became Sannin with him and he became the Hokage and the Leaf flourished under his rule. A perfect world where no one had to go trough the pain he did. This was his dream, and with enough power, maybe he could make it a reality...

Namine Akizakura

Namine spun around as Shinko grabbed her wrist, her glare intensifying as their eyes met. Tears welled on the sides of her face, streaming down her cheeks as she grit her teeth. A rare display of emotion from the naturally calm woman. She couldn't help it, nothing in life, no amount of death could prepare her for the death of her daughter. And at the same time as her best friend? The pain was palpable.

As she held her hand up, the crumpled up piece of paper was revealed, crinkling in her grasp. "Its a good thing you're not asking for my forgiveness or sympathy, because you'll receive neither. You just don't fucking get it, you stubborn fool. This isn't my choice, I don't want this. Sometimes we don't have a choice in things, I know you know that well." The contact that Shinko made on Namine's wrist would prove useful. For a brief instant she assimilated to him, now able to track his chakra. In that moment he would feel her pain, all of her grief, all of her sorrow. Shinko would also feel something else, a sense of unwillingness that she held. It was true that what she was about to do was not her own will.

"Go ahead and see for yourself." She would release the piece of paper from her grasp, and it would fall to the floor if Shinko did not grab it. But if he opened it, he would only see a blank canvas, nothing written. At that moment Shinko would feel the sly secrecy she was hiding, if only he could read her thoughts. The connection ended, their emotions falling back to themselves. Was this a joke? A trick? Why was she carrying a blank piece of paper?

She stared at him in a moment that lasted a lifetime between two old comrades, and once good friends. "Im not here to fight, and I can't stop you from following me, we both know your power outweighs my own. But you'll never know where I'm going. I can't tell you even if I wanted to. And Shinko, believe me when I tell you I truly want to tell you. I just... I can't." One more tear escaped her right eye as she winced from the emotional pain. How she wished her friend knew her secrets, and all the pain it brought her to be forced to hide them from him. But there was no other option.
Kyotoumaru Uchiha

The doors to the Hokage manor opened, and Kyo entered without a word. Shinko spoke as if he had known exactly what had occurred. Kyo cocked his head to the side to look at the Hokage, and then turned his head and took in every detail of the inside of the manor. He had been there several times before to receive praise from Ginsho about his performance on certain missions. He couldn't help but recall all the times Shinko had stood in the corner and silently watched the young Uchiha grow.

"I used to want nothing more than to call this place my home... not just this manor, but this village... I wanted to sit where you sit, sleep in the bed you sleep in, to bask in the opportunity to speak before the people of Konoha and have them look up to me for protecting them and doing the right thing." He paused, removing his mask and looking at Shinko. His three-tomoe Sharingan was active. "They don't look up to you, do they Shinko? They don't praise you either. In fact, I bet most of them resent you. And for what? Doing the right thing, whatever that means..." His eyes fell to the floor, lost in thought in his own definition of right and wrong. It was a blurred description at best, a gray area in his mind. For a split second he considered reaching out to Shinko and asking for help. He visibly shook his head. This was probably the most emotion Kyo had ever displayed in front of the Hokage since his Genin years.

"But you don't care about that, do you? You don't care about their recognition of you or their perception of you. An admirable trait, I admit, but admiration won't keep you alive... You do realize that, don't you? That they're going to crucify you for being a liar who protects them? But that's your goal, isn't it? To die a self-righteous fucking martyr on the cross like your brother?! IS THAT WHAT BEING A HERO MEANS TO YOU?!"

The boy was obviously having trouble choosing a side. Why else would he have come back? But his words certainly held weight, his eyes may have had the power to analyze his surroundings, but his mind allowed him the ability to see into the mind of others. And with it he formed his own perception of the illusion Shinko and Ginsho had elaborately taken so many years to build up only to have it all torn down. And for what?

Namine Akizakura

Lost in thought, Namine almost didn't see Shinko's clone coming. But she did, and she readied a rebuttal before he even arrived in her way. "Don't try to question it." She interrupted him before he could even finish his sentence. This was uncharacteristically rude of her, contrary to her normal calm and patient demeanor. Her eyes were narrowed and filled with pain. There was a fierce determination embedded in them that challenged Shinko. She dared him to try and stop her from doing whatever it was she was doing, during the time of her grieving.

"After covering for you and your brother's lies all these years? YOU are going to question ME? Save your breath, Shinko, we both know I'm a better liar than even you are, and if I wanted to, I could tell you anything right now. So let's just pretend like I'm going to visit the Akizakura shrine just outside the village, and I'll be back tomorrow. Okay? Does that lie suit the liar himself?" Her tone was harsh, she was obviously in immense pain for her to be unable to control her emotions. She clenched one of her fists, the crumpling sound of paper could be heard. She was holding a note in her left hand, obviously not speaking about it for a reason.

She gave Shinko another fierce glare, before turning her gaze past him to the path leading out of the village. She stomped her heels against the ground like hooves of an elephant, walking directly into Shinko and throwing her shoulder into his ribs as she attempted to brush him out of the way. She was quite forceful for a slender woman.

The loss of her best friend and her daughter in the same day had taken quite a toll on her psyche. And while some would say she was acting out of turn and not thinking straight, she was in fact controlling her temper fairly well for the situation she was in, and she knew exactly what she was doing. This was not simply an impulsive decision, this was the only path left for her to walk. She did not have a choice, whether Shinko and the rest of the village realized it or not.

Kisuke Sagara the Unknown


"You know, there's one thing about the Camouflage Technique that not too many people take advantage of." A voice from behind Jaakuna would speak, and not just a clone of Jaakuna, but the real one. But how?

"It's not just the sounds I hear when you run through this village, not with your thirty-something clones running around..." The man would pull his hood down to reveal a thick head of scarlet red hair, parted down the middle and sticking up at the sides. He was quite tall, and looked to be of a toned, highly athletic build. His eyes carried a certain depth to them that pierced beyond the casual glances that enemies often exchanged. He was looking at the man beneath what his opponent portrayed on the exterior.

"...or the fact that I simply headed in the direction of the point in which your chakra signature first disappeared.. oh and by the way, you're quite far from that original point. I almost ran right by you, so that tells me you're quite the fast individual.." The man continued, moving his cloak aside to reveal two swords at his hip. His left hand rested casually on the wakizashi as he looked at where he knew Jaakuna's eyes were.

"..and it's not even the minute distortions in the air around you from the way the technique bends light.." He was just showing off at this point, flashing his analytical skill and hunting prowess.

"'s the fact that you fucking wreak like a wet dog." He said as his eyes narrowed in a wildly fierce manor, as if he had just become immensely serious and was about to go all out. His composure changed dramatically a split second later as he began laughing it off, his tense demeanor shifted radically to a carefree, lackadaisical one in under a second. Though even as he laughed off the seriousness of the situation, his left hand still rested on the wakizashi cautiously.

"My name is Kisuke Sagara, and I am the Assistant to the Tsuchikage, Yatsu-chan." Kisuke finally gave Jaakuna a formal introduction after quite literally sniffing him out. "So would you mind, like, telling me what you and your friends are doing in Yatsu-chan's village? He has his hands full up there apparently, so it's only logical that I should be covering down here where he can't." The explanation was unnecessary, and it felt like Kisuke was almost just initiating small talk to see how Jaakuna would react. His eyes danced all over the place as he moved from one thing to the next, always landing back to his opponent's gaze, as if gauging every little reaction he had to each specific notion of speech.

"I saw your friend-the slithery one, not the snarky blue guy- slink away into the shadows just around the corner here." He pointed his finger behind Jaakuna, assuming that he had at least turned to face Kisuke once he had been called out. "You can go ahead and go after him if you'd like..." He mused with a certain sense of matter-of-fact-ness in his voice. "That is, you know, if you think you're fast enough to turn your back on your enemy and get away before I can fucking murder you..." Oh boy was he tempting the fox. He knew that Jaakuna had a certain level of speed due to the distance he could close from the point his chakra disappeared to where they were now, and he knew that this was achieved without even trying. To say the very least, this intrigued Kisuke. To a degree, the swordsman was tempting the fox to provoke a reaction, to try and fool the fox into arrogantly turning his back on an enemy due to the pride he had in his own speed. Though, in truth, Kisuke did want to find out how fast Jaakuna really was.
Kisuke the Unknown

Sensing Technique

Seijuro Kizaru Nandate

Sano of the Blood Mist

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"Quite the family alright..." Seijuro remarked, taking note of Kareha's gaze. While they all did not have to like each other, they had to work together. And so they were fitted into two-man cells and assigned to various villages, with the exception of Iwagakure receiving a four-man cell for the fact that it housed two Kage currently. Seijuro made note of each of the members' peculiar attitudes and their various quirks in silence.

One by one, the duos made their way out of the meeting room after clarifying where they each were going. Seijuro was left with Jaakuna, Sano, and Sebun. The four were to travel to Iwagakure and enter without suspicion. Once inside, Jaakuna was to pull off the role of crowd control by ensuring Sano a direct route to the Tsuchikage without any resistance, and to do the same for Seijuro on his way to visit the captive Mizukage. Sebun was crowd control in a different aspect, he was to fight head-on against anyone attempting to interfere with their plan. Sano was, well, he was to deliver a message to the Tsuchikage. Whether this message was delivered before or after a one on one standoff was at the discretion of the shark. Seijuro, on the other hand, was not on a mission to deliver a message nor was he plotting an assassination. He was to extract the necessary information from Ocha by any means necessary.

Jaakuna was going on and on about his usual nonsense. Though Seijuro was not so arrogant as to dispel these warnings. Although he seemed not to care, he had actually been paying close attention to the changes in Jaakuna since their timely resurrection. The cracks in his skin were of great importance to the puppet master. It was a sign of things to come should he not find a more stable vessel, if that was even a possible solution. Seijuro had kept his combat to a minimum, although a sense of unease permeated his hardened exterior. Although when Jaakuna mentioned how he couldn't go on fighting like this, Seijuro almost laughed. At the very least, he cocked his head at the fox and made eye contact, noticing the reddening of his sclera as he did so. "Did you really just tell me you can't keep doing this?" This wasn't a joke, he was staring at Jaakuna with a completely serious expression. "You do realize that we're dead, correct? And that your will holds utterly no significance in the matter of what you may or may not wish to do here? Your soul is bound to mine, old friend- and I use that term VERY lightly- and therefore you have no say in the matter. You can go from hero to villain, as you did in your past in coming to me, but you cannot reverse the process. Once your soul is tainted, you are forever stained. You are just as much an abomination as I, your soul belongs in Hell just as much as mine. It would serve you well to remember that fact. So with the knowledge you have of your own circumstance, you can wallow in self pity and try your best to play hero-fox once again only to fail, or you can accept your fate and play your part in this war, on the side you belong on. And in playing your part, together we will figure out a way to rid ourselves of this curse that plagues your physical body, for my own vessel will no doubt begin succumbing to this rot as I exert myself." Seijuro's little monologue ended quite abruptly. If Jaakuna were to respond, it would be on their journey to Iwagakure, for Seijuro was already halfway out the door, having everything he needed already stored inside of his body. There were two new seals on his arms, new tools for the war ahead.

"Sano, Sebun, let's move. The Tsuchikage needs to hear the will of the Yomigaeri. And our beloved Mizukage is in for quite the treat as well." With that, the four would set out to Iwagakure, and make it there just as the night took over the landscape

Later that night, the outskirts of Iwagakure...

Seijuro and company stood outside the village hidden in rocks, atop the stone mountains that the village was built into. These were the barricades that kept armies at bay, providing the most defense against attackers. Despite this functionality they now served as the easiest route of entry into the village for a small infiltration mission. Standing amidst two large mountains, they overlooked the largest tower in the village where the Tsuchikage resided.

Sano groaned as they finally paused for a brief moment. The shark did not like mountain climbing where there was very little water in the air. It's not like it mattered, he could turn the entire village into a puddle should it come down to it. "I can nearly taste his blood already... his delicious chakra.. all of it. I worked up quite the appetite making our way trough all those fucking mountains.. He will make a fine meal tonight." The shark grinned as he looked back toward the group. Seijuro had already disappeared, and this was Sano's cue to take over. Without saying another word to either Jaakuna or Sebun, he formed several handseals. "FUCK THE PLAN!!!" The maniac predator bellowed with rage.

"Water Release: GREAT EXPlODING WATER COLIDING WAVE!!!" He opened his massive jaws and released an ocean of water from atop the mountain, the colossal sea of water shooting upward and outward before utterly crashing down into the village. Such a surprise attack would certainly draw the attention of the entire village, while sending thousands to their deaths if they were not prepared for a fucking tsunami to come out of nowhere in the mountains. Buildings would be destroyed from the pressure, others would flood and force the citizens of the village hidden in rock to react to his onslaught.

Forming several more handseals, Sano leaped from the mountain as he grabbed Samehada from his back and released it from its bandages. He landed atop the water with a crash, sending ripples across the surface of the pool of water. As he landed, the water he had spewed forth would form a dome shape, its entirety at his feet. He was bold as fuck, though despite what could be perceived as a careless lack of caution for the enemy's home field, Sano was in essence taking away the home field advantage that the Shinobi of Iwagakure otherwise would have held if not for Sano's brash maneuver.

"COME OUT TSUCHIKAGE!!!! COME OUT AND DEFEND YOUR VILLAGE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!" Sano commanded as dozens of poor earth country citizens drowned inside of his bubble. There would be chaos in the streets and enough cover to allow the rest of the Yomigaeri to complete their own tasks.

Kyotoumaru Uchiha


After speaking with the snake of the Yomigaeri, the crow would land at the outskirts of the Hidden Leaf, outfitted in a black cloak and a mask with the appearance of a crow's skull over his face. He used the cover of nighttime as he entered the village he had called home for so long, and made his way to the Hokage's manor where the new Hokage resided. Kyo caught wind of Ginsho's death through Seijuro, but knew not of this Shinko character.

He stood on the steps of the manor and contemplated for a second. He looked back, gazing upon the village he had strived to protect for so long. This was his home.. or so he had once thought. He looked up at the Kage manor. Oh how he had once aspired to live in this building, to be the beacon of light for the people here. Such a foolish dream, he thought, before approaching the door and knocking. A curious way to invade a village, sure, but no one was to expect of him any malicious intent. After all, for all they knew, he was still very much connected to this village.
Seijuro Kizaru Nandate

Kyotoumaru Uchiha

The young Uchiha boy lay in the forest, broken and beaten to the point of unconsciousness. The love of his life lay dead next to him. So poetic, wasn't it? Almost as poetic as ripping out their organs and turning them into puppets...

The lightning could have been seen from miles away, so the snake had to act fast. Seijuro slithered out from his hiding spot and collected the two bodies, placing them inside of his Third Tsuchikage puppet. The puppet disappeared in a cloud of smoke as Seijuro proceeded through the forest. He could feel the wind from Havoc's attacks in addition to the view of Sano's wall of water. The real target, however, was engaged with Seijuro's doppelgänger, Jaakuna.

After walking for a short while Seijuro placed himself just out of view of the fight between the angelic Hokage and his foxy comrade. It was a beautiful sight, Ginsho's angel of death. Even with one hand he masterfully led a one-man onslaught on Jaakuna, though the resurrected fox prevailed. It was fitting, the Bible verse which Ginsho chose for his death. The cross that Jaakuna formed was also just as befitting of the situation. Just as quickly as Ginsho died, Jaakuna vanished into the earth with his body.

Seijuro walked over to the Hokage's hat that was left behind. ~In a simpler time, the title of Hokage would be all I would have asked for..~ The ground opened up and a swarm of cockroaches swallowed the snake into the earth.

The next day.

Kyo awoke in a daze. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness. Once he was fully conscious, he saw a masked figure standing over him. His eyes widened, Sharingan appearing as he lashed outward with his right hand, trying to perform a Hell Stab on the masked man and yet no lightning would appear. In fact, his arm would barely lift itself off the bed he was lying on. Instead he would grab his arm with the other as he yelled out in agony.

"Easy does it, young one.. your body is still not yet recovered from the trauma you put it through. You almost died.. I brought you here to recover. When you are healed, you may leave if that is your choice. But there is not much of a village left to go back to. Not after the way we left it." Kyo recognized the man from when his eye of insight looked into the eyes of the puppet Mizuki, and saw the puppeteer.

Kyo sat in silence for a moment. Seijuro sat next to him, not focused on the Uchiha but instead focused on two strings coming from either of his index fingers, leading to another room. The young Uchiha mulled over his situation in his head. He had no choice but to remain here for the time being, and it seemed he was in no immediate danger. If this man had wanted him dead, he could have easily killed him while he was unconscious. So what did he want?

"Who are you... why did you save me.. WHY DID YOU KILL HER?!" the Uchiha coughed up a small amount of blood as he screamed. His entire body tensed up in agony. His eyes welled with tears, begging for answers.

The snake left the many questions hanging in the air for several long moments. He looked down at Kyo as if he was both prey and a son. "She was a means to an end.. there is no comforting lie to tell you, only a painful truth. As for who I am and why I am here and why you are here, let us begin at the beginning of... the tale of Seijuro Kizaru Nandate."

Kyo's eyes widened at the name. He was regarded as the single most infamous Shinobi in the last several decades, given credit for single-handedly forming the original Akatsuki and starting the Second War. And so the two spoke for many hours over the next several days, Seijuro slowly and slowly winning over the Uchiha's confidence.

Several weeks later, the day before the Kage Summit

While the funeral took place, Seijuro was busy tinkering with his new toys... the bodies of Senna and Ginsho. A puppet worked in the back room, making the necessary modifications as their bodies had been hollowed out in days prior. Seijuro himself was sitting at a large triangular table, awaiting the rest of the missing-nin which comprised the first true meeting of the Yomigaeri.

Sano of the Blood Mist

As Yui appeared and blocked the attacks for him, he burrowed into the ground through Cockroach's tunnels, back to the Akatsuki hideout.

Several weeks later

Sano sat at the table where the Akatsuki were to meet, several seats away from Seijuro as they prepared to meet for the first time.

Namine Akizakura

Namine was present at the funeral, adorning a black dress and a translucent black cowl over her face, and matching black lipstick. It was a solemn event. Her best friend had passed- no, rather he was murdered at the hands of another so-called friend. There was a difference between simply passing on and being cut down by your brother in arms. If Ginsho had simply passed away from natural circumstances, Namine would not have shed a tear. In fact, that would have made her happy that her childhood friend had made it to old age and passed on his own.

No, this was different. He was cut down before his time. But this was natural to Shinobi. Death in the form of murder was not something that their generation was shy to. It was the way of the world, but it didn't have to be. That however was the reality of the situation in front of her. Ginsho's body was not even recovered. The casket was merely a decoration to fool the masses. She knew what was done with it, and would not forgive the man who had taken the body and given it to that monster.

Almost none of the people here came to her daughter's funeral only hours before Ginsho's. The attendance was not even one tenth of his. She did not resent Ginsho for this, but the lack of recognition for her daughter bothered her to say the least. She had lost the only other member of her clan. She was the last, and assuming she did not have any more children, her lineage would die with her. Finally. After years of being hunted for their abilities, the suffering of her clan would end with her. But she simply wouldn't fade away into obscurity. She would make something of this life. There was a reason she was the last Akizakura.

A single tear fell down her cheek and hit the dirt. She turned her back to the superficial coffin and began to leave the funeral before it was officially over, just as Shinko made his big reveal. She knew their secret, her sensory capabilities were beyond the point where Ginsho could have hid this secret from her. She was quite possibly the only one who she trusted with this information. She was leaving the funeral service and heading toward the gates of the village. This was her resolve. She had but one choice. It was not what she wanted, but there was no other path anymore. Would she succeed? Only time would tell.
Sano of the Blood Mist

As Sano emerged from the ground his jaws clamped down upon air, as if such a simple attack would have really worked. What none of the three had paid attention to was the single handseal he was holding whilst emerging from the ground. With him he pulled up an enormous amount of groundwater that had seeped into the ground from his previous technique. As he emerged the enemy would find ten yards of water in every direction around Sano, providing a perfect cooling counter to the hot tar around him thanks to Kyoka.

Before he could even begin to fully emerge from the earth another round of cannonfire was upon him. He slid back two meters, even with his massive size he should have been blown back much further from the blast, right? His three opponents would witness shards of ice falling from his arms and torso after the blast collided with him. The ice, which if the Chuunin were observant enough would see that the steam from the water and the tar coming into contact would have become the ice barrier, would return to water just as quickly as it had appeared, dropping back down into the puddle. Before he could even settle in, a stream of fire raged into his body, and it would appear to consume him before being pulled inward into his mouth, simply absorbing yet another Ninjutsu.

Streams of steam could be seen emanating from the large puddle all around Sano as he stood up and faced the three Chuunin. "This... Is this all the would-be Jonin of Konoha and Iwagakure have to offer? What will you try next to drive me out? You have no hope left.. Welcome to Mizugokoro." He said as the grin faded from his face. With his Mizugokoro technique now in place, Sano had indefinite molecular control over all water within a ten yard radius. Steam, water, ice, it was all under his jurisdiction. Although his ice and steam were not nearly as powerful as a Kekkei Genkai's version, he was still quite formidable.

Kyoka tossed a container at her ally. Sano thrusted his other palm at the air before the container even left Kyoka's hand, the moisture in the air converging on the exact specific spot the case was to land in Rumia's hands at that exact moment. His intentions were simple, destroy the case and its contents. If Rumia tried to grab it, she would be blown away by yet another of Sano's deadly invisible blasts. Being hit by a second one of these would surely break several bones in her body with all the moisture in the air. If she did not grab it, the case would be crushed by the force of his attack, and unknown to Sano, the convergence of the moisture in the air combined with the pressure would crush the case and cause a ridiculous explosion when reacting with the sodium in midair.

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