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Amaya | Amethyst - Played by Inkarnate

M'gann M'orzz | Martian Manhunter - Played by Retired

Norman Osborn | Iron Patriot - Played by ComradeMaxx

Peter Parker | Spider-Man - Played by GreenGrenade

Tomás Raymond | Toro - Played by Bounce
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| Character Identity |

M'gann M'orzz, the Martian Manhunter

| Age |

37 Martian years; 70 Earth equivalent

| Character Differences |

This is a M'gann who never concealed her identity as a White Martian. She has always taken the visage of a humanoid with stark white skin and a bald head. When living as a human day-to-day she takes her typical form of a caucasian, red-headed woman under the alias Megan Morse. This is also a M'gann who has never had a J'onn J'onzz, and thus has taken on a role similar to his on this Earth. She has never been timid, excitable, nor naive and instead is assertive, calm, and contemplative. Unlike the mainstream Martians whose physical strength rivals that of Kryptonians, her physical might and endurance, while extensive, is much more limited. Likewise, her psionic abilities are greatly reduced compared to other versions and this universe's M'gann is not one of the most powerful telepaths. Instead, both her telepathy and telekinetic powers are much more modest. This version's abilities are primarily her density and shapeshifting which she uses to incredible effect. I have also completely removed the Martian-brand heat vision and invisibility, as well as the vulnerability to fire.

| Brief World Background |

M'gann's reality is one where both Marvel and DC properties have blended together. In this universe, the Martians long ago aided the Guardians of the Universe in defeating a great threat known as Parallax. In this epic battle, the green Martians were completely wiped from existence, and the remaining white Martians banded together to drive back and eventually imprison this entity, the embodiment of fear, within the Guardian's central power battery on Oa. Following this event, the Guardians recruited the Martians as a universal strike force of sorts. They became known as the Manhunters. As Manhunters, the Martians were tasked with tracking down and apprehending the most dangerous of individuals. This arrangement lasted for centuries before the Guardians also realized the need for a peacekeeping task force and created the Oan power rings from their central power battery and formed the Lantern Corps. As the Corps expanded, this allowed the Martians to focus more on their specific tasks and less on the wider problems of the universe. As would later be noted by the Earthling Lantern Steve Rogers, the Corps acted like regular police enforcing the rule of law and maintaining peace, while the Manhunters had the role of S.W.A.T., handling the more gritty, specialized tasks.

On Earth, history developed similar to the real world. For the most part, aliens and enhanced individuals were not publicly known and did not rear their heads until the 20th century. During the Second World War, individuals that would come to be known as Wonder Woman, Namor, The Flash, and The Human Torch operated together as, first, the All-Winners Squad. Following the end of the war and the defeat of Nazi Germany and HYDRA, the four, joined by Miss America and Wildcat, formed the Justice Society. They were beloved by the majority of the world at large and, while following American ideals at the time, answered to no nation or government.

In the mid-50's, a result of American genetic tampering by Doctor Alexander Luthor resulted in the creation of a new species known as homo-superior; mutants. This sparked not only a debate on civil liberties as this newly created raced found themselves treated a less-than and looked at with fearful eyes, but also a Cold War between various world superpowers like America and Russia. This Cold War would last for years as all sides rushed to win what would be known as the Superhuman Arms Race. Following the assassination attempt of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, who was rescued by mutant activist Max Eisenhardt, American perception of mutants began to slowly shift towards the positive. And, by the early 70's, largely thanks to past initiatives pushed by JFK in his second term, various accords and bans were put into place globally to prevent further development of superhuman weapons and genetic tampering.

In the 90's, Earth came face-to-face with the realization that they were not alone in the universe when they were rapidly invaded by a race of conquerors known as The Dominion. These beings, referred to as Dominators by the people of Earth, sought to capture the homo-superior population in order to further manipulate and enhance their own genetics, and then wipe out the remaining inhabitants of the planet. The remnants of the Justice Society, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Namor joined forces with other popular heroes across the world to defeat the invaders, though not before many cities and tens of millions of people had been annihilated. America's favorite protector, Max Eisenhardt AKA Magneto, and renowned geneticist and mutant telepath Charles Xavier were instrumental in putting an end to the Dominion's plans. Afterward, the Justice Society welcomed Magneto and Xavier, who took the name Doctor X, into their ranks.

In the following years, the people of Earth collectively chose to evolve. Brilliant minds like Reed Richards, Ted Kord, Tony Stark, Victor Von Doom, Anthony Ivo, and Hank Pym worked together on the Defender Initiative to better prepare the planet for future encounters with hostile extra-terrestrials. They created various ground and orbital defense stations, designs for a fleet of space ships capable of travel throughout the solar system, and rapidly brought the world into an age of technical marvel. By the 21st century, Earth was living in a futuristic society largely accepting of one another. Cancer had been cured, world-wide hunger had been solved, the energy crisis resolved, and impoverished societies raised up. In the wake of the devastating attack by the Dominion, Earth had largely unified under a collective, global government; the United Nations of Earth.

Today, in 2019, the Earth is protected by several hundred heroes of diverse background under the banner of the Justice League, the spiritual successor to the Justice Society. While handling the few instances of superpowered crime across the world, their primary goal is to aid the U.N.E.'s space armada in the protection of Earth and their solar system from outside forces.

| Brief Character Background |

M'gann M'orzz, like all Martians the past milennia, was raised from a young age to become one of the famed Manhunters. She received training from her fellow Martians as well as from the Guardians of the Universe's elite soldiers. From the former she was instructed on tracking, infiltration, subterfuge, and tactics. From the latter, under the guidance of a man named Killowog, she trained in personal combat. Midway through her second Martian decade, she was officially made a Manhunter and participated in dozens of joint raids and several solo outings hunting dangerous criminal elements. After several years, she was tasked with aiding the now elderly Lantern Steve Rogers in his final assignment before retirement. This mission brought her back to her solar system where, for the first time, she visited Earth.

The assignment was quick, but M'gann fell in love with Earth culture. She stayed for several Earth months on the planet under the guise of Megan Morse and attended university to better learn of the planet's history and culture. Eventually, she was called back to active duty and had to leave. But, over the course of the next decade by Earth standards, she continually returned to Earth. On several of these ocassions she met and fell in love with a man, and, wishing to spend more time with him, resigned her position from the Manhunters. She would spend the last few Earth years living with her lover on his home and join him in his role as a member of the Justice League.

Two days before she was to be married, she was assaulted in her home at night, and despite her attempts to combat her attacker, was abducted.

For the last seven months, she has been a captive of the interdimensional slavemaster Mojo.
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Doc Green

| Name |
Bruce Banner

| Age |

| Character Differences |
Doc Green more resembles She-Hulk than the traditional Bruce Banner and Hulk dynamic. Bruce is the dominant persona, with the Hulk persona's savage rage merging with Bruce's own persona when transformed. While Doc Green can grow stronger the more angry he gets, the merging of the two personas has placed a significant "cap" on how strong the Hulk can get. The downside for Bruce fully controlling the Hulk persona: Doc Green isn't capable of reaching the heights the Hulk did. Cosmetically, Doc Green is about half the size of the Hulk, and has managed to retain the beard and hair-style of Bruce Banner. He also tries to wear clothes as much as he possibly can... though finding some that fit is a large ask.

| Brief World Background |
Earth 59301 // "Desert Earth"

In this amalgamated DC/Marvel Universe, the world at large has become a wasteland. The world's greatest minds, from Ray Palmer to Reed Richards did their best to find a way to reverse the effects of Global Warming, but it was all for naught. In the year 2030, as the world was plagued with various ecological disasters. While Bruce Banner and Tony Stark experimented with cleaner energy sources in an attempt to at least slow down the coming ecological doomsday, Victor von Doom and Lex Luthor came up with another strategy: speed up the process. The Illuminati, consisting of individuals such as Black Bolt, Doctor Doom, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Gorilla Grodd, Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn, and Tony Stark (at the tail end, when convinced his efforts wouldn't solve the problem) worked together to create their own "safe havens" around the world that would house a limited amount of the world population in climate-controlled and shielded environments. They also worked on another plan: create a device that would speed up the effects of global warming in a hope that it the Earth would "reset" itself.

Their efforts didn't exactly work as intended. The disasters became that much more disastrous, and billions died violent deaths due to these incredibly powerful natural disasters. Those who managed to survive, especially those heroes and villains who noticed that some of their counterparts had disappeared while the world needed them most, began searching for the rumored "safe havens." Those heroes and villains who didn't perish in the natural disasters sought refuge within their Safe Havens of choice. However, even as power shifted hands within some of these safe havens, one thing remained the same: free will and knowledge of the Illuminati's plan could not be allowed to circulate. Order needed to be maintained... for humanity's sake. The rest of the world has practically become a desert wasteland.

| Brief Character Background |
Bruce Banner was born in the mid 1990's, and was not raised in the most healthy environment. His father was an abusive alcoholic who constantly tormented his son. Despite the years of abuse, Bruce did everything he could to study hard. He was admitted to MIT when he was sixteen to study nuclear physics, as he believed that the solution to clean energy lied in nuclear power. It was here that Bruce got in touch with Professor Igor Starsky and fellow student Walter Langkowski. The three formed an intellectual trio incredibly interested in the potential of gamma radiation. The three ended up accepting a government contract to work at Desert Base in New Mexico, working on a gamma device. The device was intended to be an alternative power source, but 8 years of work yielded no results. General Ross, the CO of Desert Base, secretly met with Dr. Starsky to discuss the possibility of retooling the device into a weapon. Starsky ultimately agreed, and he set to work on developing the weapon.

Langkowski, after discovering what Dr. Starsky had agreed to, protested the decision for a time before relenting to continue working on the project. Bruce, on the other hand, never bothered to protest as he knew that he needed Starsky's expertise in the future. Of course, Bruce's life would be forever changed by this. He found himself working late one fateful night, picking up a shift from Starsky last minute. When he entered the chamber with the device that night, he found irregular readings. It turned out that Langkowski was attempting to get revenge on Starsky by tampering with the device. Of course, Bruce was the one who found himself exposed to high levels of Gamma Radiation. The Hulk was born.

For some time, Bruce Banner's story was one of a man tormented by his inner monster. He rampaged through the Southwestern United States for years, until one fateful encounter with Charles Xavier and the X-Men. While Charles' X-Men were keeping the Hulk distracted, Xavier delved into the beast's mind to find and confront Bruce Banner. Together, the two managed to bring Bruce's persona to the forefront once again and establish mental blocks to help Bruce maintain control over his alter-ego. Together, the two could form Doc Green and Bruce could control his angry outbursts to become a positive member of society once again. With the coming ecological crisis, Bruce reached out to famed inventor Tony Stark offering his expertise with gamma radiation to find a clean energy solution.

The two worked together until "The Event" in late 2030. Bruce helped Stark create a more powerful arc reactor that made use of gamma radiation. Of course, while Bruce hoped that this would be used to save the world, Stark ended up having a different idea. Instead of commercializing the device, Stark used the reactor to help power Luther and Doom's device. When the event happened, Bruce found himself in Malibu enjoying a vacation. When the earthquakes hit and began splitting California away from the rest of the U.S., Doc Green and other heroes rushed in to help minimize the damage. Despite their efforts, over a billion people died in the span of two weeks.

Bruce began to put the pieces together when Stark reached out to offer the esteemed physicist a spot in his own personal paradise in Las Vegas. Call it ego or personal responsibility, but Doc Green decided to answer Stark's invitation. Once inside Stark's safe haven, the scientist let his rage seethe to its greatest extent. He managed to storm his way into Tony's personal tower, beating away Stark's drone Iron Man suits, until he got the chance to square off against Iron Man himself. Tony had prepared for this contingency, and had designed a Hulkbuster suit powered by the same gamma-arc reactor that the two geniuses had designed. Doc Green got his ass handed to him easily, and his last memory was of being flown out of Earth's atmosphere by the suit and left to die in the vast coldness of space.

Of course, Mojo couldn't let such a specimen go to waste.
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| Name |
Tomás Raymond // Toro

| Age |

| Character Differences |
The main variable is in the ancestry, with the canon version being a stereotypical WASP archetype, with the Spanish nickname being an oddity. This version is a British national of Spanish ancestry on his mother's side, putting the diminutive more in line with the character's cultural identity. Aside from that, Toro's history is connected to World War I rather than World War II.

| Brief World Background |
Earth 47S | Edwardian Steampunk Reality
Toro's home reality features the height of colonialism, with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland being the predominant world superpower. This period of Edwardian colonialism has ushered in a second Industrial Revolution with the refinement of steam power, being the predominant basis for the eccentric technology of the era. Sociopolitical trends closely mirror the prime reality, with Europe dividing the continents of South America, Africa, and the Pacific Island nations into dominions of their empires. In the midst of a web of complicated political connections between the Empires and their many, varied colonies, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand has triggered the first World War. Plying the major colonial powers against one another, the battle lines are drawn up between those loyal to the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire) and those loyal to the Allied Powers (France, British Empire, and Russia).

| Brief Character Background |
Tomás is a young Briton, the son of a physicist named Fred Raymond. Fred worked with chemist Phineas Horton on a classified energy program that gave birth to the first android, Jim Hammond (the Human Torch). Exposure to the so-called Horton Cells caused illness in both Fred and his wife, leading to concern that she would lose their baby. Fred ceased his work with Horton, seeking out treatment for himself and his wife in London. Sadly, Nohemi "Nora" Raymond and her midwife both suffered severe burns during the labor, as the newborn infant appeared to spontaneously combust upon contact with air. From these and other complications, with her already failing health, Nora passed away, leaving Fred a widower with a healthy, if somewhat flammable, baby boy.

The child's healthy constitution gave rise to his father calling him Toro (little bull), though the two had only a few short years before Fred would succumb to radiation poisoning from exposure to the Horton cells. Regarded as an oddity for his immunity to fire, and occasional spontaneous combustion, young Tomás wound up in the care of a pair of circus performers named Tom and Allie Alexander, who wanted Toro, the Fire-Eating Boy as part of their act. Thus, his childhood was a nomadic existence. Until 1915, when the German bombing campaign over King's Lynn caught the circus while they performed there. As the circus burned down around them, Toro and his adopted family huddled together for protection... when he felt himself starting to break into flame.

Fleeing from his adopted parents to keep them from being hurt by him, Toro vanished that night. As though taken by some spectre of La Llorona. Whatever the case, Toro woke to find himself in a prison with a collar around his neck, on a world unlike anything he had seen before.
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| Character Identity |
Bruce Wayne, "The Batman"

| Age |

| Character Differences |
Unlike the Batman that's been considered the norm since 1968, roughly, this is a version of The Caped Crusader that embodies the positive sides of wearing the cowl. While the murders of his parents were a driving force, Bruce was never weighed down or scarred by the trauma - rather, he healed from it by channeling the altruistic drive to help others do the same. As such, while he is fairly stoic, he isn't needlessly grim or even above a joke or two and has experience working well with others. What truly motivates him is the need to cure crime at it's source, not bandage it with mere violence.

| Brief World Background |
Earth 3919 - Brave New Gotham
In this DC universe, there are no metahumans. No one possesses superhuman powers or alien heritage, even godliness. In the place of heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash are human, hard-working public citizens that fulfill crucial roles of their society, such as a Clark Kent whose neverending battle is to help maintain the world's journalistic integrity, a Barry Allen that pioneers new sciences in the world of criminology, and the foreign ambassador for peace in the Middle East, Princess Diana Themysciria.

| Brief Character Background |
The exception to the rule of law was once Gotham City, which had been largely overrun by an economic downturn since the early 30's. The impoverished state of the city led to rampant street crime, leading to the inevitable and fatal mugging of the Waynes. But after spending two decades abroad to learn how to become a master detective and capable manhunter, Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham fuelled by the need to restore the good. Utilizing his vast fortune, Bruce worked closely with Police Commissioner James Gordon to begin a company that would make crimefighting a business model rather than a mere byproduct of unlawful vigilantism.

Of their efforts became Knightquest, the first public global enterprise developed to helping the needy, rehabilitating the sick, working with the justice system to enact fair punishment within the word of law, and on occasion - when an extreme threat arises, such as the domestic riddle-themed terrorist Edward Nigma or the homicidal clown-garbed fiend Jack Napier - send in Wayne's own highly trained strike team known as The Gotham Knights to assist the GCPD in their capture.

As a result of Wayne's public adventures as the appropriately named "Batman", the animal Wayne leaned into as Knightquest's symbol to evoke both fear and the Chinese belief in the animal's healing properties, Gotham now rests at ease with a dramatically reduced crime rate thanks to the tireless efforts of Wayne and his compatriots - such as field commander Richard Grayson, hacker Barbara Gordon, strategist Timothy Drake, extractor Selina Kyle, and infiltrator Cassandra Cain, among other agents to wear Knightquest's Bat-insignia.

As Wayne was about to speak at what would be his surprise retirement, handing the Batman suit and gadgetry over to Grayson, Wayne vanished without a trace. While his allies scoured the globe looking for him, none could imagine that he'd become the captive an interdimensional alien's amusement...
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| Name |
Iron Patriot // Norman Osborn

| Age |
Early 40s

| Character Differences |
In this timeline Norman Osborn is no longer a villain, though calling him a hero might be overselling it. Still as narcissistic, condescending and ruthless as ever, he's humanity's unlikeliest savior. A great deal of his recent life has been dedicated to fighting for humanity's survival, not just because his interests happen to align with the side of light (namely not wanting to die in an alien-induced genocide), but because he sees that fight as a road toward personal redemption. The war with the Skrulls is Norman's chance to prove he's no longer the monster he once was, that he's conquered the Goblin, and that he deserves to see his son again. All the while he continues to struggle with his psychosis in a silent battle for his mind and his soul.

| Brief World Background |
Earth wasn't in the least bit prepared when the Skrulls came for Earth. Unlike in the mainline continuity, Tony Stark never learns of the Secret Invasion, and the Skrulls are able to systematically pick apart every major threat before they're discovered. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the x-Men, and even SHIELD all fall, the world none the wiser to what's taken place. It was only after victory was assured that the aliens launched an all-out attack on Earth.

Yet the swift triumph they anticipated never came, for in their darkest hour humanity still managed to resist- led not by its traditional heroes but instead by dictators, conquerors, terrorists and villains of all other stripes. Pariahs once shunned by the world for their misdeeds rose up in earnest to defend it. Among the highest echelons of the resistance sat men and women like Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, and Namor, united in common purpose. They were the strongest mankind had left to lead them, and that ensured their demise. The Skrulls managed to pick off the leadership one by one, carving out a power vacuum within the command structure.

A vacuum that Norman Osborn stepped in to fill.

The war was a long, grueling affair, with neither side willing to give even an inch of ground. It was the bloodiest conflict the world had ever seen, and it raged on for more than a decade before Osborn was able to strike the critical blow that would turn the tide in earth's favor: he punched through the Skrull flagship and put a bullet through their queen. It didn't end the fight by any measure, but it marked the turning point that allowed a united earth to crush the invasion for good.

With the Skrulls pushed back into space, the surviving members of humanity began to reorganize themselves to prepare for further conflict- they knew well that the invasion of Earth was only the start of things. Osborn was, naturally, the best choice to lead the effort. He established HAMMER as a militarized opposite to SHIELD with himself as its director. Construction of a space fleet began, headed by former scientists and engineers from AIM, with the hope of striking back at the Skrulls for all that they had done.

| Brief Character Background |
Norman Osborn gained his wealth selling prototype weaponry to the American military. His company, Oscorp, was once a significant competitor to the likes of Stark Industries, only for the entire industry to be flipped on its head the day the 'Iron Man'- quickly revealed to be Tony Stark himself- appeared on the public stage. Nothing Oscorp was developing at the time could ever hope to live up to the armor, and every country on the planet was looking to replicate it. Osborn was far too proud to stoop to the level of many of his competitors that were racing to make and sell copycat suits en-masse, and he stuck religiously to his current project: attempting to re-discover the Super Soldier formula that created Captain America.

But progress was painfully slow, and USFDA refused to allow human trials to begin until the numerous side effects appearing in the animal testing phase were addressed. Norman flushed more and more resources into the development of the drug, diverting them from the company's more profitable ventures in the hopes of making a breakthrough. It didn't work, the serum remained unstable, and Oscorp was dragged under by his obsession. In a final, desperate bid to prove he wasn't a failure, Osborn injected himself with the incomplete formula, and the psychopathic killer known as the Green Goblin was born. That personality dominated Norman for eight, long years of his life, compelling him to terrorize the people of New York City and do battle with local hero Spider-Man.

This 'second personality' wrought chaos across the city, killing, maiming and destroying whoever or whatever he pleased, showing an intense obsession with proving its superiority over everyone else- most especially Spider-Man. It wasn't until Norman's son, Harry, was caught in the crossfire that Osborn was able to wrestle some semblance of control back. He surrendered himself to SHIELD, beginning down the arduous path of rehabilitation with the hope of one day being allowed to see his son again.

It became immediately clear to his doctors that the chemical mixture Norman had injected himself with was altering the state of his mind in a profound way, causing symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder to manifest. A treatment plan was written up that involved a great deal of medication and therapy over the course of three and a half years. There would never be a cure for Osborn's condition- not without a miracle- but they were confident they could stabilize him enough for him to return to polite society.

It was the hardest thing he'd ever done or would ever do, but Norman committed to the plan and refused to give up on himself. Norman Osborn wasn't going to let himself be beaten by this.

Unfortunately he was never given the chance to finish the treatment. The Skrulls invaded earth, assassinated its front line of defense and swarmed over the rest of humanity like a plague. It became brutally obvious that mankind wouldn't be able to win this war on its own, and Osborn couldn't simply sit back and watch the planet burn from a padded cell. Freeing himself from his rehabilitation facility, Norman armed himself with stolen commandeered Stark tech and began organizing a resistance movement with many of his old rivals from his time as the Goblin.
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| Name |
Kent Nelson

| Age |

| Character Differences |
This version of Kent Nelson has a far more adversarial relationship with Nabu and the Lords of Order. He blames Nabu for having corrupted his protege Khalid Nassour, despite the sorcerer protesting his innocence, and as such as sworn off every being a guardian of order or using his magical powers again. Nelson is nihilistic, carrying with him a near death wish, though cannot bring himself to end his own life. Instead he has spent years in seclusion – and with it the airs and graces that once made him one of his world's most beloved heroes have fallen away.

| Brief World Background |
In the world that Kent inhabited prior to his abduction, there is no Justice League. The Justice Society of America is the world’s premier superhero team and Kent Nelson, as Dr Fate, was one of its most recognisable heroes – along with Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, and Ted Grant. Prior to Khalid Nassour's corruption, Kent's Earth is a relatively peaceful place, with the JSA successfully promoting cooperation between the great powers of their world. Afterwards the world is plunged into a moral manic regarding the role of superheroes.

| Brief Character Background |
When we meet this version of Kent Nelson, he is at his lowest ebb. Having passed the Helmet of Fate over to his Khalid Nassour, Kent thought he would never be called upon to defend the universe from the Lords of Chaos again. Only four short years into his retirement, his protege Khalid was corrupted by the Helmet – and Kent was forced, along with his Justice Society of America colleagues, to confront the now-deranged Dr Fate. In the battle that ensued, Kent was forced to take Khalid’s life and was plunged thereafter into a deep depression. For two years, Kent has cut himself off from his friends and family, choosing instead to disavow his old life completely.

It is during this period that Kent is plucked from time and space by Mojo to compete in his games. Wracked by survivor’s guilt, Kent makes next to no attempt to compete in the games – and refuses to call upon his magical abilities, which have withered in the years Kent spent in exile. Only the embers of Nabu’s will keeps Nelson alive, erecting last ditch defences to attacks when Nelson marches to certain death and piecing his broken body together when even those fail.
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| Name |
Princess Amaya // Amethyst

| Age |

| Character Differences |
The daughter of two innately magical worlds, Amaya has for the last ten years of her life served as a deterrent when magic becomes wild and dangerous.

Unlike comic book incarnations, Amaya has not nor will ever see her homeland. Dark Opal, seen more as a force rather than a corrupt sorcerer or aspect of chaos, serves as more of a warning of the dangers of magic rather than a central antagonist. Amaya’s Earth and its relation to magic is a lot more open, a result of historical happenstance, though a happenstance that has changed Amaya’s childhood, life experiences, and personality. The plucky optimistic princess is not the Amaya that people have known on her world, but rather a more cynical rough-and-tumble one instead.

Her powers have become in-line with these events, though they aren’t too different than Prime or New Earth variations of the character outside of redacting Amaya being a Lord of Order and being able to go head-to-head with Mordru. She can understand any language in the multiverse due to her bloodline being blessed by a fae creature, she can utilize magic in a raw form, has magically-enhanced durability, is an expert swordsman and capable hand-to-hand combatant, and she can form magic into crystals with various effects. She’s always had to think on her feet, so she hasn’t focused too much on one area over the other.

| Brief World Background |
Magic has always existed on Earth-83.

That’s not to say everyone on Earth has known about it. In the 6th Century, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Myrddin, sealed magic away using druid spells to separate the world of the mundane and the arcane. As a result, he and Morgana were cast into the veil to never be seen from again.

That reality existed up until the 1940s when Hitler’s obsession with the occult led to the foundation of HYDRA and the veil was once again torn asunder. In some realities this plot was stopped by Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America. In others the plot never happened. But on Earth-83, neither of these things happened. The Red Skull successfully destroyed the weakened nexuses that prevented the material plane and other planes from merging. World War 2 was forever changed and with Captain America killed in the act, there was no stopping it. However, this proved a double-edged sword for the Third Reich as they could not comprehend what they had done. With magical energies exploding across the planet as interplanear rifts the reappearance of creatures of myth and legend causes alarm. Not even the Sorcerer Supreme is capable of stopping it. Nearly forty years later, a sixteen year old girl by the name of Amy Winston becomes the next great hero in this new, magical landscape. Her adventures are notable for the next decade, though she never finds the ability to fix the mess Hitler started.

Amy Winston--Princess Amaya of the Amethyst Dynasty--is no sorceress supreme, but she has found herself capable along others such as Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine, and Wanda Maximoff whom she considers the best chance the world has against the forces of darkness.

| Brief Character Background |
Amaya has lived her life as Amy Winston since her mother took refuge on Earth after their homeworld was consumed by the Dark Opal, a dark magic that even to this day she still isn’t sure what the true story is.

She’s never sought out the death wish that is to return to the world of gems, though a lot of that has been due to the fact her life on a wildly magical Earth is a little more pressing than family pride or personal curiosity. When a supernatural being attacked her High School when she was sixteen-years-old Amaya took to stepping in to make sure her classmates didn’t get hurt. Magical events like this may have been common, but Amy wasn’t going to sit on her thumbs when she could use her personal magical heritage to protect her classmates. She earned a nickname from the event. Amethyst. Witnessing this and other events throughout her teenaged adventures, Amaya was certain that something even more evil and powerful than the Dark Opal would try to twist Earth, especially now that it was four decades into being invaded by magic. This would be the preface to her adventures as a vigilante and force for showing people that magic was good in nature.

Cut to ten years later, in the cold winter of 1994. Earth’s prominence with magic and the continued coexistence has caught the eye of many malevolent creatures of magical origin. Manhattan is under siege by two demons named S'ym and N'astirh and at their back an army of demons. In other realities they needed a conduit to enter Earth, in Amaya's reality they just needed to wait for the right door to open. Amaya has been facing down the demons for several months and things did not appear to getting any better. However, before Amaya could convene with the rest of the resistance against S'ym and N'astirh, she was snatched away by forces unknown.

At this point, she's kind of used to this shit happening, but the timing couldn't be worse.
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