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5 Mar 2017 3:44
Current Make that either tomorrow or Monday night
3 Mar 2017 4:49
Ok. Said I'd reply today. But I'm super tired. Might be tomorrow or the day after so I can play catch up
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21 Feb 2017 4:21
Posting may be iffy because puppy had surgery today. Gotta watch him
29 Jan 2017 4:21
I'm feeling quite sick so I may not reply all speed like. Sorry folks
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12 Sep 2016 14:33
That moment when you think your getting better and you open the door home after getting back from work. Only to find no excited barks to greet you...
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Sci-Fi if I can play a robot
FxF/MxM romance
MMO Virtual Reality

The Normal Life of Non-Normals
Transcendent: Darkness Rising(A Sci-Fi Roleplay) Accepting!
Phoenix Wing: A Fairy Tail rp(Remake) Accepting!
Demons and Dragons (The Dragon Tribe RP) Accepting!
Digimon Source Code
Infection: Worlds End
Cursed (Silver&Love)

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Gotta say, so far I am really enjoying Andromeda! I won't say anything because I don't want to spoil the whole discovery aspect, but I friggin' love the new galaxy map.

I'll make some time to reply tonight or tomorrow, pretty sure it's my turn.

It reminds me of it going back to ME1 style With just a bit more improved. I'm enjoying it as well.

Which is why I'm feeling the regret of playing it before work and sacrificing all sleep
You nerds are playing video games. I can tell because this RP has been OOC silent for more than 15 hours.

Nerds :P

Im broke right now ok? Dont judge T_T

It's chattier on discord :p
@Silver Fox If you'd like for me to post for Rainpaw instead, I can go ahead and do that, though I'd like to hear from the kits first! Don't wanna sound like I'm impatient or anything but I am dammit!

@ADParis as @1Hawkeyes has seemed to have poofed, I'm giving you the control you need over Hawkpaw that will keep the story moving. Obviously I'm only givin' you limited jurisdiction - though it'd be impressive, I'd rather not have an apprentice go all hard-core kickass whoopin' the AshTribe cats back to camp; just do what needs to be done. Thank you!

Really sorry! Got distracted with video games and my work schedule is out of Wack! At the latest I'll post friday
In Pokemon: New World 21 Mar 2017 18:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@zarkun @silver fox @toadropes

Hi all!

As you may have noticed, a new organization has been added in the "CS" tab. This organization was the brainchild of @luckyblackcat and myself, and it's our first "antagonist" organization! Hopefully the creation of this guild will stir up some creative juices, spur some action, and draw some new people into our RP. I will be posting a new interest thread up specifically to recruit people into this organization, but will also be pitching the RP as a whole for added benefits.

Our group, as you can probably see, has been growing smaller and smaller, and I'm eager to recruit new people. Sadly, many seem to feel that our RP is too "established" (which it is, but it also isn't). If any of you have friends or acquaintances you feel would find a place in this RP, (please) feel free to extend an invitation to them from me! I'm ready to take on any and all questions/concerns/thoughts and whatever else anyone has with the power I have as residing GM :)


Sorry for my slower replying state. Been marathoning games as of late. Glad to see you all still working hard tho and hope I get some time and energy to continue playing ^^
Guess I'll hang on Pirate Pad until then xD
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