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Sigurx's Cave

The group held its ground and waited for the others to catch up, as it was obvious that the troll had noticed them. Once Detta caught up, she stopped about 30 feet from the troll, and after using Detect Evil, began to speak diplomatically. "Are you Sigurx? Pardon the sneak, but we were expectin' one a bit more violent. Now, I am against hurting anyone that don't deserve it, but some sod over at Fort Ramsgate wants yer head. Don't suppose you could tell us why?"

"I's a troll. If there ain't no bounty, then people don't know we exist," the troll replied with a shrug. "I's Sigurx, but you probably know that, assumin' ya can read."

Detta chuckled. "Took me a few years, but I got the hang of it." She puts a gauntleted fist on her hip. "Why do you dislike the goblins and not us? The hobgobs, right?"

>Detta rolls Diplomacy. Result: 17

The troll hoisted the giant club on its shoulder and eyed Detta for a moment with the one good eye. "Ya see this burn?" he asked, pointing to the massive scarring on his face. "That's why. Gobs been tormentin' me fer years. They only recently stopped."

A wince. "Years?" Detta said with a frown. "The bastards..."

>Detta rolls Sense Motive. Result: Natural 1. The troll seems incapable of lying. At least, not well. Kyra also rolls Sense Motive with a result of 20. She receives basically the same result - The troll does not seem very good at lying. He has a lot of anger and frustration at the hobgoblins, though, but also, oddly, a lot of fear towards them.

Detta shook her head. "Name's Detta. Turns out my friends and me 'ave a job for driving off some folks that carry the same banner as we jus' found in a hobgoblin cave not far. If you tell us everything you know 'bout them, I promise we'll give the bandy-legged shites what-for."

>Detta rolls Diplomacy. Result 22. Detta's annoyed that the hobgoblins would do this to anything, let alone a troll.

The troll snorted in anger, apparently recalling the abuse he had faced previously. "I've gots some info on them gobs, fer sure. They met up with some human shite. One of them two warring groups that have been playin' footsy over that tower for years. He had some lady with 'im, and she got the gobs to fight fer em. That's why they left, finally leaving poor ol' Sigurx alone. You take em out, and maybe I'll be grateful."

Tapping her chin, Detta hummed in thought. "How many hobgoblins went with the shite and the lady? And, oh, a few'll meet my axe at least, Sigurx. Doubtless."

"Eh... how many... Erm... More 'n you lot, fer sure. Numbers ain't my strong suit." The troll shrugged, almost apologetically. "If you saw that cave of theirs, then you can probably guess as good as I."

At this point, Kyra has left the bushes and stood by the Dwarf, bow still drawn but not taking aim. Valerio decided to make himself more presentable via fixing the tears of his clothes using a Mending spell.

Detta raised her hands. "Right, fair." She eyed the troll's club. And sniffed. "Have you got anymore facts about the humans they met?" Detta asked.

>Diplomacy again. Result: 12.

The troll gave a shrug. "That lady is craftier than she looks. Other 'n that, dunno much about em. Wasn't around long enough to have tea 'n crumpets, if ya know what I mean."

Valerio waltzed towards Detta after his clothes are properly mended, his hands raised as a peaceful gesture.

"Right, right," Detta put one foot forward and raised a finger. "One more question, then we go hunting and leave you alone. You like the taste o' squirrel, Sigurx?"

"Squirrel? Bit crunchy fer my taste. Lots of small bones. Will do in a pinch though. What of it?"

"Well..." Detta produced the squirrel Valerio handed her earlier. The lifeless dented thing dangled by the tail between her thumb and forefinger. "Fancy pants 'ere-" Detta jerked her head in Valerio's direction. "-is adamant that this not go to waste. But, well, we don't so much need it. Waste of food ain't nothing good. You want it?"

>Roll Diplomacy again. Good thing you got ranks in it. Result: 24.

Valerio protested with a timely "... Hey!"

"Quit whining Val, you said to offer it," Detta said.

The troll eyed the squirrel, then the paladin, then the squirrel again. He stepped forward and held his massive hand out to receive it. "Thanks, I guess," he said, still unsure of the gift. "Free food is free food, right?"

"Could have addressed me by my name, you know. My pants aren't that fancy..." Valerio said to Detta.

"They's pretty fancy," the troll muttered.

With that being said, Valerio clears his throat, before giving a big ol' diplomatic smile. "Why, thank you. I'd also like to say that your..." He notices the troll is wearing a stanky ol' loincloth. It's tattered, barely covering anything, and certainly not fancy. "... That loincloth of yours is quite exquisite, as well. Compliments your... sinuous muscles, and your... beautifully green skin! You look of a troll nobody wants to mess with!"

"Sure..." the troll replies hesitantly, looking down at his loincloth then back to Valerio, a somewhat confused expression on his face. "Ceptin maybe them gobs, I suppose."

Stifling a snort, Detta handed over the squirrel and answered the troll. "Call the food appreciation for your time, Sigurx. Now." Detta straightened and smiled. "I won't make you do promises, Sigurx, but if I hear about you causing any more bother for the pink-skins about this place..." She waggled a finger. "I'll be coming back to'ave a stern chat to you, alright? You been nice to us. Keep it that way for the good folks wanderin' the roads, if you please."

"Ah, yes, the hobgoblins. Right and proper shitesniffers, aren't they?" Valerio added.

"I's keeps to me own. Only bother those lookin' fer a fight. Too old ta go beatin' up on people, but that don't stop them from takin' shots." Sigurx sighed and turned back to Valerio. "Look, you been good to me. I ain't lookin' to sniff no one's shite, so what is it you want?"

"Good enough for me, friend." Satisfied, Detta nodded deeply and took a step back to wait.

Valerio, however, continued. "Like my friend Detta said, we're no friends with the hobgoblins. And I'm sure you'd want to get back at them, too, if you got the chance? We can arrange that, if you'd like, as a way to play on both our strengths."

>Roll Diplomacy. Result: 25.

Sigurx snorted, then stopped to think for a moment. "I's listenin..."

"As you can tell, we're small and puny, all the four or five of us. We won't be able to take 'em all on our own in an all-out assault, that's for sure, but we can sneak in and take out the bulk of their ranks, or at least a nice chunk of 'em. Sigurx, on the other hand, is big, and strong. You can smash their faces in like it's nothing! But of course, being big and strong and all also means you're pretty noticable... unless us small and punies can sneak in their fortress and prepare you a nice and proper entrance."

"Right..." The troll seems to be nodding, but is having trouble following the specifics of what Valerio is saying.

Valerio's smile almost faltered. Almost. "So here's what I'm suggesting. We sneak in and cut down their numbers some, perhaps even take out whatever it is that burned you, while you wait a good distance away, far enough so they won't see you, but close enough so that you can come in at any time. And then you just sit tight and wait for our signal. Once we call you in, you'll be in fine shape to come crashing in and smashing some hobgoblin skulls!"

>Roll Diplomacy. Result: 26.

Sigurx scratched his head, trying to wrap his brain about the whole proposal. "So... you's sayin' you want me to follow ya, then wait fer you to tell me to bash some squishies? Dunno how I's gonna hear your signal and not be seen, though. That tower sees a long ways."

"We'll make a smoke signal. Do you think you'll be able to see that by the treeline?"

Sigurx shrugged in response. "Might be. Somethin' loud might be better. Tower's usually burnin' somethin to stay warm or ta eat."

"I might have a spell to call you in... if not, then we'll make sure that the smoke will be distinct. In a pattern, if you will."

"Hrm... And how do I let ya know they's spotted me? Cause small and puny can be strong in many numbers. I ain't lookin' to be burned again."

"We may have a spell for that." Valerio mentioned, and started thinking to himself for a second. He looked back at his allies while he did so. "We'll most likely be on a rooftop or a balcony when we send the signal, so we will be able to see you from the treeline. If you don't think it is a right time to go in, then you can stay in the trees if you'd like. Otherwise, roar your loudest if you're planning on going in after we call."

"If you's plannin' to sneak in, you probably wants to do it at night. Gobs don't see so good at night, so you's be sneakin' easier. But if they see me, I's chargin' in the front door. Might give you lot a distraction at the least." Sigurx sighed and shook his head. "Guess it'll be one last glory run for ol' Sigurx. Give me a bit to grab my things, and we can go."

The brow furrowed an arched quizzically atop Kyra's face. She seemed genuinely impressed that these two had managed to convince the trog to potentially give its life to their mercenary's quest.

>The group has successfully recruited Sigurx. The party gains 1600 EXP.
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While Hanani had remained silent during the entire exchange, mostly because he knew he would more than likely say something that would diminish Detta's attempt at befriending the creature, the fact that the assistance of a Troll would be great did not allude him. "I could Vanish you to give you a larger element of surprise," he offered to Sigurx, "It will last until you attack something, so it could allow you to get into the middle of them before exacting your own brand of revenge for what they have done to you."

While he waited for the Troll to answer him, he was met with a minor annoyed sound in his mind from Mercy who is simply not for helping the creature. However, he simply ignored her words of protest and brushed off her attempt to push her will against his, the attempt puny at most. "As much as I may not care, how do the rest of you feel about this idea? It will make his distraction far more effective," he told them, turning to his group of comrades. If they liked the idea it would only solidify his resolve to do as such, the Troll agreed to help them so he would at least give the Troll the best chance to act as a distraction to allow the group to get where they needed to go. While he simply viewed the creature as a tool, he knew the importance of ensuring the Tool was used to the fullest extent that it could be, this was the only spell that he could think of that would be useful to Sigurx.
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Fangwood Keep

Once Sigurx collected his gear, the group continued their trek towards Fangwood Keep, spending an uneventful night worriedly keeping watch over a snoring troll. As the sun began to set, the forest thinned out ahead, revealing a wide river valley cleared of trees. The path descended for a quarter mile to a single stone bridge that spanned the river, then continued up a small hill. Atop this barren hill sat a small, two-story fort surrounded by a thick, partially collapsed outer wall. The area all around the keep within a quarter mile had been cleared of stones, trees, and any other sort of cover. Until nightfall, it would be relatively impossible to pass unseen. The bridge over the Marideth seems to be the only place to easily cross the swiftly-flowing river, though it is also obviously well within sight of anyone stationed on one of the keep's ramparts.

>The group may make a Perception check if they wish.
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"Eh, I'll say what I think when we get there," Detta answered Hanani before they got going. "Makin' our new friend invisible for a bit don't sound like a bad idea at all, but I won't assume our circumstances too quick, yeah?"

The final leg to the fort was thankfully less concerning than Detta expected. Any thoughts of Sigurx turning on them during the night was comforted by how loudly the troll snored.

Detta slowed to a stop when they crested the last rise before the cleared river valley. "Ah, look at that," She said. "I thought we weren't makin' any sort a' good time for a while there." She turned her head and nodded to the side. "Lets get to a spot where we can take a closer look."

>Perception: 20
>Knowledge (Engineering): 12

The group found themselves a place to look from a distance by the tree line. Detta shaded her eyes from the setting sun to squint at the fort and its occupants. She winced. "Look at state o' the thing. A wonder its still standing. A sorry mess that everyone man's had a turn in." She couldn't help but huff a laugh. "Not that kind, mind you."

The words drew her thoughts to the shapes walking in the valley. "They're treatin' her like a princess, though. Not a thing's gettin' cross that river without those folks up top seein'. Not before dark, at any rate. Our best bet's lookin' for a pattern of circles carved into one of the rocks like Gavirk said. Should be one of them over there." Detta waved a hand across to the larger stones on the north side of the keep facing them.
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Fangwood Keep

Kyra and Claudia ventured forward, hoping to stay under the cover of twilight as the scoped the area out. Remaining behind, the others began to determine the size and rotations of the enemy army, hoping to locate a particular weak point. However, less than five minutes into their studies, the sound of a horn could be clearly heard from the keep. Movement could be seen on the ramparts, and it looked like positions were being reinforced. Worse, a group of about a half-dozen soldiers were marching forward from the breach in the wall, heading straight towards Claudia and Kyra. It looked like the alarm was raised.... This definitely did not get any easier.

>The Keep is on high alert!
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Rusalka saw the patrol approaching, but remained by the trees and remained as quiet as possible as her companion drew attention back to the group...and to the bridge. But she knew the dog would still be an issue. She'd had to escape dogs before, but that was in the city. Still, dogs can't xlimb trees, and do get misled by shiny things just like people do. It would have to work. She was alone after all. She quickly levitated into the tree, finding a nice, strong branch and cast dancing lights, leading toward the bridge. She prepared herself to darken the area around the bridge, but wanted to wait until they got closer.

>Claudia uses one use each of her levitate and dancing lights SLAs.
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22 - @Ms Ravenwinter - Kit (Companion)
21 - @Ms Ravenwinter - Kyra - Zen Archer Monk 2 / Druid 2
20 - Hobgoblin Sergeant
20 - Hobgoblin Archer 1
16 - @Zverda - Hanani - Bladebound Magus 4
16 - Unmounted Horses
14 - Hobgoblin Archer 2 - Paralyzed
14 - Goblin Dog - KO'd
13 - Hobgoblin Brawler 1 - KO'd
13 - @Muttonhawk - Detta - Holy Tactician Paladin 4
12 - @Ermine - Claudia - Vigilante 4
12 - Sigurx (Vanish - 1 round left)
10 - Hobgoblin Brawler 2
7 - @Cu Chulainn - Valerio - Cartomancer Witch 4

@Ms Ravenwinter - Both Kit and Kyra run 120 ft ahead. Kit is now about 110 ft from the bridge. Kyra is about 140 ft from bridge.

There is more movement in the darkness. One of the horses runs up to Zverda, while the other catches up to Detta.

@Zverda - Hanani waits for the horse to catch up and hops up as a free action. Still 260 ft away from bridge.

An archer steps out from the darkness, and fires an arrow towards the nearest enemy it can see (Kit), hitting for 7 damage. The goblin dog charges forward and hits for 8 damage. Kit must make a Fortitude Save, and passes with a 19 for no effect. The Brawler double moves forward, looking ready for a fight.

@Muttonhawk - Detta mounts up on the interplanar horse as a move action. She donates her standard action to charity. She is still 340 ft from the action.

@Ermine - Rusalka continues floating, now 60 ft from the tree she had pushed off from and just on the edge of the darkness.

@JBRam2002 - Sigurx continues his run, now 140 ft from the bridge and right on Kyra's tail. Invisibly. The other Brawler appears from the darkness.

@Cu Chulainn - Valerio has his horse run up to where the action is, stopping near a couple of trees and rolling off his horse. "Slam yourself into that brute when you have the chance!” Valerio exclaims, nodding his head to the Brawler as he begins to cast Hold Person on the Archer. Archer 2 is paralyzed!

@Ms Ravenwinter - After tooth and claw shred into the cheetah's assailant, an arrow whizzes past and dives directly into the barely conscious hound's flesh. "Kit! Get the hell out of there!" The Goblin Dog takes 16 damage and is currently dying.

The sergeant flanks around a tree to attack Valerio with his whip, rolling a 24 vs CMD to trip. Valerio is knocked prone! Another archer steps out of the darkness and fires two shots at Valerio's mount, hitting for 9 damage!

@Zverda - Rushing forward on the horse provided with him, Hanani managed to get into close enough range to attack after a dismount, an act that seemed to fail spectacurlaly as his foot ended up stuck in the stirrup for some time. A few curses slip past the Elf's lips as he manages to disconnect himself from the saddle before casting Frostbite just out of range of the Archer he now faces. Lunging forward, he swipes at the Paralized creature, Mercy biting into it's flesh for 6 damage while the spell causes another 6 damage to be inflicted while causing the Creature to become Fatigued. [Total Damage: 12. 3 rounds left to Frostbite]

The mounts have either already acted this round, or are being ridden. Archer 2 is currently paralyzed and unable to act, and fails another Will Save to through off Hold Person. The Goblin Dog stabilizes, but is looking very rough. Brawler 1, seeing that Valerio is knocked prone and his horse is tired from running, braves the hooves of the steed and avoids getting hit. He strikes at Valerio, dealing 6 slashing damage.

@Muttonhawk - "Onward, Albert! Git me o'er there!" Detta spurs the summoned mount to a gallop. She thunders into view with her axe held out in one hand. She seems to be hiding her difficulty in keeping her balance. <Full round action to run up to the south of brawler 1>

In an attempt to do some damage on the way in, Detta pulls a gleaming metal ring from her belt and throws it spinning towards brawler 1. <Move action to draw weapon, Standard action attack: Attack roll 16 hits! 8 damage>

@Ermine - Rusalka lowers herself, continuing her slow drift, but moving back to a vertical position to look like she's walking down stairs in a ladylike fashion.

@JBRam2002 - Sigurx lumbers forward, double moving to get close but unable to make an attack. The Vanish spell wears off, and the hobgoblins look up at him in surprise, thinking that the sound was just another horse or fighter. "I'm coming for you!" he called out, slamming his greatclub against the ground as he stomped forward. [Sadly, no action economy left for Demoralize, or I totally would have used it here.]

The Brawler rushes forward to attack Sigurx, provoking an Attack of Opportunity, although the greatclub missed terribly. The brawler's attack his for 4 slashing damage, but Sigurx looks almost no worse for the wear.

@Cu Chulainn - Mentally freaking out at how easily he was cornered, Valerio took a few deep breaths, glad that he learned a few breathing exercises from Kyra. “Horse, rearrange this brute’s innards with your hooves! I’ll use my Wand of Blink behind the one with the whip!” Valerio shouted, before whipping out his Wand of Vanish and tapping himself with it, disappearing in plain sight, exclaiming POOF right before. [Bluff roll: 30].

@Ms Ravenwinter - In the same instant that Valerio POOFed away, he'd watch as the vicious maw of Kit sunk into the hobgoblin before him. A terrible shriek came from the foul thing as bones crunched underneath the cat's jaw. These cries were silenced immediately as an arrow tore into the thing's throat, leaving it to fall to the ground with a gurgle of blood. [Total of 22 damage dealt to Brawler 1].

The Sergeant flicks his whip towards Hanani's legs, trying to trip him up, but misses. Archer 1 fires two arrows towards Claudia. The first misses wildly, but the second barely hits for 8 damage. The Archer then steps back into the shadows of Deeper Darkness, out of sight.

@Zverda - You're next!
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