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1 yr ago
Current The world may crack, the sky may fall, but here you will find us amongst it all.
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4 yrs ago
Happy 10th birthday RPG. You've got to enjoy my company for 8 years now, bask in that glory. PS: I do not have an ego
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4 yrs ago
So this is what it is like to be a regular user again. At least I can now browse on my mobile without accidentally hiding posts.
4 yrs ago
I would like to thank every member of the guild for their support over my last three years as a mod. I hope I made as good of an impression on the guild as it did on me. Now, please don't ban me :)
5 yrs ago
My reaction to seeing spambots:
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Welcome back! It's good to see another veteran return to the fold.

Oh hi there.
Friendly neighbourhood reminder that these discussions follow criticise the idea, not the person. Had a few reports about this thread, so if we simmer down and focus on the ideas we should be all good. Don't take this as "X did this", just view it as a chance to de-escalate and have a chilled discussion.
It's disrespectful to dance on top of a grave.

More respectful than dancing in the grave.
Pro tip: it’s two words
who would win

an entire guild of salty roleplayers and the precipricks

or one moddy boi

My prediction?

Tactical Nuke inbound
This is almost like Spam of old.


You devilish rascal.
<Snipped quote by Meth Quokka>


Waiting for the perfect time to strike.
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