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9 Apr 2017 7:22
Current Will try replying tomorrow night. Will be tired tho so don't bet on it. But I will attempt
5 Mar 2017 3:44
Make that either tomorrow or Monday night
3 Mar 2017 4:49
Ok. Said I'd reply today. But I'm super tired. Might be tomorrow or the day after so I can play catch up
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21 Feb 2017 4:21
Posting may be iffy because puppy had surgery today. Gotta watch him
29 Jan 2017 4:21
I'm feeling quite sick so I may not reply all speed like. Sorry folks
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@Delta44 Okay Delta its decided, I want you to be Co-GM again and I want Kaitlyn to be your 2nd main (only GMs can have two mains).

I think she does need fleshing out too and because of the gender balance its probably better if you make her bisexual instead of being a single target lesbian for Ashton, (as hilarious and cute as it may be).

All your characters are approved!

@Silver Fox Both your main and side character are approved.

All approved!

Actually I believe I remember right, the hilarity was that she thought Ashton was a guy xD
@Silver Fox

I know but I believe you said she wasn't your main and unable to romance ;-;

Edit: Well, there's always fanfiction...! ;)


Lol yeah I was about to say, Ashton is still main. Her roomie Amaya is just a side :D
<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

Oooh, I forgot about Kaitlyn! :D I was thinking about putting forward Elvira if there weren't enough ladies, however I think the stalker would fit a lot better with our current cast! ^-^ Plus I don't think I really played her much last time, so this will be a good opportunity to have her fleshed out c:

And the possibility of falling for someone who isn't Ashton XD

awe but Ashton is so lovable
@Knight of Doom so, is Amaya no longer Ashton's roomie? Just asking for story reasons when I make my intro post
In Pokemon: New World 24 Apr 2017 2:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tora Azure

- Zephyr Strip || Station -

Tora was half asleep when the train came blaring to a halt before them. Her posture straightening instantly in alert as she looked around quickly. Examining her surroundings, getting a little spooked by the sudden loud horn of the train. When she realized there wasn't anything particularly suspicious, her body laxed a litter and her blue eyes were half hidden behind her droopy eyelids.

"Mhm? Wha? Oh." Tora murmured as she realized the others were speaking to her. Giving a soft reassuring smile in return. "That is probably a novel idea. I am pretty worn out." she answered as she slowly got to her feet. Archie wagging her fluffy creme tail as she watched her tired trainer, walking beside her feet as if worried the raven haired woman would suddenly fall over.

Turning her gaze to Juana as she headed inside the train to take a seat, she thought for a moment, trying to collect a decent enough thoughts to form a proper answer. Cairn, Ria, and Orion were her newest catch... not much else. Oh wait, she was answering what happened? Right right.

"Oh. Um, I guess I kinda was? I didn't get much chance to sit down and rest like I normally do occasionally. I just felt a bit nervous. Can't sleep. Felt like someone was following me. It might just be my imagination however. Probably nothing to worry about." Tora answered, for the most part, honest. Though she was still a little worried. Taking a seat inside the train, she took a deep breath to help calm her nerves and relax a little. Archie sitting down beside her feet and giving a little bark.

"Apologies, I don't mean to make you two worried."

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