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Current why tf is there so much homework in college. this shit is absurd, i want to sleep
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well the holidays were fun, but it's over now. time to start college now
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looking for thots
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made in abyss is cracking
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what the fuck was that game of thrones episode. what a shitshow
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You gonna make a discord? Think it would be useful if you plan having such a large base.


Ezra had watched the majority of the events that had transpired in silence. He was still in thought about Roy, and his potential. It seemed to be near his own, perhaps even on par, and that was something that scared him, or perhaps made him think about his own talent level. Would he really be as strong as Roy if he wasn't gifted with such a strong body? He had himself asking questions for the majority of the time whilst analysing Takeshi. He had the presence that could be recognised, someone who had potentially killed someone. He'd encountered it plenty with gang and yakuza members, and whilst it didn't scare or intimidate him, it was definitely present and made him on his guard. From what he'd seen of him throughout the day, he was a very complete warrior with very few flaws, something like a polished version of Roy.

Roy had managed to clean up his wounds and this was around the time that Ezra had stopped thinking and came back to reality, when he had treated his wounds. He was strong mentally, even if his body had let him down and that was something that he acknowledged. In fact, Ezra had forgotten about his wounds and he was thankful to be gifted with such potent strength by whatever force that caused it. As Roy handed him the first aid supplies, Ezra didn't really see a need for it. Sure, it could get infected but at the end of the day, it was just a few cuts. Not something worth treating with first aid, but he figured he'd do it anyway since he'd requested it. Wrapping his arm in a bandage, he made sure to wrap it tight as he headed out. He wanted to play some basketball today as well, so he was quite disappointed, but he saw little reason to continue if dinner was an option. He was pretty hungry after all.

"Food sounds good. I ain't eaten since breakfast." he spoke as he began his walk back to the dorm. Whilst he wasn't exactly running, it was clear that he was eager to get some food down him. He didn't really seem to react to the whole Mina deal because he was far too distracted by the idea of food and his own thinking.
I'm interested
I'd be very interested in this regardless of setting, although I am partial to being a member of Britannoa itself rather than the alliance. If this were to take off, I believe mixed factions with multiple characters would be the best approach.
Aww damn, is it full for real? I would have really liked to be a part of this. :/


Ezra had finished cleaning the cafeteria a while ago. He'd began walking back to the dorms as fast as he could as he had an urge to perform more physical activity. He must have been an athletic freak of some kind considering that he'd not only participated in a training exercise but also a decent spar with a strong opponent in Yukari. This was not an issue for him however, he still found himself with plenty of energy and juice in his step as he found himself within the dorm building.

What he found inside made him happy to an extent. No-one was there, and he still had no idea who he was rooming with nor did he feel like snooping to find out but he figured he'd figure that out at a later date, perhaps when he was back from his time out. He saw his luggage waiting for him, a big bed to accomodate his height and wingspan and quite a nice room overall. He wasn't particularly sweaty and found himself not in want or need of a shower since he'd had one at the school, so he decided he'd make his business here quick and decorate his room later by changing out of his uniform and throwing it on his bed, before changing into his casual wear, in order to go and be at ease. Grabbing a basketball and his water bottle, he headed out.

He figured he'd hit the gym first so that he could save the more fun activity for later as he found himself in a very nice facility. He figured he'd waste no time and get his work in, hoping that Roy or someone would come in and spot him since he felt like he spoke to enough strangers today as he started on the dumbbells.
@Zeroth is it aight if I have Ezra meet Kenichi at the gym or something. Perhapd we can pm and have a triple collab between me u and rechonq


Ezra had listened intently to Mako since after the conversation had ended, despite interruptions from his neighbours. He was glad to have made somewhat of a squad of friends within his first days, but they for sure would be a hindrance in class, yet he didn't seem to mind. He knew plenty of those people at home, and he was able to overcome such events, and it looked as if this class would be far more interactive than any of the other subjects that he would normally participate in. This, to him looked ideal as a learning environment, one in which information is brought directly to you.

Ezra had listened to the stories that she had told and didn't bother to analyse the classroom out of focus for what was currently occurring in front of him, intently listening to Mako as she told the stories that had occurred fairly recently by professional heroes. He knew he wasn't heroic, and that was a great relief to him to know that honour was not a trait required to be a hero, as evidenced by what they exactly did. Whilst it wasn't in essence villainous, it definitely reeked of foul play and he supposed that was an aspect of heroism that was required in order to fulfil the objectives at hand, which is to apprehend the villain and prevent civilian casualties.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to him was when he received the sheets from the teacher. He wasn't quite expecting situations so far.. out there. The things that he had to provide answers for were ridiculous at best, and unfathomable at worst. They were absurd, something out of a movie. He supposed that decision making must be taken to the extreme in order to accurately gauge a response, but giving such open corridors for students would surely lead to answers of students trying to be funny. He figured he'd answer them seriously, given as he had a soft spot for Mako for what had happened earlier.

Scenario 1
You arrive at the scene of a bank robbery. The robber holds an elderly lady at gunpoint and demands that you let them escape or he'll shoot. The robber seems terrified, and his gun hand is shaking.

Ezra pondered. This was probably the only realistic one that he saw among the 5, and he gathered that this could be an interesting case. He had multiple ideas to respond to this, but he figured that with such a nervous man holding a gun, it was easy to take advantage of.

Throw a rock at the mans head. I trust my throw and my quirk would reach him and knock him out before he could pull the trigger in reaction.

Scenario 2

A sword wielding killer in armour had massacred several people in the middle of the day in a downtown market. As you confront him, he bows, and appears to be following old-fashioned combat etiquette.

Ezra didn't really think about this one. He didn't give a shit about the ponces and dickheads with their old fighting styles and martial arts. He'd knocked every one of those cunts who spoke about them out whenever they tried to scrap him, and this kid would be no different. He'd disarmed countless people with bladed weapons, a sword wouldn't be a problem and even if it was, he could use distance to his advantage. He didn't particularly care about the armour either, everything still caved in to a good punch.

Beat the guy up until he wishes he was dead. Disarm first if possible, use range if not an option.

Scenario 3
You've managed to get tied up against a chair, and your quirk has somehow been nullified. The villain has a gun to your head, and says "I've waited a log time for this. This is one plan of mine that you won't foil!"

Ezra had to think on this one as well. It wasn't a good situation he would be in if this were the case, and he'd curse himself if he ever got into it. But he was confident he could get out if he ever got in the situation that this was describing.

Bite the gun from the side out of his hand. If possible, break the constraints on the chair and get out before knocking the criminal out. I don't need my quirk to beat armed thugs up.

Scenario 4
A villain has brainwashed several civilians, and armed them. They stand between you and the villain, and they are advancing towards you with intent to attack. Your quirk has been nullified. The villain claimed earlier that if you killed him, the civilians would die.

This one was easily to Ezra. He had zero issue harming brainwashed civilians, as long as they were not killed. He'd easily disarm and take their weapons as a puppet who is incapable of thought is not stronger than him, nor has he met many people physically as capable as him, let alone more so.

Disarm and break the arms of any civilians who are threats. Knock the villain unconscious and be extra careful not to kill him until the civilians can be un-brainwashed.

He'd been sailing through the first 4 sections with a smile on his face. He could actually imagine himself doing these events in these scenarios, it was almost like planning out his future in a sense. That was, until he got to the fourth question, where he began to frown.

Scenario 5
The classic; a villain has kidnapped a member of your family or a loved one very close to you, and has strapped them to a bed with a laser cutting the table their on, inching closer to their body with every passing second. They have also taken a school bus full of children and rigged it with a timed bomb. They claim that you don't have time to save them both.

He was disappointed in Mako's originality. A school bus full of children? Really? He sighed as he didn't require time to ponder his answer. He swore that if the life of those most close to him were threatened, he wouldn't hold back. He'd kill the one responsible. He doubted he could restrain himself from doing so in the first place, so he wouldn't go out there and lie, even if it did seem like villainous behaviour.

Save my family member and if possible the children afterwards. End the life of the villain responsible for condemning either to their death.

He figured his answer was sufficient and lay his sheet on the desk where Roy and Jett had done so, right in front of Mako before leaving after giving her a smile. He'd had fun answering the questions however cheesy they were and they legitimately made him think, something he usually didn't do in education due to the sheer mind numbing factors of it. He sat back down and looked at Roy.

"Makes me question how people might have answered. Not going to ask you what you did, but it makes me wonder if I could guess." he spoke as he scratched his chin before laughing.

@Aerandir @pkken
everyone who's doing the hero gear, wish to do a collab?


Ezra had sat down at his beckoning after being invited in by the principal. He didn't sound as angry as he did on the loudspeaker, in fact he did not sense the anger at all within his voice. It was moreso of a tone that a father would use to have a heart to heart chat with his son, rather than one of a disciplinary vocal. As he began his explanation, Ezra sat attentively in order to avoid further punishment, and the words that came out of the principles mouth were ones that he had said himself. He did felt that they had provoked him, but he realised his action was out of line, especially for someone on the first day here.

The empathy that the principal showed really clicked with Ezra, and he found himself enjoying the short explanation, especially about the hero aspect of his ability. It made sense to him, he never particularly wanted to be a hero either, yet he found himself here in order to gain greater fights and fun from the few things that he enjoyed doing. If he could keep his anger in check, he could easily find himself as the most powerful hero in this academy, and perhaps in existence. He wanted people to remember him, and if being a hero was the way for that to occur then he saw that as the opportune way to achieve his goal.

He saw no problem with cleaning the cafeteria. It was within reason, he'd damaged their property. He was just thankful his parents weren't billed with the cost of his actions, and this was coming out of labour rather than his families pocket. He saw no problem with hard work, especially when he'd created such problems to begin with. He'd let the principal speak to the end, so he figured he'd depart and go to his elective.

"Thanks a lot. I'll take ya words to heart and try to make sure that it doesn't happen again. I'll see you after school Sir." He spoke as he bowed and left. He figured he'd head to his elective now, which from his schedule he'd memorised was Hero Gear. He needed some new equipment, as he knew if his quirk could be harnessed with some sort of special gear, then he would amplify his power significantly, so learning how to utilise it was more important than any of the other electives, especially considering that he considered himself a competent chef at making what he liked. He didn't have to be Gordon Ramsay to feed himself and any guests he might have.

He'd found himself at his elective, and he'd found people that left a bad taste in his mouth. Acion he didn't have a fondness for, he found him irritating and saw him as nothing more than a talker. The rest of the kids he was unaware of, but he'd noted Dulga. He liked that she stayed in her own business and didn't bother anyone, but he didn't know what she could do, but he bet it was a good fight. She was quiet, and quiet people were always the most gifted at what they do. The last person he recognised was Kenichi, the main character. He spoke a lot, and from the replay seemed incredibly fast. As far as he was aware, the only reason that Fumika was able to win was because of stupidity on the part of him. He wanted to combat somebody like that, somebody he didn't have to analyse their stupid little gimmicks and plots. Just a all out brawl.

"Yo. soz I weren't here earlier, but the principal wanted me." he announced before deciding where to take a seat. He wondered which one would be the best, he figured Dulga would be a good choice because she was nice and quiet and he wanted to focus on the class, but at the same time, he wanted laughs and jokes, so he couldn't quite figure out where to go. He'd placed himself a seat away from Kenichi, figuring that it was the best place. He could choose whether to interact, and still maintain quiet if he needed it.

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