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Town of Salem

Salem is an ordinary town with little to no attractions. The town square is where the town is at its liveliest. Most of the citizens flock over there in order to browse through the shops or take part of the current celebration. Coffee shops are located for gossip. Other than that, Salem is quite mundane.

Citizens did complain about the dullness of their town. If only they knew and did not take their quiet town for granted, they might still live prosper and well. Something wicked has arrived at the town. Recently, individuals have gone missing. Other individuals did not know what to make of it. Only then did they realize when they found the bodies. Citizens of Salem are dying and nobody knows how to prevent it.

Then it was suggested. The mayor of Salem stepped forward and proposed an ancient idea. He convinced the entire town to participate in the witches’ trial. An old and odd tradition of Salem, the witch trials is possibly one of the darker secrets of the town. Back then, townies voted for witches to burn at the stake in the center of the plaza. Some witches burned, while others were falsely accused. The square smelled of ash and burning flesh in the dark ages. Now it would welcome its newest residents to the scent.

This is the town of Salem. Residents agreed to meet up in the town square, to vote and figure out which of them were truly the monsters. Who will survive?

The Town of Salem is based on the popular game “Werewolf” or “Mafia.” Hell, there is even a similar game called “Town of Salem” for free. The game is generally filled with second-guessing, bluffing, communication, and of course, lying. This roleplay, like the game, does need a good group of players to join.

Essentially, this roleplay will follow the same rules as the game. This does imply that characters can die, even on the first night. Sometimes players will live for a fair amount of time while other times they are not as fortunate. I expect multiple stories in this roleplay because the role play can end in specific conditions.


There are multiple roles that can be played in this game. A basic character sheet will be provided with the exception of the role being absence. I will send personal messages to every individual willing to play on their roles, given they are a secret. Everyone will post as their characters while trying to deceive other players about their roles.

Once a whole round goes by, then nighttime begins. Everyone will send me (the GM) their actions for the night. This ranges from healing a person or killing someone. I will then narrate what occurred the following morning and revealing the roles of the deceased. Roleplayers will then reply back by mourning the befallen, accusing others, or voting to send an individual to the gallows. After more character development is made, the night will begin which repeats the cycle until a winner is made or a goal is met.


Roles will be chosen at random. Please do not leave the roleplay if you feel that your roleplay is not exciting enough or you wanted something else. The only way this game works is if everyone picks up their weight and pulls through the game. If you do want a specific role, I can see what can do, but it won’t always happen.

Serial Killer
Obviously, the Serial Killer role is for the more evil characters. They are twisted, mental beings who love nothing but the thrill of murder. Their motive is unknown though they like to work at night.

The Serial Killer is able to attack one individual at night. Only certain characters can kill him.
The Serial Killer wins when only one individual remains.

The Doctor is the individual most townsfolk look forward to when they are suffering from injury or illness. A doctorate’s degree can get someone really far in this town. With a kind soul and a knowledge of medicine, the doctor is available to help those in need.

The Doctor can protect one person of their choosing at night. This person will be protected from attacks. The Doctor is able to protect his own self, but only for one night of his choosing.

The Doctor wins with the town and must vanquish all evil roles.

More Roles Coming.....

This is not complete, but I would like to see some possible interest before I keep on working out the kinks.
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This has been tried before. You are a braver man than I if you wish to risk it again.

I'm in tho.
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I'm interested :)
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Love the game so this is definately an interest for me!
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Same here
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