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Like stated in the thread title I would like to start a fantasy 'save the world' heros' adventure. It would be for 5 players including myself. I dont have everthing flushed out yet but I want to see if there is any real interest.

I would really like people who are dedicated to story building and character development. Also you must be able to take initiative. Communication between all players is key. I will eventually create a Discord.

There is no concrete timeline. However I would like to complete this story within 2 years or at the very least have an end in sight by then. Posts should be descriptive and indepth but I have no size limit. Just TRY not to make them so long that people eyes start to glaze over. Note: collabs are encouraged but keep them to a minimum.

The nature of this story will require some deep and intimate situations so if you're shy about such things this story is not for you. Note: I encourage intimate encounters between characters but it must be kept PG13 in the thread. Anything more than that must be kept 1x1.

It would be set in its own world and have its own mythos. It will have a very Victorian aesthetic but it will NOT be steampunk. Only basic steam powered machines exist and there is no electricity as we know it. Magic is the main power source.

Magic will be based on the idea of the 5 elements. They are Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. Each come with their own set of particular powers which I will let you pick from later on.

Each character gets one element and all players must choose a different element. Thats why only 5 players. I will be playing Spirit.

Humans are the only playable race and all characters must be between the ages of 18-35.

I plan on being pretty clear about story goals and plots as we go along so no one is confused. I dont want anyone strattled with trying to hold the entire RP on their shoulders because they are the only one doing anything.thats how people get burned out.There will always be a goal whether its an over laying plot goal or a personal character goal.

CS wont be the standard and will highlight more the goals/ motivations your character has. Note:I would prefer new characters not one you use over and over again.

This is not first come first serve kind of thread. Though I suppose my restrictions will dissuade a lot of people. I will more than likely look at your previous posts to see if you're a good fit.

Im not looking for perfection though. We cant grow unless given a challenge.
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Sounds pretty neat to me. <3
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Firstly, love the Shallan profile! I'm definitely interested in this!
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I'll throw my interest in.
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I'm certainly interested in this!
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Turns out Im not going to able to start this any time soon. RL has thrown me a curve ball and I just dont have the focus. Thanks everyone for the interest!
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