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human princess:

name: Angel Mary Voltaire
age: 18/19

(Credit goes to anime characters database .com. As well as the anime that it came from)

bio(optional): she has a twin sister. She and her sister are orphans. The rest may be revealed in the rp.
other :
She believes in true love and great friendship.
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The vampire PRINCE

Jonathan shadeglass
appearance (soon to be added)
age 18-19
His father, the vampire king thought they would have a better chance of gaining the throne if he sent one of his sons, sadly the only one within a good age range was his youngest son Jonathan who was to say the least, different. He spent more time reading than battling but he was his best chance so he sent him.
powers(if any)
Basic vampire powers And due to all of his studying he is able to learn other magical arts such as symbol magic and some elemental spells
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