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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Annelle Caldera

Aliases: Ann, Anne, Anna

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Job Title: Systems Engineer

  • Smarts, Ann may not be a brain working down in sector four, but she's been gifted with a set of wits and guile that's helped her succeed in life. She understands how to look ahead and plan according for a situation, and usually sees more than one approach to a given subject. She's a sly, cunning gal.
  • Coder, due to her line of work, Anne has a broad understanding of code and how to program a wide array of systems accordingly. This knowledge really centers around bigger machines, like vehicles and infrastructure, but she does have a bit of fine tuned know-how geared towards gadgets and accessories.
  • Engineer, also due to her line of work, Anne knows her way around workshop machinery, vehicles, and structural systems. Though she's got more put in towards the latter, she is proficient enough in the other two to fix and reprogram most things, having worked on a multitude of things from civilian and military vehicles, to industrial machines and their components, timing cycles, and so forth.
  • Old Habits, heavy lifting and field work aside, Anne has retained most of her physique from her time spent as a Watchman, which wasn't all that long ago. She has an exercise routine, which she does her best to keep up on, despite spoiling it somewhat with crap foods and snacks. Among this fitness she maintains, she's still not a bad shot with a gun. She's no sharpshooter, but she could hold her own.

  • Abrasive, while she may have somewhat of a tactical mind, Anne often has a poor choice of words. She calls it as she sees it, and says it as she means it. Though she's not one to purposefully to step on someone's toes, she doesn't make it a habit to sugar coat her words either. She's also a poor liar.
  • Critical Thinker, meaning Anne is most comfortable planning in low stress situations. She has a hard time focusing and making rapid decisions in high stress, intense environments, and prefers to calculate her plans thoroughly.
  • No Man Left Behind, Annelle hates leaving people behind and will usually do everything in her power to ensure she protects, or at least saves, those she cares about.
  • Duct Tape Bandaids, Anne is a very driven person, and likes to accomplish the goals she sets her sights on. At times she'll push herself harder than she should, even when it becomes detrimental to herself.

  • Smoking, and she's not planning to quit any time soon.
  • Fast Food, especially New Modern Chinese Food, and Burgers.
  • Dark Colors, no, it's not a phase.
  • Flowers, especially bright and pretty ones, probably because they are so rare in The Core.
  • Booze, it's liquid bread it's good for you.
  • Boys and Girls, and sometimes she's a dirty flirt too.
  • Coffee, nothing like a good pick-me-up.
  • The smells of lavender, vanilla, and oranges.
  • Really likes citrus fruit, especially oranges.

  • Her father, girl's got daddy issues.
  • The Watchmen and the government in general, bunch of corrupt scum suckers.
  • Dishonesty and Illicit dealings, especially gang members.
  • Injustice, especially towards the poor.
  • Squandering resources, leading to her dislike of most wealthy individuals.
  • Tart, Bitter, and otherwise Sour tastes.
  • Coconut, but just the meat. Smells and Coconut sauces are alright.

Important People:
  • Lucias Caldera, her disassociated father
  • Elliot Watts, her coworker from Sys.Admin

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Arkheaus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Adley Underwood

Aliases: Dr Underwood

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Job Title: Research Associate in Bioengineering and Pysker studies.

  • Is anyone here a doctor?!: Due to the nature of her work Adley has an excellent understanding of human anatomy and disease. Whilst not a medical professional, she could act in the place of one.
  • Part time weapon smith: Whilst she would never claim to be any sort of expert, her time at the King Institute means Adley has a decent understanding of handling and fixing weaponry.
  • Shrewd: Adley has a discerning eye for the workings of people (ironic, considering she can scarcely behave like one herself), their wants and desires, their lies and truths.
  • Active imagination: It's important that scientists can look at things in new ways and come up with innovative solutions. Adley's vibrant imagination helps her think on her feet. This may just extend to survival situations.

  • Cowardly Lion: In a physical fight, Adley would scarcely hold her own, both too frightened and too untrained to try.
  • Overstimulated: Adley is a jittery, nervous mess. She startles easily, paces constantly and puts people on edge. She claims this is why she smokes.
  • No filter: Now, she's not deliberately rude or unkind but Adley will often simply say what is in front of her, the things that other people tiptoe around. It's gotten her into trouble more than once.
  • Wicked imagination: When you're already a highly strung individual, it's not helpful to have the world fill with colour and images you can't seem to control. Adley can become distracted, nervous, or even frightened by what her mind conjures.

  • Beekeeping: some people believe the key to eternal life is in the Royal Jelly made to create Queen bees. Adley just likes bees. Unsurprisingly, it is difficult to keep bees in a frozen wasteland but the botanists at the Queen institute allow her to keep a small hive in one of their greenhouses.
  • Smoking: Yes, she see's the irony. No, she won't stop. She believes it calms her slightly.

  • Disorder i.e. mess, crowded places, excessively colourful places, loud places
  • Big, faceless industry and the government.

Important People:
  • Mother: May Underwood (a Seeder)
  • Brother: Aldos Underwood Jr (a shard miner)
  • Dr Harold Fairfield, Adley's boss and friend.

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Karen Tobin

Aliases: Jack's Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Job Title: Foundry Worker

  • Storyteller: While not properly educated per say, its fair to judge that Karen knows a lot more about classical stories than most. She holds knowledge about all those old legends on ancient gods and kings; about the mortal heroes who fight tooth and nail to challenge fate itself; she even knows a stray few pieces of folklore, all of this coming back from Humanity's old cradle, that of course being Earth.
  • Open Minded: Karen is naturally open to new ideas, and is willing to try something new. This is not to say she'll accept anything without question, but if one were to present a different way of thinking she would at least hear him out.
  • Resilient: For her whole life Karen has been treated like worthless scum, now nothing will change how much it stomps down on her very being, she however has somewhat adapted to these unforgiving circumstances. It simply takes more to knock her down, kick dirt in her face? Well she'll just laugh back.

  • Soft Heart: Despite the many hardships she has experienced that would have left someone else's heart hard as stone, Karen actually has remained quite the softy, and it really doesn't take much to tug at her heartstrings. For those who might want to take advantage of her emotions can do so fairly easily.
  • Alcoholic: As like anyone who lives or dies on every paycheck, Karen leads a very stressful life. Any sort of healthy options to handle stress are out of the question, proper therapy costs credits she doesn't have, and she doesn't exactly have the friends to rely on, well no other friends expect the bottle that is. Karen needs at least one drink to even get through the working day, and that's just the minimum.
  • Jack's Legacy: Despite the number of years since her father's disappearance, Karen is still occasionally recognized as his daughter from time to time. On one hand a few people held respect for Jack, and thus might rarely help Karen during particularly dire times. On the other her father made a lot of enemies, many of who would gladly make Karen's life a even worse living hell for whatever petty reason. While having a name isn't necessarily a bad thing, its definitely not all that desirable while out there in The Core.

  • Alcohol, anything will do.
  • Books or just straight up storytelling.
  • Discounts, the less credits she has to spend the better.
  • Hot food, nothing calms the soul like a hot meal.

  • The entire system in general, especially the corporations and government.
  • Organized crime and gangs; the bastards who continue to bring The Core further into ruin.
  • Anyone insulting her father, no matter the reason.

Important People:
  • Jack Tobin, her father, a man who's been missing for six years now.

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Artistic Impression

Name: Rachael Morton

Aliases: Gaze

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Job Title: Slave/Gang Member


  • Superior Accuracy:
    The design of Rachael's weapon makes it pretty hard for her to miss a target, so long as the one being shot as is within the crosshairs. This however only applies while she is scoping as her hip fire aim is absolutely atrocious.
  • Fearless:
    The lack of sight means that any dangers that are presented to her are quite often missed. Crossing the road and almost being struck by a vehicle, having a gun pulled to her face and even venturing into areas that are classified as dangerous simply don't phase her. It's not that she's not scared by them but simply isn't aware of the immediate threat.
  • Observant:
    As odd as this sounds, Rachael is highly observant all of her other four senses. She has the hearing that can pick up slight changes and fluctuations, the ability to smell the faintest of smells, to feel and memorise changes in texture, and taste any abnormalities in her food.
  • Backstreet Specialist:
    Growing up in a world of crime, Rachael is well aware of the hell hole she lives in. She has several contacts through her owner, Julius, and is quite comfortable moving around many of the hubs in The Core on her own. If you ever need to know a back route to get to a location then Gaze will be your person of choice. She just can't guarantee that it'll be safer...


  • Submissive:
    Julius owns Rachael, and Rachael is his slave. She has been granted a fair amount of freedom but if he instructs her to perform a task, then she simply has to obey. Failure to do so often results in a backlash, either through torture or forcing her to activate her visor for hours at a time.
  • Migraines:
    Rachael's visor is a wonderful creation, a gift that has granted her the sight that she never had, but the vibrant images and continual inputs into her mind do cause her migraines. The intensity of these headaches will vary depending on the length of time that the visor has been used, with each use causing her some eventual discomfort.
  • Paranoia:
    This is a condition that presents itself once Rachael starts to use her visor. The overload of imagery and inputs that she experiences overpowers her fearless nature, causing her to freak out about the world around her. Eventually it can get to a point where it breaks down the female, causing her to collapse under her own weight.
  • Range of weapons:
    Rachael is severely limited to what weapons she can use and her Tarkus Rifle is the one one that has been set up for her. This creates a huge problem if she gets into a heavy fight as she does not have te ability to switch up guns like many others.
  • Known to Authorities:
    While Gaze doesn't have any warrants out for her arrest, she is known to the authorities due to line of work. This does sometimes present challenges when moving to different locations and sometimes has to utilise a false identity in order to avoid questioning.


  • Freedom from control
  • Drug use
  • Friendly Company (Even if she can appear snarky)


  • Julius the FUCKEN Leech
  • Augmentations and Cybernetics
  • The Adult Industry

Important People:

  • Julius the Leech

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<Deleted. Reserved? Maybe. Eh, dont count on it.>
1x Laugh Laugh
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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Raen J. Thormund

Smoke, RJT
Gender: Male

Age: 32

Job Title: Private Security Contractor

  • Combat Trained
    As a former Guardian and Reaper, he has received some of the finest combat and tactical training available on Arkheus. He’s accurate with a gun, fit as a fiddle and more than proficient in hand to hand combat.
  • Cool Under Pressure
    As a veteran of many firefights, he’s as cold as ice in combat and as he was taught in training, fight smart not angry. This calm allows him a little more time to assess and react to dangerous situations.
  • Physically Fit
    Even the luxuries of being a successful contractor haven’t broken his fitness as he maintains a training regime with his employees. Despite his propensity for a drink, his exercise along with medical assistance keeps a physical decay at bay.

  • Weight of His Past
    His failure as a Reaper and his subsequent decline have left him second guessing himself and prone to self-destructive tendencies.
  • Internal Conflict
    After his time in the Reaper program, he was conditioned to view his empathy and warmth as a weakness, yet he was never able to purge himself of those emotions. Thus he feels driven to help others when he seems them struggle but also feels doomed to fail whenever he does so.

    Functional Alcoholic
    While on the job he maintains an aura of professionalism but in the downtime, he finds solace in the bottle. While he is capable of resisting it while working, downtime sober will start to tear away at him.

    A Few Cogs Short
    While good with a weapon or his hands, when faced with an engineering or technological based challenge he’s as useful as a priest in a brothel. His idea of a technological solution is a bullet into a control panel.

  • Independence
  • Alcohol
  • Friendly banter

  • Syndustries Security
  • Cybernetic Augments
  • Organised Crime

Important People:
    Hugo Alvez: Decade old friend and commander of Bastion’s Beta squad.
    Isabella Turin: Girlfriend and Alpha team squadmate

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

N A M E :

Fred James Copperfield

A L I A S E S :

The Landlord
Slum King
The Bottle Man
The Teddy Bear of the Slums
King of the Core
Angel of the Slums
Poor Man's Martyr
The Rat Prince
The Lowesman

G E N D E R :


A G E :


J O B T I T L E :


P R O F I C I E N C I E S :

Business Man- First and foremost, Freddy is a man of business. His people skills are his pride, and he has yet to fail to cut a deal.

Stamina for days- Thanks to his prosthetic lungs and heart, Freddy's body is capable of working for far longer than the average person. He can run, jump, and dance around for hours on end without feeling fatigued.

Masochist- Freddy can take more than his fair share of pain, having extremely high pain tolerance.

Street Rat- Growing up in the slums of the Core, surrounded by gang activity, Freddy is good with his hands, and more than adept at the various trades of the street -all sorts of pilfering, plundering, pugilism, and philanthropism. The back alleys and dark streets of the Core, Freddy knows better than his own face in a mirror.

Money Man- Especially by Core standards, and even by the standards of other sectors, Freddy is by no means short on funds. His business is a lucrative one, and a gift that simply keeps giving. Though he doesn't show it in appearance, his pockets may as well be lined with gold and green.

L I M I T A T I O N S :

Scrapper- Freddy is a scrappy man, and can be relied upon to hold his own in a fight, if not just for his pain tolerance. However, he is in no way a trained fighter -far from it in fact. Anyone with a scrap of formal combat training can likely sweep the floor with Freddy, be it in hand to hand or firefighting.

Dull Knife- Freddy is clever, and quick on his feet when it comes to social situations; however, he is very far from a bright intellectual. Solving problems in the physical world, be it based in mechanics, computational, or mathematics, Freddy is lost.

Clean Hands- Freddy considers himself a good person, and goes to lengths to uphold this image. While he has harsh mood swings, these are largely offset by his gentle personality. This tends to hold him back in his illicit dealings, and the upholding of his leadership role.

Small Picture- Planning ahead doesn't really fall under Freddy's skillset. He prefers to roll with punches as they come, and improvise -mostly because he can't put together a plan for shit without it falling down on his head.

Shiver me timbers- Due to drug use, stress, and years of muscular use, Freddy has slowly been losing control of his body over the past years. He is extremely clumsy, and very much unsuited for any delicate handiwork with his perpetually shaking hands.

Pop goes the gangbanger- While his less than official prosthetic organs allow him to operate at double-time, Freddy must be aware of his use. Abuse of the artificial organs could lead to their failure -a death warrant.

Flame-retardant pants- Freddy doesn't lie if he can help it. He hates people who lie to his face.

L I K E S :

Long walks on the beach.



Being in charge.



D I S L I K E S :

Children, immature people.

The word 'no'.


Needless negativity.


I M P O R T A N T P E O P L E :

His right hand man, Billy Foal.

His (admittedly estranged) son, Fred Copperfield Jr.

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Amias Darrieux

Aliases: Amy, Robert Jones, Add

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Job Title: Painter, Artist

  • Silver-Tongued:
    Having spent a considerable amount of time amongst the more affluent and well-to-do, Amias has honed the craft of charm and speaking in front of people. At this point, charisma comes natural to Amias. He’s a smooth talker, even if he doesn’t have anyone to charm anymore.
  • Photographic Memory:
    You don’t always have your canvas and easel with you when you spot the perfect picture to paint, but luckily, Amias always had a pretty good photographic memory to serve him well. All he needs is a few good moments to commit something to memory, and it’s with him for good.
  • Fists and Firearm:
    After being left almost entirely alone with a set of new arms that were no good for painting, Amias needed a new hobby. Unlike most rich bachelors with nothing else to do, Amias picked up some mixed martial arts and target shooting. While not particularly great with a gun, his arms do lend themselves in physical confrontations, even if Amias is one to avoid them altogether.
  • Tolerance:
    Doing enough drugs over a long enough time, one tends to build up a bit of a tolerance, obviously. Amias, being the war horse he is, needs a bit more than the next guy to start feeling it.

  • Stay Away!
    Amias may be a charmer, he may be a talker, but it’s really just to keep things calm and civil. Amias isn’t into making friends or wooing partners. He doesn’t trust you and doesn’t care about your feelings. The last friends he tried to keep all left him on a dime, so he isn’t very fast to try and trust anyone else new.
  • Muddled Mind
    Painting and drawing are the best and almost the only ways for Amias to clear his mind and vent his emotions. If he can’t do either for along time, his thoughts will begin to become unclear or hard to manage, he has a hard time thinking out situations and can’t make decisions easily. He’s prone to explode or shut down emotionally when the stress becomes too much to handle.
  • Staying Medicated
    Due to the extent of the injuries he suffered and the amount of cybernetics he has to use, Amias needs to take medication regularly to make sure the pain from his surgeries doesn’t flare up and that the artificial nerves in his arms work correctly and that his body doesn’t reject them.
  • Good Ol’ Prejudice!
    Most of everything Amias hates about himself and his life can all be traced back to the actions of a single, crazed Psyker and his desire to get rich. It was all a Psyker’s fault. Unlike most people who would realize that it was just a lone psyker, Amias hasn’t had any particularly good experiences with Psyker’s to balance out, so, naturally, he tends to hate them. He doesn’t want to be around them, doesn’t want to talk to them, no contact at all.

  • Fine art.
  • A fine cigar.
  • Some recreational drug use.
  • Someone to talk to.

  • Psykers.
  • Cheap Drugs.
  • Shitty Art.
  • Most rich people. Ironic, huh?
  • Being interrupted when he’s making art.

Important People:
  • His Butler and last friend, Bules.

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Name: Lieutenant Lilyth Ruskin

Aliases: Lily, Winterlily, Banshee

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Job Title: Watchmen: Heimdall Unit


  • Field Medic: The role she first adopted when she joined her unit. While she's moved onto a more confrontational role, but nothing learnt is ever truly wasted. She's taken to keeping her unit on tip-top shape while off-duty; making dietary plans and work-out routines. She always takes a emergency-kit with her on all missions.
  • Keen Marksman: Years of waging war against terrorism have left her with three dinstinct qualities: a famously good aim, perfect control under pressure, and a life-time supply of wounds that requires near superhuman resilience. She takes pride in her great pulse and is one of the reasons she had originally been approached to become a medic.
  • Tactical Thinker: Hundreds of missions planned and executed, some much better than others. A tactician's number one tool is their experience, and of that Lilyth has plenty: urban raids, underground raids, urban pursuit, undercover infiltration, etc.
  • Titanium Will: It take hard work and talent to join APD, but it takes real determination to continue to dedicate your entire life to the cause, even after losing your beloved to traitors and cowards. Her iron will is well known within the force.


  • A Field Of White Lilies: Ever since the accident that ended her pregnancy, she's had a single recurring nightmare that haunts her even in the waking world. Children wear the faces of a ghost, white lilies whisper cries of pain and fear.
  • One Track Mind: Has trouble diverging from the plan, and easily loses her way when there are no goals in sight.
  • Vengeful Wrath: While she usually aims her anger towards terrorist-hunting, she has anger issues and a strong sense of justice, which leads to trouble with people in general.
  • Death Is Relief, Not Punishment: She has very little sense of self-preservation and a warped sense of morality, specially regarding how to treat criminals. In her words: "I'd shoot a thief's hands off and make them walk all the way to Sector 3, but then how would they mine granite for my floors?".


  • Huldra Lite(tm) cigarettes, you can't call it a day without their lingering tingle in your tongue.
  • Whiskey, her drink of choice and a miracle cure for nightmares.
  • The color puple, she finds it extremely relaxing.
  • Bikes, they never were meant to be confined to the mag-rail.


  • Terrorists and anyone who'd even hesitate to bash them.
  • Strawberry-flavoured and/or bitter foods.
  • Children, too painful to look at.
  • White lilies.

Important People:

  • Malachy O'Connor, her ex-fiancé.
  • Dr. Anthony Salazar, her psychiatrists.
  • Sir Theodore Mathew of Riverside, her beloved German Shepherd.

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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

“Hey, I'm just along for the ride.”

"Call me Alex. 'Marcus' is just too uptight for my liking."
Name: Marcus Alexander Solidor

"I deserve this name..."
Aliases: Whirlwind, Lunatic Pysker

"Put 'overwhelmingly'."
Gender: Male

"Old enough to know better, young enough not to care."
Age: 21

"I'm not sure if fugitive is a job, but it certaintly is a full-time occupation, amIright?"
Job Title: Fugitive, formor Pysker

  • Gingerbread Man- Very hard to catch, and very good at not getting caught. Powers aside, he is strong, agile, fleet of foot, and slick as an eel.
  • Elementary, Watson- He has a naturally keen and curious mind. (It often gets him into trouble, but thats another thing.)
  • 🎶Last known survivor🎶- He will do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how humiliating, or amoral.
  • Sticky Fingers- He has had to steal to survive, and so he is a sucessful thief.
  • To be or not to be. How know, brown cow?- He is an really good actor, with a flair for the dramatic, a ham, as it is called.
  • Deadpan Snarker- Armed with nothing but his wits, and a wisecrack or two, he will take on the world.

  • Renagade- He is on the run so he has to maintain a low profile.
  • 🎶He's just a poor boy...🎶 He owns nothing but the clothes on his back, and what he carries with him.
  • Curiosity has killed...- He is curious, and meddlesome, where he goes, trouble is not far ahead.
  • Lone Ranger- He tends to act first, and plan later. He will dive head and heels first into danger, with a grin on his face and not a care in the world.
  • Loose Cannon- He does not have full control over his powers yet, sometimes he uses them on accident, sometimes he can't use them when he wants to.
  • Incurable Flirt- Dispite that most see Pyskers as abominations, he will still flit with almost anyone of the opposite sex.
  • Ack, Kryptonite! Anything that disrupts Core energy will shut his powers down.

  • Coffee
  • Music
  • Freedom

  • Cages
  • Assholes
  • Authority

Important People:
  • Dead, all dead.

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