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Set the mood

Down, Deep down, farther down than one would ever think life could ever go lies a fortress, the largest underground city the world has ever known. You came here like many others have, and many more will after you. Your reasons and way of arrival are your own, and you have no reason to share them, but these ruins have a way of getting to people, digging into their minds and bodies and ripping out only the worst humanity has to offer, whatever your reason for arrival, be careful, not everything is as it seems, leave behind your perceptions of reality and preconceived notions of good and evil, for this place has no care for what you think.

I came here seeking a cure, people say that those who dwelled here before had many of those, the creators they call them. My village is... was sick, I came to this godforasken place to help them, I should have died alongside them, the pain would be much more bearable than being here a second longer.

I came here for wealth, I was tired of being poor, and I grew up hearing stories of THAT place, how none went hungry, how all had places to sleep and poverty was but a myth, I now wish I had starved. Leave now if wealth is your wish, for while there is much of it to be had here, none of it will help you escape.

I came here for solitude, to be left alone by those I deemed unworthy, those who I thought hated me, now I would do anything for the touch of a single living being, to be talked to, to know the warmth of another before the darkness overtakes all.


Idea here for a small group roleplay, a sort of survival horror type thing in a fantasy setting. Each of the characters are attracted to this place for one reason or another, be it noble or selfish, but quickly find that while what they search for is there, escape and survival is a more pressing concern. Perhaps they team up, perhaps they go alone, tearing through anybody in their way, but all share the same goal in the end, survive.

The easiest comparison for me would be the underwater city of BIOSHOCK from the game of the same name. A once lovely and dreamlike utopia where anything is possible, turned hellscape. Still working on a few things so questions are welcome, if enough interest is shown I will make an OOC, also I seem to have trouble trying to run these things, so somebody who has experience in things like that is very welcome for any advice that they might deem helpful.
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I like the sound of it
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