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Current I am the best lighthouse in all of Mordor!
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I don't want a wife. No!!! Don't put that ring on her! Bad Hobbits.
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I appear to have lost my pet dragon, Smaug... Has anyone seen him?
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New Sitewide Rules posting:…
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Fundamental Rules of the Guild

We are laid back. We let a lot of things fly. We are only here to provide a social experience for those with the common hobby of roleplaying. We don't believe in policing the community. The community can police itself by reporting issues.


So here are the fundamental rules of conduct:

1) Don't be an a-hole.
  • Don't spam.
  • Don't advertise.
  • Don't excessively flame others.
  • Respect the community and the staff.
  • Don't treat all sub-forums like the Spam sub-forum.
  • Don't use racial/sexual/other epithets or otherwise discriminatory language or jokes.

2) Keep your conflicts private.
  • When disagreements arise in discussion, address them respectfully and in good faith.
  • Unable to address disagreements respectfully and in good faith, try to work it out in private. People respond better when confronted in private rather than confronted publicly. You can have a more honest chat that way.
  • Don't harass people. If someone asks you to stop communicating with them in private messages, then stop. If you ask someone to stop, then you need to stop, too.
  • GMs and Co-GMs have the final say on disagreements within their threads. It's fair to discuss disagreements in the OOC tab, but keep it civil and don't belabor the point. They can ultimately ban you from the roleplay thread. You can always start your own roleplay with your own rules.
  • Don't discuss bans on the public forum. PM Mahz if you want to discuss or appeal your ban.
  • Keep drama off the public forum, especially Discord drama.

3) Keep mature content off the public forum.
  • Be 18+ years old.
  • No smut on the public forum. Keep it to PMs.
  • No explicit images on the public forum. No nip-slips or other permutations of nudity and sex, which includes Japanese anime-style blurred genitalia. (err on the side of caution)
  • Use the "18+" tag when creating mature Interest Checks, but conduct the Roleplay in private.
  • We tolerate a superficial amount of mature themes in public roleplays, but take it to PM before things get too graphic. We have to hide public roleplays when they get too heavy.

4) Don't waste Staff's time.
  • Don't troll. A troll is anyone that intentionally does something that wastes our time.
  • Don't be super edgy.
  • Don't instigate or get into e-fights. Remember Rule #2.
  • You're expected to be able to keep your cool on an internet message board.
  • Don't acknowledge trolls. Don't post in their threads, don't make threads about them.
  • Determining whether or not a ban was fair is a waste of Staff's time. If you double-down instead of backing off, so does the ban.
  • GMs and Co-GM RP thread bans are up to them. Staff does not police RP thread bans.

Conflict Resolution

If you’re experiencing problematic interactions with another user, when possible attempt to resolve the issue through direct communication without site Staff.

  • Privately communicate with the other user and try to work it out. People get defensive when they are confronted publicly.
  • If someone approaches you about an issue they're having with your behavior, hear them out.
  • Realize no one wins with e-fights. Winning an argument online isn't possible. Know when to disengage.
  • Staff prefers to not get involved unless there's abuse or when someone is not leaving you alone after you tried to disengage.

Report Violations

We depend on you to help us keep the community clean.

There currently isn't a Report User button; we suggest bringing any problems to Staff via the appropriate forum while the site is under development or just PMing them directly. If you ever have to talk to site Staff, you'll find that we are fair and easy-going.

You can also contact us on our Discord server (link in the forum header).

Moderation Policy

We're lenient because we are hands-off. The Guild started in 2007 as a rejection of the rigid, stickler communities at the time, and that mindset infects us to this very day.

You can sum up our rules with one concept: Don't be part of the problem.

If you start breaking our simple rules, we take action proportional to the offense. Earnest mistakes and light offenses get warnings. Repeat offenses and more toxic behavior get temp-bans.

The Guild rarely perma-bans people. To get perma-banned, you have to convince us that you have nothing more to offer the community. So far only about 20,000 spambots and 20 people have won exile in the history of the Guild.

Finally, we're always willing to give you another chance. We acknowledge that people change, and we respect people who recover from issues of the past.

If you want back in, just send Mahz a PM if you've managed to bury the hatchet.

Greetings, new members.

We are an ever-growing community of enthusiastic and dedicated play-by-post roleplayers that cater to all genres and playstyles - fantasy, sci-fi, romance and even tabletop & nation roleplays. First founded in 2007, the Guild has been the go-to forum for thousands of members since its inception. We sport an easy-to-navigate forum layout and a plethora of nifty features implemented specifically to improve the roleplaying experience.

The best way to start your stay with us here on the Guild is to introduce yourself to the masses with a (short & sweet or highly detailed, it's up to you) introduction thread in this subforum. Not sure what to say? I know, introductions can be hard. Here are a few suggested topics for you to elucidate on so we can get a feel for what kind of person and roleplayer you are.

  • Roleplaying career: How long have you been a roleplayer? What was your first experience with it and when did it become a hobby? Perhaps this is your first time; if so, don't hesitate to mention this. The Guild is full of experienced and helpful members that'll show you the ropes.
  • Roleplaying preferences: What are your favorite genres? Do you prefer group roleplays or one-on-one adventures? Are you more interested in fast-paced, back-and-forth roleplays or are you looking for complex, layered stories with huge posts and intricate lore -- or something in between? Let us know and you might be approached by someone looking for fresh blood with something that's right up your alley. Doesn't get any easier than that.
  • Hobbies and interests: Tell us a little about yourself. What else do you do for fun besides roleplaying? Videogames, sports, reading, scuba diving, space exploration, etc. You get the idea.

Have any questions? Refer to the Welcome Package you received in your PM inbox or, if that's not sufficient, ask around. We don't bite.

Hope to see you around,
The Roleplayer Guild Staff
Welcome to the

The Roleplayer Guild is one of the fastest growing play-by-post roleplaying communities on the internet. We try to create a roleplaying community as freeform and user-driven as possible with our simple structure, approachability and simple rules. This guide is intended to quickly get you to where the action is and dive right into the roleplaying.

For the purpose of expediency, we've presented information on the roleplaying sections, moderation and other useful links in clickable tabs that hold more information. Just click one of the tabs to get started.


Final Words

There's a lot of advice here and a lot of articles to read, but the reality of the rules and regulations boil down to this piece of simple advice: Just be cool (like the Fonz) and remember that this is a hobby.

If you have further questions, please feel free to use The Guild Chat (you'll need a free Discord account) to ask questions or post a thread in Suggestions/Problems.

Editing note: Thanks to @HeySeuss who wrote the guide, with help for some sections from @Genkai.
Reporting Incidents to the Moderators
Don't acknowledge trolls.

- Don't talk about people getting banned.
- Don't say their names.
- Don't post in their threads.
- Don't make threads about them.
- Don't even acknowledge other people that are feeding the trolls.

Instead, just let us know.

If you do see a rules violation and something you want to report, please do not engage the person, but instead report it to us without replying to them. This makes the process of dealing with the problem easier for us.

The process is simple; when you report the problem, we will ask for certain types of information if not already provided in the initial complaint: having these items ahead of time will help the process considerably;

  • Links to the offending threads.
  • Screenshots of PM communication.

Once we have assessed the problem to see if there is, in fact, a rules violation, we will take action and let the party making the complaint know of the resolution -- in many cases, we will also want both parties in a dispute to stop communicating upon each other, enforceable by a warning or ban if future incidents occur, but we will make sure to actually communicate that situation. We generally require the parties in a dispute to cease communication both ways in these situations, recognizing that if both sides are ignoring each other, it's hard to get into further disputes.

In order to report a post, contact one or more of the moderation staff.

Welcome to the Guild, Kyro.

Check your PM Inbox and you'll find a PM from me. Included is a New User's Guide that you will likely find very helpful, and may answer most (if not all) of your questions.

Should you need anything else you can likely find a helpful voice in the chat (though it may take a few minutes for a response), or you can simply PM this account, or any of the Moderators listed under Staff.

Good luck in your new RP adventure!
Moderation Policy for Forum Contests

Policy boils down to this:
If you cheat, you are blacklisted.

The forum contests are run for the users of the site. When you cheat by stealing the intellectual property of other people, plagiarizing, or voting using multiple accounts, you are not just ruining the contests for the people who run them. You are ruining the contests for everybody who is participating. We are harsh, but if so it is only because by cheating you are effectively griefing every other contestant, as well as the crews who operate each contest.

  • Plagiarism - stealing, copying, or otherwise using intellectual property/creative material that is not your own without the express permission of its original creator.
  • Voting more than once - using multiple user-accounts on the site (where applicable).
  • Attempting to influence judges - via persuasion, coercion, bribery, or any other means.
Rules of Conduct:

  • Do not bring up personal suspicions or allegations of cheating in any part of the forum. Send a private message to the contest mod, @RomanAria. Present them with your evidence and they will conduct a full investigation, and will handle all official announcements regarding offending posters and instances of cheating.
  • Always credit the original creator of any works, settings, or characters you make use of that are not yours. When crediting fanfiction, credit both it and any sources credited by the author.
  • The burden of proof rests with you to establish that sufficient original effort was employed in any work you submit.
  • Do not attack, grief, troll, or otherwise harass any individuals who have been blacklisted. They may be barred from contests but they are still protected by the Fundamental Rules of the Guild.
  • Do not waste our time.
Moderator Authority:

  • We permanently blacklist you for the first offense no matter what, but may enact harsher punishments at our own discretion. Do not give us cause to do so.
  • If you attempt to join a forum contest after being blacklisted, you will be banned from the forum. Attempting to enter forum contests under alternate accounts counts. Ban duration and conditions are left entirely to the discretion of the Contest Moderators.
  • Mods' word is final. If we clear a user of wrongdoing, they are CLEAR. If we find them guilty, we are certain. We will explain our reasoning, we will present all evidence used to establish that reasoning, but we will not broker negotiation or plea bargains.
  • We reserve the right to investigate any and every contestant who submits an entry to a contest, regardless of their being reported or suspected of cheating. If we find evidence to suggest you have cheated, we will directly contact you in order to give you a chance to explain yourself before making any announcements or declarations.
Due to plagiarism on the part of the contestant who put in the winning submission, the award for RPGC #2 is being rescinded. The Guild does not tolerate the theft of intellectual property or attempts to cheat in the contests. Other people worked very hard on their submissions in good faith. This is not Fonz cool.

Our congratulations for winning go to the people who actually put in the work and created their own material, not someone that just ran a google search.

Just in case anyone else thinks of a cheap and easy way to snake someone out of a custom user title, please bear in mind that one warn, one ban applies to these situations. A formal ruleset for the Contests section will be up soon for perusal.
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