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Current Sixers fans on suicide watch lul
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vrchat is so confusing. i can't decide whether its the greatest thing to ever come out or the worst.
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you do not know de wae
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dropped my bleach rp. go check it out
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dropped a bleach rp interest check for anyone interested


Hi. I'm a 16 year old half Northern Irish half southern irish bloke from the UK attending a college(final couple years of high school for you americans.) You can call me whatever you like but my most common tag is Arty.

I'm big on everything to be honest and I wild out on a lot of my interests getting way too into them but I'm always up to talk.

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Hey guys, for those who aren't on the discord, I've caught a particularly bad flu and as a result I've been confined to my bed. If I'm not able to make a post tomorrow I'll try find an alternative, sorry for the wait.
This interests me a lot.

Arthur was not keen on the suggestion by Hiroko. He'd known the girl a while, and she was fairly level headed, but this was an unruly suggestion. Having to lift people? That would belittle him to the role of a chair holder, and as he looked down at his wrist to re-affirm himself, he realised that this role was in fact not for him. Still, he thought that this was the right decision to keep him alive, as if his cannon fodder died this early, he'd have some problems on his hands. Figuring that this would only last a minute and he could easily live with the slight shame of saving a life, he began lifting people up.

One by one, he sent them up to the two sitting on the fence. It annoyed them that they were weak enough to have to have two people help them over when he could probably box jump the fence by itself if he tried hard enough, yet he continued regardless. Stopping after he realised he might get stuck with the crazy one on his own, he realised he needed to get out. Climbing across with ease, he figured that the people he was working with must have had some piss poor physical conditioning given that it was literally just a fence.

"Make sure you soft pussies don't hurt yourself on the way down, or do you need me to catch your fall?" he spoke with disgust in his tone, taunting them as he stood waiting to go, brushing off his hands and jewellery.
@ArtymisI see you seeing me seeing you.

Shhh, I was curious!
<Snipped quote by Artymis>

Done, also added added inner world and spirit pictures.

Changes are good with me. Feel free to post your character in the characters tab.

Alright, good changes so far. Only a few more details and we're good to go. Firstly, as I've said with the other kido based characters, at this point in the roleplay no-one will be able to cast Kido above 50 without incantation so we can change that. Add a kido spellbook as well so we know what you're capable of using as well. The arrows are fine as long as they're physical constructs after being summoned by the reiatsu, and the final change I'd like you to make is regarding the character age. 32 is exceptionally young, so maybe bump it up 20-100 years if at all possible to make it more realistic to the sccenario. Once you've made those changes, just let me know and we'll be good to go.
IC is out everyone. If you're stuck for ideas posting, you can latch onto my character and I'll bail you out.
1 P M / / S E I R E I T E I

The Seireitei was usually quiet at this hour, but given the circumstances, hustle and bustle was everywhere. Hundreds of squad members running around in packs trying to make it to their barracks on time for the scheduled squad meetings. Shinigami from all of the different squads were hustling around and there was little time left before the meeting started, and people definitely didn't want to be late. Luckily, those from Squad 7 had avoided the traffic, although the noise of the shouting and running from outside was so loud that it could be heard even from those inside the barracks.

A captains meeting had taken place earlier about a distinct issue that seemed to have taken the Seireitei by storm and the rumours had been spreading of a Senkaimon serial killer. The Captains had most certainly taken notes of the few missing shinigami that had been disppearing, but most of the assumptions were written off as killed in the field of duty. Something was definitely brewing and many seated officers were starting to be concerned about the health and safety of their squad members from a potentially dangerous threat that was starting to be seen as more than just mere rumours.

1.30 P M / / S Q U A D 7 B A R R A C K S

The air in the barracks was somewhat cold and crisp, yet the stifling atmosphere of the room and the large amount of Shinigami present seemed to heat everybody up, as the captain took the stage and people stopped talking in order to hear the words of their captain though there was still a whisper travelling around the room as their captain prepared himself to speak. For the squad newcomers, this would be the first taste of their captain.

"Welcome, everybody. We've got a few things to cover, so please be patient." spoke the Captain as he took a slight pause in his speech.

"Alright, firstly I'd like to welcome the newcomers. We've got a number of recruits from the academy, and I'd like you to show them the ropes." he spoke as he took a small breath. It was obvious what was going to come next wasn't exactly positive.

"Secondly, we've got a much more sinister issue to cover. As you may or may not have heard, this "Senkaimon Slasher" rumour has been travelling far and wide, and it seems to have some basis. As nothing official has come from central 46 yet, and the head captain doesn't really have anything to say about it, the only thing I can do is ask you all to stay vigilant and be very careful if you have any business through there." he spoke as he looked visibly upset by it. Rumour among the squad was that he'd lost a good friend in this instance and that he had been campaigning hard among the captains for an investigation into it, but hadn't got anywhere. He took a deep sigh.

"Your tasks today are pinned in your rooms. Meeting dismissed." and like that, the tension was gone as he walked off to mind his own business. The talking started up again, and the noise was once more present. And it had one predominant theme: The Senkaimon Slasher. The rookies must have found their lucky day, as many of those who had thought about giving them a rough welcome were now occupied with another issue.
Here's my mostly complete CS. I'm only missing the Former life which I'll post later

This is good to go. You can add the former life whenever you think of something, feel free to post it in the character tab.

@jynmi88 I'm pleased with the changes to your character, feel free to post it.

This sheet is alright. However a few things need to be fixed. Firstly, the formatting on the sheet is wrong so if you could do me a favour and fix it or delete the components you're not using, that'd be a hand. Second thing that needs to be addressed is the spider paralysis. Whilst not inherently overpowered, it needs definition to how long it takes to activate and what said paralysis does to the body. More definition here if possible please. Thirdly, I'd like to see more backstory, maybe some specific events from her past that you could bring up in order to help define her character further.

Fix up these things and we'll be good to go.

This character sheet is good and accepted. Feel free to post it in the character tab.
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