Requesting a Name Change
Forum name changes have been available for a while, but there has always been some confusion as to what can, and what cannot be changed. This quick guide aims to eliminate as many of those questions and create a simpler, smoother transition into a new identity.
The Conditions
  • Any new username must be alphanumeric, ie: consists of characters from A-Z (both upper and lower case) and/or numerical numbers 0-9.
  • Usernames must be within 2 to 15 characters long. Some users on the forum will have longer names from Old Guild, however the current name changer does not allow for names of these lengths.
  • The Username must not be already taken. A quick users search will reveal any names which are already in use or not.
    Note: @Mahz has the ability to change usernames to one that is already in use, but before that username can be recycled the account has to be deemed dead, ie: no activity, zero to few posts, and zero to few PMs.
  • Name changes for case correction will not work, ie: a "user" wishing to now be "User".
  • Any altered names will last for a period of 3 months.
  • Once a name change is complete there is no turning back. This is due to how the old username is linked to your forum ID, even after a new name is chosen.

If you have read through these conditions and are still interested in changing your name, please either contact a member of Staff or post a thread in the Problems/Suggestions section.