Klank hammered away at the main-deck, effortlessly repairing the minor damage caused by a storm just moments ago. It would be inaccurate, though, to say that towering waves or severe lightning had anything to do with it. Captain Bighead had been running all over the ship in a fit of rage trying to maneuver the ship to ride the waves. When he finally caught his rhythm, the Captain transferred that rage into wordless shouts and taunts. He laughed maniacally at the storm and that's when he started unintentionally putting holes in the ships floor. His overgrown legs and obnoxious head could put holes in anything. Thinking back on it, Klank began to chuckle as he finished pounding the last nail. He damned the Captain's devil fruit power as he stood.

"Nothing like a good storm to start the day, eh men?" The Captain stood where the figurehead should be. That's not to say his own head didn't act as a double. Often, it did. Klank assumed it was a part of Bigheads strange humor.

"I can think of a few better ways to start the day," Klank replied.

"Nonsense," he yelled boisterously, looking far out into the distance. "That storm just acted as today's workout, and that, I say, is beautiful." The Captain flexed his calf muscles without even looking back.

Klank stepped over to the starboard rail taking note of the suns rays dancing across the sea. "Silver lining," he said good-heartedly.

After a few moments, an island slowly came into view on the horizon. It was the first they had seen in weeks. Captain Bighead removed himself from his post and began taking the steps to head in that direction. Klank remained silent for the time being, choosing to enjoy the scenery. He knew it might not be long before something else needed fixing.