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Hestal Koss

Hestal Koss is a 2 generation descendant of Commander Adrakft Koss, a famous TCF Military Commander who served in the First Contact War against the Draconians. Due to his Grandfather’s reputation, much has always been expected of his family line. Hestal is part of a brood of 7, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Born on the Tylon colony of Ganadreid, in the far reaches of TCF space, he grew up with a very stressful childhood.

His father, a Mech Commander, and his Mother, a member of the Black Guard, a highly prestigious and effective special forces unit. With his parents wielding similar accolades, it placed a lot of pressure on Hestal and his siblings to succeed in a military career. So just like many Tylon children, he chose Combat as his military study, the most difficult subject to succeed in, as 67% of Combat recruits die during training before obtaining their first rank. (Training for them is what we would call a live situation, they get sent to fight criminal gangs, terror groups, and even some genuine live battlefields for what they call “Live Training”)

Having been thrust into his first combat situation at 35 years old, nothing but a teen by Tylon standards, him and his squad were greeted by the guns of an old Tylonian terrorist organization, hell bent on destroying the TCF for allying themselves with the Draconians. A hard fought battle resulted in him being the last one standing within a decimated apartment building. From that point on, with his brain now marked with with the first memories of violence, he continued his training with a new resolve.

Upon reaching reaching 50 years of age, now a fully fledged adult, he gained his first rank, and became a member of the 25th Spacers Division (Basically space marines), where he served most of his career on the TCFN Retribution. A ten kilometer Superdreadnought.

After his 100 years of duty, he was given two options, continue his career, or be a free Tylon. He chose the latter.

When the intergalactic colonization project was announced across all TCF systems, Koss was the one of the first few thousand to sign up, a new galaxy awaited, with new enemies to shoot at.

The first Tylon Ark Ships landed some 10 years ago, unbenounced to many alien species within the galaxy in the far, unreachable systems on the very edge of the Milky Way.

Instead of settling down, Koss obtained a small FTL capable ship, and traveled across the galaxy, selling his skills for weapons, parts, equipment, and the chance to experience new battles.

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